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Red Haired Golden Retriever Puppies

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Where Can You Find A Red Golden Retriever Puppy

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There are two options whensearching for Red Golden Retriever puppies:

  • Buying a puppy

The first option is to buy a puppyfrom a Red Golden Retriever breeder. To ensure that you dont buy from a puppymill or a backyard breeder, look for a breeder who is willing to let you meetthe puppies and their parents.

A responsible breeder will be happyto show you where their puppies for sale live, answer any questions you haveabout the breed, and want to be certain their puppy is going to a good home.

  • Adopting a puppy

Your second option is to search for Red GoldenRetriever puppies up for adoption. This is a great way to help tackle thehomeless pets problem and give an unwanted dog a chance at happiness.

Because most Golden Retrievers put up for adoptionare a little older, you may miss out on the adorable puppy phase. However, theadvantage is that you get to adopt a calmer and well-behaved adult dog.

Red Golden Retriever Training

Red Golden Retrievers are relatively easy to train as they possess high levels of obedience.

Its best to start training as early as possible using only positive methods.

Creating a regular routine is important.

Their working dog heritage means they excel when they feel they have a job to perform and theyre always happy to please their trainer.

Red Golden Retriever puppies love to bite and nibble when given the chance.

Make sure you have a toy or something appropriate for him to chew on and then give him a reward for his good behavior afterwards.

Breeds Mistaken For A Red Golden Retriever

Many people are very unfamiliar with what Red Goldens look like. It is easy to mistakenly label them as Golden Retrievers, especially as puppies. It is also easy to misidentify any long-haired brown dog for a Red Golden Retriever.

The obvious breed people often mistake for a Red Golden Retriever is the Irish Setter . This is a common mistake. Irish Setters are ancestors of Golden Retrievers. They are responsible for giving these beautiful dogs their mahogany fur.

There are also two more breeds that are often labeled as Red Golden Retrievers:

  • Red Flat-Coated Retriever

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a beautiful dog that shares the same red fur of the Red Golden Retriever. These dogs also have feathering around their neck, tail, belly, and ears. Their face structure and ears are also remarkably similar to a Golden Retriever.

Another breed often mistaken as a Red Golden Retriever is the Red Flat-Coated Retriever.

The Flat-Coated Retriever is another uncommon breed. Just like the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, they also look very similar to a Red Golden.

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Why Are Some Golden Retrievers Red

Golden Retrievers are a definitive breed in the world of dogs. They are a classic choice for pet owners, and they make outstanding service dogs. Youve likely noticed that some golden retrievers are not so golden. Their beautiful coats range from a light, almost white cream color, all the way to a red, mahogany color. Red golden retrievers are just as spirited as their golden-coated brothers and sisters. In fact, due to their breeding origins, many pet experts say that red golden retrievers are even more lively than other goldens. Lets take a closer look at the red Golden Retriever.

Red Golden Retriever Activity

red golden retriever

The Red Golden Retriever is extremely agile and a natural swimmer.

They love to play fetch and require lots of activity and daily exercise.

As long as they get enough exercise they will settle down and relax in the home, especially as they get older.

Red Golden Retrievers are better able to adapt to being outdoors than other Golden Retrievers, but will also relax into being indoors.

The Red Golden Retriever is typically more muscular and active than the yellow Golden Retriever.

If youre looking for a companion for running or hiking, a Red Golden Retriever could be your new best friend.

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Gene Pairing Of Red Golden Retriever Puppies

Ban Shade Nearly White Shade Controversy

The Red Golden is not a Particular breed in and out of itself. It is only a colour variation of the authentic gold retriever. With that said, breeders can surely try to strain for darker coats as well as the result will only be based on the genetics recorded in the table over.

Theres been a controversy going back on several years that somewhere along the line a Irish Setter might have been released, which could have caused a darkening of their coat of this strain.

While there Are many breeders nowadays that make designer dogs which are a mixture of 2 purebreds such as a Setter/Retriever combination, the red-coated gold retriever is actually a darker colour of their standard shade.

Virtually all breeders comprehend the darker colour like being purebred, even though there are several out there that feel the darker colour would be a mutation of this strain and needs to be scored down as it pertains to reveal retrievers in the ring.

History And Origins Of The Dark Red Golden Retriever Color

The origins of the Red Golden Retriever date back to the 19th century.

Aristocratic Scottish waterfowl hunters wanted a new type of hunting dog. One that was fast, obedient, loved the water, and could tolerate cold temperatures.

There are differing accounts as to the exact circumstances of how a working dog with this mix of attributes was bred.

Some sources credit Lord Tweedlemouth, a British Lord who lived in Scotland during the mid-to-late 19th century, with mixing an Irish Setter with a Tweed Water Spaniel as the origin of the Red Golden Retriever.

Others believe a Hunting Retriever was first bred with a Tweed Water Spaniel, then one of the offspring was mated with an Irish Setter.

Additional sources believe the red coloring likely comes from the genetic background of the Golden Retriever.

One reason Red Golden Retrievers became sought after hunting dogs was because they would bring the shot bird back to the hunter without causing further damage to the bird or eating it like other hunting dogs would often do.

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Coat Color And Length

The Red Golden Retrievers dense double coat can be either straight or wavy, and is designed to provide protection against the elements.

The coat is long and thick and features heavy feathering on the neck, the back of the legs, and the tail.

Unlike purebred Goldens, the coat of a dark Golden Retriever ranges from light red through to a deep mahogany.

Energy Level Of Golden Retriever Puppies

Beautiful Red AKC Golden Retriever Mother

As I said before, Golden Retriever pets tend to be sporty. So spend time with them to do minimal exercise every day.

Remember,Golden rescuers are quite comfortable running, hike or even bikes ride. If you want to send them on a camping and hunting trip, you must run a trial in a few steps beforehand.

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Cancer In Golden Retrievers

Unfortunately, studies have found the Golden Retriever to be at an increased risk for cancer compared to other dog breeds.

This study of dogs in Denmark puts the Golden Retriever mortality rate at 14.5%, while other findings believe that number to be considerably higher.

The two most common types of cancer in the Golden Retriever are hemangiosarcoma, a cancer of the blood vessel walls, and lymphoma.

Whether or not the dog has been spayed or neutered seems to also indicate a higher risk for developing cancer, particularly if the operation has been done when the dog is younger than one year old.

The fact that dogs in the U.S. are neutered at a younger age and that they develop cancer at a higher rate than those that are European-bred may be a key to understanding the etiology of cancer in canines.

Should I Get A Red Golden Retriever

If you are on the fence about a Red Golden Retriever, know that we couldnt recommend them more.

These dogs are sweet, intelligent, and loving, perfect for almost any home. Their temperament is a perfect fit for families with small children. They play nice with kids in general and their gentleness keeps the dog from getting too excited.

They are also patient dogs that wont mind small children poking or prodding them. As they get slightly older they are happy to play along with dress up games and tea parties.

These dogs are easy to train, especially when compared to other Labradors. They are extremely focused to a point that borders on obsessive. The same enthusiasm that allows the dog to play fetch for hours on end will appear in training. While this makes them fast learners, it does create its own risk. The dog might work itself to a point of exhaustion.

If you are considering a red golden retriever puppy, look for a certified breeder. The best way to find one is through word of mouth, but there are a few other things to keep in mind.

Reputable breeders will know almost everything that there is to know about a breed. They will also have extensive documentation of medical checkup for the puppies.

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Are Cream Golden Retrievers Still Golden Retrievers

Yes. It’s incorrect to call a lighter-colored golden retriever by a different name. Sometimes, breeders change their name to trick buyers into thinking that these lighter-colored dogs are rare. Some breeders incorrectly call them “rare white European golden retrievers,””exquisite platinum imported golden retrievers,” or “English cream golden retrievers.” But, no matter what they are called, they are golden retrievers they are recognized as such by English and Canadian authorities.

The Truth

An “English cream golden retriever” is basically a golden retriever in a very pale shade of gold!

White retriever puppy


Food And Dietary Requirements

Pin on Fun

These furry friends are big furry friends with big appetites!

They love food and would happily eat all day everyday.

With dogs that are particularly food orientated its crucial to stick to the advised portion sizes and to make sure they are an appropriate weight.

If you are training your puppy take into consideration the extra calories from treats and avoid table scraps.

As most pooches get the same food everyday, you want to make sure youre feeding them a high quality feed that contains all the nutrients they require.

Red Golden Retrievers can have dried, canned or a mix of both diet types its the ingredients that matter.

Feed them 2 to 3 cups a day depending on their size, age and activity level. The amount of food given can be split into two meals a day and you can track their growth using the chart below:

Growth Chart
60+ minutes
Activity Level

Sporting dogs are very high energy, they were bred to work and love to have a purpose.

You should aim to walk them between an hour and two hours everyday. With lots of stamina theyre great to take on runs, hikes and bike rides.

Sports like obedience and agility suit them down to the ground as they are an intelligent breed and love to please their owner.

Letting them run off leash in local areas isnt a problem, Red Golden Retriever dogs are very sociable with other animals and even with strangers.

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The Truth About English Cream Golden Retrievers

Adrienne is a certified dog trainer and former veterinarian assistant who partners with some of the best veterinarians worldwide.


Everyone knows that Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs blessed with long, shiny coats in some shade of goldand they have wonderful demeanors to boot.

If you’ve seen the “English cream golden retriever” in magazines or ads, you may be wondering what it is and where you can get one. What makes them different from the average golden retriever that you see every day in America? Are they the same breed? Is the only difference the coat color? In this article we will take a look at some differences and learn the truth about English cream golden retrievers.

Below, you’ll find answers to these questions:

  • Are cream-colored Golden Retrievers still Golden Retrievers?
  • Are American Golden Retrievers genetically different from English ones?
  • How do English Golden Retrievers compare with American Golden Retrievers?
  • Do English Retrievers shed less?
  • Are cream or white-colored Golden Retrievers healthier than darker Goldens?
  • Are white Golden Retrievers rare?
  • What colors of Golden Retrievers are there?
  • How much do cream Golden Retrievers cost?
  • How to buy a white Golden Retriever puppy from a breeder?
  • Can cream-colored Goldens be officially recognized by the AKC?
  • What do different countries’ kennel clubs say about cream-colored retrievers?
  • What is the history, temperament, and general health of the breed?
  • They Could Be Another Breed

    Golden Retriever has many brothers who all belong to the Retriever, and they all look pretty much the same. So you can be cheated, or you can get the wrong dog breed. Lets consider two breeds of dogs below.

    a. Labrador Retriever

    First and foremost, despite being part of the same Retriever, the Labrador has very short hair. They have three official colors: yellow, chocolate, and black. There are also fox red and polar white colors, but they are not recognized as pure.

    The Labrador is heavier than the Golden . The Labrador has a life expectancy of about 10 to 12 years, almost the same as the Golden 10 to 13 years.

    One more thing you can see is that despite having short hair, the Labrador has shed a lot of hair all year round, while the Golden has just shed a small amount of hair in a season.

    b. Flat-coated retrievers

    This breed is similar to the Golden in that it has a dense, thick coat, but its fur is always flat, not waved like the Golden. Besides, their coat is not water-repellent. This breed has three main colors of coat: black, liver, and blonde. The blonde color makes them look more like the Golden One.

    Flat-Coated Retriever is a little less active than the Golden Retriever. Rarely do they make such a noise. However, like the Golden Retriever, they need to exercise every day at least an hour a day. The life expectancy of this breed is quite short, only about 8 to 10 years.

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    What Is A Red Retriever

    Red retrievers are golden retrievers with a mahogany coat, as opposed to the more traditional golden coat. This occurs as a natural genetic variation however, the mahogany-colored genes are recessive, so it is a relatively rare color.

    As a result, red retriever puppies tend to be more expensive than other golden puppies. They can be excluded by the American Kennel Club from show competitions.

    Heres How We Smoothly Transition Golden Retriever Puppies From Our Home To Yours

    SHOPPING FOR OUR PUPPY! What We Bought Our Golden Retriever Pup

    Long haired golden retriever puppy near me. Browse through our breeders listings and find your perfect puppy. Cute little female from a reg golden mom and a reg eleven pound Cavalier dad. These gorgeous sable Collie pups were born on 92120.

    Unlike other puppy adoption agencies in Ohio we allow and actually encourage you to meet our Golden Retriever puppies for sale before you agree to take one home. Look at pictures of Golden Retriever puppies who need a home. Parents are healthy and amazing dogs.

    The Golden Retriever is very devoted to family and eager to please. They love to roam around our farm and explore and spend time with the boys working on the farm. Golden Retriever Puppies for sale 5 results.

    She has been raised in my home around. She should mature 25 to 35lbs. BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES WILL BE WEEKS OLD AUGUST TH AND READY.

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    PetfinderGray Face Acres FAQ about golden retrievers and how to start the process of adoption. Meet Gayle Watkins breeder of over 100 titled golden retrievers that have excelled in multiple sports and co-founder of Avidog International. The Golden Retriever is simply loving and loveable.

    Her Gaylans Golden Retrievers. Why buy a Golden Retriever puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life. We have 4 female dogs are Maci Bretta.

    Look at pictures of Golden Retriever puppies. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.

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    What Are The Different Colors Of Golden Retrievers

    The three different golden retriever colors recognized by the American Kennel Club are golden, light golden, and dark golden. Red retrievers can be considered among the dark golden variation.

    However, they stand out due to the red hues in their coat, which means they are called red or mahogany instead of dark golden. It is this variation that causes red goldens to be excluded from participating in shows, as it is defined as an abnormal variation of the golden retriever breed.

    Caring For Your Red Golden Retriever Whats Needed

    Exercise needs

    Golden Retrievers were bred as gun dogs, for hunting and sport. They are naturally active and have great stamina on land and in water.

    They will require lots of mixed exercise in the form of long walks, playing fetch, running around with other dogs or swimming. Your Red Golden Retriever puppy will enjoy any type of activity with you but will suddenly get tired and just fall asleep. They are better suited to large living spaces with outdoor access than apartment living.

    Early leash training, and road awareness, is strongly recommended to keep this mischievous puppy safe.


    Feed as a medium to large-sized dog, depending on their activity level. Its best to use specially-formulated dry dog food, recommended by your Vet. Pay particular attention to the amount of food given each day as this dog is prone to overeating if allowed.


    One of the popular features of the Red Golden retriever it its fluffy tail and deep furry chest. This double-coated dog has a slightly shorter outer coat and less feathering than the Golden Retriever so it doesnt shed quite as much but it will require regular grooming. Its still a shedder, twice a year they will have a seasonal shedding of their coat so youll need a good brush.


    Cleaning teeth, nails and ears

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