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Stud Service For Golden Retriever

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Bet On Your Popular Studs

“Ethan”- Stud English Golden Retriever from Recherche Goldens

If you suddenly find yourself inundated with offers from dam owners, then dont be shy! Theres nothing wrong with raising your prices if dam owners are serious about breeding their dam with your stud, they will usually pay more. Popularity may be instantaneous, or it may occur gradually over time . Alter your price accordingly but be smart being too ambitious too early may result in a loss of stud service requests.

There is also no harm in insisting on having the first pick of the litter. By continually picking the strongest pup in the bunch, you are building an impressive pack of dogs who will promote and enhance your dogs stud role. Think of your studs puppies as a sort of canine CV they help to provide dam owners with information about what they should come to expect if they select your stud. The better the lineage, the better the CV, the more job interviews and offers!

Pick Promising Studs In Litters

As great as your stud may be, he is also likely to have flaws. Rather than dwelling on these, be proactive. Yes, dam owners will want to vet your stud to find the perfect mating partner for their dam, but you too should also be on the look-out for dams who will fill the gaps in your canines genetic profile.

Always aim to create an even stronger, healthier, more beautiful dog than your stud is himself. Then, when you insist on having the first pick of the litter, you can pick the best male in a litter who seems to be a promising stud for the future. Be sure to not go for the runt of the litter, though! With very popular studs, your job of finding a complementary dam is made easier because you will have a greater choice you can afford to narrow down requests by picking the best dams in the bunch to be serviced.

Before your stud services any dam, you must always confirm that she has a clean health record and does not have any inheritable traits that may cause unhealthy puppies. As the stud owner, it is your responsibility to protect the health of your stud and his offspring, so regardless of how much money is involved, never put your stud at risk of harm.

Ch Kyons The Force Awakens

We are delighted to announce that KYLO aka CH Kyons the Force Awakens is available at limited stud to approved females . Kylo is a substantial cream boy, with moderate coat and plenty of bone, and a stunning headpiece. He has a sweet and steady temperament, similar to his grand sire Ivan. He is 24 tall and weighs in at 83 lbs .

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In Memory Of Our Best Friend And Huggable Harley

If I had to describe Harley in three words or less I would say, big teddy bear! Harley is the type of dog who is front and center when it comes to seeking attention- and he gets it too! He is so adorable. If you pat your chest and tell him to give me a hug, he will jump up and put his big paws up on your shoulders and hug you! Dont let the graying on the face faze you- Harley throws the most exquisite puppies ever! To see what he can do, check out our Previous Litters page. Harley is an all-American Golden Retriever with a heart-of-gold! He has the breed standard blocky head. When he walks, he has the most magnificent gait! Very kingly.Harley has over 40 Champions in his bloodline within the first four generations.

His father is an American Canadian Champion Am.Can.Ch.Gold-Rush Mr. Briggs

Harleys lineage is predominately out of the well known and respected Gold-Rush and Asterling bloodlines.

Clarity And Meeting Expectations

Stud Dog

There are a lot of variables that would play in a dog stud service. Whats essential is a mutual understanding between the parties involved, as whats indicated in the terms of the contract.

After all, a usual business arrangement can lead to a breeding partnership if the owner of the dam and sire are on the same page.

Keep in mind that if youre not keen on handling the mating itself, you can start out by asking help from an experienced breeder. No matter how much money youd earn with servicing, dont risk the welfare of the dogs, or even their future generations.

Also, dont be too conservative or picky. Its difficult to find a mate for one dog that will compliment him or her. You just have to prioritize whats important for the betterment of the breed.

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Love Is Just A Word Until A Tygold Golden Retriever Comes Along

The Tygold breeding program focuses on producing healthy puppies with sound temperaments. The dogs in our breeding program have great pedigrees and are CKC registered with health clearances for heart, hips, elbows, eyes and DNA Golden Retriever panel.

Tygold is in good standing with CKC and an active member of the Golden Retriever Club of BC.

Looking For A Golden Male For Stud Service

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Applegate said:Hello we are located in Vermont and are searching for a Male Golden retriever to breed our 4 year old female to, must be in the New York, Vermont, Mass or New Hampshire area. We are concerned breeders who are looking for specific qualities. Our female Jasmine has been OFA certified for Hips as excellent, as was her father before, We would prefer a darker male but MUST be min. good OFA for hips would prefer Excellent and should be younger than 6. We have been breeding the same line for over 15 years. Thank you


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Dog Studs Can Breed Often

When it comes to frequency of breeding, balance is key! The more popular your stud is, the more regularly he will mate and breed. Popularity is great for your bank balance but over time it can affect the quality of the sperm your stud can produce. For this reason, it is recommended that stud dogs are sperm tested every few months to ensure any alterations to sperm are detected early on. Any detectable changes should be followed up with a complete investigation to determine the cause of the change and decide whether the male dog is still fit to be studded.

It is recommended that sperm be collected from less frequently bred dogs 2-4 days before mating. This procedure clears dead sperm from the ejaculatory tract to improve the quality of future ejaculations. Males can mate or have their sperm collected daily for 3-5 consecutive days before sperm stores are depleted. They will then need a rest day for stores to increase again. It is better to give your dog regular rest days before complete depletion, so sperm will never reach exceptionally low levels and negate pregnancy outcomes.

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How To Select The Right Stud

Golden Retriever Dog mating | Stud | Pet care Breeding PH

Dam owners will generally have a specific outline of the kind of stud they wish to breed with their dam. Certain desired traits will remain the same across the board, for example, good health and good pedigree. Every stud should also have been tested for Brucellosis, a common sexually transmitted disease in dogs and should have written evidence of a negative test result.

When it comes to selecting the right stud, it is all about due diligence. An ethical breeder attempts to achieve breed improvement by producing healthy, temperamentally stable, balanced, functional specimens.

A breeder wants the ability to vet prospective additions to his or her line making certain the high level they strive for within the program is being met. Gauging a potential sires qualities are vital for narrowing down the prospective pool.

One must exhaust all efforts of investigative preparation to ensure the stud selected will fulfill the breeding goals.

Ray James, Founder of Dog Breed Matchmaking

Features such as breed type and aesthetics will also be important. An owner will usually identify flaws in their dam whilst seeking a stud that holds these missing characteristics so that together they can make the perfect puppies. Its difficult to find a stud that possesses every single weakness the dam has, so it is best to prioritize which ones are most important to you.

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Failures & Attempts To Breed

The owners should also agree upon the length of time that the two dogs will stay together and how many mating attempts can be undertaken during this time. It usually the stud owners responsibility to look after the welfare of the dam throughout stud service. The dam owner should also receive concrete reassurance about what will happen in the event of a non-pregnancy and whether the stud will be available for a second or even third attempt.

If the dam owner notifies the stud owner of a non-pregnancy within the correct notice period and the stud is no longer available, the dam owner should receive a return service from another suitable stud. Notice periods are usually placed from 65 to 70 days. Failure to provide notice in writing will result in the stud owner refusing a return service and the dam owner having to seek out a new stud.

If breeding fails following servicing, the dam will not be charged any additional costs for a return service in her next season. The stud owner will determine how many return services will be covered by the initial stud fee. It is common practice for a stud owner to allow two or three return services for no extra charge after which the contract will be terminated. The dam may then be required to enter a new service agreement with an entirely different stud conditions are variable, so ensure you have read and clearly understand the service contract before signing.

A Complete Guide To Dog Stud Service

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Owning a stud requires making difficult decisions.

Whether youre planning to breed your female dog or youre planning to start a stud service of your own, its best to learn what to expect from this experience.

Contents & Quick Navigation

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Dog Stud Service Contract

A stud service contract is provided by the stud owner its a written agreement signed between the stud and dam owner. The contract guarantees successful breeding and ensures both parties who enter into the agreement uphold their end of the bargain whilst protecting the health and welfare of the stud, dam, and offspring. The contract must be signed by each owner and clearly details their service rights.

Logistics And Organization Of A Dog Stud Service

Stud Dog

Aside from the service exchange, a contract should include vital details such as:

  • Dates time and duration of matings
  • Numbers of veterinarians and breeding experts

Another information youll find in the contract is restrictions for future breedings of the offspring. It means the puppies shouldnt be sold to anyone who would use them for repeated breeding, such as commercial retailers.

The dam owner should be aware that studs can father other puppies with other females, too.

To avoid creating a litter that cant be registered to a kennel club, dams used for breeding shouldnt be 8 years and older. Stud owners can request of the females breeding history to ensure this.

Next is the litter. The contract should specify what that term constitutes the agreement. Normally, its at least one puppy . And if only a single offspring is produced, the stud owner will offer a return service.

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Ch Kyons Not Afraid Of The Dark

We are so proud of our wonderful TYSON CH Kyons Not Afraid of the Dark RI . He is a moderate dog standing 23 1/2 at the shoulder and 78 lbs , with a lovely and correctly wavy coat. Tyson finished his championship in record time with BOBs and group placements along the way. This utterly correct dog , not overdone in anyway, but athletic and strong with a fabulous sweet and bright temperament has also just completed his Rally Intermediate title.

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A Sample Of A Dog Stud Service Contract

This template format is just an example. Some kennel clubs and owners tweak it specifically for the breed of their dog.

You should also note that a contract can only be legally binding if it is witnessed.

If you have tips and advice for first-time breeders and those who want to get into the dog stud service business, type them all in the comment box below!

Compensation: Dog Stud Service Fees

Golden retriever stud service available #charlie #dog

The amount discussed appears early in the contract. In exchange for the studs work and a guarantee of the females pregnancy, payment can be in many forms. A stud fee can be paid in cash, which roughly costs from $250 to $1,000. It would depend, of course, on how many times the stud became and produced champions. Others would charge an equal price for one puppy.

For stud owners who prefer getting paid by having the first pick on the dams litter, aim for the best. Breeders have a goal of making a healthier, stronger, and all-in-all, a better dog than the current canine theyre using for breeding.

Be sure to go for the pup who looks promising, and not the runt of the litter.

Theres nothing wrong with choosing to go for a puppy in lieu of cash. Its a great way to build an impressive pack of future dams and sires. It will also enhance and promote the role of your stud.

Puppies are like the canine CV of the mother and father dog. A better lineage means a better CV, and it gets more offers!

What does the stud fee entail for the dam owners?

In return for the cost of the dog stud service, the female will be bred for 2 to 3 times during her estrus or heat cycle. So information such as the breeding dates, location, and process used are expected to be on the contract.

Another information that should be stated in the agreement is when the picking occurs. Most of the time, stud owners choose a pup by the time theyre 7 weeks old. Usually, before leaving their mothers home.

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Field Bred Golden Retriever Stud Dogs Facebook

  • www.facebook.com
  • Highest rating: 3
  • Lowest rating: 2
  • Descriptions: In this FB group we can advertise our field bred golden retriever stud dogs. Looking for a dark red male stud please let me know what your stud fee is.
  • More : In this FB group we can advertise our field bred golden retriever stud dogs. Looking for a dark red male stud please let me know what your stud fee is.
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/318106465019896/

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Ch Kyons Daylight Savings Time

Stud Dog

Logan has a magnificently happy-go-lucky temperament with exceptional working ability. Beautiful in both Type and structure his show career includes an owner-breeder-handler Best puppy in Group a 5 point BOB from the 9-12 months class, as well as RWD at our regional Golden Speciality -and finaIIy finishing with a group 1st from the open dog cIass under a breeder judge.

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Information On The Average Estrus Changes You May Expect

Day 1: Licking and attention to rear. Discharge is dark or bright red color, and beginning of swelling of vulva. Start counting the heat cycle from when the blood hits the ground. Do not bring us your female as soon as day 1 — it could take up to three weeks for a breeding. Monitor carefully, though.

Days 2-7: Bright red spotting or bleeding with swelling of the vulva increasing. A male be interested, but unless she is incredibly submissive she will not be receptive and snip at him.

Count 58-63 days for puppies after the tie!

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