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When Can I Run With My Golden Retriever

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How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Run With You

I GOT A GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY | bringing her home

If you want the short version here it is keep them running on one side, stick with it, train them on a cue, and keep it consistent.

Now for the long version.

Its really important to keep your golden retriever on one side.

If he starts to run randomly like in front of you and from one side to another he will end up tripping you or tangling your legs on the leash.

No matter which side you choose, make sure that your dog sticks with it. Take your dog to your running/ walking space to train him, if you want your dog to run on your right side always give your golden retriever his treats at your right leg.

How To Train Your Dog To Run On A Leash

Start by normally walking with your dog. Once they are used to walking by your side without getting distracted by small animals or other dogs, now its time to speed things up.

Before you start turning your walks into runs, you need to have a cue like lets go, move it, or anything that you want. This teaches them that they have to go faster once they hear this cue.

To teach your dog the running cue start your walking normally and before you increase your speed give your dog the cue and when your dog hurries up to catch you give him his treat as a reward. You can also have a slow down cue like slow down or whoa.

Why Run With Your Golden Retriever

Going on runs is great for your health, and thats no joke. Even a brisk run every morning can help heal your cardiovascular system, lose weight, and also improve your energy. Having a running companion is linked to steadier exercise routines and better workout results.

Having Fido as your running buddy kicks those very same benefits up a notch. Running with a dog, in particular, has been linked to even more benefits, including:

  • Better Moods
  • Lower Cortisol Levels

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The Verdict: Normal Growth Is Not The Same For Each Pup

Every Golden is different and will grow at their own rate. The key is to ensure they arent growing too quickly or too slowly steady growth is ideal.

Aside from other factors we mentioned, a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle will help keep your Golden healthy and happy.

Remember, their final size will vary from one another, depending on variation and pedigree.

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How Much Should My German Shepherd Run

Golden Retriever Runny

It is always cute to see a furry puppy racing around the yard or taking his or her first walk, however it is important to exercise caution when allowing your puppy to take part in physical activities like these.

The general thought is five minutes a day times the number of months old they are two times a day. A puppy may only need 20-30 minutes of exercise a day.

Veterinarians recommend that you hold off on running with your pup until they are at least 12-18 months old. This seems to be the magic number because this is typically when the dog is fully grown.

If you try to exercise your dog too much before this time, you risk significant and irreparable joint injuries.

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Position Your Dog Correctly

“The optimal running style for physical and health safety is on your side with slack in the leash,” Barrera recommends. That said, if your dog tends to lead out front, make sure they’re not pulling and that there’s always some leeway in the leash. If they tend to trail behind, just make sure they remain on your side. The goal is to avoid letting them run directly behind you, otherwise, the leash will hit or get tangled in your legs, which jeopardizes the safety of both you and your dog.

Whats The Average Speed Of A Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever has average speed of 20-30mph but can also run up to 35mph with proper training. A Golden Retriever is a running dog due to its high stamina and muscular body. They, however, do not run for long distances all at once. Their build allows them to run fast, but in short sprints, then stop before picking the race again.

Recent Posts

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A Story About How My Golden Retriever Taught Me How To Love Running Again :

Hi yall, lengthy post alert. Thank you for reading if you do! With the new year fast approaching, and people building their own goals for 2018, I wanted to share a quick story about how my love for running was reignited this morning by my golden retriever, Brooklyn.

Im from upstate NY where I went home for Christmas but have been in Boston for three years. Ive been running more seriously since I moved out there but About 8 or so months ago, I really got serious. I cracked down on my diet, and signed up for my second half marathon determined to finish stronger than my first.

I lost about 45 pounds since and have seen myself getting faster and better. At first it was a rush, that Runners high and the feeling of elation seeing my numbers on my watch and scale go down. But, To say Ive become obsessed might be putting it lightly… I havent skipped a training run, Im hyper aware of my food and honestly for the last couple of months Ive been slogging through my workouts not because I want to, but because I HAVE to. Its less stubbornness and more a bit unhealthy and Im working on it.

Happy running this year and next!

When Should You Start Running With Your Golden Retriever


A common concern is what age is right to start running long distances with your Golden Retriever. A pup cannot run for extended periods however, as your dog grows up, he will gain more stamina that will allow him to run for extended times.

The main concern when dogs begin long-distance running is the stress on the bones in their legs and their paws. Also, running very early when your dog is not ready for it can cause joint disorders like hip dysplasia. Get a vet to inspect your pets bone strength before you start him with long-distance running.

Once your Golden Retriever is completely grown up, then these concerns reduce and he can start running for extended periods. Typically, Golden Retrievers are ready to undertake long-distance running when they are around 12-18 months old. By this time, their bones are mature and can withstand the stress of long-distance running.

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How To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Digging

Digging comes naturally to dogs, so dont be surprised if your golden is a digger.

To stop destructive digging, make sure your golden is physically and mentally stimulated enough.

A tired dog will likely not be a digging dog.

You can also redirect their attention with a toy or a game.

Also, dont leave them outside alone where theyre free to dig to their hearts content if you dont want them to be digging.

But if they really really love digging, you can give them a safe and less destructive outlet to dig, like their own sandbox.

How To Avoid A Botched Run With Your Dog

Golden Retrievers might be easy to train, but even the most well-trained dog will still get curious about all the new sights and smells they see on a trail.

Both leash and leash-free dogs will occasionally need some guidance while on a run, especially when theyre just getting used to running with you.

Along with making a serious effort to train your dog to avoid distractions before you hit the trail, coming up with a way to make sure your dog doesnt walk, you can help. Bringing treats with you can help drag your dogs attention back to you if they get too distracted.

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Exercising With A Golden Retriever

Most folks like to exercise alongside their furry friends. Golden Retrievers need at least an hour of exercise daily which is a good opportunity to bond with your pup. Golden Retrievers are excellent exercise partners as they have seemingly endless energy.

Golden Retrievers are classified as a medium sized sporting dog which means they will need a lot of exercise. Giving them lots of time to exercise will help them be controllable and remain calmer indoors. Keeping your Golden in shape will help it lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Make sure you work up to any high intensity or duration workout. Proper training and conditioning will go a long way to prevent injury and unnecessary hassle.

Here is a list of activities you both can do to get some exercise. After all, people need to exercise too!

How Much Should You Exercise An Elderly Golden Retriever

How to Train Your Golden Retriever Dog to Not Bark at ...

Some Golden retrievers suffer arthritis and other joint pains as they age. If this is the case with your dog, please speak to your vet and follow their advice. With some ailments exercise can make things worse and you do not want that for your dog.

Others may start to slow down once theyve hit their 8th birthday, whilst some may still be surprisingly active at their 12th year and beyond!

Like humans, dogs are individuals and age differently. Just be mindful of not asking too much of your elderly dog.

Theyre a breed that loves to please and if you ask too much of them they will do everything to oblige and you could really tire them out and perhaps do more harm than good.

Monitor your Golden and if they seem to have aches and pains, or get out of breath a lot quicker, or take a lot longer to recover, then its maybe time to allow them to slow down. They can still enjoy walking long distances and swimming, just avoid jumping hedges and chasing balls for an hour straight.

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Signs Your Puppy Is Getting Too Much Exercise

Exercise keeps joints limber, promotes good range of motion, maintains muscle mass, and can help prevent injury. But too much of it can actually cause injury.

Thats why it is important to make sure you are giving your puppy the proper amount of exercise and not over-exercising them.

Watch out for signs of over-exercise like sore muscles, behavioral changes, and joint injury.

Running With Your Golden Retriever On A Leash

When you go out for your first run, youll want to enjoy that blissful experience with your dog. Therefore, its a good idea to have your pet trained early to jog or run beside you on a loose leash.

Being pulled along while running is not fun. Distractions may become a problem when you start going for longer runs.

To deal with the challenge, always carry treats. A yummy treat can help you get back your dogs attention. That way, you can go back to enjoying your run without too much hassle.

A leash allows you to have full control of your pet in the course of the run. You might even want to consider a hands free leash like this one on amazon.

Once your Golden Retriever is accustomed to the jog/run routine and the environment, you can consider letting them off the leash from time to time when allowed and appropriate.

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Tips For A Fun Run With Your Golden Retriever

  • Allow your golden retriever to run off-leash . But only if your dog is trained to run off-leash and you know that when you call him in the middle of all the destruction he will come back to you.
  • Ensure that your dog is warmed up before you begin your run and after youre done, cool him down by walking for a few minutes.
  • Carry water and allow your golden retriever to drink regularly throughout the run.
  • Be careful of the weather conditions. Dogs do not handle heat and humidity very well.
  • Make sure that your dog takes breaks so that he can rest and relieve himself, recharge, eat his treats, and enjoy the things around him.
  • Watch for signs such as suddenly slowing down or if he is out of breath. That means that your golden retriever has had enough.
  • Take a break, you and your golden retriever can do something fun like playing your dogs favorite game.
  • Check the surface before you run. Remember, unlike you, your dog is not wearing any shoes so if you are running in the summer the surface would be very hot if he starts to limp you need to stop immediately and check his paws for any marks. If you are running in the snow after your run, wash your dogs paws because he will lick his paw which now has salt and chemicals that were used on the road.
  • Before running, start with some walks to give your dog time to adapt.
  • Can Golden Retrievers Jump Fences


    As explained, Yes, Golden Retrievers can jump fences, but they can also charge through it or even chew their way through it.

    Goldens are pretty smart animals, and if they really need to run away, they will do their best to find a way, and they are more successful at it than we would like.

    If you think your golden retriever may be trying to do this, you should definitely check out my post why golden retrievers run away and how to stop it as I discuss some very effective ways on keeping your dog inside that have always worked for me.

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    Are Goldens Good Short & Long

    Indeed, they are good running partners for any distance. Golden Retrievers can enjoy both short bursts and endurance jogging!

    However, your dog will probably enjoy more long and steady running than sprinting. With their impressive stamina, Golden Retrievers are awesome long-distance running partners!

    Are Your Golden Retrievers Needs Being Met

    Have you ever been around a baby late at night?

    My nephew is one year old and if hes still awake at eight or nine oclock, he starts to get tired and fussy.

    Its totally understandable its late for him and hes tired!

    And you should think about your golden retrievers needs the same way.

    Are they being bad because theyre tired and they need a nap?

    Are they acting out because youve been at work all week and they want some attention?

    Are they misbehaving because they want to play with you, but you havent had time to?

    When theyre misbehaving, ask yourself if their sleep, play, and attention needs have been met, and if they havent, that may be your solution.

    But those arent the only needs that need to be met.

    There are also physical and mental stimulation needs.

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    Running In Cold Weather + Snow

    At the other extreme, winter cold can affect your dog as well. Dogs with short coats may require a jacket. When running in the snow, check for ice balls accumulated in your dogs paws or snow balls on their fur. If you notice them limping, thats probably the cause.

    There are a couple of ways to protect your pups paws from the winter elements. The first option is a boot, like the Ruffwear Polar Trex booties. The Vibram sole provides traction, and the insulated softshell fabric offers breathable, weatherproof protection in cold and inclement weather.

    If you dont want to go with booties, a wax-based paw balm like Mushers Secret protects the paws from ice, snow, salt, and chemicals used on pavement during the winter months. Several brands make safe paw balms for dogs, or you can make your own with an easy recipe like this one from Every Day Dog Mom.

    Start At The Right Age

    Please...can I go play in the rain? I

    You can start training your golden when they are 12 months old, but you should know that it can differ from one dog to another and not all goldens develop at the same rate.

    If your dog seems too young to start running, they probably are. Some dogs will keep developing until 18 months old and are not fit for long-distance running before then.

    Dont rush it, if they are uncomfortable with it, just stop. You can also check with your vet and theyll tell you when you can start training your dog as they can tell from the dogs physical condition better than you can.

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    How Fast Can A Golden Retriever Run

    Now you might be wondering, how fast can your golden retriever run? Well, golden retrievers can hit speeds of up to 35 mph in a short burst. However, the running speed is an individual characteristic that can vary from one dog to another. While a retrievers speed is not comparable to that of a greyhound, it is more than sufficient for a running partner.

    Your retrievers speed is influenced by factors such as breeding background, age, physical fitness, and overall health.

    Be Careful With Senior Dogs

    Your dogs age matters. With time, he will become more fragile and less active. Thus, your Golden Retriever will eventually be too old to run without hurting himself!

    Thats why its important to reduce the running intensity for senior dogs. Furthermore, your buddy might have to try lower energy activities such as walking, fetch, or other fun games at his golden age!

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