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Are Golden Retrievers Loyal To Their Owners

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Theyre Attentive To Their Owners

Golden Retriever punishes bad ownerCaring dogs contribute food to their owners

Golden Retrievers were bred to be attentive towards its owners- one of the breeds biggest strengths. Fully attentive and enthusiastic, these furry companions are eager to please and will bond closely with their masters. Goldens make faithful companions. If you want togetherness, you will enjoy the attention your canine will give you. He will follow you from room to room and sit with you in the kitchen. This is the best dog to bond with as it is downright needy in its desire for human attention.

B Golden Retrievers Are A Faithful Breed

Although any dog is supposed to be loyal to its owner, the Golden Retriever is especially suited for its ability to develop a deep and warm relationship with its owner. In other words, all these dogs are trustworthy.

Until this bond is formed with your Golden One, you wont have to worry about treason. Goldens is going to stick with you through thick and thin, which is excellent quality for a guard dog to have.

And according to Rover, the Golden Retriever is one of the most trustworthy pets of history and the dogs temperament. Loyal dogs naturally provide their owners with protection and safety. Theyre really going to have your back.

Golden Retrievers Love Other Animals

Golden retrievers arent just social with humans, but also with other animals. Theyre known for their gentle mouth, which makes them infamous for picking up smaller animals in their mouths without hurting them.

There are stories of golden retrievers picking up kittens, puppies, turtles, hamsters, and every other small animal with a gentle golden mouth. Theyre known to never hurt another animal, as theyre very careful.

Golden retrievers also love to play with other dogs. Theyre very social dogs, especially if theyre allowed to socialize as a young dog and puppy. If you get the chance, make sure your golden retriever can go out and make friends.

Golden retrievers work well in multi-animal households. They arent known as heavily prey driven, meaning they rarely try to chase or harm smaller animals. Even if they do, theyre so trainable you should have very little to no fear when adding a golden retriever to your pets.

Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best

Of all the breeds out there, golden retrievers are consistently one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and theres plenty of great reasons why.

This article will show you all the reasons why golden retrievers are the best breed if youre looking to get yourself a pup, backed by science and the history of how theyve evolved over time.

Are Golden Retrievers Loyal To Just One Person

Loyal Golden Retriever walks 100KM across China for 14 ...

You have probably heard stories of dogs that are fiercely loyal to just one person.  Or they love one member of the family while ignoring the rest of the family.  

Golden Retrievers are one breed that is ready to share its love around to all members of the family.  They will likely form a stronger bond with a specific family member, usually the primary food and exercise provider. Still, they will also share their love with every member of the family.  They are even accepting of other pets and are known to get along well with cats and birds.

Do Golden Retrievers Protect Their Owners

Goldens have a track record of having a calm yet playful demeanor, so they usually do not qualify as the best guard dog. However, their loyalty is nearly unmatched, so in certain situations, or if something is causing the dog or owner anxiety, the dog will react accordingly.

While guarding against intruders may not be their strong suit, Goldens are famously known for their intelligence and heroics. They will protect you from other animals they view as a threat, have a very intimidating bark, and are relatively large, which will likely ward off others who may mean you harm.

Reasons Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs Ever

Its easy to see why Golden Retriever is one of the worlds most popular dog breed, both as a working dog and as a family member. That mane of golden fur and deep brown eyes are hard to resist. Heres 10 reasons why Golden Retrievers easily top the list of the best dogs ever bred.

1. Goldens are the perfect size.

A healthy Golden Retriever weighs between 55 and 75 pounds. Theyre large enough to learn fun, useful tricks, wear human clothes, and participate in many sports and activities. But theyre also small enough to be held for a few moments, and can comfortably lie across your lap without squishing you. While theyre food hogs that gain weight easily, its not too difficult to help them burn calories by introducing more physical activity.

2. Goldens assist the disabled.

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of service dog. Theyre smart enough for the intensive training required, and large enough to help with tasks like loading laundry or retrieving items, and can even keep their handler steady if they need physical assistance. Goldens are also friendly, yet can be trained to focus on their job, rather than socialize. Lastly, theyre resilient enough to adjust to working in loud, scary situations. Their soft fur and comforting smile make it possible for disabled people to confidently accomplish everyday tasks that we take for granted.

3. Goldens prevent waste.

4. Golden fur is like glitter.

5. Goldens have a soft mouth.

6. A Golden is easy to talk to.

Potential Health Concerns Of Irish Setters & Golden Retrievers

While most of us dont like to think about it, Golden Retrievers and Irish Setters will inevitably encounter health issues. Whether from old age, neglect, genetic defects, or other medical issues, theres a list of problems your pup might have to deal with. Knowing each breeds potential health concerns will prepare you for the worst so you can handle it as best as possible.

Obesity is a common and severe issue for Irish Setters. Portion control isnt in their nature, so its crucial that you pay attention to their eating habits and dont overfeed them. They can also have joint problems, muscle aches, back pain, and digestive issues from being overweight.

Golden Retrievers tend to have to deal with joint, muscle, digestive, and heart problems, too. The most common of these being hip dysplasia. However, the most general concern with a Golden Retriever breed is their mental health. Goldens can become depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed without enough exercise or attention from their owners.

Both breeds are very active. However, a lack of exercise can drastically increase their chances of getting one of the previously mentioned health disorders. Most Golden Retrievers and Irish Setters need about an hour or so of exercise daily. Also, check their dog food to ensure theyre getting enough protein and not too many fillers.

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A Golden Retriever May Be Seeking Attention From Their Owner

Loyal Golden Retriever Spends Two Weeks Walking 62 Miles To Find Her Owners

This is common if you start ignoring your Golden or giving him less attention than before. Your furry companion will seek that attention by laying right on your feet, trying to solicit the lost connection. Golden Retrievers are extremely social dogs and need regular attention from their pet parent.

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What Is The First Thing You Should Train Your Golden Retriever

1. To acclimate your Golden Retriever puppy at home, potty training is vital.2. Crate Training is helpful with your at-home training. Your Golden Retriever puppy must seek the crate as a safe comfortable place.3. Teaching your puppy basic dog commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Come are essential in helping your dog to adapt his/her behavior to any social situation and make your dog live happily.


To acclimate your Golden Retriever puppy at home, potty training is vital.

a) Learn The Puppy Potty SignsBe prepared to let your puppy out when you notice: a sudden change of behavior scratching or pawing or barking at the door sniffing around

b) Create A Regular Routine To Take Your Puppy OutTake your young puppy out often to avoid accidents at home.

c) Establish A Potty SpotUse a verbal potty command such as go potty which means lets go to your potty area.

d) Praise Your Puppy: Praising your Golden Retriever puppy will encourage more good behaviors and help strengthen your bond.


Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids

The Golden Retrievers energetic, friendly, and loyal nature makes them the perfect companion for kids of all ages. They are patient and empathetic dogs and will generally not play too rough with children. Like with any dog breed, you must watch them with young children, but overall, they are among the best breeds for families. They love to be outside running and playing fetch and enjoy cuddling with their families.

How To Bond With Your Golden Retriever

Bonding with your Golden Retriever is pretty straightforward.  You need to give your dog the three things it needs the most.

  • Love and Affection.  If you shower love and affection on your Golden Retriever, you will get much more back.  If you have problems bonding with your dog, play a few games with him and do this consistently. 
  • Food.  Any Goldie owner will tell you that food is very important to this breed of dog.  Have a set feeding time, and when possible, you give the dog the food.  Doing this will ensure your dog sees you as a pack leader and on someone who she can rely.
  • Exercise.  Golden Retrievers need a lot of activity.  Going out and exercising with your dog will create a powerful bond.
  • Combining these three activities will help you bond with your Golden Retriever and see his loyalty to you.

    As you see, Golden Retrievers are very loyal dogs.  This loyalty comes from their breeding and helps these dogs become valuable working dogs and even better pets.  If you have a story about your faithful Golden Retriever, please add it in the comments section below.  

    They Are Not Aware Of Their Size

    Loyal pet golden retriever walks 62 miles to find her ...

    Adult Golden Retrievers typically weigh between 5575 lbs, but don’t tell them that. And while Golden Retrievers are seemingly unaware of their actual size, for people, the combination of their size, enthusiasm, playfulness, and desire to be very close to their owners makes them seem larger than they are.

    Be prepared for your full-grown Golden to think they are a lapdog.

    Golden Retrievers Are Easy To Train Due To Their Desire To Please

    While Golden Retrievers were bred as hunting dogs as well, their trainability stems from their desire to be loyal and impress their owners. They want to keep you happy, so theyre willing to learn all sorts of tricks . Goldens are slightly more difficult to train than the Irish Setter breed but still much easier than most other dog breeds.

    Theyre Great Hunting Dogs

    One look and you can tell that a Golden Retriever is meant for hunting. It possesses an extremely eager personality to begin with; its like it just wants you to give it the go-ahead to pounce onto something. In regards to its comprehensive appearance, the dog is extremely powerful with a balanced gait that gives it an edge while out in the wild. It isnt long in the leg, or clumsy. The hindquarters in particular are strongly muscled and broad, with well angled stifles to complement. Its simply a highly active dog, bred for hard working conditions such as hunting and its not that hard to see why.

    Why Are Golden Retrievers So Loyal And Friendly

    May 15, 2021

    Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in America: theyre intelligent, loyal, and friendly making them an appealing family pet! When we think of Golden Retrievers, what might come to mind are popular movies such as Air Bud or Homeward Bound. The main character is friendly, charismatic, and loyal enough to not give up until making it back home to his family. This begs the question, is the Golden Retriever breed really this loyal and friendly? This answer is a resounding yes!

    Theyre Always In The Action

    Funny Dog Videos Try Not to Laugh Tik tok Golden Retriever | Funny dogs talking back to their owners

    One thing youll notice about golden retrievers is that they dont like to be left out of the action one little bit.

    If youre at home doing something, the chances are that your dog wants to be doing it, too. Even if the thing that youre doing is trying to take a bathroom break, unfortunately.

    Out and about, they want to get involved with everything thats going on, whether that means making a new dog pal or splashing their way through the muddiest puddles they can find.

    Make Sure You Have The Right Breed For A Guard Dog

    What it all comes down to is that Goldens may not be the best guard dogs. Can you train him to be a proficient guard dog that will protect you and your home?  Yes, absolutely. But the question becomes: should you?

    All in all,  Golden Retrievers are amongst the most laid-back, loving, and good-natured dogs out there. This is what makes them such great family dogs. While they will protect if need be, its not the best use of your time or energy to train your Golden as a guard dog. Even though they aim to please you first, attacking someone on command goes against their nature.

    If youre hunting for a dog breed that makes a watchdog, on the other hand, Golden Retrievers are great additions!  They love to be watchful and alert and will be very protective of your loved ones. They will get between the intruder and you, for instance, but they will not actually attack unless absolutely forced into it.

    Since intimidation is often most of the protection that needs to be done, youll find that training your Golden Retriever as a watchdog, instead, is going to be easier, a lot more aligned with their nature, and just as rewarding should the need ever come up. 

    While Golden Retrievers are smart, obedient, loyal and loving, their temperament is much more suited to a watchdog than a guard dog. When planning your new furry addition to your household, this is something to keep in mind as much as possible.

    Dog Breeds That Attach To One Person

    The breeds listed below are much more likely to bond to one person than other dog breeds.

    • Cain Terrier
    • Shetland Sheepdog
    • French Bulldog

    Notice how I said more likely? because this is not a 100% guarantee, so lets save the NOT TRUE!!! comments for another topic.

    So, why do I say that Golden Retrievers can have a favorite person? They are clearly not on this list.

    Because Ive seen it and lived it all my life. I have always been around Golden Retrievers ever since I can remember, and while Im very sure now that Im the absolute favorite person for all my dogs, this was definitely not the case while growing up in my familys home.

    It kind of seemed like my mom was always the favorite person to any pet in the house really, not just our goldens, which did not always make sense for us.

    I mean, she wasnt always the person to spend the most time with them, she was not the person that walked them often, and she was the only one that consistently kicked them out of the kitchen when she was cooking.

    Yet, she was always the favorite person to most of our goldens, which showed that Goldens can have a favorite person, but they dont attach to only this person. Thats quite an important difference to distinguish.

    You Shouldnt Leave Your Golden Retriever Alone For More Than 4

    Goldens create strong bonds with their owners, meaning theyre great family dogs. Theyre willing to please their humans and love being around children of all ages because kids are always ready to play.

    Leaving your Golden by herself all day will only make her suffer, which in time can generate depression, separation anxiety, and in some cases destructive behavior.

    Hiring a pet walker or taking your Golden to dog care during the day can help, but none of these solutions replaces your presence. Only buy or adopt one of these dogs if you or other family members have time to play with her every day.

    Goldens Lay On Your Feet For Comfort And Safety

    Golden retrievers arenât just playful and active â they ...

    Golden Retrievers feel comfortable and safe near their owner. When you have a busy day that keeps you away for too long, youll notice the jubilation and relaxation in your Golden when you get home. Your pup will rush up and lay right at your feet with tail wagging as a sign of comfort and happiness.

    Have you noticed how your Golden Retriever may run to you when somebody is vacuuming or whenever there are strange and frightening noises around? A pup will lay on an owners feet or foot for reassurance of your protection. If your dog feels frightened by something around him, he will not leave your side.

    How Cute Are They

    Golden Retriever dogs are very cute and are popular pets for humans across the globe. Their cute face and golden coat make them look so adorable and cute! Moreover, their sweetness and calm nature are more great traits of the breed. Goldens are outgoing, trustworthy, and eager to please family dogs. Their sweet nature makes them look even more adorable.

    Help Your Golden Understand His Turf

    Since Goldens cant defend what they dont know is theirs, youll want to help them understand what belongs to them. This is related to their physical territory, but also the people in the household. Does he know to protect all of them or just some?  The more he understands as his responsibility, the better he will be able to protect. 

    Final Thoughts On Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs

    I hope that you were helped, now your question Can Golden Retrievers be good guard dogs is pretty easy to understand after going through this breakdown.

    I have talked about the traits that golden retrievers has and how you can use the 3 cool training methods to make your golden more better guard dog.

    Oh! Well, how were the 3 YouTube videos that I shared? Well, I know you must have not watched all 3! But you might have at least 1, so let me know more about the videos and feedbacks in the comments.

    Like I know that Golden Retriever is not the best Guard Dogs, but theres another way to have the Best Guard and that is by having another companion dog.

    Like see, I too have 2 dogs, Chester & Max , you can also try another companion dog for your golden! In fact, Chester is my guard dog, you wont believe how protective he is, also Rottweiler is #1 Protective Dogs as listed on K9ofmine.

    Have a look at this article that I published last month Best Companion Dog For Golden Retriever

    Check out the above-listed article and you would get amazed by the list of dogs that Ive mentioned!

    Can a Golden Retriever and a cat can coexist? Get your answer here, Are Golden Retrievers Good With Cats?

    I hope that you were helped and were satisfied with the answer that you just went through!

    That was my opinion on this, now I would like to hear from you.

    Are golden retrievers good guard dogs?

    Let me know in the comments I would like to know your opinions!

    Golden Retrievers Are Instinctively Protective

    Emotional moment loyal Golden Retriever dog guards ill owner on a ventilator

    Even though Goldens arent excessive barkers, they will spontaneously bark when they sense danger. They will also growl around their owner to warn them of looming danger.

    Be attentive to the signs because growling can communicate more than danger. It might be a call for attention or an expression of pain. But, when growling is a signal for danger, your Golden is going to be extremely persistent.

    Also, Goldens will impulsively jump between their owner and the source of danger. You might have read the moving stories of Goldens who have saved the life of their master by jumping right in front and creating a barrier between the owner and the danger.

    See the exemplary courage of a Golden named Angel who takes on a cougar and protects his 11-year old owner. Angel isnt the only example of these brave retrievers protecting their owners. Theyre everywhere!

    Golden Retriever Personality Type

    Golden retrievers are absolutely lovable in everything they do, but they need guidance. It is important for a pet owner to show the dog there will be no rewards for their pawing. If they need attention at the wrong time or when you cannot give it to him, let it be clear to him so that next time, he will learn how to entertain himself. All dogs know how to react well to positive reinforcement, so they will listen to you when you set rules because you are their alpha leader. It is up to the owner to decode which behaviors to allow and also implement rules with the ones that are not allowed.

    The Most Loyal Dog Breeds Today And Throughout History

    Dogs are mans best friend, but friendship takes many forms. Some dogs dont much seem to know, or care, who feeds them and walks them, falling in love with every stranger they meet. But not these breeds. Theyre loyal to their people, through and through.

    Here weve not only selected 16 of the most loyal dog breeds*, weve gathered the stories of some of historys most devoted dogs, from Hachik who kept vigil over Tokyos Shibuya train station every day for ten years in search of his deceased guardian to Waghya, who leapt onto his guardians funeral pyre to die by his side.

    *There are many more wonderful canines that could be added to this subjective list of the most loyal dog breeds. We salute them all!

    Why Golden Retrievers Are Nice Household Canine

    Golden Retrievers are pleasant, clever, athletic and mild canine. Theyre simply trainable as theyre ranked as one of the clever canine in response to Stanley Corens Intelligence of Canine Scale. This breed adores individuals, and doesnt make an excellent guard canine as a result of they are typically overly social.

    The breed is loyal to their household pack and accepting of strangers. These canine are exceptionally affected person and tolerant with human kids. And have additionally been famous to have maternal instincts to different animals younger which have been abandon. Golden canine have been recognized to take over major care of kittens and zoo animals which have lose their moms. These canine are an energetic and fun-loving breed that likes to work.

    This breed is prepared to please their house owners and so they prefer to have a job to do. Due to their laborious working traits and motivation to please Golden Retrieves excel at agility and obedience trails. Their willingness to be taught and quietness has made Golden Retrievers the best canine for changing into information canine, mobility help canine and search and rescue canine. The Golden Retriever learns greatest with coaching kinds that complement their mild nature similar to constructive reinforcement, not harsh criticism. These canine require day by day grooming and train, and loves water play, actions that may solely strengthen the bond between the canine and your loved ones.

    The Very Finest Fabrics For Chew Toys

    Loyal Golden Retriever Episode Oneð¥ºThe lonely dog guards ...

    Not all products have been made equal when it comes to chewing toys. Look for these if you want consistency with golden retriever toys for chewing.

    • Strong rubber

    While there is no such thing as indestructible when it comes to chewing toys, hard rubber is about as close as youre going to get.

    Favorite brands like KONG and Goughnuts make some of the toughest and most durable toys on the planet and use special hard rubber formulations to achieve this.

    Golden retrievers and other heavy-chewing big dogs are the best customers for hard rubber toys resilient enough to handle a few rounds of strength chewing while providing enough excitement to keep them engaged.

    Some of the best hard rubber chew toys will last years if youre lucky!

    • Rope Toys

    Many dogs love to play tug-of-war with the large balls of rope with are near seconds to hard rubber. Their sheer thickness offers enough of a tough surface for the retrievers to really get their teeth through and, if the strands start to fall off, theyre quickly moved into your dogs digestive system .

    Theyre easy to wash, too, and a great interactive opportunity for you and your dog.

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