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Why Do Golden Retrievers Have Seizures

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Normal Reasons They Could Be Licking The Air Or Their Lips

Catahoula Helps Stop Golden’s Seizures || ViralHog

Lip licking is a normal behavior displayed in many animals including dogs. Catching your dog doing this once in a while is no worry. Here are a couple of situations that could be the root cause of your dogs lip/air licking. 

One reason why some dogs lick the air is to enhance their sense of smell. Dogs have a vomeronasal organ that allows them to taste scents. They drag in the scent to this organ using their tongue. 

If theyre smelling another dogs scent they can make out a chemical message that the other dog was trying to convey. If you’ve ever wondered why your dog has any interest in smelling another dog’s butt, this is probably why they do it.

A dog will sometimes convey that they’re friendly to another dog by licking their lips or the air in order to avoid aggressive situations. This can be done before they approach another dog or while another dog is approaching them. Some dogs will do this when they’re being yelled at by their owner while also averting their eyes to show that they don’t want anyone to get aggressive.  

Other times, dogs might lick their lips or the air simply because they like to do it. If this behavior is causing dental problems or youre concerned about it, you can take them to a vet or a behaviorist so that they can train your dog out of that behavior. 

What To Do When Your Dog Has A Seizure

Many of you will be in a state of panic when you see your dog affected with seizures. The first thing i wanted to tell you is Do not Panic. Because you have to consider some facts here

1. Your dog is not conscious during a Seizure

2. Your dog is not suffering from pain

Hence there is no necessity to cry and panic. All you need to do is take some careful steps so that immediate care is given to your dog. Read our detailed article on What to do when your Dog has a Seizure.

Warning: Dont Pretend Your Dog Is A Service Dog

Needing a service dog is a serious thing.

Can you imagine if you were limited to living in a wheelchair and needed a dog to help you move or help pick things up for you?

Life would be tough, and unfortunately, imposter service dogs have made life even harder for those that actually need them.

Here are two scenarios where pretending to have a service dog can make it tougher for real service dogs:

Scenario #1:

You go to a restaurant with your dog wearing a service dog vest and present your certification papers to the new manager .

They let you in because you look official and theyre not fully aware of the rules.

The next day, someone with a real service dog comes in with no vest or papers and is given a hard time by this new manager because they assume all service dogs need to wear a vest or be registered.

Scenario #2:

Youre in a store with your dog when they see a service dog walk through your aisle.

They start barking or lunging at the service dog, causing a scene.

Other people are staring, wondering why dogs are even allowed in this store, and the manager tries to kick you both out.

Treatments And Tips For Dog Seizures

Taking your dog to the vet to receive treatment for their seizures is incredibly important. Without proper medical treatment, dog seizure symptoms almost always get worse. Conversely, dogs with seizures beginning before the age of 2 tend to respond very well to treatment.

At the vet, you can expect lab work and an extensive physical exam to determine the cause. Two of the most common ways to treat seizures are with phenobarbital and potassium bromide.

What should you know about treating your dogs seizures?

Why Does My Dog Constantly Lick The Air Or His Lips

National Epilepsy Awareness Month: Epilepsy and Your Dog ...

Its not uncommon behavior for a dog to lick their lips or lick the air and there are many different reasons why they could be doing it. Some of these reasons are very normal while other reasons are more serious. When a dog starts to lick the air or their lips continuously you should start taking note of their behavior to determine why. 

Are Seizures Common In Labradors

Seizures are not common in Labradors as it affects only a few per cent of the dogs. But some breeds are genetically predisposed to seizures and conditions of epilepsy. Labrador Retrievers are one among those breeds. Labradors are at a greater risk of incidence of idiopathic seizures when compared with other breeds.

As some kinds of seizures are inherited, it is important to apply responsible breeding techniques by eliminating those labradors affected with seizures from the breeding pool. It is also important to know regarding the ancestral history of a puppy while bringing it home.

Dog Breeds With Increased Risk Of Seizures

While not all dogs within these breeds will experience a seizure in their lifetime, these breeds tend to be more prone to seizures than others:

  • Bull Terriers can suffer from an inherited form of epilepsy which causes behaviors such as tail chasing, irrational fear, and unprovoked aggression.
  • Large herding and retriever dogs may be prone to seizures, including German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, as well as Labrador and Golden Retrievers.
  • Herding dogs with the MDR1 gene commonly experience seizures. These breeds include: Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Longhaired Whippets, as well as Old English and Shetland Sheepdogs.
  • Breeds with short, flat noses such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, and English Bulldogs can also be more prone to experiencing seizures.

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A seizure is an abnormal surge of electrical activity inside your dogs brain caused by an over or under firing of nerve-signal cells within the brain. Seizures in Golden Retrievers are very common. In fact, Goldens are among the breeds that are genetically predisposed to develop a seizure. Seizures can last from a couple of seconds to several minutes.

If your dog has them often, it might be a case of a seizure disorder, also known as epilepsy. 

Watching your dog having a seizure for the first time is a frightening experience as you dont know what is happening or what to do to help your furry friend. 

In this article, we will demystify seizures and discover how to help your Golden. Also, you will learn how to help your veterinarian to develop an appropriate plan for treatment.

Types Of Seizures In Dogs


There are three types of dog seizures, generally classified by researchers as focal seizures, generalized seizures, and focal seizures with secondary generalization.

Grand mal seizures in dogs affect both sides of the brain and the entire body. Grand mal seizures can look like involuntary jerking or twitching in all four of the animals limbs and include loss of consciousness.

A partial seizure in dogs affects only a small part of the brain and can manifest a couple different ways, but will typically progress to grand mal seizures throughout the dogs lifetime. When a dog is having a partial seizure, only one limb, side of the body, or just the face will be affected.

Where Can I Find Further Support And Resources

  • RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker is free to download to Apple devices
  • RVC’s Canine Epilepsy Research Facebook page can keep you up to date with new research and studies in this area
  • A veterinary neurology specialist can help you to help your pet with epilepsy. In Europe, browse this list of ECVN-accredited neurologists, and in the US, please refer to this list of ACVIM-accredited neurologists
  • For more information on canine epilepsy, the International Veterinary Epilepsy Task Force has come together to set out a unified and standardised set of guidelines for the research, diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline epilepsy for the first time ever in veterinary medicine. Seven consensus statements from the group have recently been published
  • The Royal Veterinary College has recently published a review paper on the impact of epilepsy on canine quality of life, accompanied by a free to access podcast

Genetic Predisposition To Seizures

Certain breeds and family lines of dogs are more likely to develop epileptic seizures than others. Your dog is most likely to suffer from seizures if he or she is a Belgian Tervuren, Shetland sheepdog, beagle, Labrador retriever, golden retriever, keeshond, or vizsla.

Other breeds more prone to seizures include the Finnish spitz, Bernese mountain dog, Irish wolfhound, and English springer spaniel. Genetic epilepsy most often appears between 10 months and 3 years of age, but has been known to show up when dogs are as young as six months, or as old as five years.

Foods To Avoid For A Golden Retriever

Gina Vayner!Golden RetrieverHealth0 Comments

Golden Retriever love eating, They prefer to eat, eat and eat a lot when they get something. You might have noticed this too if you have a Golden Retriever. As a Golden Retriever owner, it is difficult to resist sharing food with your Golden, when it looks at you with those cute hungry eyes pleading for food.

Whatever you eat, it can be chocolates or pizzas or cakes. Your Golden always looks at you, for his little piece of share. In such cases, a lot of food goes into your Goldens mouth.

But how far is it safe to feed your Golden with human food? Some human foods may be fine for your Golden. But not every food.

Is it okay to feed him a piece of cake or a piece of bread? Maybe. But there are certain foods that you should never give to your Golden.

Some human foods are not only unsafe for your Golden but can also be potentially toxic for him. Out of the various human foods, there are some foods that you should never feed your Golden, and some human foods can be given with some precautions.

Have a look at the list of foods to avoid for a Golden Retriever.

How To Stop A Dog From Having A Seizure

The Top 5 Signs of Heart Disease in Dogs

There are often triggers that lead to seizures in dogs such as stress and changes in their environment. The most effective way of preventing your dog from suffering seizures is to minimise the likelihood of those triggers. You can also help their general health by feeding them a healthy diet, keeping an eye on their blood sugar and getting them checked regularly by your daytime vet.

Once a seizure has started, its important to make sure your dog can breathe easily. Is there anything blocking their airways? Is their mouth clear? Seizuring dogs also often experience a rise in temperature as a result of the increased muscle activity. If youre concerned your dog is hyperthermic you can keep this under control by wrapping them in cold towels or placing a fan in front of them. Just be careful not to cool them so much you cause hypothermia.

Estrous Cycles In Dogs

The estrous cycle in dogs on average happens twice a year once a dog reaches sexual maturity. On average a dog will be in heat for 1½ to 2 weeks but this can be shorter or longer. In many cases, a bloody vaginal discharge is the first sign that a pet owner will notice when their dog comes into heat. In some cases, the discharge will not be apparent until several days after heat has begun. There are no valid reasons for letting a dog have a litter of puppies before being spayed. If you want to keep your dog from having any accidental pregnancies, it is best to have her spayed.

Bone And Joint Problems

A number of different musculoskeletal problems have been reported in Golden Retrievers. While it may seem overwhelming, each condition can be diagnosed and treated to prevent undue pain and suffering. With diligent observation at home and knowledge about the diseases that may affect your friend’s bones, joints, or muscles, you will be able to take great care of him throughout his life.

  • Both hips and elbows are at risk for dysplasia, an inherited disease that causes the joints to develop improperly and results in arthritis. Stiffness in your Golden’s elbows or hips may become a problem for him, especially as he matures. You may notice that he begins to show lameness in his legs or has difficulty getting up from lying down. We can treat the arthritisthe sooner the betterto minimize discomfort and pain. Well take X-rays of your dogs bones to identify issues as early as possible. Surgery is also sometimes a good option in severe and life-limiting cases. And keep in mind that overweight dogs may develop arthritis years earlier than those of normal weight, causing undue pain and suffering!

Causes Of Seizures In Older Dogs

The culprit behind most dog seizures is Idiopathic Epilepsy. But when seizures arise later in a dogs life, they are more likely caused by something else. Idiopathic Epilepsy normally reveals itself early, and continues throughout a dogs life.

In fact, most seizures start between the ages of 6 months to 6 years of age. If your dog did not start having seizures until much later in life, it could be due to more serious health problems, including:

Brain tumor: Brain tumors often develop later in a dogs life. Both cancerous tumors and non-cancerous tumors can cause your dog to have a seizure, as they put pressure on the brain. If your older dog is having a seizure for the first time, it may be an indicator that a tumor is present.

Liver disease: Liver disease or failure can result in seizures, but seizures are not normally the first sign of liver problems. Before your dog gets to the seizure stage, he will exhibit numerous signs of liver issues, including abdominal swelling, vomiting and diarrhea, jaundiced skin, lethargy, and even personality changes.

Kidney Disease: Like heart disease in humans, kidney disease in dogs is the main cause of dying of old age in dogs. In the advanced stages of kidney disease, canine seizures can present themselves.

Diabetes:Diabetes itself does not cause seizures in dogs, but if your dog is being treated with insulin for the disease, and overdose can cause a seizure.

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Be A Service Dog

Why Do Golden Retrievers Put Their Paw On You?

As you saw, it can be really expensive or take a long time to get a service dog.

The other option is to train your dog yourself or work with a professional trainer.

Training your golden to be a service dog will start with the basics, like potty training, socialization, and walking on a leash.

After your dog has mastered basic training, then its on to more advanced training and task-specific training.

This will vary based on what you need your golden retriever to do, and I recommend reaching out to a professional.

P.S. Getting a golden retriever puppy? Check out the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook!

What Are The Types Of Seizures

The most common kind is the generalized seizure, also called a grand mal seizure. A dog can lose consciousness and convulse. The abnormal electrical activity happens throughout the brain. Generalized seizures usually last from a few seconds to a few minutes.

With a focal seizure, abnormal electrical activity happens in only part of the brain. Focal seizures can cause unusual movements in one limb or one side of the body.

Sometimes they last only a couple of seconds. They may start as focal and then become generalized.

A psychomotor seizure involves strange behavior that only lasts a couple of minutes. Your dog may suddenly start attacking an imaginary object or chasing their tail. It can be tricky to tell psychomotor seizures from odd behavior, but a dog that has them will always do the same thing every time they have a seizure.

Seizures from unknown causes are called idiopathic epilepsy. They usually happen in dogs between 6 months and 6 years old. Although any dog can have a seizure, idiopathic epilepsy is more common in border collies, Australian shepherds, Labrador retrievers, beagles, Belgian Tervurens, collies, and German shepherds.


Seizures In Dogs: What Causes Them And How We Treat Them

Witnessing a seizure in your dog can be a scary event. No dog owner wants to see their beloved fur friend experiencing a seizure. Knowing more about their cause can help ease fears we face as pet owners. Seizures in dogs are a type of brain disorder, and there are multiple reasons why a pet may be having them. 

The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is here to clarify this condition and provide insight into the causes of and treatments for seizure.

Supply Of Nutritional Food

Food is essential for longevity. And only nutritional and healthy meals can promote the lifespan of the Golden Retriever. Therefore, you should make the schedule and serve all the essential nutrition to your pet.

Apart from the meal, you can consult with the veterinarian for nutritional supplements. They are the best way to fill the void that may occur due to nutritional deficiency. Besides this, you should always reward your Golden Retriever with natural snacks as treats because it prevents deterioration of the health.

Due To Liver Problems

How do I choose the right breed for my service dog ...

The liver is a vital organ for both humans and Golden Retrievers. Furthermore, this organ has several functions like metabolism, digestion, excretion, and blood clotting. Therefore, liver damage has a fatal consequence.

But due to their body structures and immune systems, the Golden Retrievers suffer from a different liver condition. And unhealthy food habits, diabetes, bacteria, painkillers, and pancreatitis increases the severity of the liver condition. So, the liver collapses and stops all its functions.

As a result, the Golden Retrievers due to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Your pet already has a short life. And I guess you never want to degrade it further. So, want can you do to promote a healthy life for your Golden Retriever?

Foods To Avoid For Golden Retriever

Before going through the list of bad foods for your Golden Retriever, it is important to have a little understanding of your Goldens digestive system.

Dogs have become a part of our human lives and a part of our family. Because of this we even treat dogs like the way we treat humans.

In spite of being a part of our family, you have to remember the fact they are a different species of life.

Do you know that your digestive system and your Goldens digestive system are completely different? your Goldens digestive tract is shorter when compared with yours. your Goldens stomach acids are also much stronger than the acid in your stomach. Hence your Golden metabolizes the food differently when compared with you.

Is it easy for you to digest a large chunk of raw meat easily? No. But your Golden can do it easily.

All these points clearly differentiate your Goldens digestive system from yours and hence the food that gets into your Goldens stomach should also be different.

I will give you the list of human foods that are not suitable for your Goldens digestive system and the list of foods that can turn toxic for your Golden.

Where Can You Get Bravecto

A vets prescription is required for you to buy Bravecto. The medication is available for purchase through your vet, or you can get it via a specialty pet retailer like Note that Bravecto may be highly-priced compared to other non-prescription flea and tick medication on the market.

Nonetheless, this is understandable because a dosage is good for 12 weeks and doesnt require dosing each week or month. With time, this will be a cost-effective option compared to buying medications monthly. The best part is that online retailers offer discounts, which means you could end up paying less than what is advertised. 

The manufacturer promotes a Pay as You Go Policy, where youll be reminded and billed quarterly. That translates to splitting the cost of four pills over a year. 

When To See A Veterinarian

Vet visits can be very expensive so to avoid burning a hole in your pocket you can start by ruling out some of these causes. Looking for stressors, giving your dog water, looking for patches of itchy skin, or looking in their mouth for material that could cause irritation are great places to start. However, if the behavior continues and you can’t solve the problem yourself your next step should be to take them to the vet. 

It can be helpful for your vet if you videotape them licking their lips or the air. You should also log how often they do it and what the circumstances are like if you had company over when they were licking the air or if you had just finished a walk. Dont put off going to the vet for too long. The quicker the problem is taken care of the better. 

Golden Retriever Health Issues: Common Problems

Golden retriever Cooper’s seizure

Health and NutritionBreed Information

Golden Retrievers are known for their beauty and great temperament, but unfortunately they are also known to be at risk for some health issues. Knowing what to look for can help your dog get a leg up on any serious health problems that may come their way.

Below we will cover many of the common health issues your Golden Retriever may face. At the end we will provide ways you can help ensure your dog stays healthy and happy.

Table of Contents

  • Common Types Of Seizures In Dogs

    The sight of your dog writhing around on the ground and foaming at the mouth is a scary sight. But its important to know what a seizure is, and why your dog reacts the way it does. A seizure is caused by abnormal electric activity in the brain. Neurons misfire and send signals to the body that result in seizures.

    During a seizure, your dog may look like he is suffering, but he is unaware of what is happening to his body. Thats why he may seem confused after the seizure has concluded. The reasons why this abnormal brain activity happens though, are less clear.

    Different types of seizures originate from different parts of the brain, and have slightly different outcomes. It can be difficult to determine which type of seizure your dog suffers from, but the following are the most common types of seizures in dogs.

    Grand Mal: Grand Mal seizures are the most serious types of seizures, generally lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes. They affect the entire body, as neurons misfire throughout the brain.

    Focal: Focal seizures are the result of abnormal electric activity in a concentrated area of the brain, and generally affect only one side of the body. Focal seizures last only a few seconds.

    Psychomotor: Psychomotor seizures are rare but unique. Your dog will exhibit identical behavior each time he has a seizure, whether its running in circles or rubbing his paws together.

    Why Therapy & Emotional Support Dogs Are Different Than Service Dogs

    The main difference between these groups is this: service dogs are trained to take specific action to help their handler, while emotional support and therapy dogs are not.

    For instance, a service dog that is trained to help someone who suffers from seizures may alert the person of an upcoming seizure, keep them safe during the seizure, or go get help.

    This isnt to minimize the tremendous value that therapy and emotional support dogs provide, but it does mean that these groups may have different rights.

    Service dogs are generally allowed wherever people are, while emotional support dogs and therapy dogs may or may not be .

    Where & How To Get A Service Dog

    To get a service dog, talk with your healthcare provider about whether or not a service dog could help you.

    Once you get written documentation from them, then you have two options to get a service dog:

  • Train your dog to be a service dog
  • Purchase a service dog
  • If you already have a golden retriever, then youre halfway there!

    But if not, there are many organizations that breed and train service dogs, and a quick Google search can help you find them .

    You may or may not have to pay, depending on the company.

    However, be aware that the waiting list to receive a service dog may be long .

    Which leads us to the next big question

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