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Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix Rescue

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Theyre Great For Novice Owners

ADOPTED – Kira – Beautiful Golden Retriever / Border Collie mix small and sweet NEEDS HOME URGENTLY

Golden Border Retrievers are easygoing and eager to please, making them ideal for first-time dog owners. Theyre not prone to aggression or many other issues that would make owning a dog a challenge.

However, they do have a ton of energy, so youd better be prepared to spend the time tuckering them out, regardless of how experienced you are.

A Border Collie Also Requires Lots Of Attention From Its Owners

Their lively and active nature can cause them to get bored with playing the same games over again, but their caretakers know how to keep their attention focused on the task at hand.

A Golden Retriever loves children and can be protective of them. But they can also be protective of adults. They must be trained in their identification of danger and their duty to help with protecting the safety of the family.

Because of their defense instincts, Golden Retrievers must be put through extensive training in socializing them with other dogs and people. They are also highly intelligent and must be taught the fine points of respecting humans.

Appearance Personality And Traits Of A Border Collie Mixed With Golden Retriever

Frequent shedding due to genetics
Temperament Affectionate, loving, intelligent, and playful

Height and weight of this breed are dependent on their parents genetics and environmental factors such as food. A Border Collie mixed with a Golden Retriever can have variations in their weight ranging from 45-75 pounds. An adult of this breed can grow from 21 inches to 24 inches.

Because of crossbreeding, their coats resulted in variations of types and colors. The most common type coat in this breed is the straight one. Their coat types can be dense and rough or soft and shaggy also. As for the color, tan and yellow or white and black are dominant in most of these puppies. There can also be several colors such as red and gold in some.

Due to the genes of both parents, this mix also sheds its coats frequently. Even if the seasons are not changing, they will shed continually. Shedding can be reduced if proper grooming technique is applied.

For a first-time dog owner, Border Collie crossed with Golden Retriever can also be called as Golden Border Retriever is the perfect choice for you. They are very affectionate. You can get along easily with them. The bond you can form with this breed can last as long as both of you are living. They are also intelligent and playful.

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Are Border Collie Golden Retrievers Good Family Dogs

Absolutely! If youre looking for a family companion, the Coltriever has a sweet disposition. Theyre also friendly, loyal, and playful that theyd get along with kids and other pets you may already have at home.

Since they love being with their humans, its important to note that this designer dog is prone to separation anxiety. They quickly become anxious and bored, which means theyre not suitable in a house where theyd be left alone for more than 6 hours.

Border Golden Retrievers may not be an excellent guard dog or watchdog, but you can rely on them to be top-notch alarms! Being attentive and cautious of their surroundings means theyll do great at alerting you when theres a stranger around.

If you keep a pretty garden, it may be an issue because this pooch loves digging and getting dirty in the mud.

Its best to be prepared whenever youre with her in the doggy park or taking a walk. Once she sees a muddy area, distract her away from it.

Feeding A Collie Golden Retriever Mix

Adopt Mollie 2 on

Diet plays a huge role in the life of every dog and is very important for the overall well-being and health of your mix. Keeping that in mind, your Gollies diet should consist of lots of protein, fats, healthy carbs, and all essential vitamins and minerals.

An adult Golden Collie mix should eat dog food designed for large breed dogs with high energy and have two evenly-spaced meals a day. Since this mix can easily become bloated, you should stick with a consistent feeding schedule and avoid free-feeding your dog.

When it comes to puppies, opt for a high-quality puppy food for large breed dogs and feed your mix four times a day until they reach adulthood. Once you bring your new puppy home, continue feeding the same brand of dog food the breeder was using and wait at least a month to transition your pooch to a different formula.

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Is The Golden Retriever Mix Good With Kids

Yes, the golden retriever mix is great with kids, theyre gentle and sweet by nature, they also have energy that matches the kids energy so your kid just got a companion to play with all day long without getting bored or tired of their high energy, however, they may accidentally knock down small kids.

You can learn how to introduce your dog to kids in my article on how good are goldens with kids here.

The History Of Golden Border Collies

No breeders have stepped up to take credit for first crossing the Border Collie and Golden Retriever, so we dont have much information about its origins.

It seems plausible that intentional breeding started sometime in the last ten years or so, but theres no way to know for sure.

Despite being a relatively new hybrid, several breed registries already recognize the Border Collie Golden Retriever cross.

Those are the Dog Registry of America , American Canine Hybrid Club , Designer Dogs Kennel Club , International Designer Canine Registry , and Designer Breed Registry .

This canines purebred parents have been well-known and world-famous for quite some time now.

Lets look at the Border Collie and Golden Retriever in more detail to see what they can pass on to their designer dog offspring.

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Things To Remember Before Breeding Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix

Puppy plays with Kitten | Golden Retriever – Border Collie Mix
  • They shouldnt be left alone for long hours.
  • They are moderate to heavy shedders and will need high grooming requirements
  • They are highenergy dogs, and dog-owners will have to dedicate some time to meet their exercise requirements.
  • Mixed breeding may pass on the health issues of the parents to their puppies. So, when crossing a Border Collie and a Golden Retriever, check their lineage and health records from a responsible breeder to avoid ending up with a weak hybrid pet.

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How Old Is Your Family

If you have kids in the house as well, you might want to consider the age of your kids. Not only do these dogs tend to have the urge to herd younger children, but their energy and playfulness can be overwhelming for younger family members.

Plus, you might not want to be running around caring after both a toddler and a hyperactive collie Golden. They fit in much better with older children who can share in the responsibility of looking after them.

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Is The Border Collie Golden Retriever A Great Family Dog

Absolutely! This Retriever Border Collie mix is a great companion for families. The Golden Retriever Border Collie is friendly, loyal, playful, and would get along well with children and pets.

This designer dog loves to be with its owner, so much so that it can suffer from separation anxiety. They can become anxious and bored quickly, so they are not suitable for households where they are left alone for longer than six hours.

Although the Golden Retriever Border Collie wont be great guard dogs, they can be trusted to be excellent alarm dogs! They are alert and attentive to their surroundings, so they will be able to alert you if there is a stranger.

It is possible that your pooch will be a handful if you have a beautiful garden. They love digging in the dirt and getting their paws dirty.

Keeping that in mind, when you are walking with your dog, it is best to be ready. Distract your Retriever Border Collie mix from muddy areas if possible.

Training The Golden Retriever Collie Mix

Nevada SPCA Animal Rescue: Gold Star, a Collie &  Golden ...

If you want to effectively train your Gollie, the best way to do so is to begin obedience training during puppyhood. Since this dog breed may have clingy tendencies due to the Border Collie genes, it might develop herding behavior, which can be corrected with proper socialization and training.

Due to the intelligence gained from its parents, the Golden Retriever Collie Mix is typically trainable, especially when it comes to agility. Since they are open to different kinds of activities, make sure you create variations on your training schedule so that your dog doesnt feel bored.

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Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets

Assuming theyre well-socialized, Golden Border Retrievers generally tolerate other dogs well. However, theyre less likely to play with a canine companion than some other breeds are, as theyre generally more interested in playing fetch or getting some one-on-one time in with their favorite human.

They have moderate prey drives, so its important to train them to leave smaller pets alone. This is easier to do if you start when theyre young, so its going to be easier to bring a Golden Border Retriever puppy into a home with cats than the other way around.

Also, they have strong herding instincts, so while they may not chase or attack your cat or other small pet, they may try to push it around a little bit. Youll want to nip this behavior in the bud before your cat tries to slice the dogs nose off.

Golden Retriever Border Collie Crossbreed Training

Since both parent breeds are highly intelligent, the hybrid is also smart in most cases, crossbreeds have higher intellectual capacity than their parents. To further stimulate their mental capacity, proper training is required.

Train them to become good house pets. Once they are trained, they will know your routines inside the house. Have them become familiarize with their own restroom so that they will know the right places to release their wastes. Being a good house pet that they are, you can let them inside your house without destroying your stuff.

If you dont have enough time to do an exercise session, you can always give them work to do. Because they are obedient, they will do the job you asked them to. Of course, you should know what jobs they should do. You can let them open the door for you. But they will not wash the dishes for you because that sounds extreme for them.

You should not force them in their training, take it slowly. For example, you can begin their training by teaching them how to fetch a ball. When they mastered the first trick, teach them another. Make sure to give them rewards or treats after a session.

Because of their high intelligence, they can be trained easily. However, you should not set your expectations high for them because they are subjected to failure at most times. With their quick wits, they can become stubborn. Do not let their intellects become a nuisance for you. Establish a connection that you are their master and not them.

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Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix Feeding

A lot of times diet is done on a per-dog basis. Each one is unique and has different dietary requirements. Most dogs in the U.S. are overweight. A mix like this one that is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia should really be on fish oil and glucosamine and chondroitin supplements as soon as possible.

Overfeeding any dog is not a good idea as that can really exacerbate health problems such as elbow and hip dysplasia.

A good diet to look into is Raw Food Diet. A raw food diet will be especially good for the Wolf background.

The Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix

Trinny the Golden Retriever / Border Collie cross

The Border collie Golden retriever or the Gollie is one of my absolute favorite mixed breeds of all time.

Its so smart and can be one of the easiest mixes to train due to both of the intelligent parents.

Lets get to know this mix a little more, shall we?

A brief overview:

Gold, black, white, and brown.
Average puppy cost $300-$800 USD

Now, lets get to know this amazing dog in a lot more detail. If you are in the mood for some other little-known but still amazing Golden Retriever mixed, make sure to also check out this guide to the St. Bernard Golden Retriever mix.

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Meet Almost Heaven’s Adoptable Dogs Looking For Forever Homes


These Canine Companions are too broken to leave us…except for very experienced and special homes

Louie – Male, Border Collie Mix

2- 3 year old Louie came to us with a history of being used as a “bait dog” for dog fighters. That may or may not be true as Louie does seem to have some neurological issues which could have been caused by injury . We have had Louie thoroughly checked out by our veterinarian, and he has assured us that although Louie does seem to have some strange issues, none of them appear to be affecting his current health in any way nor does he expect them to affect him in the future.

Louie really doesn’t care for the company of other dogs – he would much rather be an “only furchild”. He is very well behaved on leash and can be affectionate with his humans once he gets to know them, but can be a bite risk to those he does not know or trust. Louie needs someone with a LOT of patience and knowledge of dog behaviors to adopt him and show him just how good a dog’s life can be, therefore, Louie would do best in a home with an experienced dog owner/trainer, and absolutely no children. Louie is a work in process – and his new family should regard him as a piece of art that when finally complete will dazzle all who meet him.

If you would like to offer Louie a furever home, please submit an application. Click âHERE

Where To Buy A Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix

We know the question on everyones mind is, how much will a super-smart pup like this cost?

Coltrievers are more affordable than you might think. The typical cost is $300 to $1,500, though most will fall somewhere between those two price points.

Females and pups from small litters tend to be on the expensive side. If you want to save a few bucks, consider opting for a Sheldon instead of a Sheila. For reference, the litter size of this hybrid is around 1 to 4 puppies.

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Adopting A Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix

Prefer to adopt? Youre in luck! Golden Retriever and Border Collie rescues are almost as numerous as a particular burger chain.

Many of them take in hybrids, as well, so theres a good chance youll find one with a Coltriever.

You can also keep tabs on your local humane societys website to see if they take in any Golden Border Collies. In the meantime, here a few rescue organizations to start your search:

Border Collie Golden Retriever Exercise Needs

Border Collie puppy

Exercise schedules of Gollies may include walking, outdoor, and indoor game sessions to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. However, you need not restrict their exercise requirements to walks. They can be a great partner in activities like hiking, cycling, jogging, running, and walking. Also, they can have a fusion of game sessions as well. For example, a Border Collie is good at chasing, and a Golden Retriever is good at fetching. So, a mixed breed puppy of these breeds can be suitable for running and bringing frisbees and for disc dog games.

Gollies are not ideal for apartment living. They need a lot of space to tread on. Ninety minutes of the walk can be good for Golden Borders. However, some Gollies require 180 minutes of physical exercise to burn off their energy. Regular walks will keep them away from obesity and boredom.

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Unique Characteristics Of The Border Collie

From small to big and hairless to the hairiest, all dogs are equally adorable. Once such adorable canine is the mixed breed of Border Collie and Golden Retriever.

The combination of a border collie and a golden retriever make for an adorable dog! Adorable, loving and intelligent. This mix can make a perfect all-around dog.

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