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How To Make Your Golden Retriever Smell Good

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Is It Dinner Time Yet


Its been said that dogs will continue to eat until we stop feeding them . If it is even remotely close to dinner time, , when your Golden Retriever sits or leans on you, he may be looking for food. Kind of a dont forget about dinner time reminder.

Be cognizant of the time and as long as you dont skip their favorite meal, you may be able to avoid a sixty-pound ball of fluff in your lap.

Healthy Parents Produce Healthy Pups

Golden Retriever Mom & PupsThe parents of the Golden Retriever puppies you inspect should have certifications for their hips and eyes, and ideally, their hearts, too.;But health and soundness is more than just clearances.

Golden Retrievers are often known for skin problems, and the parents in question should be trouble free with no apparent allergies or susceptibility to hot spots.

You should ask the breeder about the overall health of the parents, and how long ancestors in the first two or three generations have lived.;The answers could indicate the quality of life your new pup can expect throughout his life, and how long you might be blessed with his friendship.

Which Breeds Are Most Likely To Get Ear Infections

Some dogs will need more frequent ear check-ins than others. If your dog is a spaniel, retriever, terrier, poodle or bulldog breed or blend, keep an eye on those ears.

What makes these dogs more susceptible to ear infection is long, floppy ears, or narrow ear canals or hair in their external ear canals. This environment can create the conditions for a buildup of ear wax, oils and debris . Then add darkness and moisture, and you have the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.

When theres warm, humid weather or if your dog suffers from allergies, these can make ear infections occur more frequently. So if youre spending extra time outside in the summer, or if your dog just suffered a recent reaction, these are both great times to check in more often.

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Are Golden Retrievers Calm

Adults have a wonderfully settled temperament and you can specifically look for a calm one. Providing enough exercise and mental stimulation. Golden Retrievers were developed to be hunting dogs, which mean they are athletic and smart dogs. They need regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things.

The Two Main Causes Of Dental Issues Seen In Dogs Are:

How to Make My Golden Retriever Smell Good? 13 Methods ...
  • Periodontal disease or Gum Disease This is caused when pockets form in your dogs gums, causing their gums to recede from around the tooth. These pockets will easily trap food and bacteria near your dogs tooth leading to receding gums.
  • Plaque and Calculus Both of these are caused your dogs food to stay on the teeth. This easily and quickly allows bacteria to grow. These bacteria will cause a build-up of dental plaque, which is soft and can be easily removed. If this is not brushed off your dogs teeth, it will progress to calculus or tartar. Once tartar has formed on your dogs teeth, it will require you to have your dogs teeth to be cleaned by your veterinarian.

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Do Golden Retrievers Really Smell Bad

All dogs smell, right? ;As pet owners, we know that it does not matter what size, breed or gender a dog is, they all smell a little. Its normal. ;Nothing that a routine bath schedule will not cure. Oh, but you just got a golden pup and you have heard all sorts of stories, and they are not necessarily pleasant stories!

Well, it is true that Golden Retrievers do smell for the most part with a large part due to their most attractive feature their beautiful, long-flowing coat.; If you have a very active golden or one that loves the water, special care needs to be given to their coat. Lets see if we can look at the who, what, where, why and how your golden smells.;

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How To Make Your Golden Retriever Puppy Smell Good =

It’s nice to have a pet that offers unconditional love, someone who doesn’t talk back. I love cats but cats take you on their terms. My golden retriever could have a broken leg, and his teeth could be falling out, but if I walk in the door, he’ll wag his tail until it hurts.

Mix water with vinegar and use this to rinse your darling GR Blow dry his fur entirely Use a sweet smelling dog shampoo This all worked for our baby Gibby For a week or so he didn’t have that puppy smell.

It’s nice to have a pet that offers unconditional love, someone who doesn’t talk back. I love cats but cats take you on their terms. My golden retriever could have a broken leg, and his teeth could be falling out, but if I walk in the door, he’ll wag his tail until it hurts.“Trace”“Rumor”“Cadence”“Lexi”“Liberty”

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Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish In Oak Park Il

Does your dog emit a fishy odor? Its actually a very common thing, and no, it has nothing to do with what your dog ate or rolled in. The odor actually comes from your dogs anal glands, or sometimes called anal sacs, and its often a sign of a problem.

So what are anal sacs? These small specialized sweat glands sit on each side of your dogs anus, and they release a secretion with this unpleasant odor. The odor actually functions as a scent marker for your dog, and the secretion is released each time your dog poops. Thats why dogs are often uncannily interested in each others poop smelling it gives them important chemical information about the other dog. It also explains why the familiar dog greeting of a sniff under the tail is so popular!

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Provide Your Dog Good Oral Care

How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (5 Easy Steps)

We care for our teeth every day. We should do the same for our dogs! Dogs can get many of the same types of dental problems as humans, like tartar/plaque buildup and gum disease. These lead to bad breath and other health issues.

Doing things like brushing their teeth and having them chew on dental bones are helpful.

But brushing isnt always and option and some dogs are very resistant to it. An easy solution is adding a water additive to your dogs drinking water. A good water additive will keep their breath fresh, fight plaque/tartar buildup, and extend the time between teeth brushing or cleaning.

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Important Facts About Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is considered a medium-large sized dog that belongs to the Scottish highlands, having a broad skull, a black nose, dark brown eyes, short ears that hang down close to the cheeks, having also a thick tail and water-resistant coat with a cream color. golden Retriever is an intelligent, patient and gentle dog with children, being easily trained and excellent in competitions, being so lovely with people, but being destructive if it isnt trained well,;having many talents as swimming, hunting, tracking and performing tricks. Its males weighing 27-36 kg, measured 56-61 cm, while its females weighting 25-32 kg, measured 51-56 cm. its lifespan is about 10-12 years. Golden have litters of six to eight puppies. most breeders like to keep puppies until they are at least eight weeks old. giving the puppy time to learn to behave with other dogs. there are some facts about Golden Retriever:

1-Golden Retrievers have excellent sense of smellThese dogs have a strong sense of smell, being used as search and rescue dogs due to their strong sense of smell. dogs are born with their eyes and ears closed, with only their sense of smell to guide them to their mother and her milk. the dogs sense of smell is between 10000 and 100000 times more acute than ours. his ability of smelling qualifies him for many jobs as accompanying people on search and rescue missions, being guide dogs for the blind.

6-It is the 3rd most popular breed in America

They Have An Infected Tooth

All dogs can have bad breath. It is very common for the bad fishy odor that you are smelling is coming from your Golden Retrievers mouth. ;This can be because of an issue with their teeth or a tooth infection. Dental disease is often an extremely bad smell that you can easily pick up on when your dog is giving you kisses.

If your Golden Retriever suffers from gum recession or has broken a tooth, this will cause an increase of bacteria present in your dogs mouth. The bacteria that are present in your dogs mouth can cause their breath to smell like fish.

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How To Keep Your Golden Retriever From Smelling

If you own a Golden Retriever, you may notice that your pet gets a bit whiffy from time to time. To avoid that wet dog smell, youll need to keep on top of your pets personal hygiene. Golden Retrievers need to be regularly washed and groomed. You can also take care of your pets dental health by giving your dog a chew every now and again to avoid smelly breath. ;Heres everything you need to know about how to keep your Golden Retriever from smelling.

If youre wondering how to keep your Golden Retriever from smelling, read on. This article will tell you how to wash and groom your dog to keep him clean and smelling fresh.

Which Is Best Golden Retriever Or Labrador

30 Cutest Golden Retriever Images That Will Make Your Day ...

While Labradors do have shorter hair than Goldens, dont believe anyone who says Labs dont shed. Labs shed as much as, if not more than, the average dog. Like Goldens, Labs have a double coat. So Golden Retriever vs Labrador shedding is similar, but Goldens usually require more day to day grooming.

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Natural Ways To Make Your Dog Smell Good

The last thing you want to do is use products filled with chemicals to keep your dog clean. You can obviously use a gentle on a regular basis to keep your dogs coat smelling great, but you shouldnt wash your dog too often. Washing your dog with shampoo too often can cause them to lose some of the natural oils in their coat. So when your dog starts to smell in between baths, you need other methods to try and keep them smelling pleasant. Dogs can get extremely dirty and often like to roll in stinky things. If you want them to smell as fresh as possible then try doing some of the following things.

Why Does The Dog Smellso Bad

Oily Skin

When you enter someones house and youre nostrils are immediately invaded by that dog smell, its usually because their dogs have oily skin. Its called atopy. This is when a dogs body overproduces skin oils to compensate for the inflammation and itchiness of their skin due to allergies. The result is pretty stinky. These oils arent just emanating from your dog. They stick to whatever surface your dog is nearthe bed, the couch, the car seats.

One of the easiest ways to combat the smell is with regular brushing. Brush your dog at least once a day to remove dead hair and the oils caused by build up of dead hair that causes that all-too-familiar stank. Brushing your dogs hair is one of the simplest ways to get rid of that dog smell.


Odor causing bacteria love wet dog hair. As your dog runs through the sprinklers or after a bath their coat becomes a perfect environment for bacteria to live and reproduce. This is why drying a dog after bathing or swimming is so important! Using many towels, rub your dog down to rid as much moisture as possible. If you use a blow dryer, make sure it is on the cool setting! You dont want to burn your dog.

Yeasty Ears

Hot Breath

A dogs oral hygiene is just important as a humans. Although dogs dont need to have their teeth brushed every day, vets suggest brushing at least a few times a week. Different oral care chews can also help scrape tartar from their teeth and give your dog fresher breath.

The Glands

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Reasons Why A Golden Retriever Might Smell

Needing a bath is only one reason your Golden retriever may be stinky. Here are some other possible reasons for odor:;

  • Ear infections ;;; The Golden retriever breed is prone to ear infections. You will be able to tell if your pal has one if you see a warm, red patch or dirt in the ear. Both yeast and bacteria cause dog ear infections and emit a foul smell. These need to be treated with medication. If this repeats itself or becomes a chronic condition, your dog could have an allergy or an under-active thyroid gland.;;;; ;;;
  • A skin infection called pyoderma ;;;;; This infection is common in dogs that swim in pools or have allergies. If your Golden has pyoderma, you will notice a pus-filled swelling on the skin and, in some cases, some hair loss. This condition causes doggy odor and needs to be treated with two to six weeks of oral antibiotics.;;; ;;;
  • Your dog is itchy The most common areas that are very itchy on a Golden are the armpits and groin. If your dogs skin looks greasy or has a darker color in these areas, it is safe to assume they have a yeast infection.;; ;;;
  • Enlarged anal glands;;;;; If your Golden smells when he lifts his tail, you will want to visit your vet. These glands sometimes become infected.; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
  • Food allergies;;;; Your Goldens diet can also cause them to get a bit smelly. If your dog has food allergies, their skin will produce more oils and dandruff, causing itchiness and odor.;;

When Am I Old Enough To Leave Home

How To Potty Train A Golden Retriever Potty Training Golden Retriever Puppies Housebreaking

Once you’ve taken the time to pick the right puppy, you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to take the new family member home.;Now is the time to buy puppy supplies, make the veterinary appointments, check back with the breeder to make sure the puppy is up to date with his vaccinations, and spend time puppy-proofing your home in preparation for the canine invasion.

In general, puppies should stay with their mother until sometime between the eighth and tenth weeks. By this time, the puppies have learned critical canine socialization skills from their mother and littermates.

They’re also weaned off their mother’s milk, are eating puppy food, and are old enough to pass Beginning Housebreaking 101 with flying colors.

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What Are Some Other Causes For Golden Retrievers To Smell

Golden retrievers can smell because of their diet.; An unhealthy diet can have many adverse effects on any dogs health and well-being.; Diets that are poor or dont offer enough daily food can cause poor skin and hair health.

This can cause the golden retrievers body to excrete more oil or other bodily secretions, which in turn can cause them to smell bad.

The same can be said for a stressful life, lack of sleep, and other health conditions or age.

A stressful life or lack of sleep, which is stressful to the golden retrievers body, can cause their body to secrete more and smell bad.

If a golden retriever is older or has existing health issues, they may smell bad more than usual because their body isnt as healthy as it should be.

A healthy lifestyle that includes regular grooming, adequate sleep, a nutritious and ample daily diet, and minimal stress can pave the way for a less than a smelly dog.

Golden retrievers will always smell due to their hair coat, but managing their lifestyle can make things more bearable.; Every dog has that doggie smell from time to time, some more than others.

Another option for golden retrievers that smell is to have their hair trimmed.; A professional groomer could do this trimming, or it is even possible for pet parents to do the job themselves.

Trim Their Nails Regularly

You probably know all of the dirt that can be under your dogs nails after playing in the grass, sand, dust, or even snow.

Thats why it is recommended to wash your dogs paws after playing or taking them for a walk and trim their nails as soon as they grow back again and remove any dirt under their nails because it could build-up to bacteria.

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Top 10 Tips To Get Rid Of A Golden Retrievers Odor

While a lot of pet owners are opting for home remedies versus a trip to the vet, the first thing is to identify where your dogs odor originates. It could be their ears, their breath, or even their tail-end if he is gassy. These all are health-related and need the experience of a vet. But if your dog has a dirty coat or has just run into something pungent in your back yard, say a skunk, you can fix this smelly problem without a trip to the doggy doc.;

There are many reasons why a Golden retriever may smell from time to time. Identifying where the odor comes from is is your first step to helping your best friend smell better. Whichever method you choose to eliminate doggy odors from your home, make sure to give it enough time to know if the changes youve introduced are working. Getting rid of eau de dog will make your pet happy and get your home smelling great again, so its definitely a win-win.

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