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Go For A Drive With Your Puppy

Georgia – Golden Retriever Puppies for sale in Ohio

Now that your puppy is happy sitting in the car, we can try and go for a short drive with them. Weee!

PRO TIP: Make sure this is done when theyre on an empty stomach and between meals. Were sure you dont want to spend your afternoon cleaning up puppy vom.

How to do it

  • Pop your puppy in their travelling area, and ensure they are safe and secure.
  • Go for a drive for approximately 15 minutes. Its a good idea to drive to a place youll want to walk your puppy in the future like the park or the vets.
  • Choose a busier road so your puppy gets used to the increased traffic noises. Nobody likes loud honks but it will come handy to get them used to them.
  • Watch out! Never leave your puppy alone in the car!

    PRO TIP: Remember to carry your puppy in from the car since its not safe to put them on the floor until theyre fully vaccinated. Lucky theyre getting the royal treatment.

    Skipping Meals Or Leftover Food

    Puppy food is designed specifically for growing puppies. It is higher in fat, calories, protein and nutrients to help support growth and development.

    Once your puppy reaches adulthood, he no longer needs as many calories.

    You may notice that your puppy is skipping meals or leaving food in his food bowl because he is still full.

    This is a good indication that your puppy is ready to make the switch.

    Puppies typically eat 3 meals a day, when you make the switch to adult food, you can also reduce the number of meals per day down to 2.

    Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Pembroke Pines

    Golden Retrievers are one of Americas favorite dog breeds, and its easy to see why. These beautiful puppies are well-behaved, loyal, loving and intelligent, boasting all the values we look for in a lifelong friend. We have adorable Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Pembroke Pines, as well as in our other Forever Love Puppies locations!

    Want to visit our Golden Retriever puppies? Pass by or schedule an appointment for some playtime with our gorgeous Goldens!

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    The Importance Of Feeding Your Golden Retriever Puppy Food

    Your Golden Retriever puppy is growing fast, building bone and muscle, and developing organs.

    Puppies require a higher amount of calories, protein, nutrients and fats in order to fuel their growth.

    While puppies need the proper food to grow and develop, adult Golden Retrievers require food to maintain their bodies.

    Puppy food and adult food are two very different formulas, and feeding your puppy adult food too soon, or not at all, could be very damaging to your pups health and development.

    Puppy food is:

    • Smaller in size, making it safer to chew and swallow.
    • Softer in texture, catering to the softer and smaller teeth of a puppy.
    • Contains nutrients and fats essential for bone growth, muscle development, and energy.
    • Carefully balanced for growing puppies.

    Feeding properly balanced puppy food is important, and large breeds like Golden Retrievers benefit from specially formulated large-breed puppy food.

    How Much Does It Cost To Buy Food For A Golden Retriever

    Robert Miller: Cute Golden Retriever Puppy

    Golden retrievers are large breed dogs that require plenty of food and exercise.

    Generally, basic dry golden retriever food can cost about $100 $250 per year for a 30-pound bag every 1 2 months. High quality dry food might go between $200 $400 per year for the same quantity and frequency.

    Wet dog food will cost a bit more and range between $400 $1,000 per year for 1 3 cases of 13-ounce cans per month. The cost for food will depend on the size, age, and activity level of your companion.

    When you buy dog food, always check the labels and make sure they meet the standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials while they dont regulate, test, or certify pet foods in any way, they do establish the nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods. Fortunately, the cheaper brands of dog food can be just as good as the more premium brands as long as they meet the standards of AAFCO and are made with minimal processing. When making your decision, make sure to avoid artificial ingredients and preservatives where you can, since they could cause health problems for your dog.

    Here is a list of prices for some popular golden retriever food brands:

    If you want to give your new dog the best, happiest, and most-loving home possible, its important to have a few key essentials ready for your new family member! Heres a quick list of things to get and their average expenses:

    • Dental Products: $10 $30

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    Signs Of Maturity Phase


    While this should be a well-engrained protocol by now. If basic obedience/performance titles have not been earned, now is the perfect time to focus on those. Working together becomes fun and enjoyable.

    Growth Milestones:

    By two years, the breed has usually finished growing, although males may take another year to put the finishing touches on their physical maturity, especially head development. In this stage, males and females who are not participating in Conformation should be neutered/spayed. This is around the time you should transition to an adult Golden Retriever dog food.

    Maintaining breed standard weight may be tricky because of the caloric needs of adolescent energy. They may require more calories, but just as they are peaking with the need for more calories, their metabolism changes and weight management becomes a challenge.

    Exercise demands continue to be high for this Olympic athlete. The personality and traits of the dog come into full bloom now, which may have gone underground during the previous stage. With a potpourri of emotional, physical, and mental changes in the first 1½ years, occasionally special personality traits take a hike. This is when the puppys head reattaches to the body just like a Rock em Sock em Robot, add Lewine and Cochran. But, dont despair, all of the pieces come together at the 2-year mark.



    Taking Care Of Your Golden Retriever At Home

    Much of what you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy is common sense, just like it is for people. Watch her diet, make sure she gets plenty of exercise, regularly brush her teeth and coat, and call us or a pet emergency hospital when something seems unusual . Be sure to adhere to the schedule of examinations and vaccinations that we recommend for her. This is when well give her the necessary check-ups and test for diseases and conditions that are common in Goldens. Another very important step in caring for your pet is signing up for pet health insurance. There will certainly be medical tests and procedures she will need throughout her life and pet health insurance will help you cover those costs.

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    Teach Your Puppy To Sit

    Teaching your puppy how to sit is a popular one. Not only is it something we like to teach because they look incredibly cute, but sitting also means that there will not be any jumping up and down on people Its also a fairly easy trick for puppies to pick up.

    How to prepare

  • Youre going to introduce a word that tells your puppy they got it right something short and sweet good,yes or even cheese if you like. The first two are far more common though.
  • Keep using this word when they do the right thing, and then follow it up with a food reward.
  • PRO TIP: Remember that the stinkier the treat, the better. In puppy logic, stinky means yummy.

    How to do it

  • Start at home where there are no distractions. Just make sure to shut off Gogglebox in the background.
  • Pop the treat on their nose and slowly take it up to your waist
  • They should follow the treat and pop their bottom on the floor
  • Say your marker word good and reward
  • TIPS

    · Finish your training session with some play to end on a good note.

    · Keep your training sessions short take a break after 5 sits. Its still the early days anyway.

    Love On Your Puppy From Day One If You Want A Dog That Likes To Cuddle

    Star – Golden Retriever Puppies Ohio

    As you all know, I love to cuddle with my girls. When Sullie was a puppy I received advice to hold her belly up to teach her a) that I was the alpha/one in charge and b) to trust me and relax and it worked so well. To this day she loves to be held belly up and shes also an excellent spooner. I did this with Zoey as well and although shes an independent wild child , she loves quiet cuddles. We have family cuddle parties every morning and at night before bed.

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    How To Puppy Proof Your House

    When puppy-proofing your house, think like a puppy.

    Crawl around on the floor and take note of what you see.

    Puppies will chew nearly anything, so make sure that there are no valuables down at puppy-height, or things that could be poisonous to them or be a choking hazard.

    Make sure there are no open cabinets or pantries where your puppy could get into food.

    Be careful of small trash cans that could hold some smelly trash that would be enticing to a puppy.

    And hide your cords and cables and make sure your puppy cant shock themself by chewing them.

    Your puppy should be under supervision or in a crate or playpen at all times until theyre mature enough to not ruin your house or cause themselves harm, but puppy-proofing the house will help keep them safe, too.

    And finally, next are a few other random tasks to do before you bring home your new puppy.

    P.S. Getting a golden retriever puppy? Check out the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook!

    Walk With A Friends Dog

    Remember that friend with the lovely dog whos been coming to see your puppy? Lets call them back. Youre going to go for a walk with them now. Fun!

    How to do it

  • Go to the place you usually take your puppy out for walks and have your friend meet you there.
  • Walk for around 15 minutes together, each dog on their lead.
  • Walk alongside your friend so that your puppy learns to walk near another dog without it being a game.
  • Any time your puppy looks at you, give them a treat this is brilliant!
  • Every few minutes, stop with your puppy and do some training. Their name, or recalls are good ones to go over.
  • Make sure the other dog gets treats too for being such a good helper!
  • Not going to lie, this is going to be a hard exercise for your puppy. You cant blame them for being so excited! Keep up the frequent rewards to keep them as engaged and focused as possible.

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    Naming Your Golden Retriever Puppy

    Whatever you decide to name your puppy, make sure you like it, because you sure are going to be saying it a lot.

    There are no real guidelines, although most people try to at least avoid intense names, like Killer, because golden retrievers are well, golden retrievers.

    Some people go with human names, like Doug, others go with plant names, like Aspen, there are food names, like Cashew, and there are the names of other animals, like Bear.

    If you need some name inspiration, check out our giant list of golden retriever names here.

    Your Golden Retriever Puppys Health

    Pin on Cute Golden Retriever Puppies

    When it comes to your puppys health, heres the most important thing you can do: have a good relationship with your vet.

    Theyll be the ones get you started on vaccines, help you choose an appropriate food, and prevent or treat any illnesses or injuries that may occur.

    In addition to having a good relationship with your vet, here are some other tips to keep your pup healthy:

    • Dont let your puppy eat poop which could potentially be infected with a virus, bacteria or parasites
    • Dont let your puppy drink from standing water, which can often hold bacteria and parasites
    • Choose a good food to help strengthen your puppys immune system
    • Avoid places with other dogs, like the dog park, before your puppy is fully vaccinated
    • Talk to your vet about supplementing with vitamins
    • Talk to your vet about vaccinations

    You can read more about common golden retriever health problems here.

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    How To Socialize Your Puppy

    Dr. Pachel, whos a veterinary behaviorist, has a very simple way of socializing your puppy.

    Every day, separate out five special treats for your puppy.

    Youll give them one of these treats in a new situation.

    For example, you might let your neighbor give your puppy a treat, or maybe you take your puppy to a bus stop and when the bus goes by you give them a treat, or maybe you introduce them to a cow and give them a treat.

    The treat helps them have a positive experience with these new things and people, plus it helps you easily remember to expose them to lots of these new things.

    Do this for the first four weeks of their life and before you know it, your puppy will have been exposed to 140 new dogs, people, things, or environments, and will be well on their well to becoming a well-adjusted adult dog.

    Bone And Joint Problems

    A number of different musculoskeletal problems have been reported in Golden Retrievers. While it may seem overwhelming, each condition can be diagnosed and treated to prevent undue pain and suffering. With diligent observation at home and knowledge about the diseases that may affect your friend’s bones, joints, or muscles, you will be able to take great care of him throughout his life.

    • Both hips and elbows are at risk for dysplasia, an inherited disease that causes the joints to develop improperly and results in arthritis. Stiffness in your Golden’s elbows or hips may become a problem for him, especially as he matures. You may notice that he begins to show lameness in his legs or has difficulty getting up from lying down. We can treat the arthritisthe sooner the betterto minimize discomfort and pain. Well take X-rays of your dogs bones to identify issues as early as possible. Surgery is also sometimes a good option in severe and life-limiting cases. And keep in mind that overweight dogs may develop arthritis years earlier than those of normal weight, causing undue pain and suffering!

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    More About This Breed

  • It’s no surprise that the Golden Retriever is one of the top ten most popular dogs in the U.S. It’s all good with the Golden: he’s highly intelligent, sociable, beautiful, and loyal.

    He’s also lively. The Golden is slow to mature and retains the silly, playful personality of a puppy until three to four years of age, which can be both delightful and annoying. Many keep their puppyish traits into old age.

    Originally bred for the physically demanding job of retrieving ducks and other fowl for hunters, the Golden needs daily exercise: a walk or jog, free time in the yard, a run at the beach or lake , or a game of fetch. And like other intelligent breeds who were bred to work, they need to have a job to do, such as retrieving the paper, waking up family members, or competing in dog sports. A tired Golden is a well-behaved Golden.

    As well as giving your Golden Retriever physical and mental exercise, you should also be prepared to include him in your family activities. The Golden Retriever is a family dog, and he needs to be with his “pack.” Don’t consider getting a Golden unless you’re willing to have him in the house with you, underfoot, every day.

    There’s one other potential drawback to the breed: He’s definitely not a watchdog. He might bark when strangers come around, but don’t count on it. Most likely, he’ll wag his tail and flash that characteristic Golden smile.

  • Offer A Variety Of Appropriate Things For Your Puppy To Chew

    Koby – Red Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale

    Puppies are going to chew, period and the end. Its important to give them lots of options for appropriate things to chew so that theyre not chewing your furniture. Every dog is different so offer different textures, shapes and sizes and be sure to follow the age guidelines listed by the manufacturer. Related to the idea of loving them from day one if you want a cuddler, if you want a dog that loves to play with toys and balls, offer them early so they get in the habit.

    Ill do another post about our favorite toys, bones, accessories, etc.

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    A Tired Puppy Is A Good Puppy

    Regular play sessions and walks are great for wearing puppies out but you also want to mentally stimulate them as well. Zoey would sleep for 3 hours after a 30 minute session with her trainer. It wiped her out! So remember, physical AND mental stimulation. In addition to training activities, there are all sorts of toys that you can purchase that mentally stimulate them too.

    How Much Exercise Will My Golden Retriever Need

    The Golden Retriever is an athletic dog breed, and require a decent amount of exercise to keep them healthy and mentally stimulated.

    Be easy on Golden Retriever puppies, though, as very high-intensity exercise can cause damage to their growing joints. You can pick up the pace once they are 18 months or so.

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    What Are Goldendoodles And How Much Do They Cost

    If youre interested in something a little different, then consider the amazing and adorable goldendoodle! These loveable doggies are an increasingly popular crossbreed between a golden retriever and a poodle. Its no wonder why people are going crazy over them goldendoodles are friendly, social, easy to train, and very healthy. But wait, it gets even better, because the majority of poodles are considered hypoallergenic, most goldendoodles have a low-to-non-shedding coat which minimizes allergic reactions.

    Generally, you can find goldendoodles ranging from $1,000 to $2,400.

    The goldendoodle price you can expect to pay will depend on the type of goldendoodle you choose to purchase. The F1 goldendoodle is going to be a less expensive option. This is due to the fact that they often look very similar to a golden retriever but with wavy hair and a moderate amount of shedding.

    On the other hand, F1b goldendoodles usually come at a higher price because their hair sheds less and is more hypoallergenic.

    Nowadays, with so many options to buy your new dog, theres a growing problem you need to be wary of: the rise of puppy mills.

    Puppy mills are dark and depressing warehouses where dogs are grown without love, exercise, and health care. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals , heres a summary of what you can expect from these awful places:

    Please dont support animal cruelty.

    Here are some critical points to watch for:

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