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Best Grooming Scissors For Golden Retrievers

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Do Whiskers Need Trimming


Whiskers are found on your dogs cheeks, chin, muzzle and above the eyes. Whiskers are pretty essential to your dog as they help him navigate the world around him.

Whiskers are an important part of your dogs senses, helping your dog navigate in the dark, and they play an important role in hunting, retrieving, and any other activity.

Personally, I would not trim my Golden Retrievers whiskers. There really is no need to trim them. However, the choice is yours, and if you accidentally trim them, the good news is that they grow back.

To read more about dog whiskers, check out this article from PetMD.

How Do You Groom A Golden Retrievers Tail

Before you trim your Golden Retrievers tail make sure you have brushed it thoroughly, removing all tangles and matting. Your Retrievers tail should just reach your dogs hocks, hold the tail downwards and use your thumb to mark where this would be on the tail. Use thinning scissors and begin to trim past where your thumb is, taking small bit by bit. Taking your time this way you should eventually reach your desired length.

Do Golden Retrievers Need Haircuts

Golden Retrievers dont necessarily need full haircuts, even in the summer. However, they will benefit from regular trimming whenever they visit their groomer. Trims will keep coats manageable and less prone to tangling.

A groomer will also be especially helpful with trimming the hair around sensitive areas, such as your dogs feet and the inside of the ears.

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The Grooming Basics For A Golden Retriever

Before you start, give your dog a spritz of coat conditioner, then brush your fur baby with a slicker brush. Move through the hair in sections, starting at the top and moving your way down and back. Push the brush into the coat at the base near the skin and pull out from their body.

Use an undercoat rake to remove excess hair. Lift the coat one section at a time and move the rake from the base to the end. As you work, you can add another spray of coat conditioner as needed.

Then, use a to go through your dogs tail and ears. If you encounter any mats, use a dematting rake to work through them.

One of the best grooming tools for Golden Retrievers is the Hertzko self-cleaning brush. Some people also swear by the for removing loose undercoat hair.

Then, clean the ears with an ear-cleaning solution. Put in a few drops, work it in gently, and wipe away any excess.

Trim the nails with a or . Watch out for the quick, which is the red center of the nail where the blood supply is. If you nick it and you see a little blood, dip the nail in styptic powder.

This video will show you how to trim your dogs nails on your own:

Finally, brush their teeth twice a week or so. You can use a toothbrush made just for dogs or a piece of cotton wrapped around your finger. Apply some doggie and scrub each tooth.

Dog Grooming Scissors Faq

Best Dog Hair Grooming Clippers For A Golden Retriever

Here are some frequently asked questions about dog grooming scissors.

How to groom a dog at home with scissors?

Preparation is the key in grooming your dogs at home, even only with scissors. Bathing, drying, full brushing, and combing are essential regardless of the kind of coat. After washing your dog, use a towel to dry the dog breed. Then, you need to comb your hair straightly as possible to cut it evenly.As you cut along, make sure that you are following some imaginary lines in your head. Check if your cut is straight from time to time. Every cut, comb slightly and check the result. Once done, dont forget to blow dry your dogs hair. The process may take a while, but its the best action taken, especially if you have dogs with curly or thick hair.

Should I invest in a dog grooming scissors kit or buy them separately?

If you have a dog with a thick coat or curly and wavy hair, it is wise to invest in a dog grooming scissors kit. Another reason to buy a dog grooming scissors kit is that you can save more money. Some sellers put discounts on their grooming kits.On the other hand, you can buy the shears separately if the dog breed doesnt grow much hair like Labradors, Pugs, and Bulldogs. These dogs are easy to maintain, though they may shed a lot. Regular cutting of hair is not as always as other breeds, but its good to have a pair or two of some grooming shears.

Is it safe to use human scissors on dogs?What are thinning scissors used for dog grooming?

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Which Golden Retriever Grooming Tools To Use

Before we launch into a list of which tools you might need, lets watch a groomer at work, as he goes through the most important steps in grooming a Golden Retriever such as:

  • How to go about drying the coat
  • How to trim the feet with scissors
  • How to trim the body hair so that it looks really smooth
  • How to trim the ears and around the face
  • How to trim the legs and tail area so that the hair is an even length
  • How often a trim would be needed for this particular breed.

Lets watch a professional groomer at work:

Kenchii Scorpion Straight Pro

The Kenchii Scorpion Straight Pro is an entry-level shear that features a Japanese Stainless Steel blade. It also has a standard durable edge for everyday use. Moreover, the shear has strong corrosion resistance, so it wont rust even when wet.

The 8-inch dog grooming scissors also come with a butterfly handle. However, some feedback says that the handles dont fit snugly on their fingers and that the actual blade was from China. Meanwhile, others thought that the dog grooming scissors is a bit of heavy use over time.

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Use Scissors For Most Of The Grooming

You can use clippers on your golden retriever, but you never want to shave their hair too short. The breed regulates their own coat to some degree, so they wont overheat through their long hair if you leave it unchecked.

Clipping your golden retriever is more about slight maintenance and aesthetics more than anything else. They dont need to be clipped every other week, and you can sometimes go months with using scissors and shears alone.

You can clip the body of your golden, but you should stick to scissors around the tail, legs, face, and underbelly. All you need to do is trim some of the excess hair in these areas. Again, you never want your golden retrievers hair to be too short. This will only expose them to the elements.

What Makes Good Dog Grooming Scissors

Grooming my Golden Retriever | VeeHoo Pet Clippers Review

How do you know which dog grooming scissors you need? There are so many different types of scissors, not to mention a wide variety of brands that make each type.

First, lets talk about the different types of grooming scissors and what theyre best suited for and then well talk about the things you should look for, as you shop for each style.

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What Are The Best Dog Grooming Scissors For My Business

If you are looking for the best dog grooming scissors for your own dog or your grooming business, look no further. We get this question quite regularly and have written this post to help you make the best decision about which dog grooming scissor to purchase.

Before you read further Id like to point out that you dont have to spend a crazy amount of money to get good quality scissors for dog grooming. With that said, its important to have the right scissors and tools that offer flexibility in how they cut hair to save you time and get the finished look you desire.

How To Groom A Golden Retriever With Clippers

Many golden retriever owners use clippers for golden retrievers for many hair-related reasons such as giving them a haircut or a little trim around the ears, face, and paws. When using clippers for golden retrievers, always use high-quality dog clippers. This will ensure that you do not cut into their undercoat, which is the second layer of fur that keeps your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The best clippers for golden retriever will help to avoid any injury or distress to your pet as well. The grooming job will become easier due to the clippers ability to sail through the thick fur of golden retrievers. The good thing is that dog grooming clippers for golden retrievers can quickly trim your goldens coat in a record amount of time, and they are easy to handle and are travel-friendly.

When using grooming clippers for golden retrievers at home, you should not cut the coat any shorter than 1 inch to leave their undercoat intact. Goldens dont need to be clipped every other week or on any type of schedule. Clipping them is more about maintenance and aesthetics.

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Trim Your Golden Retrievers Coat

A Golden Retriever has undercoat and overcoat, which helps to keep the dog at a comfortable temperature. This combination traps cool air between the coats on a hot day and catches a warm breeze on a cold day. So, avoid trimming your goldens intact skin. With thinning shears, Trim the coat of golden Retriever from feet, leg, body, chest, neck, ears up to its tail. Do not trim the fur too short. Trim the length by tapering the coat from base to its tip.

How To Groom Golden Retriever

10 Best Dog Clippers for Golden Retriever (Buying Guide)

Golden retrievers are easy-going breed, and their coats are easy to care for. They shed profusely mostly in spring and fall, so you should groom your golden. Grooming a golden retriever is an enjoyable bonding time. With simple tools, grooming your dog requires 30 to 40 minutes. Some of the steps to groom your golden are:

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Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kits

Next to recommend that you get yourself a pair of dog grooming scissors. I always go for the Amazon choice products as I know Amazon would only put their stamp on it if the product has given great overall service.

These scissors are the ones that I currently use and it was no doubt about it that I didnt need to even purchase the second paired to test as this work just fine.

You will be using scissors on a regular basis for many different purposes throughout the course of your dogs life.

This pack comes with a pair of two different scissors that can target different areas of the body. So for example, if you were trimming down their feet and then moving on to the tail then you would have a specific pair of scissors that target each specific area.

This Groom Can Be The Perfect Answer For Golden Retriever Owners Who Want A Cut That Will Keep Their Dogs Cool In Hot Summer Weather

  • Anne Francis

There has long been debate about cutting Golden Retrievers coats, and we try to educate our clients as much as possible about all sides of the argument. Still, many owners have made up their mind and want their dogs shaved down. In these cases, we compromise and use a snap-on comb and shears to do what we at our shop call the Golden Teddy Cut.

This months subject, Rory, has been groomed at our shop for eight years. During colder times of the year, he is kept in a traditional Golden trim, but Rory is a big swimmer and enjoys a short do during warmer months. When we catch up with Kata longtime coworker of mine who is performing this groomRory has already been washed, dried with a high-velocity dryer and set under a room-temperature blower.

Step 1: Finish Drying

Use a high velocity dryer to blow out excess hair and damp spots.

Step 2: Remove Dead Coat & Detangle

Using a slicker brush and undercoat rake, move through the coat to make sure the coat is dry and tangle-free and all dead coat is removed.

Step 3: Trim Nails

Clip the nails and file smooth.

Step 4: Trim Pads of Feet

Clip the pads of the feet with a #30 blade.

Step 5: Sanitary Trim

Clip sanitary areas.

Step 6: Clip Body

Using a size O snap-on comb, clip the entire body of the dog, leaving the back of the front and rear legs, which will be scissored.

Step 7: Blend Clipper Lines

Use a carding knife to help blend any clipper lines.

Step 8: Trim Tail

Step 9: Trim Rear Legs

Step 10: Trim Hocks

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Haircut Styles & A Grooming Kit For Golden Retrievers

Learning Golden Retriever grooming at home has many benefits.

Not only does your dog feel calmer and safer being groomed by you in familiar surroundings, but there is no need for a lengthy salon stay.

And grooming is something you want to start right from the time your cute puppy comes home. This might simply be getting him used to the feel of a gentle brush down his back. And as he matures, you will find he is quite used to you doing things with his hair.

DIY grooming also helps to forge a special bond between you and your dog. Of course it is also more economical in the long run.

Best Bristle And Pin Brush Combo

Learn to Groom A Golden Retriever with Spay / Neuter Coat | Thinning Shears, Carding, Deshedding

Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs and Cats by GoPets

Thisis a good option as a two-in one for pet parents that travel to shows or goaway for the weekend, and dont want to take too many grooming brushes withthem.


.Rounded metal edges emphasize safety and comfort for your Golden Retriever.

.This bristle brush has a silicone handle that is comfortable to hold, and hand-fitting.

.Lifetime guarantee provided

.Cushioned surface holding the pins for extra comfort and safety

.Nylon bristles are gentle during puppyhood.

.Large handle that is good for grooming.

.Pins do not collapse

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Be Careful With Undercoat Rakes

Undercoat rakes are a popular tool for golden retriever owners, which makes sense. The breed sheds more than average, and these brushes get rid of all of the dead fur after a single session.

Using an undercoat rake isnt inherently bad, but its not always necessary. These tools can damage your golden retrievers coat if you use them too frequently or for too long.

Instead, use a normal slicker brush, shears, and some infrequent clipping to keep your dog healthy, happy, and looking great.

Kingstar Titanium Professional Grooming Scissors For Dogs

If you want to be the best groomer for your dog, you need to get a set of complete tools. Fortunately, the Kingstar Titanium Grooming Scissors Set gives it to you with style. The black titanium blades are so sharp made from good quality 6CR stainless steel.

The Kingstar Grooming Scissors Set comes with one each of straight scissors, thinning scissors, up-curved scissors, and down-curved scissors. Theres an adjusted key that comes with the kit so that you can adjust the tightness of the scissors. Moreover, it has one zipper case with cleaning cloth to secure and protect the tools.

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Should I Invest The Money In Expensive Dog Grooming Scissors

If youre just starting to groom your dog at home, its OK to start with cheap shears. If you only need dog grooming scissors to trim around your dogs eyes and feet in between grooming appointments, then cheap shears should be fine.

However, if you plan to scissor your entire dog for the rest of its life, especially if you have a larger dog, its definitely worth the investment to buy more expensive shears. Higher-quality shears will cut faster and more smoothly, theyll stay sharp longer, and they should maintain their quality for a much longer time than cheaper shears.

Why Are My Dog Clippers Not Cutting

Best Dog Clipper for Golden Retriever

The most common causes of this issue include a deficient motor, dull blades, or a low battery. If you want your clippers to have a long life, you should maintain them regularly by making sure they are clean, the blades are new, and the battery is full. Other than that, there may be issues with manufacturers as they produce accessories for their individual products.

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What Cut Should You Aim For

Now that weve covered some basic golden retriever grooming tips, its time to put the best clippers for golden retrievers to work. Some dogs have a variety of different cuts to choose from. With golden retrievers, your options are a lot more limited.

Sure, you cant give your golden retriever a fancy haircut, but these are difficult to do anyway. Home groomers usually cant perfect these complicated styles right away, so its sometimes a good thing that grooming a golden retriever is relatively simple.

When you let your golden retrievers hair go, youll notice the longest areas around the neck, legs, and tail. You can trim these three areas with scissors and use clippers on the body. The neck will be long at first, but this is usually the style you want to go for.

Your goal should be to make your golden retriever look a bit neater than they do without clipping. You dont need to keep them cool in the summer since they do that on their own. All you need to do is to keep them looking good.

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