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Black Lab Golden Retriever Mix

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Training And Exercise Needs

3 Female Golden Retriever/Black Lab-Mix Puppies

If youre considering a Golden Retriever Labrador mix, be prepared to spend a lot of time outside. These dogs need a lot of exercise to stay happy. If not, they can get destructive in the home.

While they love to play fetch, they are also great companions for running, hiking or even just long walks around your town. They are also still fantastic hunting dogs and will happily collect game for you.

Training these dogs is the only area where they might be difficult. This is because the Golden and the Labrador both learn very differently.

Goldens tend to be somewhat obsessive while learning. As a result, they learn best through repetition. They will keep working on something until they get it right. They are also motivated by love and affection. So, while treats are an excellent reward, Goldens thrive with kind words, cuddles, and happy tones of voice.

Labradors are a bit different. Their high intelligence ensures that they get bored with tasks easily. Because of this, long repetitive training sessions will be ineffective for the dog. Instead, try and break training into small doses of 15 or 20 minutes throughout the day.

Labradors are also food-motivated dogs. So while affection and positive reinforcement are important to the animal, food might be the better driver. If you can tie treats into training as a reward or connect training sessions to their feeding times, you will likely make more progress.

Lab And Golden Retriever Mix

Lets start with the basics. What is a Goldador? Well, its a Golden retriever Labrador retriever designer dog. Now I now that many people have a negative view on crossbreeding and designer dogs. However, hear me out, if you are one of those people, you might change your mind.

So basically, the Goldador is a sensitive dog and was created to have a strong work ethic! Goldadors are also amazing guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and bomb detection dogs!


Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers are pretty similar in appearance, so you already know how big and heavy the mix will be. On average they weigh between 55 to 70 pounds for females, and 65 to 80 pounds for males. When it comes to their height, the Lab and Golden retriever mix can measure up to 24.5 inches tall at the shoulder. Females will of course be a little smaller with 23 inches or sometimes even less. These beautiful dogs have very athletic bodies and long legs. Also, they have large square heads, floppy ears, and brown eyes!

Coat and color

Just like the Golden retriever, the Goldador too has a double coat with a short, thick, straight topcoat and soft dense undercoat! You know how there is no Black Golden retriever. Well if youre a fan of black dog youll be excited about the news that there are black Lab and Golden retriever mixes!

The most commonly seen colors of Goldadors are:

  • Yellow
  • Chocolate

Rescuing A Golden Retriever Lab Mix

If you dont have your heart set on bringing home a brand new puppy, its definitely worthwhile to look into adopting an adult or senior Goldador.

These dogs have incredible appeal at any age, but at times they may be given up for adoption due to their owner not being able to care for them as they need.

If you can give a home to a dog in need, youll find that the love of your new family member is its own reward!

On top of that, its often cheaper to go through a shelter or rescue than it is to buy a puppy from a Goldador breeder.

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Golden Retriever Lab Mix Grooming

Goldador shedding is likely to be a predictable constant in your life.

This is because Golden Retriever Lab mix dogs are going to get the same type of coat from either parent dog.

A thick, double layer, water-repellent insulating coat that sheds out seasonally and year-round.

You will find it easier to control your Golden Retriever Lab mix shedding with regular brushing and grooming sessions.

This will help you catch the shed hair before it has the chance to decorate everything you own.

Golden Retriever Lab Mix Health And Care

Black Lab Golden Retriever Mix Puppies

Lab and Golden Retriever mix puppies are likely to inherit known genetic health issues from either dog parent.

This is what makes your choice of Goldador breeder so important.

A reputable and responsible breeder will make sure that their breeding dogs are tested for all known health issues to avoid passing those conditions to future litters of Golden Lab mix puppies.

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The Golden Retriever Lab mix lifespan is likely to be between 10 and 12 years because both the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever share that life expectancy range.

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When Does A Goldador Stop Growing

Large breeds of dog grow more slowly than their smaller cousins, and thats not a bad thing. Goldadors tend to stop growing around 18 months.

The reason its a good thing that they grow slowly is that Golden Labs are prone to hip dysplasia. This condition causes the hip to not remain in the hip socket as its supposed to.

When a puppy grows too quickly, this joint isnt able to form correctly, putting the dog at a higher risk of developing it as they get older.

One of the most important things you can do for your Goldador puppy is making sure theyre being fed a proper diet as a puppy. They need to have foods that are low in calcium and high in glucosamine.

Golden Retriever Lab Mix Socialization

Socialization from a young age is important for any breed, including the Golden Retriever Lab. Although it comes from overly friendly and sociable breeds, there is still no guarantee of your dogs temperament.

Since training and socialization are best started early, puppy training classes can be a great way to train and socialize your pup at the same time.

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One Last Thing That You Will Want To Think About Is If You Want A Labrador That Will Only Tolerate Certain Types Of Food

While both of these dogs are pretty loyal to their owners and very well-trained, it is recommended that you do not feed your Labrador dog table scraps every single meal. There are also some things that you should never feed your Labrador dog. Most people find that giving the dog an onion now and then is very helpful. You should also never feed your Labrador dog canned food since they are not as susceptible to high levels of fats and oils.

If you plan on breeding your Labrador with other types of dogs then you will need to be a little more careful when it comes to deciding what type of Labrador and golden retriever mix you want to get. You must find a dog that both of your dogs are compatible with. For example, if you plan on breeding black Labradors with golden retrievers you should ensure that both dogs have black markings because these colors are a lot more common in labs.

If you are ready to get a puppy or have a large breed dog that you would like to have a part in their lives, then go ahead and take the time to research the different types of dogs out there. With these tips, you should be able to make the best possible decision when it comes to finding a dog to adopt and love.

Dogs That Look Like Black Golden Retrievers

3 Male Golden Retriever/Black Lab-Mix Puppies

Have you seen a dog that looks exactly like a black golden retriever?

Well, black golden retrievers dont actually exist , but this post will help you identify what you saw.

Here are six dogs that look like black golden retrievers:

  • Flat-coated retrievers
  • Black lab and golden retriever mix
  • Black German shepherd and Golden retriever mix
  • Other combinations of Labrador, golden retriever, setter, or spaniel mixes

In this post, well dive into each of these dogs in more detail, but first, lets talk about why black golden retrievers cant exist.

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About The Golden Retriever Lab Mix

This Golden retriever and Labrador mix is a large and athletic dog with a short and water-resistant coat. He is popular for being friendly, energetic, and is highly trainable.

If you are a first-time dog owner eyeing for a family dog this Golden Labrador mix will be a nice fit for you.

This is also a perfect guide dog with that being the original purpose for his breeding.

Some have also been used as therapy dogs, as assistant dogs in search and rescue operations, detecting work but the largest percentage of these dogs are family companions.

Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying A Goldador

The Goldador is a cross of a purebred Golden Retriever and a purebred Labrador Retriever, also known as Golden Retriever Lab Mix. Its a large dog breed at about 22 to 24 inches tall, weighing between 60 to 80 pounds. The average lifespan of the Goldador is around 10 to 12 years.

If youre thinking about getting one, here are a few questions that you need to ask before buying a Goldador:

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    What Is She Like With Children And Other Animals

    She is very good with everybody, children, other pets, and other dogs. Socialization and training help with this of course but she is naturally a good natured dog usually. When she is young she can be a bit energetic and clumsy so may knock over young children by accident. So supervision would be a good idea. Also teach the children not to pull at ears or tails and how to treat a dog with respect.

    Fun Facts About Golden Retriever Lab Mix Dogs

    Goldens Retrievers: Golden Retriever And Black Lab Mix

    The Goldador is a mix, and it probably comes from a history of mixes!

    Golden Retrievers are thought to have been created by mixing a yellow Flat Coated Retriever with a Tweed Spaniel.

    This latter breed of dog is now, sadly, extinct.

    But its legacy lives on through the incredibly popular Goldens, and the increasingly popular Goldador.

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    Golden Retriever Health Problems

    Here are some common health problems in Golden Retrievers. You will find a few of these on the Lab list as well.


    Hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, mast cell tumors and osteosarcoma are the four most deadly cancers that affect Golden Retrievers.

    One study even found that a staggering 38% of Golden Retrievers will die from cancer.

    As there is no health test to let you know whether your dog might develop it, this is a big consideration for most potential Golden Retriever owners.

    Neutering female Golden Retrievers also dramatically increases their chance of getting some forms of cancer.

    Heart disease

    Goldens can inherit a serious condition called subvalvular aortic stenosis, a congenital defect that affects blood outflow from the heart.


    They tend to be more prone to allergies than many other dog breeds, and suffer especially from skin allergies such as infections and rashes.

    Hip and elbow dysplasia

    Both are inherited conditions that cause malformation of major joints, leading to lameness or inability to walk.

    For this reason it is important for this and the cancer risk that you do not neuter your Golden before 12 months of age, if at all.

    Eye problems

    Firstly there is PRA. A progressive degeneration of the retina of the eye that can cause blindness.

    Then there is pigmentary uveitis. Nearly exclusive to Goldens, this inherited eye condition causes inflammation in the uvea, where the blood vessels are located. It can lead to blindness.

    Recommended Tests For Golden Retrievers Include:

    • Hip and elbow evaluation

    Golden Retriever Lab mixes are at risk of inheriting health problems that are common in both parents. They are most likely to inherit health problems common to both parent breeds.

    Make sure your breeder has been screened for PRA, hip and elbow dysplasia, and hereditary cataracts before you take home your new bestie. These conditions plague both parent breeds and your puppy would be at high risk.

    Choose a breeder who has proof of testing for all breed-recommended tests for both parents to increase the likelihood of bringing home a healthy puppy.

    Cancer and flatulence are two conditions that your mixed breed dog could inherit. Unfortunately, they cannot be checked in parents. Know the signs of these conditions and watch for them in your dog.

    There is evidence that the risk of bloat decreases with a varied diet and small, more frequent meals, rather than feeding once a day. Keep in mind that this reduces the risk, not completely eliminates it.

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    Exercise & Living Conditions

    The Goldador will need at least 60 minutes of intense exercise every day. If you cannot commit to this high level of activity, you should either pick another dog breed or hire a dog walker. Traditional working dogs, which both of his parents are, need daily exercise without fail. And without it, he will become unruly and problematic.

    Unfortunately, this is a big reason why both of his parents end up in rescue centers because people come to realize that they cannot provide them with the exercise that they need. The Goldador doesnt stay a cute and cuddly Andrex puppy forever, and hell soon grow up to be an energetic workaholic.

    When he is a puppy, his exercise shouldnt be too intense, because you need to protect his joints from heavy impact as he develops. Instead, stick to long walks and swimming. As he becomes more sturdy, he makes a great jogging partner, frisbee catcher, or agility course participant.

    The Goldador has an intelligent brain, and as such, you need to vary his exercise routine. Hell quickly become bored with daily walks. Especially if you dont take him swimming or to the local doggy park to catch up with his friends.

    He also needs daily playtime in the yard to keep his mind stimulated. You can join him in his fun and games, or you can leave him to it if he has plenty of toys to entertain himself with. But being a needy pooch, hell be much happier if you join in the fun.

    How Big Do Goldadors Get

    All 6 Golden Retriever/Black Lab-Mix Puppies

    As mentioned above Goldadors can stand between 22 and 24 inches at the shoulder. With their average build, they weigh in between 60 and 80 pounds . Males are typically on the bigger end of that scale with females on the smaller end.

    To get these numbers, we have to look at the parent breeds to see what they average:

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    How Should You Train A Goldador

    This dog needs lots of exercise with challenging tasks to perform to keep it stimulated.

    A Golden Retriever Mix puppy needs to be trained and socialized early, with strict boundaries set, if it is to be well-mannered, not just cute!

    This mixed breed dog is active and curious any may want to investigate whats in the cupboards or on the dining table. Positive reinforcement and reward based training works best.

    Teach leash training early for the Goldador puppys safety and discipline in public and with road traffic.

    Types of training required: obedience, discipline, agility and socialization.

    So, if you are not going to use a professional dog trainer:

    1) Develop your basic command words: Find keywords such as Stop, Sit, Down etc. and be consistent each time you use them, always using positive reinforcement and small food-based treats as a reward.

    2) Crate Buy a crate and practice going into it and sleeping in it. You will have to lock the cage in the early days so it knows can sleep there and be transported in it.

    3) Potty training Can be hit and miss for any new puppy that gets easily excited and lacks control, however products are available, such as mats and odor sprays to attract puppy go to the same spot each time. Eventually, the puppy with your help will learn where and where not to go.

    4) Walking on a leash this Puppy will be highly active and bounce all over the place. So practice voice commands and road awareness firmly but not aggressively.

    Are Black Goldadors Aggressive Temperaments Of Black Lab Golden Retriever Mixes

    Black Goldadors arent aggressive dogs. They are very friendly and playful dogs. They associate well with their owners and other dogs that they are used to.

    Nevertheless, Black Goldadors do not welcome strangers well. They will bark and even attack people when they feel that they or their owners are threatened.

    So, if you live in a place where your dog sees strange faces every day, do not be surprised when you see it displaying some aggressive behavior. To enable your dog to be friendly towards people, you can start socialization training early.

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    Labrador Retriever Vs Golden Retriever Coat

    The Goldens coat is water repellant with a thick, wavy outer coat and a soft, insulating under-coat.

    The Labradors coat is also water repellant has two layers. Bu they have a short but dense outer layer and a soft, insulating inner layer.

    This type of coat functions a lot like a divers wetsuit to trap body heat for self-warming.

    But what does this mean in terms of shedding?

    Goldador Health And Care

    88+ Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix Puppy

    All pedigree dog breeds are inbred to some extent. The measure of this is called the coefficient of inbreeding .

    The higher the COI, the greater the risks of health issues arising specifically from inbreeding. In general, health problems start to emerge if the COI is much greater the 5%.

    In a crossbreed such as the Goldador, the COI is usually much lower than it is in a purebred dog, and this is a good thing.

    To begin to look at the health and care of a Goldador we first need to consider the inherited health risks from both parent breeds .

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