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Dog Coats For Golden Retrievers

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Raincoats For Golden Retrievers

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With all this rain that we have been getting lately, I have been inspired to write about raincoats for Golden Retrievers. Golden Retrievers generally love the water and they dont usually need to wear a coat when it gets cold out because they already have a double-coat for insulation, but when you come home from walking your Golden in the rain, a raincoat would certainly help keep the dirt out of your house.

My Golden, Ellie loves the water, but when it rains out she doesnt really want to go outside. We walk anyway and I always keep a towel by the door when we get home and dry her off the best I can, but the dirt and mud that gathers underneath her on her belly just seems to stick like Velcro and gets all over my floors and the couch after she is dry.

That is why I thought about raincoats, and how a raincoat would help to keep her dry and clean and would prevent all that dirt and mud in my house.

Of course, the best raincoats would have to be comfortable, easy to put on and provide a great amount of coverage especially underneath on the belly area, or else what is the point of your dog wearing one?

So, I have come up with my top 7 picks. Lets get to the list.

Gabefish Pets Raincoat For Small Medium Large Dogs

Built to completely protect your Golden pooch from nose to tail, GabeFishs Pets Raincoat has several unique, positive features that I think you will love.

First of all, this doggy raincoat fastens along your Golden Retrievers back, meaning that you will find it very easy to put on, and your Golden Retriever will find it easy to step into.

As well as this, GabePets pooch raincoat also features a leash hole, so that you can still easily attach your leash to your Golden Retrievers favorite collar.

Even though it covers the underbody well it still leaves an adequate gap for your pooch to relieve himself when the need arises.

On top of this, with four full-length sleeves for your pooch, your Golden Retriever will stay nice and clean all over no more bathing after every walk!

GabePets coat for dogs even has a proper dogs hood with a peaked cap, to shield your Golden Retrievers eyes from the rain. This peaked hood does not blow down, even in gale-force winds!

This is a highly visible coat, available in many different designs that your Golden Retriever will be easy to spot in.

It is available in various bright plain colors, and feminine colors, as well as a few styles of camouflage designs, too, if your Golden Retriever is the type of dog who likes to roll around in mud or play hide and seek in the bushes.

Easy Ways To Deal With Matted Dog Hair

Matted dog hair is the worst! Its ugly, dirty, sometimes painful, and once matted dog hair starts it can snowball out of control and become a health issue.

I used to babysit a brother-sister Blue Picardy Spaniel team. These regal dogs have luscious, wavy feathering on their legs, underside and tail. This breed is also a ball of energy! Add that glorious feathered coat after a long hike with running and romping through streams, and you have yourself some serious matted dog hair!

The kicker the siblings folks were adamant that their fur could not be cut. Id try to help by brushing them after our outdoor adventures, but I felt bad for the groomer when Id drop them off and have to remind the staff, No cutting! Like magic, those two pups would come back with silky, mat-free feathers. How did those groomers deal with all that matted dog hair? Patience, the right tools, skill and help from vigilant dog parents.

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What Are Winter Dog Coats

Winter coats are designed to keep dogs warm and comfortable in cold weather conditions. These coats are made with added insulation to help retain natural body heat with a protective outer layer that is water-resistant for rainy conditions. Most winter dog coats have zipped openings that are easy to attach to a leash or a harness. Dog coats and jackets come in a variety of different sizes to fit your breed best. There are many choices available that will add warmth, comfort, and style.

Never Leave A Golden Retriever Outside By Themselves In Cold Temps

Dog Raincoat Waterproof All Inclusive Golden Retriever Dog ...

If the weather is freezing one day or the forecast says that itll get colder later in the day, dont leave your Golden retriever outside by themselves. If you leave them out while you go to work or run errands, you wont be there to keep an eye on them or see the signs that they are getting too cold.

As you know, being cold can quickly turn into hypothermia, so not being around to notice their signals is dangerous for your pets.

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Grooming Needs Of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers have a double coat, meaning two layers of fur. The top layer is soft and long, while the underlayer is thick and dense. Double coats mean more shedding.

In the colder months, your Retrievers fur will thicken. The undercoat will keep your dog warm in cold weather, but this hair will fall out when the weather turns warm.

Be prepared for heavy shedding in the spring to early summer. Having a good grooming routine can reduce the amount of stray hair that will accumulate around your home, furniture, and clothing.

Earthbath All Natural Brightener Dog Shampoo

The Earthbath All Natural Brightener Shampoo is great for your Goldens sensitive skin because its a soap-free shampoo. This formula is designed to brighten your Goldens coat and make it shiny. It contains purified water and coconut-based cleansers to clean and moisturize naturally. It also contains lavender oil to help remove bad odors. This shampoo is free from DEA, parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, and phthalate.

In some sensitive dogs, this shampoo can cause skin irritation. On dogs with very light or white coats, it can cause yellowing.

  • Can cause skin irritation in some dogs
  • Can cause yellowing on white dogs

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Types Of Golden Retrievers

Goldens can vary slightly in appearance by geographic region. These variations include:

  • American Golden Retrievers
  • British Golden Retrievers
  • Canadian Golden Retrievers

The American Golden Retriever, who tends to be leaner with eyes that are more slanted and a darker coat, says Dr. Ashley Barnes, medical director at Louisville Family Animal Hospital in Colorado and a member of the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.

British Goldens tend to be more muscular with blockier heads and rounder eyes, and lighter in color as well, says Barnes. Canadian Goldens tend to be taller with shorter and thinner hair coats.

Weatherbeeta Parka 1200 Dog Coat

Golden retriever coat stages | Do golden retriever shed ?

Weatherbeeta dog jackets certainly dont come cheap, but if you have deep pockets and demanding tastes, you and your dog should be delighted with the 1200. How does it shape up, then?

Firstly, choose from a variety of plain and patterned designs to suit the temperament of your mutt. You can also pick from a broad array of sizes to suit most breeds. This is the 22-inch jacket, falling somewhere in the middle of the range.

The 1200-denier material is denser and more durable than most of the competition. Youll appreciate where the extra money went when you unwrap this jacket and slip it on your furball.

Inside, theres a deep and plush insulated lining that should keep Bonzo warm even when the temperature plummets.

The touch-tape closures make it a cinch to put this coat on your dog, and its just as easy to remove.

The oversized collar helps keep your pup even warmer, and theres a handy hole for his leash to slip through as well.

Aside from the stiff price tag, theres not much to knock about this winter coat for your dog.

Things We Like

RUFFWEAR is a household name in the dog vertical. If you need to keep your pooch warm in hostile weather, this insulated jacket is tailor-made.

Fashioned from polyester thats built to stay the distance, the jacket is emblazoned with reflective strips so you and your pooch stay safe at night.

Things We Like:

Things We Like:

  • As with many of these jackets, the sizing chart is weak

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Does My Golden Retriever Need A Sweater

Goldens are pretty good in handling cold weather, but they also have their own limitations. Generally, tt depends on the weather but it also depends on the dogs health condition.

As a rule o thumb, if the temperature is above 45°F, they will not require any sweater or coat and they will be able to regulate their temperatures just fine.

When it drops below that they may need help staying warm with the help of a sweater, coat, or blanket. You should definitely make sure that they do not stay outside for more than 30 minutes without a sweater if the temperature is below 20°F and bring them inside as quickly as possible.

But the temperature alone will not tell the whole story, and you need to keep an eye on your dog and watch for any signs that they are not cold such as shivering or looking for cover.

As for at night, you can learn when do golden retrievers need blankets here, and you will find 7 very useful tips on keeping your golden warm at night in general, so make sure to check it out when possible.

Golden Retrievers Will Eat Almost Anything

As fanciers of the breed will tell you, its fair game for your Golden Retriever if you leave it out. Golden Retrievers will eat almost anything, even if that thing isnt food. They love to eat and will rarely turn down a meal, which makes them susceptible to obesity.

Theyre also prone to having stomach aches and issues from eating everything from paper and crayons to expensive jewelry.

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Bernese Mountain Dog Vs Golden Retriever Size Height & Weight

If you place a golden retriever next to a Bernese mountain dog, youll immediately notice they are nothing alike in terms of appearance. At this point, it will also become clear that Berners are larger than golden retrievers.

The Bernese is an extremely versatile and sturdy working dog. Large in size, the Berner stands between 23 and 28 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs from 70 to 115 pounds.

The golden retriever, on the other hand, is an athletically built gundog and a member of a sporting dog group. Medium to large in size, goldens range from 20 to 24 inches tall at withers and weigh between 55 and 75 pounds. Female golden retrievers are smaller than males and might be a better choice if you live in an apartment or a smaller home.

Qualities Of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Polartec Water Resistant Dog Coat By Stix ...

Golden Retrievers have a lot of qualities that make them good family dogs.

  • They have beautiful, golden coats
  • They are cheerful, friendly dogs
  • They love to play
  • Theyre even-tempered and trustworthy with children
  • They get along peacefully with other animals
  • Theyre eager to please and responsive to training

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Golden Retrievers Are Known For Their Soft Mouths

Retriever dogs are required to have soft mouths to pick up the hunted game without damaging it. As part of this family, Golden Retrievers have the characteristic soft mouth.

Their soft mouth is one of the reasons that they make such good dogs for parents with small children theyre able to interact with children, even ones who are being rough with them, without harming them.

Are They Good With Families & Children

Field Golden Retriever:

Field golden retrievers typically make great pets, however, they need lots of attention and can be mouthy .

They can be a little on the rough and tumble side, but are very loving and devoted to their families.

Show Golden Retriever:

Since show golden retrievers are typically a little calmer, need a little less training, and are a little more friendly, you could make a case that they make better family dogs.

However, both styles of goldens make great family pets.

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Training Needs & Abilities

Field Golden Retriever:

All golden retrievers, especially field goldens, are very smart, love to please people, and love treats and praise, so they naturally take well to training and enjoy it.

If you dont train them, their brainpower will usually manifest itself in something mischevious, like chewing up shoes or stealing socks.

Field golden retrievers love training and they need lots of it.

Show Golden Retriever:

Just like field goldens, show golden retrievers make great students because they are intelligent people-pleasers that love treats and praise.

However, they may need slightly less work than field goldens because they werent bred for such drive and the need for a job.

Best Raincoats For A Golden Retriever

Long Coat Golden Retriever Puppy Fighting with 50 Days Old Labrador Puppy

Your Golden Retriever has a beautiful natural coat, that does keep them somewhat dry when you go out for those drizzly, rainy winter walks.

But then when you bring your pooch home, you have to bathe them, right? And bathing a Golden Retriever every day isnt so good for their health.

So investing in a good, waterproof raincoat is a wise idea, to prevent the odor of wet dogs from becoming a permanent feature in your home. But what makes the best raincoat for a Golden Retriever?

What features does this pooch prefer, and what features do they need? This topic is what were now going to explore:

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Red Retrievers Are Ineligible For Dog Shows

The red coat color is not considered to be part of the Golden Retrievers breed standard. Show dogs must be regarded as an example of the breed, which means showing off all the breeds standard features.

Since the red coat is not part of the Golden Retrievers breed standards, theyre usually ineligible for shows. Even if your dog were allowed to compete in a dog show, they would lose a significant number of points for their coat coloring.

Differences Between The American And The English Golden Retriever

Besides coat color, there are a few other differences between the American and English Golden Retrievers. Cream Retrievers have a slimmer body with sleeker fur that doesnt have as much poof as the American Retriever. But they have the same personality.

There is a notable size difference between male and female English Retrievers compared to different genders of the American Golden Retriever. Cream Retrievers are often a bit shorter than their American relatives.

Other different physical features include the face, ears, and tail. The eyes of a cream Retriever are usually rounder than American Retrievers and darker shades.

The head of an English Retriever is usually broader, with a chiseled, wide, deep muzzle. With cream Retrievers, the ears set forward on the head more than American Retrievers.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

They have a level back and tail. English Retrievers also usually have a stockier build, with broader heads and longer necks.

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Why Are Golden Retrievers Golden

This is a short history lesson but it answers the question:The golden retriever breed started out with Lord Tweedmouthcross-breeding a Tweed Water Spaniel and ablackwavy-coated retriever. The litter produced all black puppiesexcept for one golden puppy. This puppy would become the base forall golden retrievers.So… the first golden retriever was gold and all goldens havebeen since.

A double coated dog is any dog with a harsh outer coat and soft under coat.

The soft undercoat is what sheds a leaves tumbleweeds all over your house.

German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies are just a few examples of double coated breeds.

Is A Bernese Mountain Dog Bigger Than A Golden Retriever

Winter Fleece Pet Dog Knitted Sweater Clothes For Big ...

A full-grown Bernese mountain dog is bigger than a full-grown golden retriever. Bernese mountain dogs are between 23 and 28 inches tall at the shoulder, compared to goldens that are between 20 and 24 inches tall. The Bernese mountain dog is also heavier and usually weighs from 70 to 115 pounds, while golden retrievers weigh between 55 and 75 pounds.

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Signs That Your Golden Retriever Has Hypothermia

While you can generally avoid hypothermia by paying attention to your Goldens behaviors, its still good to know the signs of it just in case. Below, weve listed several indicators of hypothermia you need to be on the lookout for:

  • Their muscles become stiff
  • Not paying attention to their surroundings
  • They lose consciousness

If you notice your Golden retriever is displaying any of these signs, take them to a vet immediately, as they may need medical attention.

To help prevent your Golden from developing this condition, dont ever leave them outside when the temperature is below 20° F . This is considered to be too cold for a Golden retriever and can lead to hypothermia. If you need to let your Golden out for a quick potty break, allow them to do their business, then immediately bring them back inside.

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