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How Much Does It Cost To Groom A Golden Retriever

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You Can Minimize Your Golden Retriever Grooming Cost By Getting The Services Of A Professional Groomer

How Much does a Golden Retriever cost? Complete Buyers Guide

A groomer can work with you to design a grooming schedule that meets your needs. Most salons offer different packages based on the length of your dogs hair and age. Some salons offer intensive programs that include specialized brushing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. Other salons offer a more comprehensive program that takes less time and is more economical. When deciding which to use, it is best to choose a salon that offers more than just general dog care.

If you do not have the money to pay for the services of professional grooming service, there are ways in which you can reduce your golden retriever grooming cost. One way is by getting discounts from pet stores. Many stores offer special deals during certain seasons or over a certain amount of time. For example, during the holidays or when they need to clear out their warehouses, some pet stores will offer deep discounts. You can save even more if you bring along your pet!

How Much Is A Golden Puppy During The First Year

The average cost of raising a Golden Retriever for the first year falls within the $1,655 to $5,905 range, with an average cost of $3,270. Most of these expenses will happen early and will hardly be avoidable, as they are essential to the health and well-being of your Golden Retriever.

First YearCosts
With Spay/Neuter, Insurance, Dog Walking and Dog Boarding $69,830 $190,930 $127,415

Thank you for reading us! Stay tuned for more information about pet costs, product reviews and saving tips.

How To Groom A Golden Retriever

Grooming a Golden Retriever is an intensive job but it is not as hard as you may expect on the first look of the dog.

Being one of the most beautiful dogs, the Golden Retriever will need some fairly high amount of work to keep him looking great and to maintain his wavy coat.;

Part of the reason this dog became so popular is his golden and lovely coat.

But this is not the only reason for that popularity.

These dogs have a great personality and loveable demeanor which makes them incredible family dogs that are great with children.

Goldies love to spend time with their loved ones and grooming is one of the ways that you and this dog get to spend some quality time together and strengthen your bond.

You do not have to spend a lot of money visiting a professional groomer.

However, grooming your Golden Retriever by yourself requires that you know the how-tos and grooming basics. That is why we prepared this guide for you to follow when you are grooming your Golden Retriever.

But before we get into how you can groom a Goldie, you need to understand how his coat looks like.;


  • My final thoughts
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    What To Look For In A Golden Retriever Breeder

    When looking for a Golden Retriever breeder, consider these factors:

    • A reputable breeder will take their breeding dogs to the vet for regular visits. If they do not, you shouldnt work with them.
    • You should look for a breeder who is willing to work with you after you get the dog. Then, you can ask questions about the dog or dog care.
    • Its important to look for a breeder with experience. Consider how many litters they have each year and how they breed their dogs.
    • Make sure you know the health history of the parents and their close relatives. That way, you can get a healthy dog.
    • If you dont want your dog to breed or participate in a competition, look for a breeder who wont ask for your dog to do those things.

    The right Golden Retriever breeder depends on you as a person, but any good breeder should be able to answer any questions. If you dont feel 100 percent confident in a breeder, theyre not the right fit.

    Ongoing Golden Retriever Costs

    How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost?

    You should expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2,200 to buy a Golden Retriever. But, you may be wondering what contributes to the ongoing costs of owning a Golden Retriever?

    Just like their price, there are many factors that can increase the cost of ownership.

    A few expenses that many people do not realize they might encounter as a Golden Retriever owner include: licensing fees, boarding fees, microchipping, treats, heartworm preventatives, and flea and tick preventatives.

    Training, feeding, grooming, veterinary care, supplies, and pet insurance make up the major costs.

    In fact, each year you should expect to spend $2,500 on your Golden Retriever:

    • Veterinary Bills: $625
    • Grooming: $480
    • License: $15

    Pet insurance is a product that some owners choose to buy because of the high cancer rates in Golden Retrievers. Coverage plans can be accident-only or accident plus illness. Comprehensive accident and illness coverage costs between $39 to $86 per month for Golden Retrievers.

    This price may change with your dogâs age. It will be highest for older dogs.

    Golden Retrievers are lower maintenance compared to some breeds like Poodles, but need more grooming than some breeds like Labrador Retrievers.

    A Golden Retrieverâs coat can be medium to long in length, making it prone to tangling and forming matts. So, they will require daily brushing. Some owners choose to take their Golden to a groomer every six weeks to get the coat trimmed. On average, grooming may run to $480 per year.

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    Dog Grooming Price List

    Please note that this price chart is only a guideline. We consider every case separately. When pricing our job we take the following factors into consideration:

    • Size of the dog
    • Stage of the coat and its condition
    • Thickness of the coat
    • Pet dog or breeding dog

    Dog Grooming is the passion for us

    We need to consider these factors as they determine the levels of work required. We do not want to overcharge you neither do we wish to underestimate our work. Please be as precise as possible when describing your dog to us over the phone. The price of the grooming will be agreed with you before we start the job.

    Breed Of Your Dog

    • Spa aromatherapy massages £10-£20
    • Spa warm soapy salt baths £10-£20
    • Coat colouring: £9.99 per colour tube + £30-£50 for colouring
    • Nails polish £10

    For walk in customers: Dog nail clipping only

    • Small Dogs £10

    Privacy Overview

    When How And How Often To Brush Your Golden Retriever

    Golden retrievers need to be brushed 3-7 times per week with a slicker brush.

    My golden, Oliver, doesnt have that much or that long of fur , so we brush him 3-4 times per week.

    Other goldens with lots of fluff may need to be brushed more often.

    Brushing them will help prevent matting and get rid of the dead fur, as well as prevent shedding all over your house.

    And heres a bonus tip: to help keep your house clean, make sure to brush your golden outside.

    After youve brushed them, rub your hands down their back, chest, tail and legs to get any extra fur sticking to their coat.

    Before I go out on a walk with Oliver, I take the brush out and leave it on the doorstep.

    This ensures I do it when I get back, while also helping me remember to do it while hes already outside.

    Now a lot of people ask about deshedding their golden retriever with a tool such as the Furminator.

    Its not recommended to do this as their undercoats are incredibly important, and it can also strip their outer coats.

    And finally, one more tip about brushing your golden is to take this opportunity of brushing and rubbing them all over to check for lumps, cuts, or any other abnormal spots.

    Learn more about the best brushes for golden retrievers here.

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    How Much Is It To Adopt A Golden Retriever

    Adopting a golden retriever costs significantly less than purchasing one from a breeder.

    Its usually just $200-500, compared to a couple thousand.

    And if you do decide to go this route, youre doing an amazing thing.

    All goldens deserved to be loved and if you treat them right, odds are that youll end up with an amazing dog.

    I mean, theyre still golden retrievers!

    Check out this article to find golden retriever rescues in your area.

    Another consideration when it comes to adopting a golden retriever is that if you adopt an adult golden, youll save a ton of money on various things only puppy owners have to pay for.

    How Much Does A Goldendoodle Cost


    May 7, 2020 by Garrett

    For the last 15 to 20 years, Goldendoodles have been extremely popular due to their teddy-bear like appearance and extremely friendly temperament.; In addition to their great looking appearance, the Goldendoodle also receives genetics that makes them hypoallergenic and nonshedding.; This makes the Goldendoodle great for people who suffer from pet allergies and dont like dog fur around their house. Thus, they are the ideal family dog and the demand for Goldendoodles has been high which has significantly increase the price of a Goldendoodle.; Weve examined over 20 different breeders from the Goldendoodle Association of North America throughout the United States to determine How much does a Goldendoodle cost?

    If youre thinking of getting a Goldendoodle, we highly recommend you read our Goldendoodle Guide and Goldendoodle Generations Guide so you can pick the right type of Goldendoodle .

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    How To Groom A Golden Retriever At Home

    Lets talk about how to groom a Golden Retriever with different kinds of brushes , and how trim the fur with scissors and thinning shears.

    Should you use an undercoat rake on your Golden? Well look at the pros and cons of this popular grooming tool.

    One hard and fast rule shared by all professional groomers is to never shave your Golden.

    Your dog needs that double coat year-round, so keep it trimmed but not shaved.

    Plan on a once weekly brushing session at minimum. Many Goldens will require more frequent grooming.

    Outdoor grooming can reduce the amount of loose fur in the house.

    What Is The Maintenance Required For Golden Retriever

    Long-haired and fluffy dogs will need brushing and combing;regularly. But dont be scared, its not as bad as you may think. You will need to buy a few dog hairbrushes and spend at least 15 minutes twice a week combing. You may need more during the shedding season which is often twice a year.

    Good quality shampoos like Wahl Oatmeal Shampoo helps in keeping the coat soft and shiny and prevents skin problems like dryness and itching. You could use a variety of coat and skin products available in the market, but unless recommended by your vet, nothing much is required if you bathe your golden retriever once a week.

    One often overlooked problem is hair knots. You will need to find and cut them regularly. These grow in size if left without cutting and cause more discomfort to the dog. Regular combing will prevent the knot formation.

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    Dog Grooming Priceshow Much Does It Cost To Groom A Dog

    There a few websites that give you more information on how much groomers charge for various services.

    These websites use information that they’ve gathered from groomers and grooming clients to compile averages for different dog grooming prices.

    These prices will also be effected by your region, as the cost of living is higher in some places than others.

    Medical Expenses For The Following Years

    How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost?  Golden Retriever ...

    According to veterinarians like Leslie Brooks, DVM, for each subsequent year, you should make an annual trip to the vet for an exam, vaccines, heartworm test and blood work to find potential hidden problems. This should run you $125-$265 depending on location.

    Dr Brooks also recommends following through with heartworm and flea prevention medication, which usually cost around $100-$150 and $200-$250 for the year, respectively for a Golden.

    The lifestyle vaccines, Leptospirosis , Influenza and/or Lyme may also require annual booster shots. Finally, if your Golden Retriever is regularly in contact with other pets or shows inconsistent stool quality, a fecal examination will be recommended.

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    Pros And Cons Of A Golden Retriever

    Now that you are more or less sure about the golden retriever price in India and are ready to spend money on your pets care, dog food and nutrition, and health care; let us delve into some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a golden retriever at home. Lets start with the positives first:

    Do They Require A Lot Of Grooming

    Golden Retrievers are a very active breed. A bath and a blowout are necessary to keep the shedding under control and maintain healthy skin and coat. ;Regular grooming should be done every 4 6 weeks. ;Make it a habit to spend some quality time brushing your dog to keep the coat separated and divided which, in turn, will allow the skin to breathe.

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    Recurring Cost Of Owning A Golden Retriever

    • Food Costs

    Golden Retrievers are mostly voracious eaters. Because of this, they tend to choke on big chunks of food and are very much prone to obesity so its up to you to control their eating habits.

    There are some specific food bowls that are intended to do just that. But before buying one, you might want to try putting ice cubes on its bowl to somehow limit the amount of food they can gobble up at once.

    Golden pups need to have a natural, limited ingredient diet since they are more prone to food allergies so stay away from food that contains grains, gluten or wheat. A high-quality 12-lb bag of dog food will cost around $36 and will last for two months.

    If you have an adult Golden Retriever, a 30-lb bag will cost around $60. If it is not that active, the food will last around 1 ½ months. Otherwise, the food will last a month.

    Also, if you want to have a shiny coat for your Golden, you must look for dog food that has fatty acid contents.

    • Hygiene and Grooming Costs

    One thing that sets potential dog owners off is that Golden Retrievers have long coats and that they shed a lot. And this is not just a concern of those with allergies but also those who cant be bothered cleaning and disposing of dogs hair every time.

    While others would make Golden Retrievers shedding their life problem, it only takes a few minutes of brushing of their coat to minimize this occurrence. This also makes a good bonding moment for you and your dog.

    • Illness and Disease Costs
    • Spaying and Neutering

    Finishing The Dog: Tools And Finish Grooming

    Cost of Owning a Golden Retriever Puppy for 1 Month | How Much We Actually Spent on Josie

    The coat should be light, straight, and stand off of the body with no loose hair. ;Any loose hair or fuzziness to the coat should be carded. ;Everything about the finish should be natural. ;The feet and the outside edges of the ear are trimmed with thinning shears. ;In the warmer months, many pet owners try to keep the dog cooler by shaving the coat. The Golden Retrievers double coat is designed to protect them during any season. ;If you are trying to keep the dog cooler, you should elect to remove the undercoat with a good bath and blow out. When you shave this breed, you are exposing their skin to the elements and take away their ability to stay cool.

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    Golden Retriever Potential Health Issues

    The table below introduces some of the potential health problems a Golden owner might have to deal with during his dogs life according to licensed veterinarian Leslie Brooks.

    Health Problem
    High $100 $2000 per year

    Arthritis: the monthly cost estimate is for various pain medications, joint supplements, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc. depending on severity of the pets condition. If the Retriever just needed joint supplements and pain medication, the price would probably be closer to $50-$100/month.

    This price range for hip dysplasia is very wide because of the variety of treatment options an owner may pursue. Conservative treatment including pain management and physical therapy is usually the cheapest alternative , while total hip replacement costs about $5,000-$6,500 per affected hip.

    Cancer: the cost really depends on the type of cancer and if an owner pursues aggressive therapy and all the recommended treatments, versus if they elect to just keep the pet comfortable with medications

    Allergies : this depends if the pet has allergies throughout the year or just 1-2 flare ups per year. It would also depend on the owners decision to proceed with allergy testing and injections. Note that the pet may also need to be fed prescription food, which can easily be as high as $100 per month.

    Four: The Nails Ears And Eyes

    Nails, ears and eyes are just as important as the coat to keeping your golden retriever looking fresh.

    14. Dont Force It

    Some dogs dont like their paws and ears touchedso it might be ideal to familiarize your dog with grooming as a puppy. Adult dogs may need some training in this area. Use lots of treats and rewards to get your dog used to the tools before you start grooming.;

    15. Watch the Quick

    Be careful when trimming nailslike all dogs,;golden retriever nails;have a quickor the soft inner core of their nailthat helps keep the nail alive. You can see the quick in white nails, but youll have to rely on touch for black nails. There will be a groove you can feel where the quick begins. Alternatively, book a;grooming appointment;with a trained pet stylist.

    16. Use the Tub

    A lot of;golden retriever grooming;happens in the bathtub. The tub can be useful to help contain both your golden and the ear cleaning and eye wipe solutions you might be using. Your dog may shake their head when you do these parts of the grooming process, so its best to be prepared for potential mess during bath time.

    Now that you know;how to groom a golden retriever, your habits will help to raise clean, happy and thriving goldens. With any luck, you can be less stressed when grooming time rolls aroundits a win-win for everyone.

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