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How Big Will A Lab Golden Retriever Mix Get

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Labrador Golden Retriever Mix Training

Goldador – Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever Mix – Designer Dogs 101 – Top 10 Facts

Both the Golden Retriever and the Labrador are known to be very obedient, people pleasing dogs.

These two breeds are highly intelligent and love to learn, resulting in a mix that loves to learn too.

Labradors are very food oriented and so you may find that food-based training works best.

However, Golden Retrievers also enjoy physical contact, such as pats or cuddles.

When starting training, it may be best to play around with different rewards to see what best motivates your dog.

Training And Exercising Your Golden Retriever Lab Mix

Both the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever come from strong working dog backgrounds.

As Retriever group dogs, the Lab and the Golden are both accustomed to a high level of daily activity and exercise and a high level of interaction with people.

This means that regardless of which parent dog your Goldador puppy may take after, you can count on bringing home a smart, eager, active and social pup who will need plenty of ongoing socialization and training from day one.

Your Goldador training regimen should include lots of exposure to new people, new places and new situations so your dog grows up to be a poised and calm member of the greater community.

Also, a word of caution: Goldadors will likely possess a strong prey drive because of their hunting and retrieving background, so you should be sure to keep other vulnerable family pets far out of harms way.

For help with other aspects of training, take a look at our potty training and crate training guides.

What To Expect From A Golden Retriever Lab Mix

A Goldador is a mixed breed dog that is the result of breeding a purebred Golden Retriever with a purebred Labrador Retriever.

Both parent breeds are considered gentle, friendly, loyal and very trainable. We are not sure you will find a more suitable family dog than a Golden Retriever Lab.

It is also unlikely that you will find a better working dog for many roles. Both Goldens and Labs are known for their excellence in hunting, therapy and service.

With mixed breeds, you can never be sure which physical or temperamental traits your dog will inherit from which parent, and there is no guarantee how your dog will turn out.

In the case of the Golden Retriever Lab mix, both parent breeds are fairly similar in size, appearance and personality, so there may be less variation within that particular mix breed.

Grooming Of The Golden Lab Mix

The Labrador Golden Retriever Labrador Lab mix needs a lot of grooming especially during the spring and fall times. They are replacing their winter coats and summer coats and oftentimes they have a double coat thanks to the Labrador Retriever. There will be a lot of hair on everything during that time of year, so you will differently need to brush them several times a day during that period of time.

During the summer and winter, their shedding will slow down from the flood of hair to a manageable amount of shedding. So you could go at least a few days to a week before needing to brush them again.

Golden Retriever Lab Mix: Do They Shed Are They Trainable

Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever Mix

A mix of two different pure breeds of dogs is often referred to as designer dogs. The deliberate mixing of two different breeds may be done for looks or to breed in certain personality traits. And the mix between a Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever is probably one of the sweetest dogs ever.

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  • Golden Retriever Lab mix: is it right for your family?
  • How Much Grooming Is Needed

    She has moderate grooming needs and will need brushing each day to remove loose hairs and keep her coat looking healthy. She does shed so you will need to clean off your furniture now and then, and your clothes of course! Bathing is really just as needed though do give her a rinse off in fresh water after she goes swimming. Also make sure you dry her ears after a swim as she is prone to ear infections. Check those ears once a week and clean them by wiping.

    She will need her teeth brushing once a day preferably but three times a week at a minimum. Toe nails also need clipping perhaps once maybe twice a month. Just take care as dog nails have nerves and blood vessels in them. You cannot cut too low.

    Golden Retriever Lab Mix Health Issues

    • Hip Dysplasia  Hip and elbow dysplasia are very common for this dog breed
    • Obesity  If given the opportunity the Labrador will eat an entire bag of dog food
    • Eye Infections  the Goldador can easily get eye infections so make sure to be on top of any swelling, redness, or soreness of your dog.
    • Diabetes  this can be a problem if you dont feed your Goldador the proper food.
    • Ear Infections  The Goldador can get ear infections so make sure to clean out your dogs ear once a month. 
    • Cold Tail  Cold tail is where a sporting dog loses their use of the tail, which can be quite painful

    Do You Have A Black Lab Golden Retriever Mix

    The Goldador mix is quickly growing in popularity. Many people love the typical golden shades, but the black coat is just as striking. Do you have a Goldador with a black Lab parent at home? Or, are you currently looking for one to welcome into your family? We would love to hear your stories in the comments!

    < See All Labrador Retriever Mix Puppies Polla Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy For Sale In Fredericksburg Pa 7/4/2020 7/4/2020 7/4/2020 Polla Share This Listing: Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix Sex: Female Size: Standard Birth Date: May 29 2020 Date Available: July 24 2020 Polla’s A Quite Active Little Lady With Plenty Of Energy

    Meet the Puppies: Labrador Retriever & Goldendoodle

    Labrador retriever mix size. The Lab Pointer Mix is the result of breeding together the Labrador Retriever and the Pointer. She is also known as a Pointerdor, a Labrador-Pointer and a Labrador Retriever Pointer Mix. She is a medium sized dog with a life span of 10 to 15 years and talents in watchdog, hunting, retrieving, search and rescue, tracking, jogging and agility. How big do Labrador Retriever,Terrier Mix get whe they are full grown Answered by a verified Pet Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. The Labrador retriever appeals to just about everyone. Classified as a sporting dog by the American Kennel Club, Labs grow to 24.5 inches for males and 23.5 inches for females. Built for roughhousing, swimming, and, of course, retrieving, Labs range in weight from 55 to 80 pounds. They come in three beautiful colors: black, chocolate, and yellow.

    The Great Pyrenees and the Labrador Retrievers designer pup is also known as the Pyrador. This gorgeous designer dog is the mixed breed topic of this article. The Great Pyrenees Lab mix is a unique mix thats become very popular over the last several years.

    Name Dexter Breed Dachshund / Labrador Retriever / Mixed

    Name Chico. Breed American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever

    A lab golden retriever mix, so sweet!! Future Ideas

    #9 How Long Can The Goldador Live

    Despite their risk of developing the aforementioned health conditions, as mentioned also in the first paragraph the Golden Lab can live between 10 and 12 years.

    To give your best friend the best chance at living for as long as possible, make sure youre providing them with high-quality dog food and regularly taking them to the vet.

    Your vet can help monitor your dogs health and start treating conditions when they are still minor problems. Early treatment gives the best outlook for your Golden Retriever Lab Mix.

    How Much A Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix Puppy Cost

    Well, according to a recent purchase, a Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix puppy can cost you around $500 to $1000 depending upon the availability of the puppy, the demand of the puppy, quality of the puppy and your residential location. The price can also skyrocket if there is not enough puppies to fulfill all the demand or if you are getting a puppy that comes with Health Insurance.

    Training And Exercising Your German Shepherd Lab Mix

    German Shepherds and Labradors are both energetic, intelligent dogs.

    Without a doubt, to wear out a German Shepherd Lab mix so that they dont bounce off the walls back at home, theyre going to need at least two hours vigorous exercise every day. A young dog in good health could require even more. They will also need human company for much of the day, and training to keep those big brains from getting bored.

    Labrador and German Shepherd dogs are both working dogs at heart. Theyre highly motivated to learn and impress you with their ability to follow instructions. Like with any dog, training them is an ongoing commitment that lasts a lifetime. But with this ultra smart German Shepherd Lab mix it should be a satisfying and rewarding one. However, its important to remember that this breed is prone to some health concerns that could inhibit or affect their exercise requirements and ability.

    Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

    Happyâï¸?ð? I

    Labradors have a high risk of developing hip or elbow dysplasia.

    Joint dysplasia is caused by structural problems in the joint and can cause pain and affect mobility.

    Elbow dysplasia occurs when a piece of bone or cartilage breaks off and floats around in the joint. This condition can affect dogs of all ages, even puppies as young as 4 to 6 months old. Elbow dysplasia can in turn lead to osteoarthritis.

    Hip dysplasia is caused when the joint does not fit together properly, causing friction and grinding in the joint. Over time, the hip joint wears down and hinders mobility.

    Signs of dysplasia include lameness or looseness of the affected legs, decreased ability to run, jump or climb stairs, pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion. This condition is genetic, but weight management and exercise also play a role.

    Hip dysplasia cannot be corrected, but treatment can make your dog more comfortable or prevent further deterioration of the joint. Treatment may include anti-inflammatories, weight management, specific exercise requirements, surgery and physical therapy.

    Both elbow and hip dysplasia can be diagnosed by x-ray imaging so the parents can be screened for this condition. Use a breeder who performs thorough health checks and follows ethical breeding practices.

    Food And Dietary Requirements

    1,200 calories
    Cups of Kibble

    You may find, that like other Labradors, your dog is extremely food oriented, and will often attempt to charm scraps of food out of your hands or off the table these delightful dogs will do anything for a tasty reward.

    Ideally, your Golden Retriever Lab Mix needs to eat three cups of kibble each day.

    This should be split into two meals to avoid the possibility of gastric torsion developing, as this is common in Labradors.

    Dry, wet or raw, it is all just as tasty for this dog breed .

    Labradors are known to have sensitive stomachs; so it is best to try to feed one type of food consistently.

    #4 Is The Goldador Hypoallergenic

    Unfortunately, no.

    This Golden Retriever / Lab Mix always inherits the double-coat of the Labrador, which means they have extra fur that kicks up plenty of allergens for those who are allergic to dogs.

    The truth is, there arent any breeds of dogs that are entirely hypoallergenic since many people are allergic to their skin, but there are some that are better than others.

    #8 What Health Problems Do Golden Retriever & Lab Mix Have

    Despite the many benefits of owning a Goldador, there are some drawbacks. Both Labs and Golden Retrievers have several health problems that can potentially be passed to their Golden Lab puppies.

    Here are some of the common health problems Goldadors may have:

    • Elbow and hip dysplasia. As previously mentioned, this is a malformation of these joints that results in the bone not being in the joint properly.
    • Cruciate ligament injury. Another health problem that Goldadors can run into is cruciate ligament injury which involves the knee joint on the hind leg.
    • Eye problems. This mixed dog is prone to several eye problems, including progressive retinal atrophy which can lead to blindness.
    • Diabetes. In dogs, this disease requires regular blood sugar level checks and may need insulin injections as well.
    • Hypothyroidism. This condition is hereditary and causes the thyroid to slow down which leads to low energy, weight gain, and hair loss.
    • Skin conditions. Ear infections and skin allergies are among two of the most common skin conditions that your Goldador may experience. In the case of allergies, you should always have them tested to be sure its not a preventable food allergy.
    • Obesity. If you feed these dogs too much and exercise them too little, then theres a good chance that they will become obese. In dogs, obesity can lead to a higher incidence of elbow and hip dysplasia, and cruciate ligament injuries, which makes it even more necessary to control your Goldadors weight.

    German Shepherd Lab Mix Breeders

    Adorable Golden Retriever Lab Mix Plays Fetch

    While there are plenty of reputable and responsible breeders around, there are unfortunately also lots of unscrupulous people trying to make quick money at the expense of animals. If you have friends or family who have found a mixed breed dog from a good breeder, ask for recommendations.

    Once you have found a breeder, ask to see records of health tests and inquire about any behavioural or other issues. You should also ask to meet the parent dogs. A good breeder will be happy to show that the parent dogs are good shape, safe and happy conditions. There are also many telltale signs that a breeder is operating a puppy mill. Read on to find all the products and accessories youll need for your new puppy.

    Finding A Golden Retriever Lab Mix Puppy

    Golden Retriever Yellow Lab mix puppies are very cute. You can count on that.

    So before you head out to see a litter of Golden Retriever Lab mix puppies, you should be sure to research the breeders reputation and verify that all required and recommended health tests have been done on the parent dogs.

    From here, you can look for a Goldador puppy who is bright-eyed, clear in the ears/nose/tail areas, eager for interaction and play, willing to be held, with a clean coat and a friendly disposition.

    Please take care to avoid buying a dog or a puppy from a pet store or puppy mill. Often, the interests of making money are put over the interests and welfare of the animals involved.

    For assistance in looking for a puppy, take a look at our puppy search guide.

    As far as finding the mix you want goes, theres a little more underlying the subject than may be expected.

    Reasons Why You Should Get A Golden Retriever Mixed With Lab

    Friendly and Affectionate NatureThe cross-breed between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever produces an offspring that is affectionate and loyal. They have a playful and happy nature that theyll interact with anyone they meet. They are one of the best family dogs for children. The Golden Lab Retriever Mix can be a devoted family pet and can offer you years of companionship and unforgettable memories.

    The Goldador is also good with other animals, especially if you raised them together. They are also alert enough, but not competent to be guard dogs.

    Low Maintenance GroomingThe Golden Retriever Mix is a relatively low maintenance dog, so you dont have to worry much on grooming problems. A good brush twice a week would suffice to remove loose hairs and to keep him in a fresh condition.

    Easy to Train

    Training a Goldador is easy because theyre intelligent and loves to be around people. Its an easygoing dog that loves to please its owners. It is also very active so training this hybrid dog for advanced tricks would be a lot easier than with other dogs.

    #10 How Much Are Goldador Puppies

    The price of Golden Lab puppies varies greatly depending on the parents and the puppy.

    On the higher end are puppies intentionally bred to be high-quality dogs fit for breeding. These will likely have parents registered with the American Kennel Club .

    Top-quality Goldador puppies may sell for up to $4,500.

    If you cant spend that much, look for ones considered to be pet quality puppies. These dogs may not have the physical or personality traits that the breeder wants for future generations. Or, they may be the result of an accidental breeding between two purebreds, but unregistered, dogs.

    These will cost around $400.

    Overall, the average amount that you can expect to pay for a Goldador puppy is $600.

    Is The Golden Labrador Easy To Train

    This is Ellie, my Labrador Retriever x Golden Retriever ...

    She is an intelligent dog who loves to please, loves mental challenges as well as physical and is devoted to her owner. This makes her one of the easier dogs to train and in fact she should learn faster than many dogs as she will not needs as many repetitions of each step. Just be sure to use positive methods not harsh. Praise her, reward her with play, outings, treats. Even though she is naturally a great dog already still start early socialization and training from the moment you get her. She will be happier and you will too.

    Golden Retriever Lab Mix Exercise

    Your Goldador will need plenty of exercise. Both breeds are very active and prone to destructive behavior when they are bored or have pent up energy.

    As a very social breed, they do best as house dogs, but with a large, fenced yard to run around. In addition to self-exercise, they need walks or other forms of daily activity with their owners.

    A Labrador Golden Retriever mix is a great companion for jogging, hiking or biking. This is a breed that also enjoys swimming.

    Dog sports such as agility, obedience trials, and tracking are a great way to keep your dog physically active, mentally stimulated, and out of trouble.

    Exercise is especially important for the health of this breed, as both Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers tend to develop elbow and hip dysplasia. Weight management is one way to combat these joint problems.

    Exercise is also important for a mix of two breeds that like to eat, as both are prone to weight gain. Weight gain does not benefit compromised joint health.

    Golden Retriever Lab Mix Training

    This breed has an easy-going and spirited temperament that makes them highly trainable. The parent breeds have a long history as service dogs, bomb detection dogs, hunting dogs and now therapy dogs.

    It is recommended to start training early, starting at 7 or 8 weeks of age. Obedience classes can not only help create a well-behaved dog, but also strengthen the bond between dog and owner.

    Golden Retriever Lab Mix Temperament

    The Goldador is overall a friendly, sociable, people-loving dog that is beloved by families worldwide.

    Labradors and Golden Retrievers have very similar personalities.

    You can therefore be fairly sure of a friendly dog. One that is fairly lively, and loves to be in human company.

    Labs can be a little more playful and Goldies a little calmer, but these characteristics range within the breeds themselves too.

    You can be confident that a mix will be intelligent, trainable and need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.

    History And Original Purpose Of The Golden Retriever Lab Mix

    Golden Retriever Lab Mix – Buttercup Board-and-Train Graduation Video

    What is a Goldador?

    The Goldador is a hybrid dog with one Labrador Retriever parent and one Golden Retriever parent.

    Common Goldador names include the Goldador Retriever, the Golden Lab mix, the Golden Retriever mix, and the Labrador Golden Retriever mix.

    As you will learn here, both of the Goldador dogs parents, the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever, have a long lineage and history as beloved pet dogs as well as show ring and working dog champions.

    Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix: Full Guide With Photos

    We’re an affiliate!we hope you enjoy the products we recommend! just so you know we may collect a small commission when you make a purchase from any of the links on this page at no additional cost to you! We really appreciate it!

    Everybody loves the color chocolate do you know why? Actually, unconsciously every person uses chocolate words very often and maybe every day in their life.Almost daily people referred to as most of the products as chocolate like chocolate snacks, chocolate juice, and other things but what about the people who love designer dogs.

    If you are one of those who love designer dogs and looking to adopt one then maybe you would want to know about A Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix.

    Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix Color

    Only by its name, you can expect what color they can come in. A Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix is more likely to come in a single color and it will be chocolate.Well, the word chocolate is the most favorite used by childrens especially girls. You will also find their coat a bit shiny due to its parent Golden Retriever. So, the perfect color of chocolate lab golden retriever mix would be chocolate with some shiny hair on them.

    Reasons Why You Shouldnt Get A Golden Retriever Lab Mix

    Their Large Size Makes Living in an Apartment DifficultThe Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever Mix is considered a large breed, so living with them in a small apartment or condominium might be quite a challenge. This breed is energetic and hence having a fenced yard where he can do daily outdoor activities is convenient. You may also need a bigger bed in your house if you let them share your bed at night. Because of their affectionate nature, they might want to sleep beside you, and theyre more likely to take over your bed.

    Needs Regular ExerciseBecause theyre intelligent and active dogs, the Golden Retriever Lab Mix needs to exercise on a regular basis. They have a tendency to have a destructive behavior and be aggressive when they get bored or when left in solitude.

    Not a Good Guard Dog

    If youre looking for a guard dog, the Lab Golden Retriever Mix is certainly not the choice for you. The Goldador is generally the loving type, not under the fighting category. It is the type of dog that loves every person he meets, and he would gladly show where his owners stuff is, especially if theres a treat in exchange. This hybrid dog is so friendly that he might likely go home with anybody he meets. However, he can also do some work as hunting companions, guide and therapy dogs, and participate in bomb detection.

    Note sure the Golden Lab is the perfect pup for you? Check out our full list of 30+ Golden Retriever mix breeds types.

    Personality & Temperament Of Goldadors

    Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labradors

    Both Labradors and Golden Retrievers are known for having friendly, playful, easy-going temperaments, and this should also be true of any Goldador puppy you get.

    Labradors are known for intelligence, energy, playful personalities, and skills in retrieving, especially in the water. Labs are also usually excellent swimmers and fabulous upland game retrievers. They are a high-energy breed whos always up to play!

    Golden Retrievers are gentle, friendly, playful, and great bird retrievers. Their perpetual sunny dispositions and glossy long fur give them a soft spot for your kids to snuggle and they are generally very adaptable to busy life with families.

    Both breeds can be excellent service and helper dogs, and if youre looking for a service dog, you might find the Goldador to be an excellent choice.

    Your Goldador should be a high-energy, active, and athletic family dog who excels in water and is always up for outdoor adventures.

    Like Labs and purebred Goldens, Goldadors arent usually aggressive or used as guard dogs, due to their very friendly and social nature with people.

    They tend to be a bit more mellow than certain other types of Labrador mixes, such as Jackadors,which are an extremely high-energy and active mix between Labs and Jack Russell Terriers.

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