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How Do You Train A Golden Retriever

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How Can I Train My Golden Retriever To Sit

How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (5 Easy Steps)

With a treat in hand, hold your hand out so your puppy can smell it, then lift your hand up and back over her head. As her eyes follow you and her head goes up, your golden puppy will automatically sit. As soon as she does, say yes or click and give the treat. Do this until she is easily lured into sitting.

When Will It Be Okay To Stop Crating My Golden

When you stop crate training is also a personal preference. If youve trained your golden in a positive way, you might always leave his crate out for him.

You may find that he chooses to go in his crate on his own. Our dogs have always done this. You dont have to close the door. Simply leave it open and let him use it when he wants.

Other golden owners prefer to use the crate only for house training and may decide to quit crating him when hes around 4 months old. If you know you want to stop using the crate early, make the transitions in stages.

Give your golden a chance to be left alone for an hour at first and see how he does. Or even less time such as leaving him out when you take a quick shower. As you begin to trust that he wont chew up anything or go potty inside, you can lengthen that time.

Preventing Your Dog From Biting

Biting is a problem, for most dog breeds, but with golden retrievers, you can expect an excessive amount of nibbling. Yup! Whilst this is not too bad if it is not nipped in the bud from an early stage then it can later become quite a problem for you and your dog. Take a look at this video showing an aggressive Labrador with the dog whisperer below:

You see, its no joke when you havent put the right building blocks in place from early. And the later you leave it then the more difficult it becomes to fix. So its best to take the right steps from as early as possible to getting started with obedience training.

I managed to find a video that will give a quick few tips that you can take away to teaching your puppy not to mouth or nibble so much if you find this to be a problem. Remember that you will not be able to change this overnight but with work, it can be easily ironed out over time.

With all that being said, you can start with obedience training to make sure that you are no the right track and armed with the right knowledge from the start. I have taken a few online training programs in my time but I have found 1 to stand out from the rest that I highly recommend you take a look at.

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Training Your Puppy Obedience

1. Decide what you will teach your puppy. Obedience training consists of teaching your dog to do things in response to your verbal commands or hand signals. Basic commands like sit, come, leave it, and stay are important to help you manage your dog and ensure her safety, but there are many other commands you can teach, like shake, roll over, jump or speak. Most of these skills are taught with the same basic reward-based methods capturing or luring which will be demonstrated here with sit.

2. Use the lure method to teach sit. Be sure to break up the training described here into multiple short sessions carried out over several days.

  • With a treat in hand, hold your hand out so your puppy can smell it, then lift your hand up and back over her head. As her eyes follow you and her head goes up, your golden puppy will automatically sit. As soon as she does, say yes or click and give the treat. Do this until she is easily lured into sitting.
  • Now try the same thing, but with no treat in your hand. Say sit and move your hand back. Give her the treat as soon as she sits.
  • When your golden has mastered sitting for your empty hand, back away, and use the same hand motion at a distance while saying sit.
  • Finally, say sit without the hand motion, and reward your dog when she does so.

Begin The Training Process As Soon As Possible

I love car rides human!

It’s never too early to start training your puppy. In fact, the earlier you begin, the easier it will be to develop good habits. Most dog owners bring their pups home at around six to eight weeks of age.

While you may be tempted to let your dog have a few days of worry-free living when you first bring them home, it’s not a good idea.

Your puppy may start to develop bad habits straight off the bat. If you don’t address these issues, your dog will see that there are no repercussions to their actions. Start building that trust as soon as possible. Golden Retrievers are very intelligent creatures, so they’ll have no problem picking up training techniques at only a few months old.

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How To Train A Golden Retriever Puppy

Its hard not to love a golden retriever puppy. Unless she or he happens to be peeing on your floor or eating your shoes. Training your golden retriever from a young age will help form a bond between you and your dog, help to keep your dog safe, and will make both you and your dog happier. There are certain things all owners will want to teach house training and leash training as well as basic commands like sit and come. But there are dozens of other behaviors you can teach your golden retriever puppy using the same basic method.

How To Start Training A Golden Retriever Puppy: Tips And Advice

by Dr. Gary Richter | Sep 28, 2020 | Dog Breeds, Dog Training |

Yes, theyre irresistibly cute. But thats not the only reason you see Golden Retriever puppies on dozens of TV commercials. Golden Retrievers are a famously people-friendly breed. They also famously have a lot of energy. However, puppy training a Golden Retriever may not always go off without a hitch.

Though Golden Retrievers are relatively easy to train, it helps to have a plan.1 You can teach a new dog new tricks but you may have to learn some tricks yourself first. Read on to discover ways you can make training your Golden Retriever pup a little easier.

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First And Foremost Remove The Reward

To your dog, the obvious reward for jumping up is getting up-close-and-personal with you or the person they are greeting.

Your dog wants your attention and jumping up is their way of demanding it. And if they get any good or bad then thats the reward. And they will do it again next time.

Therefore, when your dog jumps, remove all attention, both positive or negative.

Do not look at your dog, do not reach your hands out to push them away. Simply walk past or away from them, and go about your business.

This may leave your dog wondering what happened. It may also encourage your dog to try new tactics. But only when your dog puts all four feet on the floor to greet you should you turn to them and offer up treats, pets, and calm praise.

Do not offer up too much excitement, which may cause your dog to jump up again. If this happens, go back to ignoring your dog. Theyre smart, and eventually theyll get it. Eventually they will twig that if they jump, they get ignored, if theyre calm and remain on the ground, they get what they want.

Only four on the floor should earn any form attention from you!

And we shall discuss a little later, you must do this every time, all the time. Never, not once, can you encourage or reward jumping. If you do, it will never end.

Turn Aside From The Jump

Puppy Biting: How To Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Stop Biting

When your dog attempts to jump, get out of the way.

Similar to the method above, but with a key difference youre not going about your business. Instead, youre waiting for your dog to recognize their mistake.

When your dog jumps up, turn around, do not make eye contact, and fold your arms across your chest. Some dogs will try to nuzzle your hands and folding your arms removes that possibility.

When they manage to keep four on the floor, you can initiate a calm greeting. This technique works well for dogs who need immediate feedback.

Be sure to treat and praise them as soon as they have all four paws on the ground. Mark and reward the correct behavior. If you say jumping is wrong, telling what not to do isnt enough, you also need to train what they should do instead.

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How To Crate Train Your Golden Retriever

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Making the decision to crate train your golden retriever doesnt come lightly. Research tells you of all the many varied opinions on crate training.

In this article, Ill share with you the answers to the following questions:

  • What is crate training?
  • Which crates are best to use?
  • When will it be okay to stop crating my golden?
  • What are the pros and cons of crate training a golden retriever?

As you read through the article, think about your own situation and that of your dog. Will crate training your golden be the best for you? Lets take a look at the answers to our questions.

  • Last Thoughts on Crate Training
  • Disciplining Your Golden Retriever: 5 Donts

    Weve already indicated that discipline does not mean punishment. Contrary, it means reinforcing good behavior and deterring unbefitting behavior. In other words, you should not punish your Golden Retriever.

    Punishment here implies what not to do. Here are five donts when it comes to disciplining your Golden Retriever:

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    Training Golden Retrievers 05 Tips For Success

    Golden Retrievers or Goldies are excellent animal companions. They are known for being affectionate, loyal and able to form lifelong bonds with humans. They are also quite intelligent and very trainable. In General Golden Retrievers are incredibly loyal, social, and trustworthy however, they do not come into the world filled with manners. Though they possess a friendly and eager-to-please demeanor but training golden retrievers will be necessary to differentiate between desirable and unacceptable action. Some training Golden Retrievers tips have been discussed below. Applying these tips make your Golden Retriever a well-mannered dog companion.Tthe more knowledge you are armed with, the easier the training will be for you and your dog.

    After you bring a Golden Retriever home, training the Golden Retriever is the first responsibility that you are obliged to perform. Golden Retriever training is not an uphill task due to their intelligence, obedience, and eagerness to please the handler nature. Regardless if you just brought home a puppy or an adult,training golden retrievers is exciting because they catch on to things quickly, if you work with them. An untrained golden retriever can lead to jumping on people to greet them face to face, but golden retrievers can weigh 80 pounds full grown, so a jump on a child can easily knock them over. This is why it is vital to begin the training as soon as you bring your puppy or dog home.

    Strangers Can Help Too

    How Much Space Does a Golden Retriever Need? (Explained ...

    When a stranger asks to say hello to your dog, say sure, but Id love it if you could help us with our training.

    Let them know that your dogs not allowed to jump and ask them to back away if your dog loses control. If youve been working on a sit for greeting, now is a great time to practice.

    Have your dog sit beside you and treat them lavishly as the person approaches to say hello. If your dog breaks a sit, the stranger must back away and ignore the dog.

    With you, all friends and even strangers doing the same thing and not rewarding jumping with any attention, before long your dog will learn they get longer hellos and a lot more treats and attention if they keep all four on the floor.

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    Use Rewards To Your Advantage

    Positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your puppy new skills. Golden Retrievers are very loving creatures that don’t typically display alpha-like behaviors with humans. Instead, they respond to a gentle touch.

    You should never hit your puppy or yell at them. This will only teach them to fear you, which could lead to a host of other issues when they get older.

    Rewards and praise are the way to go. Invest in some training treats that you can give to your puppy whenever they do something good.

    These small treats are often low in calories, yet packed with flavor. They’ll love the reward and associate good behavior with the treat, making the training process much easier.

    Observe The Body Language To Stop Your Golden Retriever Biting

    Generally, the dogs show some signs before biting. If you ignore these signs, your pet may bite you. And the signals include:

    • White-eyes
    • Growling
    • Wagging of the tail

    Therefore, you must observe these signs. And if your pet shows these signs, maintain distance from your pet.

    Moreover, your pet may also bite due to disease or illness. Therefore, you should be conscious of the change in its behavior and consult the professionals immediately.

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    What To Do About Everyone Else

    Now that your dog has started working with you on calm greetings, its time to bring your family, friends, and visitors into the mix. This is the hard part.

    Even if youve been working round the clock with your dog, the calm greetings youve been experiencing wont automatically translate to others. Teaching your dog manners is hard work, but it will be all for naught if you and your dog are the only ones working at it.

    Therefore, extend your training to encompass your family and friends. In order for your dog to learn the rules, they must be consistent across the board for everyone in the household, as well as friends and visitors.

    Dont be above handing out treats to your guests as they sail through the door. Or pre-arm your friends with treats before they come to the door

    Be sure to discuss with them clearly, if they come to your house and your dog jumps up, they MUST walk away from this rude behavior and to NEVER encourage jumping.

    If there are people in your life who you know wont comply, be sure to leash your dog and work with them during the visit, so your dog isnt inadvertently rewarded for the wrong behavior.

    Recall How To Teach Our Golden Retriever Puppy To Come Back When Called

    Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Jumping (3 Easy Steps)

    Your puppy already knows their name at this point, so this should be a walk in the park. But if it isnt, remember that its alright.

    Safety first should always be words you live by when youre doing anything with your puppy but in this case, you should keep them in mind even more.

    How to do it

  • Treats and a cheerful voice will be what works here.
  • Call out your puppys name in high spirits and cheerfully once, and not too loudly.
  • When they look at you, drop the treat on the ground near you
  • TIPS

    • You dont need to reach out or grab your puppy when they come to you just yet youre just teaching your puppy to hang out near you where all the good stuff happens like treats dropping on the floor.
    • Do these exercises before meal times so your puppy is more motivated.
    • Practice this 5 times a day and in 3 different places in your house and garden to get them used to coming to you in all settings.

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    Make Dog Training A Family Project

    Be sure your Golden Retriever has a positive relationship with every member of the familyincluding other pets. Encourage each family member to practice basic skills with the dog, including sit, down, off , stay, come and all done . Encourage everyone to work on emphasizing a default behavior.

    You can help other pets feel safe around your Golden by using equipment to separate them as needed when supervision isnt possible.

    Adopting A Trained Golden Retriever

    Adopting a trained dog does not mean that your job as a dog owner is done. When you adopt any dog, your job is only beginning. Golden Retrievers often live for 10-12 years, making them a serious, long-term commitment. Even if your puppy has already learned how to sit, stay, and walk on a leash, it will still need life-long reinforcement of those rules and commands. Without a strong, knowledgeable owner, the Golden Retriever training your dog experienced as a puppy will quickly become nothing more than a dim memory. It is up to you to continue your dogs training and help your Golden Retriever grow up into a healthy, obedient, socialized companion.

    When you adopt a dog, be sure to ask the breeder about their training techniques so you can build on those commands. For example, many breeders crate train their puppies, and they may be able to offer advice on finding an appropriate crate for your dog. If you need assistance, there are many Golden Retriever training programs available nationwide to help first-time dog owners learn how to communicate with their pet. Training a dog can be an intimidating idea, but adopting a pre-trained dog can be a great way to get a head start and make it easier for you to continue their training at home.

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