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How Long Does A Golden Retriever Live For

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Where Does The Golden Retriever Chow Mix Come From

Golden Retriever and Labrador – which is best for you? | Retriever Planet

As with any other designer dog, the origin of the Golden Retriever Chow mix is unknown.

At some point in the past 20 years, people decided to mix the Golden Retriever and Chow Chow, which resulted in the Golden Chowtriever a fierce but loving crossbreed.

To fully understand this crossbreed, we can learn more about the traits it can inherit from its parents.

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How Long Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone

Golden retrievers should be left alone for 1-8 hours depending on the dog and its needs.Most dogs will eat and drink enough during a days waking period so as not to need anything at other times. However, there are some exceptions: Some dogs need brief walks three or four times a day, or feeding four or more smaller meals evenly spaced throughout the day.There is no hard and fast rule about how long any given breed of dog can do without eating, because each breed has different metabolic needs however, there are general guidelines that can be followed. If your dog is an adult , it can probably go 4 hours?possibly up to 8 hours?without food.

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Bigger Dogs Have Shorter Lifespans

Unfortunately, it is a fact that larger dogs do not live as long as smaller dogs. This does not only apply to Golden Retrievers. Scientists dont understand the reasons behind this. A study published in the American Naturalist showed that larger dogs age at an accelerated pace and showed that for every 4.4 pounds of body mass, a dogs life expectancy goes down by one month. While this sounds both incredibly unfair and terrifying, there is still no conclusive explanation as to why this is true. Scientists speculate that larger breeds grow at an accelerated rate from puppy to adult than smaller dogs. This may cause a higher likelihood of abnormal cell growth which can lead to cancer or cause larger dogs to succumb to age-related illnesses quicker than their smaller counterparts.

How Long Is Too Long To Leave A Golden Retriever

How Long do Golden Retriever

So, if you have no other choice but to leave your Golden Retriever home alone, then you are going to want to know how long you can leave him.

That will depend on the setup you have. Consider these questions before you try to settle on how long your pup is okay on his own.

  • Are you able to leave your dog loose, roaming the house or do you need to confine him to a smaller space?
  • Does your dog have the ability to relieve himself during the day or does he need someone to let him out for potty breaks?
  • Is your Golden Retriever going to get bored during the day or have you prepared some form of mental stimulation during the day?
  • Does your Golden have access to sufficient water and food or will you have to be there to divvy out the rations?
  • Is the temperature-controlled or will your dog be stuck outside in the event of an unexpected change in weather ?
  • These are not the only things to consider, but lets try and use these questions as a guideline to establish a general idea of how long you can leave your dog at home alone.

    Bored dogs can cause problems at home all alone.

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    Meet The Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers were bred as hunting dogs in mid-19th Scotland. They were exceptionally good at retrieving waterfowl without damaging the game, thanks to their soft mouths, which made them the top choice for many hunters.

    As time passed and they evolved, Goldens started to be viewed more like family members and surged in popularity throughout England.

    Fast forward to today, Goldens have taken the world by storm. Their outgoing, playful nature, helped make them the third most popular breed in the US, and the rest of the world.

    Yet, this dog offers brains as well as brawns. Being versatile, theyre also used as disability dogs for the blind & deaf, search and rescue, and detection dogs.

    They even rank as the fourth most intelligent dog breed in the world right behind the Border Collie, Poodle, and German Shepherd. So its no wonder this breed is being utilized to help humans live better quality lives.

    This purebred can be found in three different types: American, Canadian, and English Golden Retrievers.

    Based on the AKCs official breed standards, the average size of a Golden Retriever is 21.5 to 24 inches in height and 55 to 75 pounds in weight.

    Theyre faithful companions that enjoy an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

    Why Large Dogs Live Shorter Lives

    Simply put Larger dogs, like Golden Retrievers, grow faster and age more quickly. This leads to earlier incidence of tumors and abnormal tissue developments and other dogs.

    A study by the American Society of Naturalists writers:

    Large dogs age at an accelerated pace, as though their adult life is runing at a faster pace than small dogs. Hence, a first answer to the question of why large dogs die young is that they age quickly.

    They also add later in the study:

    Across breeds, body size is strongly positively linked to the absolute speed at which the mortality hazard increases.

    This relationship was still evident when looking at the aging rate relative to the current level of the mortality hazard that is, large dogs age at an accelerated pace, suggesting that their adult life unwinds in fast motion.

    Additionally, size was connected to the baseline hazard, which was higher in large dogs compared to small ones.

    We found no clear relationship between the age at the onset of senescence and size.

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    Do You Prefer A Puppy To An Older Dog

    Dont think that Golden Retriever puppies or adults are equal in price. Younger Goldens tend to have a higher starting price. This holds true whether you adopt or get your dog through a breeder.

    Golden Retrievers that are older tend to be less expensive than puppies in the beginning. They also tend to have a lower lifetime cost. The first year of ownership for your Golden Retriever puppy is going to cost you between $2100-3000. For the same period, an adult Golden will cost between $1500 to 2500.

    Why the difference? Puppies need to be taught obedience, have regular vet visits and are given a lot of toys and pads for teething. For older Golden Retrievers, this is not an issue.

    What Is The Average Golden Retriever Lifespan

    Can Golden Retrievers Live in an Apartment?

    A favorite breed amongst families, Golden Retrievers are loved for their intelligence, friendliness, and loyalty. In fact, they are so loved they are ranked 3rd in popularity by the American Kennel Club.

    If youre thinking about getting a Golden Retriever, you will want to know that your beloved pooch is going to be around for years to come. Keep reading to find out how long Golden Retrievers live.

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    How Long Do Golden Retriever’s Live

    The average Golden Retriever life span is 10 to 13 years, although some do live longer than this.

    There are a few things you can do that may help increase the life span of your Golden Retriever.

    At the very least, these things will help him to stay healthier and lead a happier life.

    Make sure he is fed a quality dog food.

    Keep him active by exercising him regularly. This not only helps his bones and muscles, but it great for energy levels and engaging his mind. Well exercised Goldens are well rounded dogs!

    Maintain his weight, so that he does not become overweight.

    Obese dogs have a shorter life span, and carrying too much weight causes pressure on his joints and bones and can cause or contribute to hip dysplasia.

    Keep his teeth and gums healthy by giving him plenty of chew items, brushing his teeth at home regularly, and by yearly check ups. When a dog’s teeth and gums decay, this leaves your Golden Retriever open to bacteria and infection. When infection gets into the bloodstream, serious health risks can occur.

    Spaying or neutering can prevent many serious diseases and some cancers.Make sure he also gets regular check ups from his vet. Think of it as his yearly physical, like we get for ourselves!Doing these simple things can help extend your Golden Retriever’s life span.

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    A Good Diet Is Key For A Long Healthy Life

    Golden Retrievers are considered a large species of dogs. This means that it is going to be very important to consider the dogs current age when buying food.

    Since Goldens are already prone to hip disease, any weight gain will put additional stress on the joints and potentially increase the risk even more.

    Dog foods are also split into puppy and adult categories. Feeding your Golden Retriever adult diet when they are still a puppy can lead to other health issues since adult foods are specifically designed with adult nutrition needs in mind.

    Golden Retrievers grow to be full size within two years of birth, though some of them grow to full size around a year. As a rule of thumb, you should not feed your Golden Retriever an adult diet until he or she is fully grown.

    It is safe to feed your Golden Retriever puppy this diet for the full two years if you wish, but if you feel they are fully grown and would like to make the switch to adult food, all you have to do is simply ask your veterinarian, and they will guide you.

    Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon

    Taste Of The Wild Southwest has been widely reviewed to be a portion of high-quality dog food for Golden Retrievers. A healthy balance of protein and grains is ideal for large species of dogs, including Goldens.

    The top five ingredients in this particular diet are:


    Pea Protein

    Tapioca Starch

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    How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live With Cancer

    The occasional time length for dogs to live with cancer is around 2 months if left untreated. However with chemotherapy and the correct treatment, then you can expect your furry friend to live up to 12-months plus.

    Whilst there is no length of time on how each individual pet will live. These numbers are taken from averages that have been recorded over the last 5 years. In the modern world that we live in with fancy new methods of living.

    Its no surprise that we say label this with genetics as the problem to cover up the real issues that have been created and need to be addressed. Lets take a look at how each of the genders has changed for Golden retrievers to see if these problems are occurring in both male and female dogs too.

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    How Long Do They Live

    How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live?  Golden Retriever Society

    On average,Golden Retrievers live 10-12 years. Within the last fifty years, the life expectancy has dropped by five or six years. Back in the 1970s, Golden Retrievers lived for 16-17 years.

    Golden Retrievers are great dogs, and people do want them to live longer. With all the things that could go wrong, being educated on how to prolong the life of your Golden Retriever is extremely helpful.

    Remember, 10-12 years is just the average, your dog could live much longer!

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    Training Cost Of Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being social, friendly, and easy-to-train for the experienced dog owner. Alexa Diaz is a professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist.

    However, some group training lessons may still prove useful in teaching basic obedience and solving behavioral problems. These lessons usually cost $150-$200 and are offered in five, one-hour sessions.

    The American Kennel Club, , says there are certain things you need to do in the first year.

    A full physical exam can cost around $50-$100The DAPPV vaccine is about $60-$100Registering for the American Kennel Club will cost $35+You can purchase heartworm prevention for around $70-$200, a one-year supply.Deworming costs approximately $10 per dogLeptospirosis/Bordetella, Lyme Disease/Lyme Disease/Coronavirus and Canine Influenza are the recommended vaccines. These vaccines cost about $100-$200The rabies vaccine costs approximately $10-$20


    Golden Retriever Price Everything You Need To Know

    Retrievers cost can vary depending on the location and type of breeder you purchase it from. A Golden Retriever puppy is a very popular dog which is why you may expect to pay a higher initial price if youre looking to purchase one from reputable breeders. In some cases, purebred Golden Retrievers cost may be up to £2000. Also due to high demand if youre looking for a Golden retriever Puppy you may have to wait months before something comes up, however, there is always the option of putting yourself on waiting lists at different breeders this way when one does come up you will be notified immediately!

    You should avoid the cheaper prices you may find from backyard breeders or puppy mills as poor breeding can lead to health issues meaning more money spent in the log run on costs like veterinary care.

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    Golden Cocker Retriever History

    Theres not much information available about the history of Golden Cocker Retriever. Although it has been observed this designer doggy originated between the last two decades. But looking at the parent dogs it could be understood how it was produced. Golden retrievers originated from Scotland, are well known for their intelligence, abilities, and competitive obedience.

    Whereas Cocker Spaniel has its origin in Spain, they were loyal dogs used for hunting with the unique expertise of tracking and startling fowl. The Golden Crocker Retriever is a designer dog fit as a family dog with playful and loving nature. They are also known as Golden Cockers, Cockers Retrievers, etc.

    Become Your Dogs Nutritionist


    Of course, you might need to consult with a professional regarding the proper nutrition for your golden.

    But itâs important to educate yourself regarding what food and treats would be the best for him. Feed a high-quality diet.

    I researched many brands of food for my dogs before choosing one.

    Also, knowledge can be a springboard for asking questions of your vet or a veterinary nutritionist.

    Itâs also important to know what foods are dangerous or deadly to dogs.

    Chocolate, raisins, macadamia nuts, avocado, apple seeds, onions, and xylitol are deadly to dogs in even small amounts.

    The ASPCA has a very informative website regarding foods that are dangerous to our beloved goldens.

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    Ensure Good Dental Hygiene

    Just like us, a dogâs dental hygiene can affect their overall health.

    Without good dental hygiene, a dog can have periodontal disease. Bacteria can enter the blood system and affect organs, attacking the kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs.

    Unfortunately, 80 percent of dogs show dental disease by the age of three.

    Many vets recommend brushing your dogâs teeth on a regular basis. Daily is best.

    Itâs good to have your vet check out whether your goldenâs teeth need to be cleanedor if any need to be pulled.

    I brush my dogsâ teeth daily. And, when the vet indicates that they should be professionally cleaned, I take her advice.

    What Do Lumps On Golden Retrievers Back Mean

    These lumps in Golden Retrievers can occur on the legs, on the back and even below the neck. These are basically fatty cell tumors. They appear on older dogs and can grow between deep tissue muscles as well. They can become large enough to interfere with the dogs movement and comfort at times.

    Some more serious health problems that can affect your golden include: Golden Retrievers are more likely to develop certain types of cancer than any other breed. Unfortunately, cancer is the number one cause of death in goldens, studies show that 60% of goldens will die from cancer. Males have a higher rate of 66% and females slightly lower at 57%.

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    When Do Golden Retrievers Calm Down And 3 Ways To Train Them To Be More Chill

    The energy of your golden retriever is a large part of their charm, but sometimes it can be too much and youre left wondering do Golden retrievers calm down? and if so, when?

    Days, weeks, and months pass by and your pup dont seem to ever want to just chill. Its as if they are always cranked up to 11 and there is no off button on them.

    Well, the good news is that Golden Retrievers do calm down.

    So, when do golden retrievers Calm down? Golden Retrievers start to calm down when they are 2-to-3 years old when they are turning from puppies into adult dogs. They often become much calmer at the age of four, but their energy levels can still be high compared to other dog breeds.

    When Golden Retrievers are puppies, they have all this pent up energy that needs to go somewhere, and it often goes everywhere. From jumping on new people to chewing everything they can reach, they always find ways to release this pent up energy.

    Even more, some golden retrievers can keep this level of energy through all their lifetime. As much enduring as this is, it can take a lot to keep up with them at all times. However, there are things you can do to help your puppy chill down.

    Lets talk about them more

    This study is being undertaken by the Morris Animal Foundation and just kicked off in 2015.

    This study is looking at a number of factors, from heavy metals found in water to the pets routine and even physical traits, to discover if there is any correlation between these factors and cancer.

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