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How Much Is A Golden Retriever Uk

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How Much Should I Feed My Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy First Week Home – Professional Dog Training Tips

A Golden Retriever puppy will have to be fed three meals a day until he is six months old, at which time you can feed him twice a day. Meal size can vary from one puppy to the next, but the average three-month-old Golden puppy will eat two cups of food a day. At this time, you should divide the food into three meals and serve it in the morning, noon, and evening.

Golden Retriever Puppies And Labrador Puppies

Via Flickr User Paul David

Via Flickr User RD_Elsie

Both are too cute for words! Make sure you find a reputable breeder when you decided to get a puppy. The Kennel Club lists assured Labrador breeders and assured Golden retriever breeders on its site. When youre ready to meet with lab or golden breeders, keep this checklist handy to make sure you get all the information you need.

  • ask about the health history of both dog parents, including health screenings and vet checkups
  • ask for a record of immunisations
  • observe the dog parents temperaments and personalities
  • choose a puppy that appears healthy
  • choose a puppy who plays good-naturedly and isnt timid or anxious

Golden Retriever Cost Breakdown:

Now that you know the price range to buy a golden retriever, we need to examine the additional golden retriever costs that you can expect when you bring your new puppy home like veterinary care, food, toys, and more. Its important to remember that when you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, you are more likely to encounter lower golden retriever costs over the lifetime of your pet.

Its important to give your golden retriever the health checks they need in order to grow strong and healthy. According to the American Kennel Club, there are some essential steps and vet bills youll need to take care of before your golden retrievers first birthday:

  • Full physical exam: $50 $100
  • Recommended vaccines : $100 $200
  • Rabies vaccine: $10 $20
  • Heartworm preventatives: $70 $200
  • Total price of veterinary expenses: $335 $665

To ensure you get a healthy dog, its generally better to buy a golden retriever that has already had its first round of health checks, vaccines, and paperwork. This will ultimately save you time and money on your golden retriever price because breeders often pay lower veterinary rates than individuals do.

Distemper, for example, is a highly contagious disease that attacks the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and nervous systems of dogs. Unfortunately, there is no cure just a lot of expenses and stress which really adds to your overall golden retriever cost.

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How Much To Feed A Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever puppies should eat three to four times a day until they are six months old at scheduled intervals. They require more calories and frequency at this young age. It is not best to feed them extra food as they could become overweight. They should be lanky with long legs at this stage in life.

Should I Feed My Golden Retriever Table Food

How Much To Feed a Golden Retriever Puppy

Feeding your Golden Retriever table food is not the best practice but can be done in moderation. Some table foods are healthy for them such as blueberries and plain yogurt.

Just be aware that feeding them too much table food can throw their entire diet out of whack. They may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals like they do from their dog food.

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What Is The Cost Of A Golden Retriever Puppy

The great news is that Golden Retrievers are popular dogs, which means there is a lot of competition between breeders.

And competition means lower prices.

On average, you can come across a Golden Retriever from a breeder for as low as $500 if you are looking for a companion dog and as high as $3,000 if you are seeking a show quality dog.

If you would prefer to look into a rescue, most reputable shelters will have adoption fees that range from $50 to $300.

Golden Retriever Feeding Guide For Seniors

As your Goldie gets older he will become less active and will need fewer calories to stay on his ideal weight. Your pooch will be considered a senior when he is eight years old, so make sure to tweak his diet around this age.

An older Golden Retriever will need around 900 calories per day served in two equally spaced meals. However, if your senior dog needs to lose some weight, you will have to put him on a diet and lower his calorie intake.

You should talk with your vet and see if there is a need to transition your pooch to senior dog food at this point or not. Food for older dogs has fewer calories and is supplemented with glucosamine and vitamins that are beneficial for older dogs. However, many seniors continue to eat regular food without any side effects, but you should check just in case you need to change his diet.

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General Golden Retriever Puppy Food

Because puppies need a diet specifically designed to meet nutritional needs for normal development, all puppies should be fed a puppy food. Feeding them adult food will not give them the adequate nutrients needed at this age.

Below is a general chart for Golden Retriever puppy feeding.

Golden Retriever Puppy Feeding Chart

Puppy Age
Six to Seven Months Old 3 ½ to 4 Cups Per Day

This chart is just a general guideline for feeding your puppy. Be sure to ask the breeder what they were feeding the puppy and use that exact food. There is also a feeding chart on the back of the dog food bag that you can follow as well. Also, speaking with your veterinarian about this is a good idea.

Below are some other feeding charts that are from our top puppy foods article Best Puppy Food for Golden Retrievers .

Comprehensive Lifetime High Coverage Insurance For Golden Retrievers

What It’s Like Owning a Golden Retriever

This policy is the most comprehensive insurance type but it can also be the most costly, from around $35 per month. Its a great choice if youre looking for advanced coverage with higher benefit limits. Comprehensive Golden Retriever insurance will generally cover accidents, illnesses, hereditary and congenital conditions, alternative therapies and behavioral issues. There may still be limits to the amount claimed in a given year and it is still important to know what you are not covered for.

Golden Retriever insurance should be considered a necessity for those of us who love our animals and feel the responsibility to care for them.

Prevention is always better than cure so optimize the health of your Golden learn the importance of the following:

Providing the correct care for your Golden will keep them as healthy as possible.

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The Average Golden Retriever Price When Buying Through A Breeder

Golden Retriever puppies can cost between $500 to $3,500.

If you plan on buying your Golden Retriever from a breeder, the average cost is going to be between $500 to $3,500. However, this price can vary and be higher or lower depending on a few factors, as we mentioned above.

Along with considering the region from which you buy your puppy, your puppys pedigree, and the quality of breeder youre going through, youll also need to consider your puppys coat color and gender.

Cream Golden Retriever puppies tend to cost the most out of the four color variations available. Female Golden Retriever puppies are also going to be more expensive than their male littermates, as they are seen as potential competitors in the breeding world should owners opt to keep them intact and breed them in the future.

Not only are Golden Retrievers as some of the most expensive breeds to purchase through a breeder, but they can also be some of the most costly to keep due to their long list of health issues and special needs.

While this may not seem like it should tie into the initial Golden Retriever price when going through a breeder, it actually does.

Since the Golden Retriever price does vary so greatly between $500 and $3,500 for a purebred golden Retriever puppy, some well-meaning owners opt to go through less reputable sources in an effort to save some money up front.

Ongoing Golden Retriever Costs

You should expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2,200 to buy a Golden Retriever. But, you may be wondering what contributes to the ongoing costs of owning a Golden Retriever?

Just like their price, there are many factors that can increase the cost of ownership.

A few expenses that many people do not realize they might encounter as a Golden Retriever owner include: licensing fees, boarding fees, microchipping, treats, heartworm preventatives, and flea and tick preventatives.

Training, feeding, grooming, veterinary care, supplies, and pet insurance make up the major costs.

In fact, each year you should expect to spend $2,500 on your Golden Retriever:

  • Veterinary Bills: $625
  • Grooming: $480
  • License: $15

Pet insurance is a product that some owners choose to buy because of the high cancer rates in Golden Retrievers. Coverage plans can be accident-only or accident plus illness. Comprehensive accident and illness coverage costs between $39 to $86 per month for Golden Retrievers.

This price may change with your dogâs age. It will be highest for older dogs.

Golden Retrievers are lower maintenance compared to some breeds like Poodles, but need more grooming than some breeds like Labrador Retrievers.

A Golden Retrieverâs coat can be medium to long in length, making it prone to tangling and forming matts. So, they will require daily brushing. Some owners choose to take their Golden to a groomer every six weeks to get the coat trimmed. On average, grooming may run to $480 per year.

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How Much Should A Golden Retriever Eat Daily

On average, an adult Golden Retriever will eat between 2 and 3 ½ cups of food per day. However, the exact amount of food varies from one dog to the next and depends on age, activity level, weight, health problems, and quality of food.

Furthermore, neutered golden Retrievers need fewer calories compared to their unaltered counterparts, and nursing females will have to eat more to maintain their weight and produce milk for the puppies.

Flexible Reimbursements And Deductibles

6 Things You Dont Know About The Golden Retriever

With Healthy Paws, you can customize your reimbursement percentage and deductibles as per your financial requirements. Once youve paid the chosen deductible, $100, $250, or $500, the insurance company will pay your pre-selected reimbursement percentage of the actual veterinary bill 70%, 80%, or 90%.

A higher reimbursement percentage or a lower deductible would mean youll pay as a larger amount as the monthly premium. With a 70% reimbursement and $500 deductible, the monthly starting premium for your golden retriever would be $32.83.

The model is quite simple. You can take your dog to the vet, either pay upfront and then claim the amount from Healthy Paws as reimbursement or contact Healthy Paws and ask them to pay the vet directly.

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How Does My Pets Age Affect Pet Insurance

Older pets are typically more expensive to insure.

As your pet ages, theyre more likely to suffer the diseases and injuries that are a part of getting old and insurers will charge more to reflect this increased risk.

The exception is puppies and kittens animals under one year old are slightly more expensive to insure because they tend to be more accident prone and at risk of injury at this age.

Insurance for older pets frequently has a co-payment applied. This is where youre asked to pay a percentage of your animals treatment costs and the insurer pays the rest. Co-payments are common in cats from around the age of 10 years and dogs from around eight.

The Ultimate Golden Retriever Puppy Growth Chart By Weight

One of the reasons you should monitor your Golden Retriever puppys growth is to make sure that she is healthy.

Female puppies grow faster or get bigger in the first few months, then males catch up and reach a higher overall weight.

We have a growth chart below but bear in mind that it shouldnt be treated as gospel. 1 or 2 lbs, either way, shouldnt matter.

If you find that your pup is not gaining or is losing weight, you should consult your vet.

You can see your puppys projected growth below and predict how heavy she would be when shes fully grown.

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Is Spaying And Neutering Safe

Spaying and neutering are very safe procedures. It is one of the most common surgeries performed on dogs. The majority of veterinary clinics offer this service. Spaying and neutering can also be done at a variety of local low-cost clinics.

Complications related to spaying and neutering are very rare. For large male dogs who are difficult to keep calm, a complication that can sometimes happen after their neuter is a swelling of their scrotum. It will make it look like they were not actually neutered and as if they still have testicles.

This can happen if your dog is too hyper after surgery. It can also sometimes happen if a tiny blood vessel begins to leak into the empty scrotum. It is nothing to worry about. The swelling will eventually subside, but it can take many months to look completely normal.

How Much Is A Golden Retriever Puppy To Buy And Care For


March 4, 2019 By Madison Guthrie

Are you looking to bring a Golden Retriever into your home? How exciting! But youre probably wondering How much is a Golden Retriever?

Of course, it is always important to prepare yourself for a new dogs arrival, which is why you have obviously found yourself here. Good for you!

Buying your puppy is actually just part of the price. We look at how it adds up when you become a puppy parent.

Are you ready to learn about what it takes financially to get and raise a Golden Retriever puppy or rescue dog?

Then keep reading!

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General Golden Retriever Adult Food

Overfeeding your Golden Retriever can lead to obesity and health problems, so make sure you are keeping them on a healthy, scheduled diet to help them live their best life. Below is a general feeding chart for adult Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever Adult Feeding Chart

Nursing Females 5 to 6 Cups Per Day

This is a general feeding chart guideline. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian to find the best feeding schedule for you and your Golden. They will be able to tell you exactly how much to feed your Golden based on their individual dietary needs.

Feeding your Golden Retriever high-quality food will give them the best nutritional value to live a healthy life. Cheaper dog foods have a lot of fillers in them that provide them no nutritional value, so you may have to feed them more of it for a meal.

Always look on the back of the dog food for their recommended feeding chart and give your Golden those amounts. A visit with your veterinarian about which food is best can be extremely helpful also.

Below are some of our top choices of food with feeding charts.

How To Purchase A Golden Retriever Puppy

The price of your puppy will determine if youre looking for purebred Golden Retriever puppies, show quality puppies or a service dog. The cost also changes depending on if you got your Golden Retriever puppy from a reputable breeder or not. Golden Retriever puppies costs are usually around £1600.

In case you are looking for a purebred Golden Retriever puppy from a reputable breeder, it is important to make sure they have been evaluated by the Kennel Club and that the parents dont suffer from genetic diseases such as hip dysplasia or elbow problems. You should also read reviews on different Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retrievers And Other Pets

Well-socialised Golden Retrievers are very easy-going, which usually means they can be great around other dogs and pets, too. Any introductions should be done carefully and following the right advice for your other pet, too.

Always supervise your dog with other pets, even if they have known them for a long time.

Types Of Pet Insurance Coverage

Golden Retriever puppies price range. How much does a ...

What does pet insurance cover? There are 3 main types of pet insurance plans are:

AccidentPlans: Covers accident-related medical care such as ingestion of foreign objects, poisoning, or if your Golden Retriever was hit by a car.

Illness Plans: Coves unexpected sickness, disease, and any changes to your dogs normal healthy state

WellnessPlans: Its also called routine or preventative. It covers most routine vet visits, such as vaccinations.

You can sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 of these types of coverages, but it will mostly depend on your Golden Retriever needs and your finances.

Take a look at the table below to see the most common items covered by each type of pet insurance plan.

Accident Coverage
  • Dog food or dietary or nutritional supplements
  • Boarding and transportation

This exclusion will vary depending on which pet insurance company and plan you choose.

Pro Tip: Please always READ your policy! Request the full list of exclusions before getting pet insurance. This will ensure your Golden Retriever is fully covered by the plan you pick and help you avoid running into surprises down the road.

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How Often Do Golden Retrievers Need To Be Groomed

A Golden Retrievers coat should be well brushed every one or two weeks to avoid painful matting and to avoid too much shedding. You also shouldnt bathe your golden retriever too often as this could damage their beautifully soft undercoat. Their nails should be carefully cut at least once a month but you shouldnt do this if youre unsure as you could end up harming your Retriever.

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