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How Often Do Golden Retrievers Go Into Heat

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How To Learn Golden Retrievers Heat Cycle


The Golden retriever is a popular dog breed known for their playful and affectionate personality. Due to their amiable nature, they make excellent dogs for many novice fur parents, especially those with young children. They are social, intelligent, and can get along well with other pets, and even strangers.

Due to their reputation as being easy to train, many people prefer to adopt Golden retriever puppies, so their children have a chance to bond with their pup as they grow. While adopting a puppy is an exciting adventure, it can also be a challenging time if you dont know what to expect.;

As your puppy grows, they will experience many different physical changes. Each of these stages can be exciting milestones on your puppys road to maturity, but they can also be challenging to navigate if youre unprepared. Having all of the information before your puppy hits these milestones will help you adjust to your puppys needs and make sure you have all you need to care for her properly.;

It Is Important To Note That Neutering And Spaying Effects Bone Growth And Cancer Rates

Neutering prior to your dogs growth plates closing can cause complications that result in hip and elbow dysplasia. Growth plates begin to close around 6 months of age. Dogs neutered before 6 months of age have a 4 to 5 times chance of developing a form of dysplasia. As for cancer, any dog who is neutered or spayed has a higher chance of cancer compared to a dog that is intact. The affects of neutering males and cancer rates are not as evident as compared to females. With spayed females there is a 3 to 4 times increase of chance in developing some form of cancer.

For me though, reading the results isnt just enough. When I looked at their charts, it showed that if a female is spayed prior to 6 months, she has a less increase of cancer rates compared to 6-12 months. It isnt until 2 years of age, that the chance of cancer rates drops again nearing intact levels. However, if a female is spayed before 6 months then we know she will likely develop a form of dysplasia. We have to consider which one is worse, and quality of life is then important to consider.

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Heat is a natural cycle for females of all dog breeds, and Golden Retrievers are no exception. When in heat, female Golden Retriever knows and signals that this is the optimal time to make puppies. This may be a normal, natural occurrence for your female Golden Retriever, but you are probably not ready for this. Therefore, it is important to educate yourself on this subject. Luckily, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will answer questions like: When do Golden Retrievers go into heat? What are the signs my Golden Retriever is in heat and how long does it last?

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She Is Licking Herself A Lot

This is your dog attempting to keep herself clean during her heat cycle. Most Golden retrievers are very good at keeping themselves clean, which limits how much you have to worry about cleaning up after them.

However, if your golden retriever is older , you may benefit from picking up some doggy diapers to keep from having to do a lot of extra laundry over those 3 weeks.

Give Your Golden Retriever A Job To Do

How often do Golden Retrievers Go Into heat

Your golden can only be doing one thing at a time.

For example, they cant chew up your shoe and chew on a chew toy at once.

So if your golden is doing something you dont want them to do, give them something else to do that you do want them to do.

This is called redirection.

If theyre barking, get them to chew on a chew toy.

If theyre jumping on you, ask them to .

If theyre biting your fingers, give them a plush toy to bite.

When they do do the behavior youre asking for, make sure to praise them and let them know theyre doing a great job.

And heres a bonus tip: get them to do something you want them to do before they do the thing you dont want them to do.

Eventually, theyll stop their bad habit and do something that theyre rewarded for.

Now, no matter how much you exercise your golden, or how often you redirect them, if youre positively reinforcing the bad behavior, things just might get worse

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Taking Care Of A Golden Retriever In Heat

Taking care of your Golden Retriever while she is in heat is a full-time job. Any male in the vicinity will know that she is in heat and will do everything in his power to get in with your female.

We woke up one morning to the most awful noise you have ever heard coming from the backyard.

When I went back there, I found a neighbors Blue Heeler with his feet stuck between the slats of our fence. He was unable to get them out and was barking and hollering for all he was worth.

Every time I reached to lift him out, he snapped at me. Eventually, I got a shovel and lifted him out of the slats and over the fence.

He had jumped the fence to be with our female Labrador that was in heat. Luckily we had put her up in the kennel with a top on it and he could not get in.

One thing that you can do to both protect your house and your dog is put her in a doggy diaper.

People like these modern conveniences because they keep your dog from bleeding on your new carpet. At the same time, these will act as a chastity belt for your little princess.

As long as the diaper is in place, no male will be able to mate with her.

According to reviews on, the Pet Parents Washable diapers are the most popular. They come in one of five sizes. They have an elastic hole for your dogs tail to make them totally leak-proof.

Check this link to see what the diapers are going for right now. I prefer these to the mountains of disposable diapers that spend most of the years taking up space in the closet.

Disadvantages Of Tubal Ligation Hysterectomy Or Not Spaying Your Dog

An OHE eliminates most, if not all, of the female hormone production. In so doing, the real advantages of this procedure are realized. In human cases, great efforts are undertaken to maintain or restore hormone production in the body, but the same is only rarely true in canine practice. These hormones play key roles in reproduction in the dog. However, they can also have many unwanted side effects.

Estrus: During the heat cycle there are behavior and hygienic problems that develop. Females in heat will actively search out male dogs and may attempt to escape from the house or yard, putting them in the danger of traffic, fights with other animals, etc.

Often there is a sudden influx of male dogs around the home and yard. These dogs leave numerous droppings and spray plants and trees with urine in an attempt to mark their new found territory. Owners also need to contend with the vaginal bleeding that typically lasts for 4 to 13 days.

Mammary cancer: Estrogen is one of the primary;causes of;canine mammary cancer, the most common malignant tumor in dogs. Animals that are spayed prior to one year of age very rarely develop this malignancy.

Spaying a dog before her first heat is the best way to significantly reduce the chance your dog will develop mammary cancer. The risk of malignant mammary tumors in dogs spayed prior to their first heat is 0.05%. It is 8% for dog spayed after one heat, and 26% in dogs spayed after their second heat.

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Applying Tick & Flea Powder

At least once every month, you should apply tick and flea powder on the entire coat of your Golden Retriever. This will keep those bloodsuckers away.

Ill admit, this isnt as essential in some areas. These annoying little pests are much more prevalent in warmer regions, especially during spring and summer. However, they can be in your home year round.

If these parasites are already present, a warm bath with special flea dog shampoo will kill them. with combing using a tick and flea comb to remove the dead vermin from the coat.

But because bathing your dog will not permanently keep the bloodsuckers from attacking again, the tick and flea preventative powder should be applied. Again, itll depend on the area which you and your dog live in.

She Starts Odd Mounting Behaviors

Golden Retriever Pros And Cons | The Good AND The Bad!!

Dont be surprised if your dog starts to mount dogs, objects, or your legs. Shell probably do it a lot. It wont matter if the other dog is male or female. Its a natural reaction to the hormones shes experiencing.

She will also be much more tolerant of other dogs mounting her. If this isnt normal behavior for your golden retriever, dont worry, it will end when her heat cycle is over.

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Do Male Dogs Experience Mood Changes After Being Neutered

As we mentioned before, the primary benefits of having your male dog neutered lie in an overall reduction of the odds that they develop a wide range of canine cancers. While male dogs who are neutered do experience an increase in aggressive behaviors right after the procedure, neutering can make them much less aggressive over time. In fact, neutering has bee proven to create a much happier and calmer male dog over time.

One of the huge determining factors as to whether your male dog will become more aggressive after being neutered is the type of breed they are. Certain dog breeds are naturally more aggressive than others, so the temporary imbalance in hormones that neutering causes can spike aggressive behaviors in male dog breeds that are predisposed to violent tendencies in the first place.

The most obvious physical change that your male dog will go through is the removal of their testicles; however, once the incision scars heal, its barely noticeable. Neutering your dog is great because it bolsters improved health and a longer life overall.

When Do Dogs Go Into Heat

This time of fertility and breeding can be a fact of life for your dog at a surprisingly young age. Lonna J. Nielsen, DVM, of Winterset Veterinary Center in Winterset, Iowa, says, “The timing of the first heat varies by the size of the dog. It can be as soon as 6 months of age for small dogs or 1.5 years for giant breeds. Having an intact male in the house will bring heat in faster for a female. It can be as young as four months for small dogs!”

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What Are The Signs That Indicates Golden Retrievers Are Cold

Before the condition of your Golden Retriever becomes severe, it shows signs of discomfort. Therefore, if you see these signs, you should be cautious and help your pet to warm up.

Further, the signs that your Golden Retriever shows when it gets cold are:

  • Restlessness
  • Whining
  • Anxiety

If your pet starts showing these signs, consult the professionals for help as soon as possible. Besides this, you should start warming up the pet immediately.

Do you know how to manage the hypothermic condition of your pet?

When Will Female Pup Reach That Stage

When Do Golden Retrievers Go Into Heat?  Golden Retriever ...

Ideally, most of the female pups do not reach this stage until 6 months. When it comes to the female Golden Retrievers, normally they reach the first heat cycle between 10 and 14 months. If you are wanting to know about the giant breeds, it may begin anywhere between 18 and 24 months.

You have to keep in mind an essential aspect. It is that any breed has its time to reach the heat cycle. It may be early or even late. As every dog is different, you must be watchful of this aspect. Also, it is always better to know the signs that the dog can show. This can help you identify if they are in the heat cycle.

The Golden Retrievers typically get into the cycle during the Spring and Fall. Also, the timing of the cycle largely depends on the period when it was born. It is also to be noted that, once the pup reaches the first heat cycle, from then on it shall get its cycle regularly. Please track the dates and periods. In this way, you can easily track and avoid unnecessary pregnancy.

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How Much Shall I Pay For This Procedure

We cant talk of a specific figure regarding neutering or spaying since the cost varies depending on the breed of your dog and the vet. But on average the fee may range from $50 to $175.

Castrating female dogs is more costly than neutering male dogs since the former will involve surgery of internal organs. The age and size of the dog also matter. For example, large dogs require more anesthesia, and the surgery takes longer.

If you wantto get a better price when castrating your dog, you can contact animalcharities that offer the procedure for free or at discounted prices.

Be Prepared With A Doggie Diaper And Pads

Your Golden Retriever will experience some vaginal discharge when she is in heat. For the sake of containing the mess and allowing your dog to be comfortable, you should get some doggie diapers and pads for her.


In the case that the doggie diapers or pads are too large for your dog, you can get a bodysuit or suspenders for her. The goal here is to ensure that your Golden Retriever is comfortable. If you opt for the bodysuit, ensure that your Golden Retriever has breathing space or the material is not suffocating.

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When Should You Neuter Your Female Golden Retriever

The perfect age to neuter your female dog is around 8-10 months after their first heat cycle because their sexual hormones have a very important role in helping them grow in the proper way.

Some of the female golden retrievers can go into their heat early, even before theyre six months of age, so in that time make sure to look after your dog to notice any sudden changes in their behaviors that indicate they are looking for a mate.

When Should I Expect My Dog’s First Heat

Show Grooming for Golden Retriever with #Hydra

The age of a dogs first heat cycle varies greatly between breeds. Toy breeds can come into heat for the first time as young as four months, while large and giant breeds may be as old as two years before experiencing a first heat cycle. On average, most dogs will have their first heat cycle between six and 15 months of age.

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Golden Retriever Feels Cold Due To Humidity

Humidity makes the atmosphere colder due to the higher amount of moisture in the air. And if your location has higher humidity, your Golden Retriever may feel cold.

Besides this, Golden Retriever may suffer from various other health issues due to humid climate conditions. And most of these issues involve respiratory problems.

Signs That Your Golden Is In Heat

Below are the signs of the heat cycle and how to determine where your dog is at. Keep track of each on a calendar to help you judge when the next cycle is likely to occur.

Swollen vulva

This is not painful for your Golden and begins just a day or two before the bloody discharge of the Proestrus Stage.

Bleeding or other discharge

The discharge is one of the easiest signs that a female is in heat. It is important to watch because it will indicate when your Golden is ready to be bred. I usually wait for the bloody discharge to turn clear for a day or two and then introduce the female to the male two or three times over the next 8 to 10 days.

Abnormal mounting behavior

This sign can be tricky because some females engage in some mounting behavior regardless of what stage of the heat cycle they are in. What you are looking for is increased behavior. Maybe she will start mounting more often or in different situations.

Licking genitals

Experts think that this is your dogs efforts to keep herself clean. Sometimes I question what experts say about the reasons why animals do certain things. It seems likely that it could also be that the areas are becoming more sensitive with increased blood flow.

Nesting behavior

Remember that dogs are naturally burrowing animals. As a female is preparing for the possibility of a pregnancy, it is not uncommon to see her begin preparing a place to whelp her pups. You might see her drag toys or other important items to the nest and sleep with them.

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Golden Retriever Heat Cycle Chart

At the age of 10 to 14 months, female Golden Retriever faces their first heat cycle, and on average, they often go in the heat every six months, that is 2 times a year. When Golden Retriever undergoes the heat cycle, there are 4 stages that she experiences Proestrus, Estrus, Diestrus, and Anestrus. The time duration for each of these stages differs from each other.

Below, Ive attached a Golden Retriever Heat Cycle Chart, which depicts the 4 stages of the Heat Cycle with time duration.

The time spans given in this infographics are only average values, which can vary largely among individuals!

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