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Life Span Of Golden Retrievers

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Lifespan Of Pure Bred And Mix Bredgolden Retriever


The average life span of the purebred is 11-12 years. But though the mix breed 14 for 11-12 years on average, they are susceptible of specific ailment and requires vet frequent checkups and visit to vet. The mixed bred are more prone to genetic disorders and other diseases. Like dysplasia, glaucoma, thyroid disorders, etc.

What Is The Average English Cream Retriever Lifespan

The Golden Retriever is a large dog. Male Cream or light Golden Retrievers grow between 22 to 24 inches , while female cream-colored Golden Retrievers grow between 20 to 22 inches .

While the American Kennel Club specifies a weight range for American Goldens, the British Kennel Club does not. But healthy blond Golden Retrievers are between 65 to 75 pounds for males and 55 to 65 pounds for females.

When it comes to their lifespan, many people assume that the longevity of Golden Retriever lives depends on whether its American or English or what coat color it has. The assumption is not true since lifespan does not depend on where the dog comes from or whether it is a white Golden Retriever or a dark golden one.

Coat color doesnt impact health or longevity. Instead, the lifespan of your pet depends a lot on its ancestry. If you are getting a dog from reputable breeders who have healthy litters of cream Golden Retriever puppies, then your puppy will also be healthy and live longer.

According to the UK Kennel Club, the average lifespan of English Cream Golden Retrievers is more than ten years. A study conducted in the 90s by the Golden Retriever Club has indicated that female platinum blond Goldens may live a bit longer than males.

There are no further lifespan specifications because every dog is unique. Some English Cream Golden Retrievers will simply live longer than others.

What Is The Good Food For Your Golden Retriever

You know that the importance of good food in increasing life expectancy. The good food should thus contain a lot of nutrition such as

  • Variety of grains
  • Vegetables
  • Meats with fillers

Every dog food on market doesnt contain all these nutrients so, be careful and read the label. More to this you can use the Veterinary manual to find the recommended food for your golden.

Have ever checked the label of your dogs food?

Do you think the manufacturer gave the product they have promised?

Dont you think a homemade meal including all the above nutrients will the best for your retriever?

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Do Male Or Female Golden Retrievers Live Longer

Golden retrievers as a whole have a life expectancy of ten to twelve years. With that said, females live on average 11.3 years whereas males live 10.7 years. This isnt a major difference as both genders are prone to the same genetic diseases.

This doesnt mean there arent differences in male and female Goldens. Males are larger than females they can be anywhere from ten to twenty pounds heavier.

Male dogs also mature slower than female dogs do. A male Golden retriever can also be much needier and more anxious than a female. This can make the females easier to train.

Caring For A Golden Retriever

7 Crazy Facts About Golden Retriever Lifespans (And 7 Tips To Increase ...

Golden Retrievers are known for their thick, lustrous golden coats, which are water-repellent. The golden color of their fur can range from light to dark. They have a double coat, which means that they have a thick undercoat of short hair covered by a layer of longer hair. Due to this double coat, Golden Retrievers shed a lot. They also tend to develop matted hair behind their ears and on their hind limbs. Consequently, Golden Retrievers require a lot of groomingeither at home or by a professional groomerto keep their coats healthy.

Golden Retrievers have a moderate amount of energy, even in their senior years. They enjoy a wide variety of activities such as running, going on long walks, retrieving, and swimming. They make excellent therapy dogs and guide dogs for people with impaired vision.

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Golden Retriever: Life Expectancy And What To Know

  • Final Thoughts
  • Being one of the most popular breeds in the United States, the Golden Retrieveris a beloved member of many households.

    While they are valued and loved family members, it is unfortunate that dogs do not live as long as people do. The Golden Retriever is no exception.

    So, it is important to do research on the breed to ensure that you give your Golden a long and healthy life. In this article you will find the life expectancy of a Golden retriever, common causes of death in Goldens, and what to look out for.

    Average Dog Life Expectancy

    Life expectancy in dogs varies greatly based on breed, lifestyle, diet, and overall health, so it’s to say what the average life expectancy is for dogs in general. Here we can see the average life expectancy for a wide variety of common dog breeds:

    Life expectancy also varies based on if your dog is a pure bred or mixed breed dog. Research has indicated that mixed breed dogs tend to live longer than pure bred dogs, as pure breds tend to inherit more genetic disorders. This being said, you can ensure you adopt a healthy dog by doing thorough research on the breeder and diet/lifestyle needs of the breed, and breeders can do their part by testing their dogs for genetic disorders and breeding accordingly.

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    Value Of Prospective Longitudinal Studies

    The GRLS is a prospective longitudinal cohort study. A cohort study is a defined group of individuals who are followed over a defined period of time . Cohort studies form a suitable model to simultaneously evaluate both multiple exposures and multiple outcomes of disease . Prospective cohort studies offer opportunity to collect data on time varying exposures and confounders. Golden Retrievers were selected as the canine population of interest for several reasons. They are a very popular breed in the USA which increases the likelihood of sufficient enrolment in a fiscally reasonable time. Following a purebred cohort of Golden Retrievers will help reduce the genetic variability that would be inherent in a mixed-breed dog population study. The Golden Retriever breed is also suspected of being at high risk for cancer development, as described below. Golden Retrievers are owned by a diverse population of humans which helps to create dispersed environmental exposures. The GRLS attempts to reduce selection bias, the selection of individuals for a study that are not representative of the larger population, by recruiting a large number of participants from all geographical regions throughout the contiguous United States, and by recruiting a diverse participant pool through broad outreach to dog owners, breeders and veterinarians.

    Factors That Influence A Golden Retrievers Lifespan

    Why Golden Retrievers are the ULTIMATE family dog

    There are many factors that influence a goldenâs lifespan. Of course, genetics is a major factor.

    Sixty percent of goldens die of cancer in the United States. However, less than 40 percent of European goldens die of cancer.

    If youve been following our blog for a while then you probably saw our English Cream Golden Retriever litters. We partnered with a breeder and donated our Goldens to service dog organizations. The breeder we partnered with mixed European Goldens with American Goldens to try and produce healthier puppies.

    The Morris Animal Foundation is conducting a $32 million lifetime study of over 3,000 goldens to figure out the factors affecting their lifespans. Genetics, health, and environmental factors are being considered.

    Although the reason for the increase of cancer in goldens isnât fully understood yet, a recent genetic mutation is thought to be a culprit.

    Goldens with hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma have genetic alterations that make them more likely to develop those cancers.

    Golden Retrievers are also more likely to die of bone cancer, lymphoma, and blood cancer than other dog breeds, a 2015 Golden Retriever Lifetime Study found.

    The popularity of goldens has also harmed this amazing breed. According to the AKC, they are the third most popular breed.

    Poorly or over-bred specimens, such as those found in puppy mills, are also prone to more health problems than well-bred goldens are.

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    Structure Of The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

    Following a purebred cohort of Golden Retrievers that includes the three-generation pedigrees and collection of DNA samples from study dogs will permit detailed genetic studies with a goal of identifying specific genes that may be correlated with certain forms of cancer. Given 500 expected tumours at 10 years, hazard ratios as small as 1.3 can be detected with 90% power, at the 0.05 alpha level , and only 375 tumours would be required to achieve 80% power. Larger HR, say 2% , obtain 90% power with approximately 100 cancer events. Similarly, less common cancers also lead to larger HR, so fewer cancer events are required.

    Because both dog owners and veterinarians are required participants in the GRLS, separate recruitment efforts were directed toward each group. Dog owners were recruited through the Morris Animal Foundation website. The Golden Retriever Club of America offered a link to the study on their website and advertising space in their magazine. GRCA also provided a booth at national and regional Golden Retriever specialty competitions where Morris Animal Foundation staff could meet and speak with prospective study participants. The American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club both provided outreach to their members. Additional advertising was also done in other magazines directed to pet owners.

    Fourth Life Stage: Senior Dog

    Golden retrievers enter the senior age at about eight years old. They may become less energetic and playful, but owners should keep their pets active to prevent the development of health conditions.

    At this age, many goldens also start putting on weight or losing it, so an adequate diet is vital.

    The owners should regularly inspect their dogs body for suspicious lumps and bumps and watch out for any symptoms of common golden retriever health problems.

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    Spay Or Neuter Your Golden

    There are many theories regarding whether and when to fix your dog. Many experts say that neutering will help prevent certain types of cancer later in life.

    Females will have a reduced risk of breast and uterine cancers, pyometra, false pregnancy, uterine torsion, and vaginal and uterine prolapse.

    Neutering totally eliminates the risk of many cancers that affect male dogs. It also decreases the risk of several others.

    Neutering also helps decrease the risk of territorialism and hormone-driven behaviors such as aggression to other male dogs.

    It also ends a male wanting to wander to find females to mate with. Also mounting and marking behaviors will be greatly decreased or ended.

    Signs A Golden Retriever Is Nearing Its Death

    What is the average life expectancy of a golden retriever?

    One of the most difficult things about owning a pet is knowing when it is time to say goodbye. While every animals lifespan is different, there are some general signs that your Golden Retriever is nearing its death. One of the first things you may notice is a decline in energy levels. Your pet may no longer be interested in playing or going for walks, and may spend most of its time sleeping.

    You may also notice a change in appetite, as your Golden Retriever may lose interest in food or only be able to eat small amounts at a time. Additionally, your pet may become more withdrawn and seek out isolation from you and other family members. While these changes can be difficult to witness, it is important to remember that they are a natural part of the aging process. If you notice any of these signs in your Golden Retriever, it is important to consult with your veterinarian to determine the best course of action.

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    Health Issues That Affect English Cream Golden Retrievers Lifespan

    The British Kennel Club specifies that just like other Golden Retrievers, the English Creams can also suffer from various health problems. A dogs health and lifespan can be affected by such issues, and when you are aware of them, its easier to anticipate them and get treatment.

    In general, an English Cream Golden Retriever is prone to hip and elbow problems. They could also end up with illnesses that impact their hearts and eyes. And an English Cream Golden Retriever can suffer from cancer, just like any other Golden Retriever or Labrador Retrievers.

    Lets take a look at some of the most common diseases that your English Cream Golden Retriever could develop that can affect its lifespan.

    Golden Retrievers Life Expectancy

    Golden Retrievers were bred during the 1920s as aretriever dog when hunting. In the 1920s, this type of dog was adopted veryquickly in the United States, and people fell in love. Golden Retrievers areloyal animals that like to be around their owners.

    Golden Retrievers, when they were first bred, had a higherlife expectancy. After generations of breeding and genetic issues being passeddown, Golden Retrievers life expectancy started to fall. There was a huge dropoff between the 1970s until now. The Golden Retrievers life expectancy fell to10-12 years instead of 16-17 years.

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    Tip #: To Have A Healthy Dog Start With Healthy Parents

    The best way for you to get a healthy dog is to purchase one from a good breeder.

    Yes, you may pay more for a high-quality puppy, but it will be worth it.

    Do your research on breeders, ask about their dogs health histories, their temperaments, and what theyre bred for.

    Unfortunately, many people are breeding dogs with money as their #1 priority, not their puppies health.

    Crazy Facts About Golden Retriever Lifespan

    Labrador Retriever – Top 10 Facts
  • Golden retriever lives for 10-12 years, which is about the same as other breeds of the dogs with similar size
  • Cancer is the major cause of golden retrievers death. And the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study stated that 60% of golden retrievers are impacted by cancer which is double the rate of other breeds.
  • 3,000 Golden Retriever participated in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study 2012 launched by the Morris Animal Foundation to increase retrievers heath.
  • The most common health issues of golden retriever are
    • Sub-aortic disorder
    • Hip and elbow dysplasia, etc.
  • Since their playful attitudes last throughout their life, they are called Puppies for life.
  • The faces of golden retrievers turn gray or white as they age.
  • Your Golden retriever is your companion for only a short span of life but you can add up some years in their life by the above ways.

    Dont you want your Golden to live longer?

    Will you imply these ways to increase their life span?

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    Golden Retriever Lifespan: Early Examinations Give Insight

    The study, although initiated five years ago, has not given any clear results yet, mainly because the 3,000 dogs have been signed only in March 2015. However, early examinations appear to show that 33 percent of the dogs, which are 1 to 5 years old, were victims of skin disease or ear infections. Furthermore, 17 percent had gastrointestinal illnesses, and 11 percent had a urinary disease. To conduct the study properly, dogs are medically treated, as usual, so the results do not get skewed.

    Breeders, handlers and pet owners are asked to log everything, from a move across the country or across town, a change in the diet, climate or time zone, the arrival of a new baby at home, or the apparition of new behavioral changes.

    Visits to veterinary practices occur regularly so vets can collect blood and nail samples, hair, feces, and anything else that would matter to scientifically understand what is happening within the breed, especially when the dogs get sick. The objective with scientific data is to uncover a common thread or lay bare early warning signs among dogs that develop cancer and other diseases. More than samples, vets hold a journal checking for changes in blood pressure, sleeping patterns, diet, temperature and any detail that may explain illness.

    Up until now, seven Golden retrievers who took place in this study have died of medical conditions such as cancer and gastrointestinal problems. One golden was hit by a car, and another one dropped out after its owner died.

    Considerations For Pet Parents

    Golden Retrievers make great family dogs due to their jovial and friendly disposition. They have moderately high energy, so a daily exercise routine is needed. Their heightened energy level and size means that you should keep a close eye on them around young children or fragile individuals, to prevent your dog from knocking them over. Its also important to train them early about what are and are not appropriate things to eatthis may mean preventing access to things like garbage cans, laundry, and house supplies.

    However, Golden Retrievers do have a lot of predispositions for illnesses. This means that regular vet visits and additional vet costs will be common while caring for a Golden Retriever. They also have a thick, long coat that is prone to matting, so consistent grooming and brushing are necessary to keep the coat healthy and manage their shedding.

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    Most Common Causes Of Death

    It has been discussed that cancer is the leading cause of death in Golden retrievers, but the most common type of malignancy to look out for is Hermangiosarcoma, the most common form of cancer, Lymphosarcoma, and Osteosarcoma.

    Golden retrievers are also prone to cardiac and respiratory diseases. One heart disease commonly found in Goldens is known as Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis . This is when the aorta blood vessel responsible for taking oxygenated blood out of the heart narrows, making it increasingly difficult for the heart to push out the blood.

    A common cause of death in Golden retrievers is Gastric Dilation Volvulus or GDV. This is more commonly known as Bloat. GDV is a serious health condition that can cause death within hours if left untreated. This is when the stomach rapidly expands with food, gas, and/or fluid.

    GDV often occurs when a pet eats too much trash or food. This is common in large breed dogs with deep chests such as Great Danes, Dobermans, and Golden Retrievers.

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