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Why Do Golden Retrievers Pant So Much

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Excitement Or Exposed To Stressors

Why is My dog Panting so Much – Top 9 Reasons – Dog Health Vet Advice

Dogs that are exposed to stressful events may pant because of anxiety and fear. Fireworks, thunderstorms, visits to the vet or the groomers, car rides, and separation anxiety are just some of the most common stressors in Goldendoodles. Exposure to any of these events can cause a dog to pant and whine.;

Taking steps to identify the cause of your Goldendoodles fear or anxiety can help you minimize exposure and stress.

Why Does My Golden Retriever Pant So Much

If your Golden Retriever has been panting a lot, it is probably quite concerning for you. This post will try to help you figure out why it might be doing it and what you can do about it.

So, why does my Golden Retriever pant so much? Golden Retrievers are large dogs so they naturally pant more than others. However, it could also be too hot, frightened, sick or have a health problem. If it started suddenly you should take it to a vet.

There are lots of possible reasons why it might be panting a lot and it could be due to a combination of reasons. However, there are some things you can do about it. Depending on the cause, there are also some things that you should do about it as well.

What Should You Do When Your Golden Retriever Pants A Lot

Since excessive panting suggests health hazards, it is essential to know the cause. Moreover, excessive panting dehydrates the dog. So, it is necessary to manage this behavior of your pet.

Therefore, here are some tips to control the excessive panting of your pet.:

  • Give your pet water.
  • Provide your pet a healthy meal with;natural snacks as treats.
  • Give your Golden Retriever bath.
  • Take your pet to professional groomers once in two months.
  • Exercise and train your pet daily
  • Visit the Vet frequently. Also, take your pet for a health checkup to know its health condition.

After you know what to do, let us discuss what you need to avoid when your Golden Retriever starts panting excessively.

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Acute Or Chronic Pain

Arthritis, surgery, and injury are just a few of the causes of pain in dogs. Some signs are obvious , while otherspanting, restlessness, and hidingare more subtle. A dog who jumps down from a deck or porch, and then starts to limp is exhibiting a sign of acute pain, while dogs with arthritis or old injuries can have chronic pain that affects them intermittently.;

Its important to know the signs of pain in dogs, and to seek help for your dog if you see them. Elevated heart rate and elevated respiratory rate are classic and objective measures of pain in dogs.

An important note: Dont give your dog your own pain medications. Most are human non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugsNSAIDSwhich are not safe for use with dogs.

Reasons Why Your Golden Retrievers Pant So Much

Why Does My Golden Retriever Pant So Much?

Like most dogs, the Golden Retriever will pant to balance its body temperature. But the panting is excessive in the Golden Retrievers due to its thick furry hair coat. Thus, the panting habit of Golden Retriever is not a problem.

Besides this, there are several reasons why your Golden Retriever is panting a lot. And a brief description of all the causes are as follows:

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What Should I Do If My Golden Retriever Is Clingy

Thankfully, neediness is not something bad. It is typical of Golden Retrievers to be attached to the owner all the time. They are often . They follow you wherever you go like your shadow.

Males Goldens tend to be moreneedy than females. So if your dog is a boy, you should just relax. Thats how boys are.

You dont really have to do anything other than treating your baby nicely and care for him. Thats all he wants from you. Hes probably enjoying following you everywhere and expects you to be happy as well.

Most of the articles online are written by people who never owned a Golden Retriever. They project what they know about other breeds on Goldens. Thats wrong. Your baby is special.

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The Reasons My Golden Retriever Is Panting At Night

We formed a team to investigate dog problems and learn about specific common issues. Panting at night is one of the very common issues a dog normally faces. And we have discovered a lot of reasons behind it. If your dog has the same issue, the first thing you should do is to find out the particular reason. Hopefully, the following information will be helpful for you.

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How Many Babies Do Golden Retrievers Have At A Time

The average litter size of a healthy Golden Retriever is eight puppies. Yet their litter size can vary between four to twelve puppies. The best thing to do in preparation is to ask the vet to estimate litter size. You can also arrange an X-ray after 45 days of pregnancy,

Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Panting And Restless

11 Reasons Why Does My Golden Retriever Drool So Much!

Remember that dogs arent able to sweat to dissipate excess heat. Instead, they pant. Panting is the primary way that dogs regulate their body temperaturethe steamy air from their lungs is replaced with colder air, and in that process, evaporative cooling occurs.

However, a dog who is panting, pacing, and restless may have something else going on. Lets explore the seven most common reasons:

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How Do I Keep My Golden Retriever Cool

There are tons of different ways to keep the golden retrievers cool in hot weather easily.

  • Keep them inside when the outside temperature is rising.
  • Make sure you have a shady place in the backyard so they can sit there.
  • Use cool collars and harnesses whenever you are out with your golden retriever.;
  • Provide them enough cool water not .
  • Allow your goldie to spend time in the kids shallow water pool.
  • Naver leaves them in a closed room and car.
  • Circulate cool air around them.
  • Keep the garden sprinkler on when they are out in the garden.;
  • Provide food that has cooling properties like barley, spinach, celery, cabbage, etc.
  • Let them spend little time in the air conditioner room.;
  • Allow them to lay on tile flooring, like in the kitchen and bathroom, but make sure you dog-proof both of the places before letting him in.;

These are the most common ways to keep Golden Retriever cool in hot temperatures, especially in the summer months.

The Golden Retriever Will Pant A Lot When It Is Hot

The Golden Retriever cannot sweat to cool its body during summer. Thus, to cool its body temperature, the Golden Retriever may pant.

Besides this, this dog breed has a thick skin coat. So, it prefers only a moderate climate. Furthermore, a slight increase in temperature may make your pet hot.

Therefore, to balance the body temperature of your pet, your Golden Retriever starts panting.

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Reasons Why Your Golden Retriever Is Panting At Night

Golden retriever panting at night must have reasons. As I mentioned earlier that panting has various causes and most of them are nondangerous such as panting just to cool off, because of anxiety or fear, or just happiness. This time, we will look into the possibility the dangerous reasons as to why your golden retriever is panting during the night.

Heart Issues

One of the common causes why your golden retriever is panting at night that is more than usual is probably he is suffering from a heart ailment. A heavy panting can be a precursor or sign of many underlying health conditions be it respiratory ailments or heart failure.

Also, check your dog if he is panting excessively after an hour of walk or two from your outdoor activity. The heart has a crucial role in delivering oxygen to the dogs body. And that process cant be hindered. Because if somethings wrong with your dogs heart, it will not pump effectively.

This will decrease the amount of oxygen that is needed in the dogs body. An ailment like this can be linked to valve disorders, cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias, heartworm disease is among the examples of health conditions that can cause the heart to malfunction. In this case, this may cause some heavy breathing and panting to dogs be it night or day.


Respiratory Disease

Some of the respiratory diseases are
Laryngeal paralysis
Tracheal collapse

Cushings disease

How to treat it

Allergic reactions

My Dog Is Panting At Night What Does It Mean

Why does my Golden Retriever pant so much?

If your dogs panting at night and its not too hot in the room, it could be down to many things and you should take your dog to the vet for a diagnosis. It could be as a result of anxiety, particularly if your dogs separated from you during the night, as they may feel stressed about being away from you.

Generally, this is quite rare in adult dogs and tends to only be of a concern with puppies. If you suspect your dogs panting at night is due to anxiety, you could try leaving the radio on to provide them with some comfort and to block out some of the noise.

If your dogs panting a lot when theyre not exercising or cooling down, or displaying other concerning symptoms, be sure to contact your vet immediately.

For more information on dog behaviour, take a look at our content hub.

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Things You Can Do About Your Labrador Panting A Lot

Below are some things you can do about your Labrador panting a lot.

Go to a vet if you think that the panting is abnormal

If you are unsure of why your Lab has been panting so much, it has started doing it suddenly or it is concerning you, the best option would be to take it to a vet. By doing so, you will be able to get expert advice tailored towards your particular Lab and to rule out the possibility of it being due to a medical issue.

Remove its undercoat

It would also help to keep it cool by removing its undercoat by brushing it using a de-shedding brush.

Give it access to shade and cool areas

It is also important to give it access to shaded and cool areas so that it can stay cool. If the weather is hot where you are, it would also help to exercise it in the morning or evening so that it is less likely to get heatstroke.

Give it exercise on a daily basis

If your Labrador is not currently getting much exercise then it would be important to make sure that it does. Generally, it is recommended for them to get an hour of exercise per day. When they do not get that much exercise it can cause them to develop health issues and it could be contributing to yours panting a lot.

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Heatstroke And Your Dog: Emergency Response

Overheating is a medical emergency — and one of the most serious reasons for heavy panting in dogs. If you suspect your dog has heatstroke, a quick response can be lifesaving.

Symptoms of heatstroke include excessive panting, glassy eyes, weakness, fast heart rate, drooling, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, and a body temperature over 104 F. If possible, take a rectal temp. You want to stop taking the temperature;once it;is back down to 103.

If you think your dog may have heatstroke, heres what to do to help:

  • Move your dog inside or to a shady spot.
  • Submerge your dog in cool water ;or cold towels to your dogs chest, neck, and head. Dont spray your dog with a yard hose — on hot days the water inside a hose can reach near boiling temperatures. You want to cool them off gradually.
  • Give your dog cool, not cold, water. Or give them ice cubes to lick.
  • After youve started cooling your dog down, take your dog to the vet immediately.

The best way to manage heatstroke is to avoid it. Never leave your pet in a parked car. Its better to leave your pet at home than to risk heatstroke. At home, be sure to provide all pets with shade and water or a way to get inside during the hottest part of the day.


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Do Golden Retrievers Get Cold At Night

Its not only about Golden Retrievers; every dog gets cold at night because, at night, the sun no longer heats the place where you and your dog live. So if you dont have a room heater in colder seasons, then yes, Golden Retrievers can easily get cold at night.;

Plus, if you live in cold places, avoid using an air conditioner at night during all seasons for your goldie, as she will be ok only with just a ceiling fan.

Each of my dogs takes their afternoon nap in the AC room without getting too cold; however, at midnight, most of them mostly went outside the ACs room for sleep as they get super cold in that room due to their Short-Hair.

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Our favorite: The Dunbar Academy Training Program – If you want a happy and obedient dog, this is one of the best online dog training programs available right now. You can get the first month free using This link

Best Labrador Treats

I created and currently manage Pet Dog Owner, the website you can go to when you have questions about your dog’s behavior. It is my hope that you find Pet Dog Owner to be a helpful resource. It is also my hope that it will help you to improve your relationship with your dog. You can read more about me and my website here.

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All The Reasons A Dog Pants And What It Means

Ever see a dog panting in a perfectly cool room and wonder what the heck they were panting for?;

Panting is a very normal behavior in all dogs and it’s most commonly their method of cooling down. Dogs don’t sweat the way us humans do so when they pant at appropriate times, it’s nothing to be concerned about. However when done abnormally, panting can be a good indicator that something else might be wrong with your pooch.

If your dog is panting during times that it’s not hot, there are some other causes for panting that you can explore…

What Causes My Golden Retriever To Pant So Much

As we already mentioned above, dogs pant to cool down. Golden Retrievers, in particular, pant more than others due to their thick coat that retains heat more efficiently.

These are the most common causes of panting in Golden Retrievers:

Panting due to heat

As we said, panting is a dogs body mechanism to get rid of the excessive heat. Of course, as the weather is getting hotter and the temperature rises, your Golden Retriever will pant more to cool down.


Heavy panting after some time in the sun could be a sign of heatstroke. In this case, the best course of action is to take your Golden to the vet as soon as possible.

Heart problem

If your Golden pant constantly, even without previous physical activity, this could be a sign of underlying heart issues. If you suspect this is the case with your dog, you should visit your vet.;


Dogs, especially Golden Retrievers pant when they are happy and excited. Excitement causes their heart rate to increase, thus increasing the need for oxygen. Therefore, your Golden Retriever will pant more to supply that demand. You will notice this in situations like when you arrive home from work, or when you want to take your dog for a walk, etc.

Allergic reaction

Yes, your Golden Retriever could pant more due to the allergic reaction to something he ate, or some allergens from the environment. If panting is followed by vomiting or swelling, you should take your dog to the vet.



Panting due to pain


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Can Golden Retrievers Tolerate Hot Weather

Yes, adult Golden Retrievers can easily tolerate hot weather without even a need of an air conditioner. But as an owner, you have to make sure that your dog gets the free excess of cool water not to stay hydrated.;

However, a puppy needs extra care as they can easily get sick if left in a hot temperature for too long.;

So whether you have a puppy or adult golden retriever, just keep a close eye on them during outside walks when the temperature is high.;

As well as take fresh and cool water with you during walks, and occasionally pour little water on them to make them feel cool.;

On the other hand, its better not to keep the golden retriever puppy out for a walk during hot weather. If its necessary, then try to walk in shady areas.;

Why Do Golden Retrievers Pant So Much

Why does my Golden Retriever pant so much?

Is your Golden Retriever panting a lot more than usual?

I had this same problem too!

In this guide, youll learn:

  • Why Golden Retrievers pant so much
  • What causes panting in this breed
  • How to reduce excessive panting
  • Actions to take if your dogs panting becomes worrying;
  • And much more!

During my discovery of this question I found that Golden Retrievers do indeed pant a lot more than other breeds, let me explain

What’s In This Guide?

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