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Looking For A Golden Retriever To Adopt

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ADOPTED Very Friendly Golden Retriever mix looking for home / for adoption

The story begins years ago when GRRoW began to consider international rescue. In 2020, during a pandemic, we shared the experience with eight other rescues to bring 100 dogs to the U.S. from China. You can learn through the stories, of Sydney, Wendy, Wang Wang, Bei Bei, Bobby and Sunny that these dogs now have a second chance with new owners who are lucky to add them to their lives. Their owners and fosters are thrilled for the opportunity to experience something special and positive during such negative times.

GRRoW thanks the donors, fosters, fundraisers, transporters, coordinators, dog advocates and cheerleaders for these dogs. In this time of uncertainty, one thing is for certain: these dogs that came into GRROW are in their happy place.

International rescue is not for everyone, and we at GRRoW understand that. We continue to be available for EVERY dog that comes into our area. However, our adoption list continues to get longer. Our adoptions are occasionally closed due to the long wait.

We will continue to look at international options. We invite your support for our efforts by starting an international fund to use when these dogs become available to rescue. We have a generous donor who was so moved by the experience with the China dogs, he started the seed to start the international account. Please consider this option in choosing how your donation dollars are spent.

Please click the donate button to navigate to the donation page for the many ways to support GRRoW.

Please Read Carefully Prior To Submitting An Adoption Application


We require a non-refundable $25 application fee to help defray our costs to process adoption applications. Submitting the application fee and adoption application does not guarantee youll be able to adopt a Golden Retriever from GBGRR, nor does it guarantee that a specific Golden you may have seen on our website is the one best suited for you and your family. We may use our experience and knowledge of the individual Goldens in our program to suggest a dog who will be most likely to do well in your home.

Golden Retriever Rescues By State The Ultimate List

This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

If you are thinking about adopting a golden retriever to be a part of your family, youll want to check out todays ultimate list of golden retriever rescues by state.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the country for a very good reason.

These friendly and intelligent dogs make fantastic family pets.

Sadly, while there are many excellent breeders out there selling healthy and happy Golden pups, there are also hundreds of thousands of Goldens of all ages that are homeless and in desperate need of someone to care for them.

Adopting a golden retriever from a rescue wont only bring a lot of love into your home, but it will also help some of the dogs that need it the most.

In this article, you will find a list of rescues where you can adopt a golden retriever depending on where you live.

You will also find essential information that you need to know about these amazing dogs before you commit to taking one home.

Finally well share a few top tips for getting your rescue dog used to their new home as quickly as possible.

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How To Adopt A Golden Retriever

This article was co-authored by Melissa Nelson, DVM, PhD. Dr. Nelson is a Veterinarian who specializes in Companion and Large Animal Medicine in Minnesota, where she has over 18 years of experience as a veterinarian in a rural clinic. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Minnesota in 1998. This article has been viewed 9,728 times.

Golden retrievers are a very popular dog for good reason. They are friendly and smart dogs that are ready to please their owners. If you want to adopt one you will need to assess whether you are ready to get a dog, look for available dogs online, and meet with potential dogs before you can bring one home. If you love golden retrievers and are ready to give a dog a loving home, consider adopting one from a shelter or rescue organization instead of buying one from a breeder or a pet store.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Kennel ClubThe American Kennel Club is a purebred dog pedigree registry in the United States. The AKC advocates for the responsible ownership of dogs and promotes purebred dog events, such as the Westminster Dog Show.Go to source

Other Places To Rescue A Golden Retriever

Adopt a Golden Retriever puppy near Los Angeles, CA

If the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland, Goldheart Golden Retriever Rescue, or the rescues in nearby states dont have a golden for you no worries there are other ways to find a dog who needs a new home.

One way is to get involved with your local golden retriever Facebook groups.

Heres why: sometimes people will need to give up their dog because they ran into unfortunate life circumstances.

They still love their dog so theyd rather find them a new home themselves, rather than give them up to an organization.

Thats where you can come in.

It doesnt happen often, but if youre patient, you can probably find a great dog that way.

The other way to find a golden who needs to be rehomed is by talking with people in your local golden retriever club

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Owning A Golden Retriever

Before you consider rescuing a golden retriever from a golden retriever rescue or purchasing one from a breeder, you should think about whether a golden retriever is the right dog for you at all. Too many dogs end up in rescues and shelters every year because they dont fit in well with their adopted families. While golden retrievers are incredibly happy and flexible dogs, theyre not appropriate for everyone.

Golden retrievers were originally bred as hunting dogs that could also function as companions. These dogs were bred to have incredibly soft mouths for retrieving ducks and other game after a kill, even in water or marshy areas. As such, theyre devoted, gentle, friendly, and often very smart.

Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue


Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue is a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas. They were founded in 1999 and are staffed solely by volunteers who are devoted to providing care for unwanted, neglected, or abused Golden Retrievers. In their first 15 years, they rescued more than 4,000 Golden Retrievers and have received awards and grants for their efforts.

Golden Beginnings strives to place their Goldens in loving home. They have quite a few healthy reviews online and seem like a very credible organization. You can contact them by email or telephone. Alternatively, you can send them a message from their website.

By Andrea Powell

There are hundreds of benefits to owning a dog. If you are looking to add to your fur family, consider adopting a dog. You will save the life of that dog and allow another to come into the shelter to be saved.

Golden retrievers are well-mannered, loyal companions that love to play. They love meeting new people, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Goldens make great family dogs and hiking partners.

Check out all 25 golden retrievers looking for their forever homes and share with a friend.

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Retired Breeding Dog For Adoption

DAISY HAS FOUND A FOREVER HOME. WE DO SOMETIME HAVE DOGS THAT COME UP, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL FOR DETAILS. FREQUENTLY A RETIRED BREEDING DOG FOR ADOPTION NEVER MAKE THE WEBSITE POSTINGS AS SOMEONE HAPPENS TO EMAIL AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME TO MEET THEM AND FALL IN LOVE. Daisy is a retired breeding dog for adoption. She is eager to become a cherished companion dog. Daisy has been an amazing Mother for two litters of puppies in her career. Daisy is a warm, loving and energetic soul. Daisy has been a valued member of our breeding program with her solid pedigree for health and longevity. Daisy loves people of all ages and welcomes everyone she meets at Goldnote Golden Retrievers. Daisy is spay, house trained, crate trained and enjoys outing. Daisy as a retired breeding dog for adoption, we require a forever home that will be able to devote plenty of time and companionship to her. Daisy will enjoy plenty of exercise, family members of all ages and lots of love and affection daily. Daisy was born August 27th, 2009 and is in great health and condition. For additional information about Daisy please click on her gallery and pedigree link and contact us for further details.

Daisy Winning Best of Winner and Best of Opposite Sex

Where Not To Look For A Golden Retriever Rescue

Golden retriever puppy for FREE ADOPTION .

Unfortunately when there is money involved there can also be scammers. So before dealing with any rescue group make sure to do your homework.

Most rescue groups will have a 501 3) charity status. You can search on the IRSs Tax Exempt Organization Search website using the organizations name and location to check on their status.

Also check to see if there is any feedback about the Rescue Group at these charity watch sites

Dont forget to look at the Better Business Bureau site for to see if they have complaints.

Places like Facebook and Craigs List are full of scammers trying to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Unless it is a reputable rescue Facebook page I would steer clear of these places.

I also would not pay for a dog before meeting them in person.

Another thing to watch out for is rescues that continually have a large numbers of purebred or designer puppies available for adoption, especially if they have higher adoption fees. Although some may be legitimate rescues that work to rescue dogs from puppy mills, some may also be puppy mills posing as rescue groups.

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Why Adopt A Golden Retriever From A Rescue

While there are many breeders out there creating amazing little golden retriever puppies out there for you to buy, there are also hundreds of thousands of golden retrievers across the country that need adopting. This is for a variety of reasons.

  • First, Goldens are very popular pets, so there are unethical breeders out there creating puppies for which they cant find homes.
  • Second, many people adopt a gorgeous little pup, only to realize that they grow into a big, shedding dog that requires lots of care and attention. They decide that they simply dont want them anymore.
  • Many loving pet owners need to give up their pets due to a family member who has allergies, moving to a place that doesnt allow animals, moving abroad, or other unavoidable circumstances.
  • Sadly, there are also people who die and leave their pets behind with no-one to care for them, or they simply abandon them.

These are the golden retrievers that find themselves in rescue centers, waiting for new homes.

OUR EXPERIENCE: We had friends buy a Golden Retriever with all the best intentions. Unfortunately, they learned that owning a Golden Retriever did not fit their lifestyle and ended up putting their dog up for adoption.

Golden Retriever Rescue Resource

Service Area: Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.


The Golden Retrievers Rescue Resource of Waterville, Ohio wins the prize for having the most Goldens available on Petfinder. Their dogs come to them in a number of ways including shelters, puppy mill rescues and owner surrenders.

This all volunteer 501 non-profit uses foster homes to house and care for their dogs until they are ready for their forever homes. All potential adopters must have a fenced in yard and home visit. To learn more about GRRR of Waterville, Ohio visit their website and Facebook page.

Contact Information

  • Ohio Counties: Hamilton, Butler, Warren, some areas within Clermont county, Montgomery and Green
  • Northern KY Counties: Boone, Kenton and Campbell


GRRAND Goldens was started in the 1990s by members of the Greater Louisville Golden Retriever Club when they saw there was a need to help find homes for displaced and abused Goldens.

In 2017 GRRAND was gifted land and a working kennel which enabled them to care for dogs in training and those waiting for foster or adoptive homes. However, most dogs are cared for in volunteer foster homes throughout their service area.

Rescued Goldens come from local shelters or are owner surrenders. They have also participated in international rescue efforts. You can find their available dogs on their website.

To learn more about the organization please visit their site.

Contact Information

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Five Tips For Finding A Cheaper Golden Retriever Puppy

  • Adoption. By investing a little time to visit shelter websites regularly, there is a chance that you will be able to find a puppy to adopt. They are rare and get adopted very fast, but it is a realistic option. Not only is it cheaper, but it is also a great thing to do.
  • Older puppies. Most people are willing to buy their dog as young as possible, creating excellent opportunities to find puppies a few months old for a much lower price. A 6-month-old dog will still be adorable and playful and should be cheaper than an eight weeks old one.
  • Other locations/states. Some breeds are more expensive in specific locations because of their characteristics and the cost to operate a breeding business there. Looking at prices in different places is a great way to save a lot, providing you are willing to travel to meet the breeder and your future dog.
  • Mixed-breed or purebred. Mixed breed dogs tend to be less expensive to buy than purebreds. This is especially true for purebreds with registration papers . Most families are just looking for a pet to spend time with and do not need these registration papers.
  • Friends and family. Let everyone around you know that you are looking for a dog. You might get a good surprise and learn that someone trustworthy has a pregnant dog and is looking for people to get the pups.

Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary

Cane adoption


Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. is an all-volunteer, 5013 organization in Elverta, California. They rescue and heal displaced, abandoned, and homeless Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes, regardless of their current health conditions. This rescue pairs loving homes through their adoption program and provides a lifetime sanctuary for goldens that cant be adopted.

Homeward Bound has rehomed over 9,500 dogs on 8 acres of countryside. Their dogs have ample room for running, playing, and training. This Golden Rescue will continue to serve as a standardized rescue model. They strive to be an industry leader in rescue, sanctuary, and education.

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Golden Retriever Rescue Of The Rockies

Service Area: Colorado


GRRR is a 501 non profit organization that helps rescue, rehab and rehome Goldens into loving forever homes. The mostly volunteer group keeps their dogs at their home base at Phoebes Place in Arvada, CO, though some may be in foster home.

Dogs come to GRRR in a variety of ways including owner surrenders and unwanted breeder dogs. But they also participate in a program to rescue Golden Retrievers from Turkey.

In order to adopt from GRRR you need to fill out an application first. Then once you are approved you can inquire about available dogs. GRRR states on their site that most dogs never make it to the web but instead are adopted out to pre-approved people. You can learn more about the process at their website.

Contact Information


Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue And Sanctuary Inc

Service Area: California


Homeward Bound is a 501 organization which was started in 2000. They are an all-volunteer organization that focuses on Golden Retrievers, and Golden Mixes that are in need of rescue and rehoming.

Dogs come to Homeward Bound in a number of ways. The organization works with local shelters, they offer rehoming services for dog owners and will also pick up abandoned Golden wandering the streets when needed.

Dog are keep at the Sanctuary until they find a forever home. You can check out videos of their available dogs on their Facebook page.

Contact Information

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American Golden Vs English Golden

Simply put, the American Golden Retriever was bred to standards set by the American Kennel Club , and the English Golden Retriever was bred to the standards set by the British Kennel Club. The most salient difference between the two is coat color, AKC not recognizing the lighter colored coat. From a health standpoint, the English Golden is less likely to develop cancer, and the life expectancy of an English Golden is up to four years longer than the American Golden.

Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone

ADOPTED! Henry, Golden Retriever for adoption in Indianapolis

Golden retrievers are very social dogs and they dont like to be left alone for long periods of time.

They are also highly intelligent, which means they are smart enough to get into trouble if you leave them with nothing to do for hours on end.

Every golden is different, but as a general rule, they should only be left alone for a maximum of eight hours at a time.

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We Encourage Love And Respect For All Animals

If you want a companion who will want to be by your side with unconditional love then a Golden is for you. Goldens should be part of the family. They not only need love but also exercise, training and stimulation.

We get a lot of enquiries for puppies on a daily basis. We know everyone would like to adopt a puppy but we never get pups to home – mainly Goldie’s from around 2 years and older.

If you are interested in adopting an older dog please fill in our questionnaire so we will have all your details – it is available under the Adopt tab.


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