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Dalmatian Golden Retriever Mix For Sale

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Do Goldmatians Get Along With Other Pets

Dalmatian Mix Puppies For Sale

The Goldmatian can get along well with most other animals if they are trained appropriately. They need to receive socialization early on to understand how to behave well around other animals.

They like to play around and have fun, so they often do better in a home with more than one dog. Around other animals, such as cats or rodents, observe them because they have a higher prey drive.

Shih Tzu Dalmatian Mix = Tzumatian

Shih Tzu Dalmatian Mix or Tzumatian is a great family dog which loves to be around its family pack all the time. This will not fit owner who often go out for long time. This friendly and intelligent dog needs moderate exercise daily to keep their energy low and calm. Tzumatian is also a moderate shedder which needs brushing several times a week. A handy vacuum is a good idea to keep your floor and sofa clean.

Life In Greensboro With A Dog

Greensboro has dozens of pet-friendly restaurants, meaning youll always have plenty of options when you want to get a meal with your dog. Some of the most popular dog-friendly restaurants include Natty Greenes Pub & Brewing Co., Hops Burger Bar, Iron Hen Cafe, Fishbones, and Boxcar Bar + Arcade.

Toldeo has many other pet-friendly establishments, such as pet stores, groomers, and daycares. Plus, it is one of the best locations when you need to find a place to live with your dog. A study from Zumper found Greensboro to have the 11th most pet-friendly rental listings.

If you have friends or family in Greensboro for a visit, theyll find dozens of pet-friendly hotels where they can stay with their dogs. A few of the most popular dog-friendly hotels in the city are The Biltmore Greensboro Hotel, Clarion Pointe, and Grandover Resort and Spa.

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What Are The Common Health Problems

Hybrid dogs are usually quite healthy and dont have many health issues as their purebred parents. If youre worried about your new puppy suffering from a severe health condition, maybe picking a mixed breed puppy will settle your thoughts.

The Goldmatian can suffer from several health issues, but its nothing that regular vet visits and health testing wont take care of.

These puppies have inherited the likelihood of suffering from certain cancers, joint issues like elbow or hip dysplasia, as well as kidney stones and deafness. Also, the Goldmatian is ranked #11 out of 3,000 dogs tested for thyroid problems.

Dont let this discourage you. Your Goldmatian can be as healthy as any other dog breed as long as you take good care of it.

English Bulldog Dalmatian Mix = English Dalmatian

Dalmatian Mix Puppies For Sale

A mix of English Bulldog and Dalmatian is called English Dalmatian. This is a lovely hybrid dog. However, this dog tends to be the alpha so that the best owner needs to be assertive and experienced to show it who the boss is. The grown up will likely be around 12 inches to 24 inches and weigh about 40 to 70 pounds. Consider to give your Dalmatian mix English Bulldog a raw food diet or food with meat as main ingredient to keep them healthy and having greater life expectancy.

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Food & Diet Requirements

With the medium to the large size of this dog and their insatiable desire for continuous movement, they can develop quite the appetite. They need around 3 cups of high-quality food each day. It is especially important to give them food with a higher amount of protein than the average commercially-produced food.

Since this would be too much food to feed at one meal, it is best to split their mealtimes up into two or three segments each day. Give them time to digest, and do not allow them to free feed. Often, they will want to eat at all at once if it is left out.

Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix = Golden Dalmatian

Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix is believed as one of the earliest designer dogs and has been developed since 30 years ago. This is a fun loving family pet who likes to be with its pack the whole time. If you often go out for a long time, you better consider another breed that is more independent. Even though this is an intelligent dog, owner should take more patience and time on training especially to teach it Golden Dalmatian, or Goldmation, not to bark and howl.

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Are Goldmatians Good Watchdogs

Theyre just as good as any other dog!

Goldmatians are quite capable of staying alert and acting as watchdogs and guard dogs. They will bark and warn their owner if a threat is near. Their watchdog traits come from the Dalmatian parent because the Golden Retriever is just too friendly and doesnt have this trait.

To answer your hidden question: yes, you can totally feel safe around the Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix!

Newfoundland Dalmatian Mix = Dalfoundland

Golden Retriever, Labrador, Dalmatian, Rottweiler, GSd & Many More Puppies for Sale l puppy show

A Newfoundland Dalmatian Mix is rare to find but you probably will expect a large dog which grows up anywhere between 19 inches to 28 inches and weigh anywhere between 45 pounds up to 150 pounds. Life expectancy for Newfoundland mix Dalmatian is around 9 years to 13 years, a common range for large dogs. If the Dalmatian personality is dominant, this Dalfoundland is better supervised around children. However, if the Newfoundland personality is dominant, this dog can be one of the gentlest dogs towards kids.

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What Is A Goldmatian

The Goldmatian is a hybrid dog thats a mix between a Dalmatian and a Golden Retriever. The Goldmatian is known for being extremely friendly and sweet-natured. Theyre also playful and spirited.

Goldmatians are working dogs with a stubborn streak, yet they can also be quite playful. These medium-sized dogs are extremely active.

Cocker Spaniel Dalmatian Mix = Cocker Dalmatian

Cocker Spaniel Dalmatian Mix is a kind of dog that will make people stop because of its unique beauty. However, due to different size of its parents, it is quite hard to expect how big a Cocker Dalmatian will be. It can be anywhere around 13.5 inches up to 24 inches and weigh anywhere between 20 up to 74 pounds. This is also an intelligent family dog which will need human family who are active and consistently stimulate them mentally and physically. A house with backyard is also perfect for Dalmatian Cocker Spaniel Mix so they can freely run around and playing.

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What Are Goldmatian Puppies Like

Photo from: kobethegoldmatian

Goldmatian puppies are regular-sized puppies that will grow into intelligent dogs on the bigger end of the line.

Start socializing them from day one, and slowly build up their confidence by introducing them to new faces, sounds, and situations. A puppy that has gone through socialization wont act aloof around strangers, and will do its best to behave well.

Goldmatian puppies should be tested for autoimmune thyroiditis a quite common health problem inherited from the Dalmatian side of the family. Other health screenings include BAER at the age of five weeks.

This test is extremely important since the Dalmatian parent is prone to deafness. Reliable breeders should conduct these tests and be open with the results. If youre okay with a deaf puppy, then youre all good. But, if youre not, you should let the breeder know that.

Border Collie Dalmatian Mix = Border Dalmatian

Great Dane Dalmatian Mix Puppies For Sale

Border Dalmatian, Bodacion, or Border Collie Dalmatian Mix fits at best for those who are active and have large yard. This dog has high energy so that you need to take it to a long walk as daily exercise to prevent them making destruction in the house. Border Collie mix Dalmatian is also known to be over protective around small kids, so supervision is needed for family with children. This intelligent dog will likely pick up training quickly but tends to be dominant as well so the owner to be extra assertive to be able to handle it.

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Chihuahua Dalmatian Mix = Chihuamatian

Two very different size and kind of dog mix of Chihuahua and Dalmatian will likely result in a medium sized hybrid of Chihuamatian or Chimation. Chihuamatian or Chimation has tendency to be protective to its family. The owner needs to train them with patience and consistency to make them act better with strangers. Although a hybrid is popular as they are more prone to genetic diseases than their purebred parents, Chihuahua Dalmatian Mix owner still need to watch its diet. Make sure that you feed them with diet that fits their age, size, and activity, as well as containing meat as the main ingredient to prevent urinary tract infection Chihuahua Dalmatian Mix is vulnerable to.

Dalmatian Mix Food Requirements

Regardless of the Dalmatian cross you adopt, youll want to keep them happy and healthy all the time. When choosing the kibble, stay away from these worst dry dog food brands, and pick some of the best dry dog food, like Wellness Core Dog Food or Dog For Dog Food.

Nutritional imbalances should be avoided, but if they occur Nutra Thrive dog food supplement can help your pooch achieve the right ratio of nutrients.

Little munchkins will thrive on best puppy food brands, whereas older pups will be better off with the best senior dry dog food!

Dalmatian mixes come in a variety of sizes and their stature should be factored in when shopping for food. Petite dogs nutritional needs will be better met with one of the best dry dog food for small dogs while bigger furballs will thrive on the best large breed dry dog food brands.

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Is The Goldmatian Aggressive

Unlike some breeds that are notorious for being classified as aggressive, the Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix is not an aggressive dog by default. Yes, he will be wary of strangers, but that isnt a sign of aggression.

Every dog should be submitted to obedience lessons and socialization from an early age. If you skip these important lessons, youll have a dog that wont listen to you, will behave dangerously around new people, and wont tolerate anyone in the house but your family.

Is that really what you want?

The Dalmatian Is Thought To Be A Mysterious Breed Because Their History Is Relatively Unknown

Dalmatian Mix Puppies For Sale

The Dalmatian is a unique-looking breed that has gone through a large range of popularity in North America. They originally hail from the country of Dalmatia, which was in the Mediterranean. It is part of Croatia and is a region along the sea and some islands in the Adriatic Sea.

Most people do not know much about the Dalmatian beyond what they seem to be in the movies. They are most noteworthy for their athleticism. They are an agile breed that can build up quite a bit of speed and endurance.

Dalmatians have always been hard workers and have been used in a wide variety of roles. They have been hunters, war dogs, herding pups, protectors, and draft dogs. They are primarily known as being a companion to firefighters nowadays because they are extremely loyal and fearless.

Their popularity has ranged. When they were first introduced to America, they quickly grew in popularity because they looked so unique. However, in the 1900s, more and more breeds started making their way to American shores, and the Dalmatian became less popular.

They saw a spike when their movies came out, only to have people find that they werent what they thought that they would be.

Dalmatians need plenty of time with their family or caretakers. They bond strongly and cannot be left alone for long at all. They are also active and need quite plenty of daily activity to stay well behaved.

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How Much Does A Goldmatian Cost To Adopt

Adopting costs for a Goldmatian will vary. We werent able to find specific prices online however, they could cost between $1000 to $1200 or more.

Keep in mind that adopting costs will vary depending on whether the dog comes from a reputable breeder or a shelter. The breeder will be more expensive than the shelter. Adoption fees for shelters can run between $100 to $300 on average.

In addition, dogs that are adopted in the city tend to be more expensive than dogs from smaller towns and rural areas. The same applies whether the dogs come from a reputable breeder or a dog rescue.

Bull Mastiff Dalmatian Mix = Mastiff Dalmatian

Mastiff Dalmatian or Bullmation is a mix of Bull Mastiff Dalmatian which is perfect for someone who does not want to deal with shedding and fur in every corner of their house. This is a dog which does not really shed and require little to no attention in terms of grooming. You just need to brush it once a week and bath it once a month and voila its looking great! However, this dog has some hereditary health risk such as Skin Fold Dermatitis, Hip Dysplasia, and Bladder Stone. Make sure you have a regular check up to your vet to prevent those health problems. This dog is also not recommended for first time dog owner since its strong characteristics require someone more experienced, assertive, and firm to train and handle, before it instinctively takes the lead.

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Shar Pei Dalmatian Mix = Pei Dalmatian

Pei Dalmatian or Sharmatian is a lovely, affectionate dog for single or family. This mix of Shar Pei and Dalmatian is also intelligent and relatively easy to train. They are best living in a house with yard as space for physical activities. This dog will grow around 18 up to 24 inches and weigh about 40 to 60 pounds. Shar Pei mix Dalmatian hybrid has a life expectancy around 10 to 12 years.

Dalmatian Golden Retriever Mix: What To Expect From Goldmation

Dalmatian Puppies For Sale

Physical Appearance


Goldmation is a mid-sized breed. The average height of a Goldmation is between 19 and 23 inches. A Goldmation will typically weigh between 55 and 70 pounds.


Generally, the Goldmation coat is straight, medium to long, and dense with some iconic spots inherited from the Dalmatian lineage.

Also, both Goldmations parent breeds, Golden Retrievers and Dalmatians are heavy shedders. Therefore, expect your Goldmation to shed a lot, especially during the spring and autumn.

You will need to brush your dog at least three times a week to prevent tangling and matting.


Goldmations eyes can be either blue or brown.


The nose is black as in the parent breeds.


Goldmation is a very intelligent, loyal, and friendly dog. These dogs are perfect for active families with kids of all ages due to their energy, kindness, and willingness to play.

Goldmation is also capable of protecting his owner. This is where his Dalmatian watchdog side comes into play. You will often see a Goldmation barking at strangers. However, once the owner accepts those strangers, the Golden Retrievers friendly and kind side kicks in.

Goldmations are intelligent dogs, that are willing to please their owners. Therefore, they are quick learners and easy to train.

However, high intelligence and social nature also mean they need plenty of mental stimulants, interactions, and challenges to prevent boredom.

Health Problems

Life Expectancy


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Whats The Price Of Dalmatian Golden Retriever Puppies

The price of Goldmation puppy averages around $900 from breeders with a high standard and good reputation. However, their cost can range anywhere from $300 to $3,000, depending on the breeder and their parents pedigrees.

The price of a Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix is less in regions where Dalmatians are more common. The breed is a beloved pet in some areas, while others rarely have any around.

Since Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs worldwide, not to mention North America, it is not difficult to find breeders of them or their mixes. Their popularity is more likely to run the price up than the challenge of finding a breeder for them.

It is essential to try and find a high-quality breeder who treats their dogs well. It is best to ask for a tour around their facility to ensure that they are the kind of breeder whom you want to support the adoption. They should be willing to show you around any area in which they allow their dogs.

Beyond receiving a facility tour, verify the parents paperwork and breed before the official adoption. Ask to see the veterinary records for the dogs too. It will help you be more prepared as your pup grows older and you can keep an eye out for potential inherited diseases.

Pedigree: Is The Goldmatian A Recognized Breed

Photo from: willowthegoldmatian

The Goldmatian is a hybrid dog or a designer dog. This combination of two purebred dogs doesnt qualify him as an AKC recognized puppy. The AKC recognizes only purebred dogs.

So, if you really care about registration, and you want to compete in dog shows, maybe the Dalmation or the Golden Retriever would be the better choice.

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Pug Dalmatian Mix = Pugmatian

A Pugmatian or mix of Pug and Dalmatian is a very loyal dog. They are also friendly with family although early socialization is needed as well. However, they will shed like crazy since Dalmatian is a shedder, and Pug sheds crazily. You want to have a good and handy vacuum when youre having Pug Dalmatian puppy. This medium energy dog also needs daily exercise, but do not push it too much since Pugmatian will not respond well with heavy exercises.

Boxer Dalmatian Mix = Boxmatian

Dalmatian Puppy Playing with Lab, Golden Retriever and Weimaraner Puppies

As a designer dog, Boxer Dalmatian is one of the most common Dalmatian Mix. Their similar size will make Boxmatian, as it is called, grow about 19 to 25 inches tall. It can weigh around 45 to 80 pounds. Although Boxer and Dalmatian have short hair, but both of them are shedder that you need to invest time to brush them at least twice a week to keep shedding under control. This mixed of Boxer Dalmatian breed can be found at breeders from around $500 to more than $1000. But if you want to invest some time to check at local shelters, that will save significant amount of money and a life!

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