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Orange County Golden Retriever Puppies

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Golden Retriever Breeders In California: Sunrise Goldens

Golden Retriever Digging in the Sand @ Huntington Dog Beach, Orange County, CA

This Golden Retriever breeder is located in Southern California and is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and a Bred with H.E.A.R.T. member. According to their website, in their breeding, they adhere to the standards of the GRCA and all their dogs have proper health clearances . Visit this breeders if you are interested in one of their puppies.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about pet breeders services in Orange County, CA?

This is a review for a pet breeders business in Orange County, CA:

“We couldn’t have been luckier! After endless research of over 15 breeders across the country we found our fur baby, Noodle, at California Goldendoodle. The perfect temperament, the cutest face, and the sweetest soul. He has made our family complete. A huge “thank you” to California Goldendoodle for your healthy pup and preparing us for the smooth transition into his furever home.”

Golden Meadows Golden Retrievers

A breeder with 25 years of experience, Golden Meadows is a quality California Golden Retriever breeder near the Santa Barbara area. They are recognized by the AKC as a Breeder of Merit and is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America. The parent dogs are genetically tested and all puppies come with a three-year genetic health guarantee.

Their puppies are bred for the classic golden color as well as the English Cream. They also offer to train puppies for their future owners with things from crate training and leash walking to passing the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test. They use the Rule of 7s when preparing their puppies for the world, which eans they are introduced to many types of stimulus. Their well-socialized dogs make great family pets, service dogs, and even have appeared in commercials. It is important to put in a deposit and get on their waiting list if you want one of their puppies!


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Trained Vizslas And California Breeders

Our trained Vizsla dogs are crate trained and sleep through the night without any accidents. These lovable companions are well-socialized and showcase the following attributes:

  • The ability to walk on a leash
  • Crate training
  • Comprehension of hand and verbal signals
  • Learned fetching

Training a Vizsla is no simple task, but Golden Meadows Retrievers has a special love for this breed. Our Vizsla hunting puppies for sale enter the training process from day one, and some of our pups achieve AKC Canine Good Citizenship prior to purchase.

Best Golden Retriever Breeders In The Usa

Golden Retriever Puppies Orange County

Add a little love to your household by welcoming home a brand new golden retriever puppy! No one can resist the quintessential puppy dog eyes, unrelenting loyalty, and unconditional love of a golden retriever. And, for that reason, the popularity of the breed has exploded in recent decades.

Unfortunately, that means that you might find a bunch of new, unscrupulous golden retriever breeders offering puppies to the public. Consequently, many golden retriever puppies offered for adoption suffer from genetic defects or show signs of mixed breeding.

So, how does one know if a breeder is truly reputable or just another puppy mill? Thats a difficult question that can take hours of research to answer. Luckily, you can start by taking a look at our list of the 10 best golden retriever breeders in the USA and get yourself pointed in the right direction at the outset of your search. But first, lets go over the traits and qualities that each purebred golden retriever must possess.

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Riverdoodles Bernedoodle & Goldendoodles

First on our list of Goldendoodle breeders in Orange County is River Doodles. River Doodles is an excellent breeder in southern California that prides itself on being a home breeder meaning they raise all of their puppies by hand in their own home, just like you would your very own pet. We applaud the high standards that this breeder holds themselves to for genetic testing and ethical breeding, as well as raising and handling their dogs and puppies.

They expose all of their puppies to social and environmental stimuli that they will likely encounter in your home, which helps prepare the puppies for their long and happy life with you. River Doodles specializes in Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles, and all of their puppies are top tier and super cute.

Golden Meadows Retrievers California

Choose your Golden Retriever from a place of quality and prestige Golden Meadows Retrievers located in Moorpark, California. The puppies at Golden Meadows can make perfect additions to your family and life due to their fun personalities and mild temperaments. From the moment theyre born, these Golden Retriever puppies are cared for and loved.

Their dogs are bred in a community with more than 25 years of experience in raising Golden Retrievers. The parent dogs are health and genetic tested to make sure that they dont pass on medical issues to their puppies. Their Golden Retriever puppies in California are trained and well socialized so theyre ready for you to bring home.

The team at Golden Meadows is also intentional about selecting the right Golden Retriever puppy for you and your family. Factors like activity level and personalities are taken into account in getting you a Golden Retriever that will fit you and your family. By matching the puppies with your lifestyle preferences, you can be confident that the Golden Retriever puppy you bring home is right for you.

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Questions To Ask An Akc Vizsla Puppy Breeder

The energetic, alert, and affectionate Vizsla has become an increasingly popular canine companion. With pedigree origins in Hungary, this distinctive hunting dog nearly disappeared with the influx of other Pointer breeds, but today the Vizsla has seen an impressive comeback.

Vizslas are an increasingly popular hunting and family dog breed. They are among the top fifty most popular breeds in Great Britain every year, and have several desirable characteristics. Vizslas are gentle, well-mannered, high energy, loyal and affectionate. They are also natural hunters and were originally bred for that purpose. It is not surprising that the breed is growing in popularity in the American Kennel Club .

Those considering bringing home one of these unique dogs should be sure to make detailed inquiries when consulting an AKC Vizsla puppy breeder, in order to ensure the pedigree and overall health of their new pet. For anyone interested in adding a purebred Vizsla to their family, looking for the following information from an AKC Vizsla puppy breeder will be helpful.

Shadalane Golden Retrievers California

Golden Retriever Puppies At Low Rate||@Orange Techy #labrador #pets #rottweiler

The team at Shadalane Golden Retrievers brings a wealth of insight and information to help guide you along in choosing a dog perfect for your family. Their pedigree of Golden Retrievers is of high-quality and comes from a strong generation of champion show dogs.

In partnership with other breeders Golden Retriever breeders in California, Shadalane focuses on breeding purebred show puppies. They have litters through various seasons, so be sure to check with them on their availability before making a reservation.

In addition to breeding services, Shadalane also offers training services and other helpful information you want to know regarding training and raising your new furry friend. Shes a great resource if you have any questions about Golden Retrievers.

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Lucky Charm Golden Retriever

Find your new English Cream Golden Retriever at this small hobby farm in Southern California. In their breeding program, they focus on highlighting conformation, health, and temperament. Their dedication and care for each of their Golden Retriever puppies in California provides you confidence in bringing home your new furry friend.

Before sending you home with your Golden Retriever, you have access to health checks and other valuable insights youll want to know ahead of time. Their breeding practices align with the Kennel Club of Englands standards and hold high ethical standards for all their Golden Retrievers.

Along with information about their dogs and breeding, they also have a blog where they share helpful tips and tricks about raising Golden Retrievers. You can learn a lot about training and raising your dog from their website.

Golden Retriever Breeders Orange County Ca

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    Golden Treasures Retrievers Norcal

    Golden Treasures has been in the Golden Retriever breeding business since 2003. For what is worth, they are one of the oldest Golden Retriever breeders in Northern California. They consider this a small family breeding operation that they run with their three children. Even though they are a small breeding operation, they do use a few guardian homes in order to give the dogs the best life possible with a loving family.

    They welcome visitors anytime as long as there isnt a litter of Golden Retriever puppies that havent been vaccinated yet. The health and well-being of the puppies and mothers is the most important aspect to the owners. If you would like to schedule an appointment to see the facility give them a call.

    If you want to reserve one of their Golden Retriever puppies in Northern California or get on the waitlist then you will need to fill out the application form. They want to make sure each puppy goes to the home that is best for them. Golden Treasures NorCal will take your lifestyle and the puppys temperament into consideration when they match you with a dog.

    There is a required $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve one of their Golden Retriever puppies. The deposit is applied to the purchase price of your dog. Their Golden Retriever puppies in Northern California will cost anywhere between $2000-$3000.

    Reasons A Vizsla Might Be The Right Dog Breed For You

    Golden Retriever For Sale in Orange County (55)

    The Vizsla is an amazing dog with a history that extends back several centuries. In fact, its one of the oldest known breeds in the world! References from documents believed to be from the 10th Century show that ancient Hungarians used Vizslas to help them hunt small game.

    Today, people keep Vizslas for a long list of reasons some of which may surprise you, especially if you dont know much about the breed. Come on an adventure and get to know whether a Vizsla might be right for your home in this post.

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    Vizsla Puppies In California

    If you’re interested in owning a Vizsla puppy, be sure to view our online profiles for each pup. We display personality information and photos of each dog. Golden Meadows Retrievers is a reputable vizsla dog breeder located in Southern California that wants to help you find your perfect companion. We serve San Diego,Los Angeles,Santa Barbara and San Francisco. If you’re interested, fill out our Puppy Information Request Form for more information on our Vizsla puppies for sale.

    Our English Golden Retrievers

    We started with our oldest Golden Retriever Tina who has Serbian, Netherlands, and Swedish lines, and completed her Bulgarian National Championship. Alice is an English cream progeny of International Champions from Europe. She has Serbian, Hungarian, Spanish, and Austrian descent. Willow gave us a bit of variety with a great line. All three are now retired. Glacier brought us complimentary lines from Ukraine. Jaks is our newest addition who will be our future stud. Right now our girls are all retired and we are researching plans for our future.

    After extensive research and relationships with breeders abroad, I feel confident in our lines. Our lines provide genetic diversity into America that will indeed improve the American Golden Retriever gene pool. It is our hope to be among the best English Golden Retriever Breeders in Southern California and be a resource about puppies.

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    Committed To Producing Quality Healthy Akc Vizsla Puppies

    Our own joy with this magnificent dog breed began with Stanley back in early 2006. We never thought another breed would steel our hearts like the Golden Retrievers but our strong, smart, and wonderful stud opened us up to the Vizslas as a truly great family companion.

    Vizsla puppies love the beach, hiking, and playing. Mainly bred to be avid pointers, flushers and retrievers they have adapted to family life easily. Our goals for this beautiful breed is to produce healthy, loving temperaments, calmer dispositions, and of course, bringing back those strong Hungarian rooted-features.

    Looking at our Vizsla puppies now, we can see we are succeeding in helping this dog breed gain popularity, as well as helping to keep our Vizsla families informed of their strong, loyal bonds, and their great need for mental and physical stimulus.

    Vizslas aren’t the fastest dog breed around, but they are quick on their feet and can play and run all day – if you let them! Our Stanley would spend all day in the ocean, chasing tennis balls and body surfing. Our Vizsla pups are worthy of recognition for their loving tendencies towards children, strong social behaviors, and easy maintenance.

    English Golden Retriever Puppies

    Guide Dogs
    • English Golden Retriever

    Welcome to Golden Sensation Kennel where we offer English Golden Retriever puppies with champion bloodlines. Our breeding females are imported from Europe, have earned championship titles, have passed all their health clearances, and are bred after two years of age. We take pride in offering to families our healthy and sound English Golden Retriever puppies.

    • : 5

    “Golden Sensation Kennel creates friendships that last a lifetime.”

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    You Want A Best Friend Forever

    Its a shame that more people dont see the Vizsla as a true family pet. Far too many people assume theyre really just suitable as working dogs, when really, theyre one of the friendliest and most loving breeds around.

    Surprisingly, the Vizslas strong companionship skills actually come from the fact that it was originally bred to aid hunters. Over time, ancient Hungarians taught their Vizslas to stay close by their side as they roamed forests and fields in an effort to ensure they were at the ready whenever the moment struck. They achieved this by being kind and bonding with their dogs on and off the field.

    Today, Vizslas love nothing more than to pal around with their best human companions. Whether theyre taking an extended nap on a Saturday morning or hitting up the local beach for a swim, they want to be with YOU always.

    Cal Creek Golden Retrievers

    Located in Mader County, Cal Creek takes care to breed quality Golden Retrievers in California. They only breed a couple of times a year and their waiting list fills up quickly. They show their dogs to champion level and enjoy showing with their handler and groomer. All dogs have their health clearances and Cal Creek is dedicated to improving the breed through good breeding. They research the pedigrees of their dogs and make sure the genetics are up to par with their high standards.

    Currently, they have two females they breed and one male, however they have two more that will be ready for breeding after reaching two years old and passing their health checks. The puppies go to their new homes with the appropriate vaccines and are vet checked prior to leaving with their new families. If you want one of their quality, home-raised puppies, it is a good idea to get on their waiting list quickly!


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    Final Take On The 10 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In The Usa

    It would prove impossible to attempt to recommend the perfect golden retriever breeder for any given family. Each potential forever home comes with its own set of wants, needs, and requirements. Some households wish to add a golden retriever to the family for the breeds hunting prowess.

    Others would like to participate in competitions or start breeding golden retrievers themselves. Ultimately, each future golden retriever owner must find their own breeder. Once that step has been taken, a golden retriever puppy will usually find you.

    As a final note, unless you plan on joining the dog show circuit, dont allow the strict standards for the breed to color your decision-making. Your personal preferences regarding your next puppys eye color, coat, and general appearance should dictate which breeders you approach.

    If you like golden retrievers with snow-white coats, then adopt one without worrying about whether your new puppy would get disqualified at the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The point of adopting a new golden retriever puppy is fostering the loving bond between you and your beautiful, new pet.

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