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What Type Of Golden Retriever Do I Have

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Things You Need To Know About The Miniature Golden Retriever

What does a workout look like when you have a golden retriever!

Miniature Golden Retriever is a cross of the Golden Retriever and the Miniature Poodle, also known as comfort retrievers. Its a small to medium dog breed at about 14 to 20 inches tall, weighing between 20 to 45 pounds. The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 12 years.

Think everything you love about a Golden Retriever, and thats what youll get with this jaw-droppingly cute crossbreed.

Lets get on with it, and Ill give you the grand tour of this unique furry friend.

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  • Should I get a Miniature Golden Retriever?
  • What Is The Personality Of A Miniature Golden Retrievers Like

    Heres where the train stops on quick and easy answers. This dog can have a wildly different temperament from what you expect.

    Since its a crossbreed, its parents traits will define the characteristics of a Miniature Golden Retriever.

    Lets take a look at the temperament that you can expect from each breed that makes up the Mini Golden Retriever.

    Do Not Leave Your Golden Retriever Puppy For More Than 5 Hours

    Golden Retrievers can make a strong bonding with the members in the house. They are ready to please their owners.

    They also love to be with people especially with children who like to play with them.

    If you leave your golden retriever puppy alone in your house, it will just make her feel sad that can lead her to have anxiety, depression, or in other cases, their sadness can make them have destructive behavior.

    Even though you already hired a pet walker or a person that will take care to your retriever puppy in times that you are busy, all of these solutions will never replace the presence that you always give to your golden puppy.

    Causes Of Golden Retriever Shedding And 7 Tips To Control It:

    • Tip #1 ;Do Golden Retrievers shed a lot? They sure do! Some pet parents claim the Golden Retriever shedding season lasts all year. They shed moderately in summer and winter, and profusely in spring and fall. If you have a Golden, you simply need to accept the fact that youll have a dog leaving hair everywhereon the floors, on your clothes, on your bedeverywhere. It always comes handy to have a good lint remover brush, or you may use rubber gloves to easily remove dog hair.

    I love the smell of Bathe Me! It was very easy to rinse off my dogs as well. Will definitely continue to use ;A.Sf

    If youre concerned about excessive Golden Retriever shedding, take your dog for a check up with your local vet.

    What Kind Of Health Problems Do Golden Cocker Retrievers Have

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Golden Retrievers

    By Michele Welton

    How big are Golden Retrievers?

    About 21-24 inches at the shoulder, with males usually in the higher half of that range, and females usually in the lower half. Weight can be as low as 55 pounds, but is usually 60-75 pounds. However, there are many oversized Goldens, with some individuals topping 90 pounds. Unfortunately, this heavier weight isn’t good for their joints.

    Where does the Golden Retriever come from, and why was the breed developed?

    He was developed in England and Scotland as both a land hunter and a water retriever .

    What kind of temperament and personality does the Golden Retriever have?

    To get an idea of what a breed might be like, always look at what he was developed to do . Many of the Golden Retriever’s characteristics — his strong body, his energy level and enthusiasm, his love of swimming and retrieving, his strong desire to carry things around in his mouth — are hardwired into his genes, because they were needed for a retriever to do his work.

    I give you my honest opinions about Golden Retriever temperament and personality — positives AND negatives — in my dog breed review, Golden Retriever Temperament .

    Can Golden Retrievers be any color other than golden? I’ve seen some reddish ones.

    Golden Retrievers come in only one color, but the shade of their coat ranges from reddish to medium gold to pale cream to nearly white. It’s all the same breed, and no shade is more desirable than another.

    How much grooming do Golden Retrievers need?

    Will My Home Be Covered With Hair

    Family portrait I would love to have this many Golden ...

    Like their larger counterparts, Mini Golden Retrievers;shed an undercoat seasonally to adapt to changing climates.

    They are frequently called hypoallergenic, however, because they shed less dander than some other, more nasally-irritating breeds.

    Their grooming is simple, and only moderate maintenance is needed as long as you stay on top of it.

    Daily brushing is essential to ensure that their long locks dont knot themselves into mats. When petting your dog, you should be able to feel down to their skin all-over, with no hard masses of fur.

    When dog hair knots, it can get to a point where its so tight against the skin that it causes INTENSE pain and sensitivity for your dog.;Sometimes, mats cant even be detangled manually and have to be shaved off.

    Hopefully, you wont encounter this, but youll still do well to find a groomer in your area for monthly or biweekly trims.

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    Are Cream Or White

    The color of the coat has nothing to do with a dog’s health. But ancestry could possibly have an effect on health.

    • There is at least a little evidence that, on average, English bloodlines are healthier.
    • A 1998 study found that 61.8 percent of American goldens died from cancers, such as hemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, mast-cell tumors, and osteosarcoma, whereas a 2004 British Kennel Club Purebred Dog Health Survey for Golden Retrievers found that only 38.8 percent of goldens from English bloodlines were affected by cancer.
    • Research also found that goldens from English bloodlines had an average lifespan of 12 years and 3 months whereas American goldens lived for an average of 10 years and 8 months.
    • This data does not necessarily mean that an English retriever is immune from cancer and will die only at a ripe old age.
    • There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of English retrievers dying from cancer and living shorter lives than expected.
    • The health of your dog will depend on good breeding lines not on whether it is English or American, cream-colored or toffee-colored.
    • The secret to health and longevity is ultimately a combination of nature and nurturegood genes plus optimal care by responsible owners.

    White golden retriever puppy


    Coat Color And Grooming

    Golden Retrievers have a dense, water-repellent outer coat with a thick undercoat. Some coats are wavy, some are straight. The fur feathers on the back of the front legs and underbody, with heavier feathering on the chest, back of the thighs, and tail.

    Golden Retrievers come in all shades of gold, from light to dark gold. Some breeders have begun selling “rare white Goldens,” but the American Kennel Club does not recognize white as a coat color for the breed.

    Golden Retrievers shed moderately in the winter and summer, and heavily in the spring and fall. If you live with a Golden, you’ll need to adapt to a certain amount of dog hair in your house and on your clothes.

    The Golden’s thick coat means lots of grooming. Daily brushing is recommended to prevent tangling, and once a week is the bare minimum. Your Golden will also need a bath at least once a month, often more frequently, to keep him looking and smelling clean.

    Brush your Golden’s teeth at least two or three times a week to remove tartar buildup and the bacteria that lurk inside it. Daily brushing is even better if you want to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

    Begin accustoming your Golden to being brushed and examined when he’s a puppy. Handle his paws frequently;;dogs are touchy about their feet;;and look inside his mouth. Make grooming a positive experience filled with praise and rewards, and you’ll lay the groundwork for easy veterinary exams and other handling when he’s an adult.

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    Golden Retriever Puppies: Everything You Need To Know

    Apple pie, football, and golden;retrievers? This golden dog is a popular addition to many American households. In fact, golden retrievers rank number 3 in the American Kennel Clubs popularity rankings.;Not surprisingly, golden retriever puppies are often seen on many calendars, greeting cards, and posters as the ultimate symbol of canine cuteness.

    As much as they are celebrated in the US, golden retrievers werent discovered there. In the mid-1800s, they were bred and raised by gamekeepers at an estate owned by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland. Its said that he crossed his yellow retriever Tweed Water Spaniel , an Irish setter, and a bloodhound. This new golden retriever was trained to hunt in the great outdoors.

    Golden retrievers are so renowned, two United States presidents owned them while in office. President Fords golden;retriever was named Liberty, and President Reagans dog was Victory.

    Ichthyosis In Other Dog Breeds

    3 Types of Golden Retrievers and How to Identify Them?

    As mentioned earlier in this text, ichthyosis is a disease that can affect dog breeds other than the Golden Retriever. Indeed, this skin disease is also found in the American Bulldog, the Bull Terrier, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Long-haired Collie, the Great Dane, the English Springer Spaniel, the Norfolk Terrier, the Miniature Pinscher, the Labrador Retriever, the Jack Russell Terrier, Rottweiler, Irish Setter, West Highland White Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier. For the American Bulldog, Jack Russell Terrier and Norfolk Terrier, the mutation responsible for ichthyosis is characterized and for each breed the mutation is found in a different gene. So, when it comes to testing ichthyosis in these breeds, it is very important to do the right DNA test for the right breed of dog to make sure you get the pertinant results.


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    Articles Mentioning Golden Retriever

    See all of our entertaining and insightful animal articles.

    To reduce the possibility of long term health problems, you can request medical records from the breeder, store, or adoption agency from which you purchase the dog. You should also ensure that your dog has an annual checkup to catch health problem as soon as possible. Altogether, you should be aware of the following common problems: 1. Cancer 2. Joint Dysplasia 3. Skin Diseases 4. Heart Disease

    Golden Retriever Maintenance And Grooming

    With its rich coat of fur, the golden retriever is notorious for its semi-frequent shedding. You should therefore endeavor to groom the dog at least once per week, maybe more. In addition, when the dog is heavily shedding its double coat about once or twice a year, it may require almost daily brushes to stay clean and healthy.

    The best way to groom the golden retriever is to use a specialty or heavy-duty brush. A-Z-Animals recommends the GoPets two sided dematting brush.

    The brushing can be preceded by a very rigorous bath to loosen some of the fur, but make sure the dog is dry before attempting to groom it. The nails should be kept trim on a regular basis as well. And if possible, you should regularly clean out the ears to reduce the chances of an infection. For shampoo, A-Z-Animals recommends an organic oatmeal based shampoo good for sensitive skin.

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    Are There A Smaller Type Of Golden Retriever

    Yes, theres the Comfort Retriever, which is a mix between Poodles and Goldens. Also called a Goldendoodle, it is a fantastic designer dog for those with allergies. You will have to clip him occasionally, though.;

    The adorable Goldendoodle

    Goldendoodles;can be anywhere from 13-24 inches and weigh 15-90 lbs . This is because their Poodle parent comes in three different sizes.

    Another cross you will love if you want a smaller dog is the Golden Cocker Retriever. Usually around 30 to 45 lbs . While it doesnt blow its coat, youll have to brush him daily.

    Meet Josie, a Golden Cocker Retriever dog Image Source

    There is no such thing as a purebred miniature Golden Retriever.

    The History Of Golden Retrievers

    I have always owned Golden Retrievers, the âAmericanâ? kind ...

    As legend has it, Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland wanted to create a hunting dog that could retrieve shot down birds from both land and water.

    His solution was to breed a wavy-coated retriever with a Tweed water spaniel, thus creating the first litter of golden retrievers in 1868.

    Now although theyre common family dogs today, the fact that golden retrievers were originally bred for retrieving birds all day in the wilderness has left some lasting physical and personality traits that we see in them today.

    • They have lots of energy because they were bred to hunt all day
    • They are athletic because they were bred to swim in lakes and rivers and run through fields
    • They have a tendency to be mouthy because they were bred to hold birds in their mouths

    So what does this have to do with the different types of golden retrievers?


    Knowing where golden retrievers came from can help us understand where we are today.

    So now lets dive into the supposed 8 types of golden retrievers and discover the truth about each one.

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    How Mini Is Miniature

    The answer is not hard and fast, and it differs from breeder to breeder and even between litters. As they become more fine-tuned and purer, a clearer picture will more than likely emerge.

    As it stands at the moment, their weight ranges between 20 lbs to 55 lbs , with a height of between 12 to 15 inches .

    A fully grown Mini Golden Retriever is small, but it has plenty of love to give!

    What Are The Differences Between A Mini Golden Retriever And A Mini Goldendoodle

    Mini Goldendoodles have MUCH more Poodle in them, but as breeding is a mix of Toy Poodles, their estimated size is about the same as the Mini Golden. As mentioned above they range from 20 lbs to 45 lbs and 14 inches to 20 inches tall .

    Though they come in similar-sized packaging, you can certainly see the difference between them.

    Mini Goldens tend to have fur that is sleeker, with waves rather than curls.

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    Different Types Of Golden Retrievers And How To Recognize Them

    May 11, 2020 By Meg Austwick

    Golden Retrievers are a popular breed that is loved in America and across the world. But, many people dont realise that there are 3 different types of Golden Retrievers within the breed as a whole!

    The 3 most well known types of Golden Retrievers are the American type, the Canadian type, and the English type.

    There are some slight differences in appearance that can help you tell the 3 types apart. But they will all have the loving, friendly, playful temperament that the breed is known for.

    So lets find out more about the different types of Golden Retrievers.

    What Makes Them Different

    Golden Retriever Shedding: 14 Tips To Control It (And Keep Your House Clean)

    Golden retrievers also come in white, light, cream, red, dark, and classic golden shades. Well look at the different types and what makes them so diverse, but well also see why theyre so similar, including the diseases that afflict all of them as one large breed.

    The fun facts are courtesy of Bark Post and a BuzzFeed;YouTube;video.

    Fun Fact: an 18-month-old golden retriever named Angel save his 11-year-old owner from a cougar attack in 2010

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    Are Mini Goldens Officially Recognized

    The short answer is:

    The Designer Dogs Kennel Club and Dog Registry of America, Inc. list Mini Golden Retrievers, but the American Kennel Club does not.

    This is probably because Miniature Golden Retrievers are a crossbreed still in development. As breeding advances, were sure that things will change and more organizations will recognize them.

    Temperament Of Golden Retrievers

    All breeds of Golden Retrievers have lovely personalities. They are biddable, cheerful, devoted, and intelligent companions.

    These canines are adoring to their own families and also happy to greet strangers and friends into the house. This is why they might not make good guard dogs.

    Socialization is important to keep your Golden Retriever feeling confident around new people and pets.

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    Despite Their Titled Heritage Golden Retrievers Didn’t Win Breed Recognition Until The 1920s

    Golden Retrievers were developed starting in 1850 by the Scotsman Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks, the Lord of Tweedmouth. Hunting birds was popular at the time, both as sport and as a practical way of obtaining food. Marjoribanks sought a medium-sized bird dog to support the hunt. The breed was developed by crossing a Retriever with a Water Spaniel, then crossing their offspring with Bloodhounds, Irish Setters, the St. John’s Water Dog, and other Retrievers. Golden Retrievers were first shown in 1908, at the U.K.’s Crystal Palace. They were entered as “flat coats ” rather than the name we know them by today.

    It took until 1925 for the breed to win official American Kennel Club recognition. Today, Golden Retrievers are still used for hunting and field trials, and they also perform obedience and guide dog work.

    How Much Exercise Do They Need

    Pretty Puppy

    Golden Retrievers are energetic dogs who need plenty of exercise to help them stay in shape. An active lifestyle can also help prevent stress, frustration, and boredom, which can result in bad behaviors like chewing up your favorite shoes or damaging the furniture.

    Your veterinarian can tell you how much exercise is right for your dog, but a good rule of thumb for Golden Retrievers is to get them moving for at least 30 minutes two times a day. That should tire out your four-legged friend. If its too hot for a walk, you can take your Golden Retriever for a swim. These dogs were bred to fetch birds from the water and tend to enjoy a nice dip in a lake or pool.

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