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Champion English Cream Golden Retrievers

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British Style Golden Retrievers

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy Champion

Our British style Golden Retrievers range in colour from the palest cream to a rich gold. We have produced cream Golden Retrievers for 40 years, long before this colour became popular. We, however, make no claim that a cream English-type Golden Retriever is somehow more valuable or healthier than those of ours which are a slightly darker shade.

What Our Clients Are Saying

In 2017, I picked up my dream puppy, Mae, from Blair Farms. She is truly the best dog I could have ever imagined and I am constantly asked where I received her from. From day one, Elane and Bret were wonderful to work with. They were constantly in communication, and answered all of my questions. They knew the puppies so well, and were able to advise which one would be the “best fit” for me based on personality and desired traits. You can tell they truly care not only about their litters but the families they go home to! Mae has the greatest temperament, and loves anyone she meets. People constantly stop me when I’m with her to tell me how beautiful and friendly she is! I can’t recommend Blair Farms enough!

English Cream Golden Retriever Breeders

Our family kennel has about one litter every year or every other year depending on our schedules. We are certainly NOT a puppy mill.

After the birth of our English Cream, Golden Retriever puppies, each is weighed and monitored daily. We want each puppy to thrive and develop properly. Close attention is paid to the diet and the health of the mother. She is attended to several times a day.

We keep strict progress records and consistently compare the progress of the puppies with standards of compiled average data. We want the pups to grow, but not too fast, as complications in larger dogs are often the result of overfeeding or overly rigorous exercise. A growth record is posted the first of each week with photos, please see our puppy section. More detailed, complete records are available upon request.


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Facts About English Cream Golden Retrievers You Probably Didnt Know

Want to know the truth about English Cream Golden Retrievers?

In this post, were breaking down 23 facts about these beautiful white golden retrievers and identifying which myths are true and which ones are not.

Now before we dive in, heres a quick overview of them:

English Cream Golden Retrievers are a style of Golden Retriever. All Golden Retrievers are the same breed, but this style has cream-colored coats, blocky heads, and stocky bodies. Theyre said to be calmer and healthier than other Goldens.

But are they actually calmer and healthier than their American counterparts?

Keep reading to find out!

English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Easy To Train

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy Champion

Because theyre so smart and love pleasing people, golden retrievers are easy to train.

Theyre sensitive and loving, so the best way to train them is through positive reinforcement, like rewarding them with a treat, toy, play or praise when they do something good.

And not only are they easy to train, but they love it.

My dog, Oliver, loves when I bust out the treat bag.

He knows hes going to be working with me, be challenged, and be rewarded with lots of treats and praise.

What could be better for a golden?!

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Exercise And Training Needs

English Cream Golden Retrievers are energetic and active dogs. They do well with regular training.

These dogs are intelligent and have an eager-to-please mentality, so theyre easy to train. You can give treats, but do it in moderation.

English Cream Golden Retrievers should be exercised at least 2 hours every day. Walks, swimming, hunting trips, fetching and bike rides are excellent forms of exercise for your dog.

Ask a vet about the activities that could hurt the dogs bones and joints. If you want to establish a strong bond with your English Cream Golden Retriever puppy, you should consider obedience training.

It is best to let your dog socialize with other pets and people at a young age.

International Champion Clumbret Nobility Knight

International Champion Clumbret Nobility Knight brings outstanding 100% English Cream Retriever bloodlines from Europe to our kennel. We wish to thank Clumbret Kennel for allowing us to add this boys pedigree to our kennel program. Thanks Marija and Sasha for making this possible. He is a super nice beautiful male with heavy bone, large head and chest, good confirmation, and great temperament. He is a European International Champion and I am sure he will pass on his gorgeous coat and stance to his puppies also. He has produced some beautiful babies with strong heads and good bone, as well as great temperaments in Europe and cant wait to see his first babies born here in the United States.

Contact us today to see what upcoming litters we might have from this big beautiful boy.

Click here for his pedigree and health clearances.

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English Cream Golden Retrievers Have Blocky Heads

Yes, most English Creams do have blocky heads.

They also typically have wavy coats, wider muzzles, and stockier bodies.

Other golden retrievers can have these physical characteristics, too, but they may also have slimmer, more athletic bodies, a range of coat lengths and color, and narrow or wide muzzles.

English Cream Golden Retrievers Make Good Therapy & Service Dogs

“Ethan”- Stud English Golden Retriever from Recherche Goldens

Because golden retrievers have such good temperaments and are so smart, they are one of the most common breeds for service and therapy dogs.

Theyre patient, loving, and friendly, plus theyre big and strong enough for many tasks required of service dogs.

In addition to being therapy and service dogs, goldens also make great search and rescue dogs and hunting dogs, which is what they were initially bred for.

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European Golden Retrievers Are Less Likely To Die From Cancer Than American Golden Retrievers

According to this study in Cambridge, 40% of golden retrievers from Europe will die from cancer, while, according to the Morris Animal Foundation, 60% of golden retrievers in America will get cancer.

Heres a quote in Vet Street about why this is the case:

When studied in a laboratory, the genes of American and U.K. Goldens are significantly different, suggesting that the risk of hemangiosarcoma is related to a relatively recent genetic alteration.

English Cream Golden Retrievers Are More Expensive

The chances of your neighborhood breeder breeding English Cream goldens are less than the chance theyre breeding gold golden retrievers.

And since the neighborhood breeders are typically pricing their dogs on the lower end, while quality breeders are typically charging on the higher end, its safe to assume that, yes, you will pay more for an English Cream.

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Champion Pat Joys English Lord Brady

Brady is ranked Number 4 in points for Top Veteran and 49th Top Dog in points for all ages in the USA in overall points in 2019 for All Breeds of Veteran Dogs in ICKC shows.

Brady is the father to our mother dogs. Xandra is their mother. Brady won Best in Show March 2019. He also won Best Veteran in Show 4 times that same weekend. He is an incredibly well put together stud dog. We are blessed to have such a fantastic father/grandfather to our dogs. Brady is fully health tested and certified with OFA and DNA.

Brady, English Creme Golden Retriever, grandpa of puppies

Brady, father Golden Retriever. English Creme stud dog


Golden Retriever Information: Temperament And Health

Champion Erin  Rabergs English Creme Golden Retrievers
  • They need a lot of exercisea couple of walks a day at the very least. They love outdoor activities, especially swimming.
  • While active outdoors, they are also calm indoors, making them ideal family pets.
  • They are easy to train. They are people pleasers and are extremely intelligent.
  • They are one of the best dogs for kids.
  • They are even-tempered, well-behaved, and extremely faithful.
  • They are social animals. They can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.
  • They shed profusely, especially in the fall and spring. You must regularly brush them .
  • They will need 3 meals a day as a puppy and 2 meals a day as an adult. Each meal should be around 1/3 to 1/2 of a cup of dry food.
  • Golden retrievers are prone to cancer, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and hypothyroidism.
  • Before you get a Golden Retriever, make sure you are aware of the above traits and the care that Golden Retrievers specifically need.


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Adopting A Dog From An English Cream Golden Retriever Rescue Or Shelter

Adopting a dog from an English Cream Golden Retriever rescue or shelter can be one of the best decisions you will make, especially when you are living alone or lonely.

When you adopt a dog, you are saving a life. You will improve the dogs quality of life. Adoption agencies have lots of pets, so you will have plenty of options to pick.

You can choose your dog by age, size or gender. This way, you can select the dog that matches your personality.

By adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter, you will have peace of mind knowing that youre getting a healthy dog. Adoption agencies always neuter and spay their pets.

They also ensure that the pets are vaccinated on a regular basis. You dont need to worry about your pets health. The dog will arrive at your house healthy.

Another benefit of adopting a dog is the fact that you can save money. Most of the time, people purchase a pet from pet stores where the pups are not regularly vaccinated and washed.

If you get a dog from an English Cream Golden Retriever rescue or shelter, you will get a pet that has been vaccinated and appropriately nurtured.

This can help you save much money as you dont need to worry about their vaccination.

When you adopt a dog, you are not supporting puppy mills. Ads of dogs being sold are usually puppy mills. They collect one hundred dogs at a time and sell these pets for their gain.

The Truth About English Cream Golden Retrievers

Adrienne is a certified dog trainer and former veterinarian assistant who partners with some of the best veterinarians worldwide.


Everyone knows that Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs blessed with long, shiny coats in some shade of goldand they have wonderful demeanors to boot.

If you’ve seen the “English cream golden retriever” in magazines or ads, you may be wondering what it is and where you can get one. What makes them different from the average golden retriever that you see every day in America? Are they the same breed? Is the only difference the coat color? In this article we will take a look at some differences and learn the truth about English cream golden retrievers.

Below, you’ll find answers to these questions:

  • Are cream-colored Golden Retrievers still Golden Retrievers?
  • Are American Golden Retrievers genetically different from English ones?
  • How do English Golden Retrievers compare with American Golden Retrievers?
  • Do English Retrievers shed less?
  • Are cream or white-colored Golden Retrievers healthier than darker Goldens?
  • Are white Golden Retrievers rare?
  • What colors of Golden Retrievers are there?
  • How much do cream Golden Retrievers cost?
  • How to buy a white Golden Retriever puppy from a breeder?
  • Can cream-colored Goldens be officially recognized by the AKC?
  • What do different countries’ kennel clubs say about cream-colored retrievers?
  • What is the history, temperament, and general health of the breed?
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    English Cream Golden Retriever Health Issues

    Actions taken by breeders can affect the dogs health. Good breeders focus on a healthy bloodline.

    The coat color of an English Cream Golden Retriever doesnt determine its health. Focusing on certain colors can reduce the breeds gene pool or cause genetic health problems.

    The health of the parents can also affect the health of the puppies. As such, blood and physical tests should be done before breeding.

    Some of the most common health problems in English Cream Golden Retrievers are eye conditions, heart diseases, and hip dysplasia.

    Their ears should be checked regularly to prevent infections. Golden Retrievers should undergo an advanced cardiac test and congenital cardiac test.

    They should also be evaluated for elbow and hip dysplasia.

    Golden Retrievers should be assessed by an ophthalmologist as well. This breed is susceptible to cancers such as lymphosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma.

    The Golden Retriever Club of America estimates that around 60 percent of Golden Retrievers will die due to cancer.

    A 2013 study revealed that late or early neutering of this breed could increase its risk for diseases, including cancer.

    According to studies, neutering dogs early can affect developing gonadal hormones.

    Before purchasing English Cream Golden Retriever puppies, you should research the parents health or get them examined first to see if theyre cancer-free.

    Are Cream Golden Retrievers Still Golden Retrievers

    English Cream Golden Retrievers–Puppies First Day Outside

    Yes. It’s incorrect to call a lighter-colored golden retriever by a different name. Sometimes, breeders change their name to trick buyers into thinking that these lighter-colored dogs are rare. Some breeders incorrectly call them “rare white European golden retrievers,””exquisite platinum imported golden retrievers,” or “English cream golden retrievers.” But, no matter what they are called, they are golden retrievers they are recognized as such by English and Canadian authorities.

    The Truth

    An “English cream golden retriever” is basically a golden retriever in a very pale shade of gold!

    White retriever puppy


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    What Kennel Clubs In Different Countries Say About English Cream Golden Retrievers

    Both Canada and the U.K. accept a broader range of coat colors within the golden retriever standard than the American Kennel Club does.

    The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom accepts a Golden Retriever thats any shade of cream or gold.

    The Golden Retriever Club of Canada is the same as well. According to them, the acceptable range of color in Golden Retrievers is broad.

    The coat color can be a darker coppery gold or cream. Medium gold, on the other hand, is always correct.

    The club says that specimens should be judged equally as long as theyre within the color range.

    The American Kennel Club, however, is a different story. According to them, the Golden Retrievers standard coat color is a rich, lustrous golden of varying shade.

    They view the predominant body color that is exceptionally dark or pale as undesirable.

    The club says that some leeway should be given to light puppies whose coloring shows a possibility of deepening with maturity.

    English Cream Golden Retriever Temperament

    English Cream Golden Retrievers maintain their puppy behavior into adulthood as they mature slowly.

    They are playful, outgoing, enthusiastic, intelligent, friendly and extremely devoted. The loving character, intelligence, and loyalty of this breed make them a good family dog.

    English Cream Golden Retrievers are excellent hunting companions due to their worker sensibility and calm demeanor.

    This is why theyre categorized in the gundog group. English Cream Golden Retrievers also serve as search and rescue, therapy, guide and service dogs.

    Theyre likewise comfortable indoors, provided that they get many exercises. However, they are not the best guard dogs because they immediately befriend strangers.

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    Origin Of English Cream Golden Retriever

    The English Cream Golden Retriever was first bred in North America. The ancestors of this breed Golden Retrievers from different locations like Scandinavia, Australia, and New Zealand.

    The American Kennel Club doesnt accept the cream colored Golden Retrievers as this breed does not fit AKCs three coat color standards of light golden, dark golden and golden.

    On the other hand, the UK Kennel Club recognized the English Cream Golden Retriever since 1936.

    Owners and breeders are attracted to the lighter coat color of the English Cream Golden Retriever. The UK Kennel Club and American Kennel Club maintain strict standards for show dogs.

    Dog shows outside of the US recognize the English Cream Golden Retriever.

    This is why this breed is more common outside of the US and why the UK Kennel Club accepts the cream color as a shade.

    The color of the coat doesnt distract judges from the characteristics of the dogs being assessed.

    In the US, cream-colored retrievers are penalized in dog shows if they dont meet the standard of rich, glossy, different shades of golden.

    Brief History Of American Golden Retrievers

    Stud Dog

    All golden retrievers, whether they are American, Canadian, or English, originated in Scotland in 1868 where they were used as superior hunting dogs by sportsmen. The first goldens were registered with the British Kennel Club in 1903. Back then, they were listed as flat-coat goldens. The breed didn’t become popular in the U.S. until the 1920s when anything British was cherished, including dog breeds. In 1932, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed.

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    English Cream Golden Retriever Full Grown

    The English Cream Golden Retriever is a medium to the large-sized dog when fully grown. A male dog ranges between 22 and 24 in height.

    A female ranges between 20 and 22 in height. This breed has a blockier and broader head than the American Golden Retriever.

    English Cream Golden Retrievers can weigh between 55 and 75 pounds.

    The main defining characteristic of this breed is its light-colored coat. It also has a thick, feathery tail and slightly arched broadhead without prominent occipital or frontal bones.

    English Cream Golden Retrievers have a powerful, symmetrical, strong, and balanced build as well as a gentle, soft mouth that can carry eggs and game without damaging the item.

    They are also alert and confident. This breed has soft expressions and kind eyes.

    English Cream Golden Retrievers

    In recent years there has been a sharp increase in internet marketing strategies aimed at specifically promoting cream-coloured Golden Retrievers. These light dogs are sometimes being presented to the general public as being exceptionally rare or extremely valuable and are often called English Cream Golden Retrievers or Rare White European Golden Retrievers or Exquisite Platinum Imported Golden Retrievers. Such cream Golden Retrievers are frequently being touted as being healthier, of having better temperament, of having stronger longevity and the implicit suggestion is that they therefore are more valuable than the more golden-coloured Golden Retrievers bred in North-America. Due to these common marketing ploys the average puppy buyer sometimes mistakes such light-coloured Golden Retrievers for being a separate breed. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is only one Golden Retriever breed, governed by the breed standard endorsed by various recognized Kennel Clubs around the world.

    A group of Golden Retrievers all related, showing the various shades.

    The photo below furthermore illustrates the common shades of cream and gold found on this continent and all of these particular dogs are bred right here in North America. This broad range of colour is not only commonly found around the world, but both light and dark shades can also occur in the very same Golden Retriever litter, with full siblings varying in colour from very light cream to a rich gold.

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