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Should You Groom A Golden Retriever

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The Grooming Basics For A Golden Retriever


Before you start, give your dog a spritz of coat conditioner, then brush your fur baby with a slicker brush. Move through the hair in sections, starting at the top and moving your way down and back. Push the brush into the coat at the base near the skin and pull out from their body.

Use an undercoat rake to remove excess hair. Lift the coat one section at a time and move the rake from the base to the end. As you work, you can add another spray of coat conditioner as needed.

Then, use a comb to go through your dogs tail and ears. If you encounter any mats, use a dematting rake to work through them.

One of the best grooming tools for Golden Retrievers is the Hertzko self-cleaning brush. Some people also swear by the Furminatorfor removing loose undercoat hair.

Then, clean the ears with an ear-cleaning solution. Put in a few drops, work it in gently, and wipe away any excess.

Trim the nails with a clipper or grinder. Watch out for the quick, which is the red center of the nail where the blood supply is. If you nick it and you see a little blood, dip the nail in styptic powder.

This video will show you how to trim your dogs nails on your own:

Finally, brush their teeth twice a week or so. You can use a toothbrush made just for dogs or a piece of cotton wrapped around your finger. Apply some doggie toothpaste and scrub each tooth.

Do You Have To Groom A Golden Retriever At Home

The groomer should leave at least one inch of hair, and should not go past the undercoat. You can easily groom your Golden at home yourself with the right pair of dog clippers, plus it will save you time and money! Puppy cuts can be a bit severe for some people because basically, their Golden Retriever will look like a Lab, except for the tail.

How Often To Bathe Your Golden Retriever 5 Tips No One Tells You

Animals in the wild know how to clean themselves very well, and while this is somehow still true with dogs, they do need to take baths every now and then and Goldens are not an exception.

However, due to their unique coats, bathing a golden retriever is more than just hosing them down. But we need to first answer an important question;

How often do you need to bathe your Golden Retriever? Golden Retrievers should be bathed only every 6-8 weeks or when needed. Bathing them too often could cause serious harm to their double coat. Daily brushing and regular grooming are crucial to keeping their coats clean and healthy.

Some golden retrievers give their pups baths every couple of weeks, but this is just too often for me, especially in winter, when its cold and giving your dog a bath can do them more harm than good.

Dogs are often good at keeping themselves clean, so the baths main job is to clean their coats.

Now that we have this out of the way, lets really dig deep into the topic, because I think theres more to the discussion than just telling you to not over-bathe your golden retriever to not ruin their beautiful coats because you probably already know that.

Instead, lets do something different like answer those questions you have right now and dont want to ask.

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The Best Brush For Golden Retriever Grooming Is A Selection Of More Than One

The basic tools required are : pin brush, undercoat rake, bristle brush and slicker brush .

The pin brush should be used for the head, chest, belly, legs, tail and feathering whilst the rake works well for the back and sides. Rakes are brushes designed to penetrate into a dogs thick coat and remove tangles and dead undercoat near the dogs skin. Bristle brushes can also be used but on longer adult coats, you will need widely spaced, longer and stiffer bristles. Matts not removed with the fine wire bristles of the slicker brush can be taken care of by applying a conditioner for dogs before brushing or by trimming with scissors/ shears and a comb. Slide a comb between the matt and the skin before trimming to prevent cutting your dog.

When grooming a Golden Retriever, check the condition of the skin, particularly for allergies, sores, ticks and fleas. Dont forget to apply a flea and tick preventative as per the instructions.

Finishing The Dog: Tools And Finish Grooming

Everything to know about how to groom a Golden Retriever ...

The coat should be light, straight, and stand off of the body with no loose hair. ;Any loose hair or fuzziness to the coat should be carded. ;Everything about the finish should be natural. ;The feet and the outside edges of the ear are trimmed with thinning shears. ;In the warmer months, many pet owners try to keep the dog cooler by shaving the coat. The Golden Retrievers double coat is designed to protect them during any season. ;If you are trying to keep the dog cooler, you should elect to remove the undercoat with a good bath and blow out. When you shave this breed, you are exposing their skin to the elements and take away their ability to stay cool.

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How To Take Care Of Your Golden Retrievers Teeth

The final part of grooming your golden is to brush their teeth.

If you dont, they can easily develop dental diseases, which can cause a multitude of health issues beyond just mouth problems if bacteria gets into their bloodstream.

Many people suggest that you brush your dogs teeth every day, although PetMD concedes that you should brush your dogs teeth at least 2-3 times per week.

Dry kibble, chewing on chew toys, dental toys, rope toys, and treats made for dental health can also help keep your dogs teeth clean.

In addition to regular brushing, eating dry kibble, and chewing on toys, you can help take care of their teeth by bringing them in for a teeth cleaning from your veterinarian about once a year.

Golden Retriever Grooming Advice

The Golden Retriever comes with a double coat: An undercoat that insulates against heat, cold and water, and an outer coat that protects the skin, for example, when your dog runs through dense bushes. The coat of a Golden Retriever does not need much maintenance, and the dog should look natural and normal. Still, some parts need to be trimmed to give the Golden a well-cared for and functional appearance. I decided to buy a trimming kit for grooming my retriever Stippy.

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Purchase An Undercoat Rake

Brushing your dogs fur isnt enough. You will need an undercoat rake. This is a tool that contains small teeth and its useful for penetrating your dogs top coat so that loose hair can be removed from the undercoat.

This also removes matted, tangled hair. You can use an undercoat rake as much as your dog needs it, but you can also just add it to your dogs regular grooming routine.;

How Often Should You Brush A Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Grooming Guide

While many Golden Retriever owners only bathe their pups when the dog is especially dirty, some choose to bathe them on a regular schedule, such as once every two months. The choice is yours. 4 Brush or comb your Golden Retriever again after bathing Final Thoughts – How Often Should a Golden Retriever Be Bathed? Have a bathing schedule for your Golden retriever once every six weeks. This is the typical bathing routine, but you need to check for the variables listed above. For Golden retrievers that have access to the outdoors, you may need to bathe them once per month How often should Labradors be groomed? You should brush your Labrador at least once or twice a week. During spring and fall shedding season, you will want to increase that to 4 times a week. Bathing your Labrador is another important part of grooming and you should do this twice a month I’ve had 3 male goldens over last 25 years, and they were all BIG boys 80lbs. 1 had a sport/field coat and was easier to maintain versus the other 2 had show coats. I am not a handler nor did I show my goldens, but I want to upkeep physical trai.. The adult Goldens coat can grow from 1 – 3 inches long, with an average rate of 0.5 – 1.5 inches monthly. Their hair should be trimmed at least 0.5 – 1 inch every month. Learning how to groom a Golden Retriever should start as soon as your puppy is born, to socialize them to being touched and brushed

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Brushing The Teeth Of Your Golden Retriever

This part of grooming is commonly overlooked by many pet owners. You must remember that healthy and clean teeth will also be the best for your dog as to not contract any diseases or discomfort. It is recommended to brush your dogâs teeth at least once every week. In doing this, you must use a toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs. Be sure to brush his or her teeth slowly as not to aggravate your Golden Retriever.

When You Should Start Grooming Your Golden Retriever

You should start grooming your golden retriever when he or she is in the puppy stage. This is because these dogs shed a lot of hair! This is something that happens all year round, but it tends to occur even more when its late in the spring and fall.

This happens because during spring your golden retriever will be shedding his heavy winter coat to get ready for the hot months. Then, this light coat will be shed in fall just before winter arrives so that the thicker coat can keep him warm.;

Although golden retrievers shed a lot of fur, you need to be aware of signs that your dogs shedding is actually a sign of a health condition.

If you can see that your golden retrievers shedding a lot of fur out of season and its leaving bald patches, this could be as a result of medical conditions such as a bacterial infections, allergies, fungal infections, external parasites such as mites or fleas, or an endocrine disorder such as hypothyroidism.;

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Brush That Dog On A Regular Basis

You should make it a point to regularly brush your doggy friend with a good quality bristle brush.

You can also use an undercoat rake if the need arises!

My top picks for a good brush is the Bonve Pet Brush, and the Self Cleaning Slicker Brush;works wonders for my dog!

And regular brushing will also reduce that annoying shedding, so no dog hairs all over your clothes!

And as a bonus, you also get to spend more time loving your little doggy!

What About A Golden Retriever Puppy Cut

How Often to Bathe Your Golden Retriever? 5 Tips No One ...

Many people go to their groomer and ask for a puppy cut or a summer cut. ;What exactly is a puppy cut?

A puppy cut or summer cut is an all-over haircut usually done with clippers to leave the hair evenly trimmed. ;Puppy cuts arent just for puppies, any dog can get a puppy cut.

A puppy cut is an option to help keep your dog cooler, and will basically make your Golden Retriever look the way he did when he was a puppy.

The hair is trimmed short, but not shaved. ;Usually, the hair is trimmed to about one or two inches in length, and some feathering is left on your dogs legs and the tail is trimmed but left long.

When you ask for a puppy cut make sure your groomer knows exactly what that is, and how short you want your dogs coat. ;The groomer should leave at least one inch of hair, and should not go past the undercoat.

You can easily groom your Golden at home yourself with the right pair of dog clippers, plus it will save you time and money!

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Aspects To Think About When It Comes To Your Dog

In a crowded salon, not every dog will perform well. For your dog, it may be too loud, energetic, and unpleasant.

Think about if your dog has any unique behavioral or physical requirements.;

As a result, you may want to select a groomer from a calm, low-key facility with fewer groomers and customers.

Alternatively, you may hire a mobile groomer who comes to your home in a properly prepared van and grooms your dog there.

You may perhaps determine that he just needs to be groomed at home.

Should I Use Sunscreen On My Golden Retriever

Dogs can get sunburn. If your Golden Retriever is outside a lot you may want to have some added protection from the sun. Dog sunscreen is an option. Be sure to use sunscreen that is intended for dogs.

The sunscreen should not contain zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid as these ingredients are toxic to dogs if ingested. It is also a good idea to use an unscented sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 and waterproof.

You should apply the sunscreen about 20 minutes before your dog goes out and reapply every four to six hours or after they have gone swimming.

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How Long Should Golden Retriever Nails Be

Golden retriever nails;are no different from any other dog nails. If you hear a lot of clacking when your dog walks on hard floorsits time to trim. Your dogs nails shouldnt protrude past the paws of their feet, and they shouldnt touch the floor when your dog is standing. Clipping their nails every two to four weeks can often be a good schedule for your pup.

How Often Should I Brush My Golden Retrievers Teeth

Grooming A Golden Retriever (Step-By-Step)

An essential part of your Goldens care that is often overlooked is the care of the teeth. If the dogs teeth are not clean, he will have bad breath, but more importantly, poor oral hygiene can result in all kinds of diseases, discomfort, and pain.

Dogs with dirty teeth can suffer from mouth infections. Periodontitis, if not controlled, can result in infections that can occur in essential organs such as kidneys, liver, brain, and heart. Other problems, such as mouth ulcers and loose teeth, can also be caused by inadequate oral hygiene.

You can prevent all these unpleasant problems by brushing your dogs teeth regularly. I was advised by my vet and dog groomer to brush my dogs teeth at least once a week, but twice a week is better. I brush his teeth on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Do not use toothpaste for people, but toothpaste and toothbrushes that have been specially developed for dogs. It is best to start learning this method of dental care at a young age. Our dog Stippy loves the taste of the dog toothpaste, so he doesnt mind when I brush his teeth twice every week. Offering chewing tufts and chew toys also promotes dental cleaning.

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How Often Should I Bathe My Golden Retriever

Bathing is an essential part of;golden retriever grooming, but how often to do it depends on your dogs lifestyle. Goldens can sometimes go up to six weeks without a bath, but if you notice them getting dirtyits time. On the other hand, you often wont need to bathe your golden more than once a week. Too much bathing might strip the;golden retriever coat;of its natural oils, possibly drying the skin and dulling your;goldens;shine

How Often Should Retrievers Be Bathed

As per CBS News, Golden Retriever dogs are most famous in the USA. Everyone seems to be loving their golden fur coat which looks amazing to the eyes. The glaze when light falls on that fur is too good. The only issue that retriever owners face is how to maintain the fur of their dog.

A lot of patience and time is required for proper grooming of the retriever dogs fur. This grooming process includes some activities like shampoo, bathing, comb and removing extra fur, etc. This is an ongoing process but the question that gets asked should these activities daily, alternate days or what should be the frequency of grooming a retriever.

How often should Golden Retrievers be bathed? The maximum you can go without giving both should be no more than 45 days and that is to the extreme end. On the minimum waiting time, I always recommend it to be once every 15 days. In fact, if you bath your golden retriever in a gap of 2 weeks then you are doing great. Giving them a bath too often can be bad for their coat as there are some essential oils that give that glaze to their fur. Too frequent baths with shampoos followed with dry hot air blowers will cause a bad affect on these oils.

On my , I had asked this question in a story about How often should Golden Retrievers be bathed? The owners with golden retrievers responded with various numbers and the average was 10 days.

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Best Brush For Golden Retriever Shedding

Should you use a shedding tool like an undercoat rake, stripping knife, or shedding blade when your Golden Retriever is dropping a lot of fur during peak shedding season?

While some home groomers do like to use these tools to cope with seasonal shedding, many professional dog groomers who work with Goldens advise owners to use heavy-duty shedding devices only with extreme caution.

Regular use of your thinning shears, and especially your slicker brush, can do the job of a more powerful bladed tool. And you wont run the risk of damaging your Golden Retrievers beautiful coat.

Here are some good brushes for shedding.

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