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Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Colorado

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Colorados Finest Kennel And Ranch

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

Phone: | Location: Elizabeth, CO

Colorados Finest Kennel and Ranch is located southeast of Denver in the country outside of Franktown. This Golden Retriever breeder has a beautiful country view in every direction. They raise Golden and Labrador retrievers.

This breeder combines excellent conformation, exceptional looks, intelligence, and athleticism for a perfectly balanced dog. Their golden retriever puppies are bred for wonderful dispositions and sweet temperaments. They aim to provide great companion animals.

Golden Retriever Breeder Lee Barrett

I have been breeding Golden Retrievers for over 24 years. My passion is experiencing and learning every little personality trait of my English Cream Golden Retrievers, then training them to the best of their ability to become the most incredible working, loving, respectful dog they can be. My goal is to better the breed in advanced health measures, intelligence, temperament, and athleticism according to the original standard.

My dedication is to the improvement and advancement of the English Golden Retrievers in America. This is the most beautiful of breeds and nothing compares to the joy I receive from a past or new family experiencing their life with a Double B Golden. Lee Barrett

English Cream Golden Retrievers Are More Expensive

The chances of your neighborhood breeder breeding English Cream goldens are less than the chance theyre breeding darker golden retrievers. And since the neighborhood breeders are typically pricing their dogs on the lower end, while quality breeders are typically charging on the higher end, its safe to assume that, yes, you will pay more for an English Cream.

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Baileys Akc Golden Retrievers

Address 1001A E Harmony Rd #156, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States

Phone +1 970-576-8651

Address 6640 Owl Lake Dr, Longmont, CO 80504, United States

Phone +1 913-593-7655

Address 25471 Co Rd 50, Kersey, CO 80644, United States

Phone +1 970-396-8417

Address 10711 State Hwy 52, Fort Lupton, CO 80621, United States

Phone +1 303-918-7406

Address 18200 County Rd 41.7, Weston, CO 81091, United States

Phone +1 303-847-1661

Address 250 CO-105, Palmer Lake, CO 80133, United States

Phone +1 719-481-9004

Address 11520 CO-392, Windsor, CO 80550, United States

Phone +1 605-569-1258

Address 23582 CO-69, Gardner, CO 81040, United States

Phone +1 719-746-0163

Address 38487 Co Rd 13, Elizabeth, CO 80107, United States

Phone +1 720-299-9224

Address 11892 Hitching Post Trail, Parker, CO 80134, United States

Phone +1 303-805-0555

Golden Retriever Breeders In Colorado: Golden Girls Kennels

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Denver Colorado ...

This is yet another Golden Retriever Breeder in Colorado, located in Eastern Colorado. According to their website, they can offer White golden Retrievers, English Creme Goldens, American Blond, and many other colors. However, they do not breed for color as much for the quality of the dog and their health. As stated on their website, they do more genetic and health clearances than many other breeders, including OFA hip and elbow, patellar luxation, thyroid, and all the necessary clearances you would usually expect. This breeder strives to breed the healthiest, highest quality Goldens from the best lines.

Their Golden Retrievers are hand-raised on a farm, surrounded by other family members, pets, and 5 children, as well as horses and cats. This provides them with daily opportunities to socialize and be exposed to all sorts of people, animals, and situations, which makes for an outgoing, confident and well-rounded puppy by the time they are ready to go to their forever families.

Visit this breeders website to learn more about their dogs and puppies.

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Health Tested Golden Retrievers From 100% Imported Lines

Secondly, as Golden Retriever breeders who care about quality, health is of utmost importance. All of our English Golden Retriever parents have passed tests for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes and have had DNA testing. All of our dogs have passed with hip scores equivalent to either OFA excellent or good. We have no dogs rated as fair in any category. There are links to proofs of the results of all of our dogs health testing on each dogs individual page. You can get to these pages through the Our Dogs page. See our Health pages for information on genetic health issues in English Golden Retrievers, how breeders test for these issues, and how to interpret and verify the results.

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What sets this breeder apart is their aim to offer top-quality champion European Golden Retrievers that boast excellent health and temperament. Each Golden is closely watched and cared for every single day. With this breeder, every Golden has some job to do, such as participate in activities such as obedience, conformation and agility. This helps further develop their Goldens and improve their performance as well as the quality of their puppies.

If you think you are interested in adopting a puppy from this breeder, please visit their website.

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Golden Retriever Breed Standards

General Appearance: Golden Retrievers are active dogs, with powerful and symmetrical bodies. Typically, this breed displays a kind expression and possesses a personality that is self-confident, eager, and alert.

Size: Males stand 23 to 24 inches in height at withers, and females stand 21.5 to 22.5 inches. Males weigh 65 to 75 pounds, and females weigh 55 to 65 pounds. The length from breastbone to point of buttocks is slightly greater than height at withers in a ratio of 12:11.

Head: Broad skull with a straight muzzle, blending smoothly into the skull. No heaviness in flews. Eyes are intelligent and friendly in expression, set well apart, and fairly deep in sockets.

For a full report of the breed standards, take a look at the American Kennel Clubs Official Standard for the Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever Breeders In Colorado: Slater Creek Golden Retrievers

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

This is yet another Golden Retriever breeder in Colorado. According to their website, they have bred Goldens for over twenty years and see it as a way of life. For breeding, they only choose the highest quality Champion lines with excellent health and temperaments. If you would like to learn more about this breeder and see the pictures of their dogs, please visit their website.

Golden Retriever breed review: Lucy and her Golden Retriever Martin

What can be said about this breed? I think I understand why this is one of the most popular breeds in the world, especially ever since we adopted Martin. This is truly a wonderful dog, and yes, probably the best in the world. They are very outgoing and sociable, but very patient and calm at the same time. Aggression is just something that you cant see in a Golden, they are the very opposite of aggressive. This is the sweetest dog out there.

Now he is, for the most part, a wonderful dog. He sheds lots and is sometimes a little aggressive towards other male dogs but thats something we learned to handle. Otherwise, he is a treat to be around and I couldnt imagine my life without him. He is very obedient and very smart. He knows lots of commands and most of the time he is happy to do as asked. He loves learning new commands and he is very smart. I know he would be an ideal therapy dog or seeing-eye dog if we taught him that, he is just so eager to help and to please.

Other Golden Retriever Breeders in or near the area

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Golden Retriever Breeders In Colorado: Mountain Joy Goldens

This is a small Golden Retriever Breeder in Colorado, focusing on breeding English Cream Goldens. They are located in Holyoak, Colorado. According to their website, this is not a Kennel but a farm shared by people, kids and dogs who all live as a big family. This breeder pays thorough attention to the health of their puppies and has all the breeding dogs screened by OFA and genetically tested.

This breeder also works hard to place each puppy into the most suitable home and likes to know as much as possible about the potential adopters family and living environment.

Due to being raised among family members and other pets, the puppies are well socialized and fully ready to become a part of society.

According to their website, this breeder strives to improve the breed in terms of conformation, health and temperament, as opposed to breeding for profit.

If you are interested in this breeders dogs and puppies, please visit their website.

Colorado Cream Golden Retrievers Welcome

NEXT LITTER in Summer 2022

We recommend

What Makes a GREAT Cream Retriever? Health & Temperament!

Our cream golden retrievers are European Creams with a light blonde to cream white coat. They are recognized in the show rings of Canada, England and Europe. They have relaxed temperaments, are sensitive but active, and can have a longer lifespan & less incidence of cancers than American Goldens.

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English Cream Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers make the perfect pet, from their friendly demeanor, to their loyal companionship. What you may not know is that there is a light haired variation, known as the English Cream Golden Retriever. Despite being distinct in appearance, these beautiful dogs are formally recognized as Golden Retrievers In fact, the coloring of

Parents With Conformation And Performance Titles

Class of 2019

Thirdly, weve successfully shown our dogs parents in three venues: conformation, obedience, and rally. We have earned titles at highly competitive levels in all three. Go to the Our Dogs page to see the titles achieved by our individual dogs. Also, see our page on Dog Titles to learn which titles mean something and which ones you can earn in a weekend of shows with any mediocre dog.

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What Is The Average Price Of A Golden Retriever Puppy In Colorado

Golden Retrievers may be cute, but that cuteness comes at quite a high price. In general, an average Golden Retriever puppy would cost about $1000-$4000, and it should also be the price range of breeders in Colorado. The price can go lower or higher depending on the offer of the breeder.

Golden Retrievers are pricey because they are popular, and they take quite an effort to breed. They are also expensive because they come with unique features. Aside from their cute and adorable appearance, they also make lovely pets for almost all kinds of people.

Golden Retriever Breeders In Colorado: Dirt Road Dogs

This breeder is located near Denver, CO. According to their website, they have been in operation for over 6 years, although they have owned and loved Goldens for most of their lives. They strive to breed high-quality Goldens from superior healthy bloodlines and excellent temperaments. You can learn more about this breeder and their dogs on their website.

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English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Not Actually White

English Cream goldens come in a variety of light colors. Theyre typically cream or a very light shade of gold, but not actually white – although some definitely look white!

And heres another interesting fact here: within any litter, there may be different shades of light gold and cream, with some puppies being lighter and some being a bit darker.

***The puppy’s outer ear color is pretty good representation of their eventual adult coloring.**

Golden Retriever Breeders In Colorado: Beaver Creek Goldens

English Cream Golden Retrievers For Sale

This is another Golden Retriever Breeder in Colorado. This is a small family-based breeder who treats their dogs as family members and loves them just as much, according to their website. This breeder focuses on English Cream Golden Retrievers. All their dogs compete and excel in various activities such as agility, obedience, and conformation, which speaks to their quality and abilities. According to their website, this breeder aims to produce Goldens with excellent temperament, sound conformation, and good working abilities. Health is also a priority: all dogs are OFA certified and go through all the genetic testing in accordance with the Golden Retriever Club of America code of ethics. Only Goldens with excellent health status are included in the breeding program.

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Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Colorado

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Looking for Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Colorado? Bringing home a new puppy is a wonderful experience. Golden Retriever breeders in Colorado are generally a lovely group of people, but with the increase in scammers and poor breeding standards, your wonderful experience can take a sharp turn quickly. When browsing Golden Retriever breeders, take your time and ask plenty of questions.

Finding a reputable Golden Retriever breeder is easier said than done. Weve done some of the work for you. The Golden Retriever breeders on this list are the finest in the state of Colorado. Each of these breeders has a solid online reputation.

Featured Dogs For Adoption

You are one click away from saving a life!


Asia Pacific

Browse thru English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale in Colorado, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. If you are unable to find your English Cream Golden Retriever puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of English Cream Golden Retriever Dogs for Adoption. Also, be sure to check the English Cream Golden Retriever Dog Breeder listings in our Dog Breeder Directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder. And don’t forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale in Colorado, USA area and English Cream Golden Retriever Dogs for Adoption in Colorado, USA area. – also known as: English Cream Retriever

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English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Easy To Train

Because theyre so smart and love pleasing people, golden retrievers are easy to train. Theyre sensitive and loving, so the best way to train them is through positive reinforcement, like rewarding them with a treat, toy, play or praise when they do something good. And not only are they easy to train, but they love it. What could be better than a Golden?!

English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Just Like Other Goldens

Class of 2019

According to the Golden Retriever Club of America, there is only one recognized breed of golden retriever.

American, Canadian, English, cream, gold, red, stocky, athletic golden retrievers are all golden retrievers.

Yes, there may be some variability in appearance, but theyre all golden retrievers.

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Healthy Happy & All Around Darling Golden Retriever Puppies

We are particularly fond of our pups, and think you will be as well! 🙂

Finding a puppy to join your family is a serious and exciting endeavor! It is our delight to make you feel comfortable throughout the process and make it simple and joyous, as you choose your lil buddy to welcome into your heart!

We’re located in Northern Colorado on a large farm with great views. Lots of fresh air and golden doggy love! We breed American Golden Retrievers and English Cream Golden Retrievers.

Welcome To Beaver Creek Goldens

We are a small family-oriented hobby breeder located on the eastern plains of Colorado. We have beautiful AKC English Cream Golden Retrievers. All our English Cream Golden Retrievers are part of our family and live with us inside, not in a kennel. Our English Cream Golden Retrievers have plenty of room to play and run when they are enjoying a romp or fetching a new stick on our 20 acres of property. Our Golden Retriever puppies are well socialized, loved and will start training before going to their forever home. I believe a Golden is at her/ his best when they have a job to do. All our Golden Retrievers compete in competitive Conformation, Agility, and Obedience events. I believe the time we spend with our Golden Retrievers teaching and training them to compete in these events strengthens the bond that we share, as well as keeping our dogs in top condition mentally and physically.

We have only a few litters a year, so most puppies are sold before they are born. Reserving a puppy from planned litters is recommended. We are very happy to help in the process of selecting a puppy that is right for you and your family. When you purchase a puppy from Beaver Creek Goldens we will always be here to offer support for you and your puppy and help with any questions you might have for the life of your puppy and beyond.

At Beaver Creek Goldens, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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Beautiful Healthy Golden Retrievers Farm Bred And Family Raised In The Forests Of Colorado

If you are looking for a healthy, happy, mellow, smart, and beautiful Golden puppy that will be a cherished member of your family – you came to the right place!We at Mountain Pine Goldens breed Classic Golden Retrievers, European Cream Golden Retrievers, and Hybrid Classic/Cream Golden Retrievers – Take a look at some of the most adorable puppies ever!

English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Smart

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

According to canine psychologist, Stanley Coren, and his book, The Intelligence of Dogs, golden retrievers are the fourth smartest breed, behind border collies , poodles , and German shepherds . This means they are easy to train and highly intuitive. However, because theyre so smart they can also be mischievous, especially if theyre not kept occupied. It is important to mentally stimulate them, which includes training, giving them “jobs,” keeping them busy with puzzle/interactive toys, and making sure they have a consistent exercise schedule.

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