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When Golden Retrievers Attack

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Can Golden Retrievers Be Dangerous

Golden Retriever Puppy Attack

While Gentle, Golden Retrievers can be dangerous when their lives or the lives of their owners are in danger. Goldens do not have aggressive predatory instincts but they do have strong protective instincts that can lead them to attack other dogs or humans to protect themselves or their owners.

You can learn more about how your golden can protect you from intruders here.

Ways To Protect Your Golden Retriever From Coyotes

Here are a few ways to keep your dog safe from Coyotes.

  • Keep your dog inside.

The easiest way to protect your dog from Coyotes is to bring them inside. If you cant keep your dog inside most of the time, at least let your dog sleep inside.

  • Fence your yards well

Fences over decent protection against coyotes, but not complete protection. As explained before, Coyotes are pretty smart, and they are known to find ways around fences.

Some fences, like wooden ones, will not even be a challenge to them. High wired fences have the best chances of stopping them, and of course, brick walls offer the best protection, but they are also much more expensive and harder to build than wire fences.

Coyotes can jump up to 6 feet, so your fence needs to be at least 8 feet high to provide any real protection. Consider a material thats difficult for the coyotes to scale. Smooth material provides good protection. You should also install coyote rollers at the top of your fence.

  • Never leave food or garbage outside

Food and garbage left outside will attract coyotes like flames attract moths. You should always make sure nothing smelly is in your yards if you want to keep the Coyotes away from your property.

  • Know how to react when you encounter a Coyote

You need to know how to scare the coyote away. I have discussed this thoroughly in my can a Labrador kill a coyote post, I definitely recommend checking it out and following the recommendations there.

  • Report any Coyote sightings in the area

Do Golden Retrievers Attack Their Owners

While not impossible, its very unlikely for golden retrievers to attack their owners. Golden Retrievers may attack their owners only if the owner poses a serious risk to their own life, the dogs life, or to the life of another human that is also very close to the dog such as the owners kids or partner.

Goldens simply dont have the aggressive predatory instincts that can make it easy for them to attack humans, so the only case in which they will attack their humans is when they are motivated by their protective instincs.

Your dogs protective instincts can be quite strong and it can lead the dog to put himself in the way of danger to protect the human. So, in a nutshell, they will only do it when they think the owner poses a serious threat to the dogs own life, the owners life itself, or the life of other humans that are also close to the dog.

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Best Golden Retriever Treats

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Chesterfield Woman Hospitalized After Golden Retriever Attack

Do Golden Retrievers Attack Humans? You Won

CHESTERFIELD, VA – A Chesterfield woman is in the hospital after being attacked by a neighborhood golden retriever.

This story contains some gruesome images of Kimberly Demaree’s arm, just moments after she says, the dog attacked. It happened along the 9000 block of Husting Court.

Kim says the dog jumped a more than 5 foot tall fence and attacked.

“And I’m like he is going to rip my arm off,” said Kimberley DeMaree. “That is what it felt like.”

Kim is now on the mend after multiple tests and an intensive surgery.

“It was like one of those movies where they are wearing those jump suits with the padding and he was thrashing back and forth,” recalls DeMaree.

She had no idea this is how her day would end when she stopped by a home on the 9000 block of Husting Court to deliver a notice letter.

“All he kept saying to me was I have a sign up,” said DeMaree. “I have a beware of dog sign.”

We spoke to the dog’s owner.

“Are you apologetic about what happened?” we asked Randy Browning.

“Yes,” replied Browning. “I feel sorry for her. That dog is mean.”

Browning’s golden retriever jumped the fence surrounding the yard.

“Were you surprised by that?” we asked Browning.

“No,” replied Browning. “He’s done it before.”

“Has he ever bitten anyone before?” we asked Browning.

“Yeah,” said Browning. “One other time.”

Browning notes a judge dismissed that case because of the beware of dog sign.

Kim is pushing for criminal negligence charges. She is convinced action must be taken this time.

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Do Golden Retrieversattack Cats

Golden retrievers are unlikely to attack cats. They are most excitable when theyre puppies. While young, the golden retrievers personality shines through, but it hasnt yet learned when its appropriate to chase other animal companions. Even then, its instinct is more to play than to attack.

If you train the puppy well, it will understand that it shouldnt attack cats. However, if your cat encounters a golden retriever that isnt well trained and hasnt ever lived with cats, it could be attacked.

That being said, cats can defend themselves well. Even though dogs are bigger and stronger, a cats claws are sharper. No dog likes getting scratched. Scratches like these are enough to deter most dogs from attacking.

Why Might Cats Dislike Goldenretrievers

Cats are naturally wary of dogs because they are a potential threat. Most dog breeds are bigger than cats, and if a large dog wanted to, it could easily kill a cat. So, it makes sense that a cat would be wary of a large-sized dog.

Cats also have different personalities from dogs. While cats can sometimes be playful, they arent as playful as dogs. Cats spend more time relaxing, while golden retrievers need to be more active. These fundamental personality differences can cause fighting, such as when a puppy wants to play with a cat that just wants to sleep and relax.

Also, dogs and cats dont easily understand each other. A golden retriever can chase a cat for fun and entertainment. However, the cat might not understand that the dog is only playing and will feel frightened. Fortunately, these arent common problems because golden retrievers are among the best dog breeds to keep with cats.

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Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs

They can show loyalty, intelligence and loyalty. Their size, prey drive, and obedience are all good qualities. Still, you might not choose them if you value protection. Many people wrongly assume that all dogs have the ability to guard their properties and homes. A dog that guards homes and properties well will not only bark at strangers instinctively, but it must also possess other qualities.

How To Get Your Golden Retriever To Stop Being Aggressive

Golden Retriever Attacked by Kitten [TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN]

It can be difficult to stop dog aggression once it starts but there are a number of things that you can do that Ill mention below.

Teach your dog to positively associate other dogs with rewards

One option would be to train it to have positive associations with other dogs by making use of positive association training. This is where you reward your Golden Retriever when other dogs are around and it is being well behaved causing it to have positive feelings towards being around other dogs.

One way to do this is to try the open bar technique where you give your Golden Retriever positive attention and a treat when you see other dogs on a walk. The positive attention and treat should stop when the other dog goes away. It should also stop if it starts being aggressive. The treat should also be a special treat that you only give to your Golden Retriever when other dogs are around.

You can also try shaping which is where you reward your Golden Retriever for making small steps towards being well behaved. You would start by rewarding it for not reacting when it sees other dogs and then you would gradually build up to rewarding it for playing with other dogs.

When youre doing this you will want to reward your Golden Retriever for being well behaved before it has a chance to become aggressive so avoid making large jumps in what you ask of it.

You can see more tips on this in the video below:

Try a growl class

Take it to vet or dog behaviorist

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Do Cats Get Along With Golden Retrievers

Cats are aloof animals that can have trouble getting along with new household pets. Not surprisingly, cats can have a hard time bonding with certain breeds of dogs.

Treat a cat with respect, and it will like you back. The same applies to golden retrievers and cats. If the golden retriever constantly chases the cat, barks at it, and makes it uncomfortable, your cat wont like it.

But if the dog is respectful of your cat, the cat wont mind it. Over time, your cat can even become friends with the golden retriever. They may enjoy spending time together, cuddling, and playing. But this trusting relationship takes time to build between two different species of animals.

So Do Golden Retrievers Attack Other Dogs

The chances of a golden retriever attacking another dog are quite slim. However, like any dog, it comes down to a case-by-case basis. If the golden retriever is provoked enough, then its entirely possible that they may attack another dog, but the chances of them instigating an attack are a lot smaller.

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Teach Them To Pay Attention To Visitors

To teach the dog to pay heed when the doorbell rings. In this method, you should begin training your dog to pay more attention to strangers when they are very young. Ive never tried this method before, but its widely recommended, so heres how it works:

  • Have someone come to the door.
  • Speak softly to your dog and gesture to the entrance.
  • Thank the dog for paying attention to the entrance.
  • If the dog refuses you, try again before they see the trap.

Repeat several times over a two- or three-week period, rewarding the dog each time they pay attention. They should learn to pay attention to guests and hold an eye on the door due to this. They would become more aware of their surroundings as a result of this.

Will My Gold Retrievers Attack Guests

2 Pit Bulls Attack Golden Retriever, Injure 3 People at ...

Humans remain faithful to their golden retrievers. The majority of them are adorable and kind pets, with a few exceptions. Theyre passionate and caring, and theyll have to defend everyone they care for. Most Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, would not target another human, even though they are given orders to do so.

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Do Golden Retrievers Attack Other Dogs

Yes, a Golden Retriever may attack another dog if it has had a bad experience in the past. Golden Retrievers are unlikely to attack other dogs if they are well-trained and adequately socialized from a young age. Golden Retrievers are known for being good with other dogs, but if they have experienced trauma in the past, for example, a dog attack, this may be expressed through aggression towards other dogs.

Teach It To Bark On Cue

You can teach your Golden to bark on command and then extend that to include barking at strangers.

Create a situation where you know your Golden will probably bark.

When he does, say bark and reward him with a treat.

Heres a short video by Zak George that can help you to teach your Golden to bark:

Repeat this several times until he gets the hang of it.

Then using a partner, get them to approach you and your dog. Command your dog to bark when they approach. Have your helper move away and once they are a certain distance or out of sight , stop rewarding your dog.

Extend this training to include strangers in the park. You might have to ask people you dont know to help, but they will probably think its fun to explain that you are trying to help your Golden be more protective.

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Ways To Handle Golden Retriever Biting Problems

Golden Retrievers are not violent or stubborn by nature. They are peace-loving creatures who prefer to stay quite low profile. They rarely get into fights with other dogs, or seldom intend to hurt humans as well.

Having said that, there may be times when your Golden Retriever just turns into a biting machine. When that happens, it is almost always due to some external reason and has little to do with the dog itself.

Read on to know more about why your dog may be biting the ones around them, and what you can do to control it.

Teach Your Golden Retriever To Be Attentive To Visitors

Golden Retriever Puppy Attacks Camera

This exercise aims to get your Golden to pay attention when anyone comes to the door.

Use a partner to play with the visitor, get them to the front door, and wait outside. When your Golden notices there is someone outside, reward them with a treat. Repeat this exercise regularly until your dog starts paying attention when anyone comes to the door.

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Reasons Golden Retrievers Bite Golden Retriever Biting Statistics

According to experts, the top reason for aggressive behavior in dogs happen, no matter the breed, is owners mishandling them. It may also be due to bad training and neglect and abuse of the dog.

When you apply training and care for your Golden retriever, you can eliminate any biting that might occur.

However, bites may still occur. In this case, it is most likely a reaction to the following circumstances:


Your dog might feel attacked and threatened. They may also be undergoing physical pain. It normally occurs when children hold them unintentionally and hurt the dog while playing.


You might also want to check if your puppy came from a shady breeder. Was it socialized poorly? If your puppy did not get the best care and maintenance in his early years or suffered some trauma or abuse, they might be fearful and distrustful of people for the rest of their life.


You might also want to examine the DNA of your dog. Is your Golden purebred, or is there a mix with another breed known to exhibit aggressive behavior? In some cases, an animal looks exactly like a purebred, but it is actually a crossbreed. If you obtain your puppy from an unknown lineage, there is a possibility that there are aggressive qualities in their gene that are not a true expression of the Golden retriever breed.


All of these are factors that might explain why a gentle and even-tempered Golden retriever may suddenly attack by biting.

Do All Cats And Goldies Get On Well Together

Most golden retrievers have a similar temperament. Dog breeds have specific personalities, which arent totally unique, but broadly apply. Golden retrievers are mostly friendly and gentle dogs, so most of them will get on well with cats. However, this doesnt apply to all goldies.

One issue is if you have a cat and a puppy golden retriever. Golden retriever puppies are loud and love to chase things, even more so than adult dogs. While all dogs are like to chase to an extent, golden retrievers are especially playful.

While this chasing isnt intended to be threatening, your cat wont understand. It will think that the dog is chasing it for real. This will cause your cat to grow to dislike your golden retriever because it perceives it as a threat.

It can take 1-2 years for a cat to warm to a puppy golden retriever. Over time, your dog will calm down, and your cat will get used to it. Theres little you can do other than keep the pair apart as much as possible because all golden retrievers take time to become calmer pets.

Another issue is if the dog isnt well trained. A rescue dog may never have lived with cats before, for example. If thats the case, it may react badly when meeting the cat for the first time. The same applies to a rescue cat that may never have lived with dogs.

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What Should You Do If Your Golden Retriever Attacks Another Dog

If your golden retriever is attacking other dogs, then according to the PDSA you should do the following:

  • Stay calm. If you become agitated, this may make your dog feel more worried.
  • Distract your dog from a distance. Try to avoid shouting at or making direct eye contact with your dog as this can make them more aggressive. Call them away if you can, or use their favourite toy to distract them. If you have a leash or a large coat you can throw this over your dog to help you distract them for long enough for the other dog to get away, and then get them under control. Hopefully the owner of the other dog will also be trying to remove their dog from the situation.
  • Get them back on the lead. Be careful when you do this as they may be highly stressed and you dont want to get bitten yourself. A slip lead may be safer . If you cannot get a lead onto their collar or over their head safely, you can try to put a slip lead under the dogs tummy, just in front of their back legs. Remain calm and try to take them somewhere they cant see the other dog and can calm themselves down.

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