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Best Dog Costumes For Golden Retrievers

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A Super Shiny Snail With Wonky Eyes

Funny Pet Video | Funny Golden Retriever | Try not to laugh

Size: MediumRating:

All the other costumes can go home, because this one won Halloween. Aces snail costume was an instant hit, and its every bit as well-made as it is adorable. The teal shell is made from a fun metallic fabric with the animals signature swirl on it, and I was impressed that it stayed standing the whole time Ace was wearing it!

The costume has a chest strap that keeps the shell from falling over, and the small head piece fit surprisingly well, too. The two little eyes really took the outfit to a whole new level of cute.

Rubies Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

Price: $22.99Get It Here

What better time of year to enjoy The Nightmare Before Christmas than Halloween? This costume comes with a black and white striped jacket with a white shirt collar, a bat bowtie, and a Jack Skellington headpiece! We just wish that there was a matching Sally costume for all of you two-dog households. This costume is available in sizes small through x-large and will fit dogs with a neck circumference of 12 to 20 around and one of the better reviewed best dog Halloween costumes on here.

What Types Of Dog Costumes Can You Buy For Halloween

Its worth keeping in mind that some dogs dont like to wear costumes. If this is the case with your dog, maybe spend the extra time making your costume look better. However, given the extensive range of dog Halloween costumes available, and the different ways they stay secured to your dog, there is likely some form of costume that will work with even the most reluctant of dogs. Here are the main styles of dog costume to look out for:

  • Frontal Costume Costumes that create an optical illusion when seen from the front
  • Full Bodysuit Costumes that cover the entire torso and all four legs
  • Half Bodysuit A costume that covers just the front legs and breast
  • Harness Simple strapping around the whole body, often combined with a funny prop
  • Headwear A hat, usually with a chin strap for better security

Nothing is more adorable than a dog in one of the best Halloween costumes. But, before you invest in a Halloween costume for your canine, its essential to consider the size and style in mind to suit your puppy properly.

Below we have rounded up the best dog Halloween costumes available to order online. Just remember, no one knows your pup better than you, so make sure to select the right fit, or your little monster might rip it off in a matter of seconds and turn the costume of your choice into a rather expensive chew toy. Now, keep reading for our favorite funny dog costumes for Halloween 2021.

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Rubies Banana Split Pet Costume

Price: $16.99Get It Here

Looking for something sweet to dress your pup up as for this Halloween? Then Rubies banana split costume is the perfect pick! A red and white checkered dish sits atop your dogs back with easy to attach Velcro straps, and features a chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream scoop complete with chocolate drizzle on your dogs back. This costume is available in sizes small through x-large and will fit dogs with a neck circumference of 12 to 20 around.

A Bushy Fierce Lions Mane

Pin by Kayla Fluharty on Griffey

Rawr, says Addy, a fierce lioness.

  • Size: Large
  • Our rating:

Last, but not least, a lion costume, which was practically made for Addy as she has the perfect coloring to be a fierce feline for Halloween. As expected, she looked truly adorable wearing the headpiece, but she genuinely hated it! Even with its adjustable elastic, there was no way she would keep this on for any length of time. Plus, the ears are too far back, and they dont stand up enough for my liking. Unfortunately, this costume is currently sold out on the Chewy website.

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Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Pet Costume

Price: $23.30Get It Here

We absolutely love the idea of a Wizard of Oz family costume with a twist this year, you play Toto and your pup plays Dorothy! This somewhat complex costume includes a blue and white gingham dress, red shoes, a hair bow, and a prop basketalthough were not quite sure how your dog will carry that around? Many pet owners rated this among their favorite best dog Halloween costumes. This costume comes in sizes small through x-large and will fit dogs with a neck circumference of 12 to 20 around.

Get It Here

If youre more of a traditional Disney family, then this Minnie Mouse costume is a great pick this Halloween! This set comes complete with the infamous red and white polka dot dress and a matching bow with attached ears. this Minnie costume is currently only in stock in sizes small, large, and x-large and its selling out quickly, so if this is the one for you, grab it while you can!

Unicorn Cape With Hood And Light

Price: $10.00Get It Here

Who said unicorns had to be fake? Make your dog mythical with this unicorn costume that has a light-up collar attached to it. It also has a rainbow mane, golden ears, and a cute little horn. Theres also a white cape that goes along with it to add to the effect. This looks especially good on white dogs, since they already have the fur for it. It also comes in sizes geared towards smaller dogs.

You cant have a collection of the best dog Halloween costumes without the king of Rock n Roll in the mix. With the black wig, novelty glasses, and flashy pet costume, your canine can look like the reincarnation of Elvis, minus the drugs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the famous voice. That doesn’t mean your pooch isn’t still cute though. These Halloween dog costumes come in sizes of small and extra-small, so if your dog is pint-size, he or she will be perfect for this. Unfortunately, no medium sized pets can fit into these outfits.

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Casual Canine Glow Bones Dog Skeleton Pet Costume

Price: $20.54Get It Here

Its time to get extra spooky with this skeleton costume for dogs! The reason this is one of the best dog Halloween costumes is because its a glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume that features printed glow bones on a black jumpsuit. If your dog has black fur, this will go really well. Just turn the lights off and watch your dog transform into a spooky Jack Skellingtonthe canine version, of course.

Ruh-roh! as Scooby Doo would say. Send your dog to the doghouse with this prisoner costume. These cute best dog Halloween costumes have black and white stripes on them, and a label that reads PRISONER on it. The poet costume maker describes it as the perfect look for canine criminals, and wed have to agree. Put your Fido into the shoes of a criminal mind for Halloween and see how this affects your party’s mood for the day. These dog costumes measure in sizes from XS to XXL, so your dog will definitely fit.

Allow your pups inner ferocious beast to come out with this tiger costume. Okay, well, maybe ferocious is an overstatement. This cute costume is made from soft plush fabric and is a jumpsuit in a striped pattern with little rounded ears. The costume is easy to put on and take off because of the snap-straps. Its the perfect costume for a party or even just for keeping warm during the draftiness of winter.

Halloween And Dog Anxiety

Funny Pet Video | Funny Golden Retriever | Try not to laugh

Halloween can be scary for dogs, and not for the same reasons it is for us humans. Costumes, strangers at the door, unusual noises theres a lot going on that will seem suspicious to your dog.

If your dog is prone to anxiety even a little, consider keeping them indoors in a cozy, dog-safe zone for the evening, or tap a trusted pet sitter to keep them company. Halloween night could also be a good time to employ anti-anxiety tools for your dogand there are many available, from hemp oil to pressure wraps. Talk to your vet about these options.

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Rubies Hot Dog Costume

Price: $19.99Get It Here

Well paired with Rubies hamburger costume, all that youll be missing is the French fries! This plush costume is another one thats easy to slip on, has a bun on each side, and has a Frankfurter with mustard in the middle! Youll find this costume in sizes small through XX-large which will fit dogs with a neck circumference between 12 to 22 around.

Another dinosaur-themed costume, this one consists of a headpiece with giant horns on it. It attaches with a Velcro strap under your dogs neck and comes in sizes from XS to XL. This one is also made by Animal Planet, who seems to have a penchant for getting us to dress our dogs up as terrifying creatures. Itll look especially cute on a bulldog or pug, which have the faces for it.

Nacoco Pet Guitar Costume


Is that Jason Mraz? Oh, wait. Nope, its your dog! This costume instantly turns your dog into the coolest, most suave pup on the entire block. Several sizes fit dogs from 11 to 22 pounds, and each costume comes with a harness-like outfit that includes stuffed arms and a guitar on the front.

You may have seen this exact outfit on Tik Tok, where videos of small pups wearing this Halloween costume for dogs have gone super viral. Frontal dog costumes like these create an adorable optical illusion that will delight absolutely everyone. Just look at this little guy!

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Rubie’s Hula Girl Pet Costume

Price: $12.36Get It Here

Live somewhere warm or wish that you did? Then grab this hula girl costume for your pup and make the most of it! A somewhat complex costume compared to other best dog Halloween costumes mentioned, this isnt ideal for fidgety pups or dogs that dont wear costumes well, but it is a great ensemble for any costume contest entry! The costume comes complete with a Lei necklace, a faux flower and leaf skirt and a bikini top to match. This costume is only available in sizes small, medium, and large, so its only for smaller dogs with a neck circumference of between 12 and 18 around.

Toga Dog Costume By Midlee

Pin by Annick on My Golden Babies

Price: $22.99Get It Here

This costume doesnt have to be limited to Halloweenif you live in a Frat House Seriously, though, whats not to love about this brightly colored toga , leather sandal leg straps, and a green crown? You can pick this costume up in sizes small to 3XL for dogs with a neck measuring anywhere from 10 to 25. We like that this costume is unusual, but we also like that it doesnt look to be too constricting either.

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Rubies Winnie The Pooh Tigger Costume

Price: $24.99Get It Here

If your pup is one who just cant keep still, this Tigger costume might be the right pick for you! Complete with a hood and a pull-on suit this is an easy to wear costume without too much fluff, but it is made from felt so it isnt as durable as some of the other costumes on our best dog Halloween costumes list. That said, its still absolutely adorable and one of the cutest among these best dog Halloween costumes listed.

The Most Perfect Dog Halloween Costumes For 2021

CBS Essentials is created independently from the CBS News staff. We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms.

Time is running out to plan your family’s 2021 Halloween costumes. And if you’re looking to dress up the whole family, Duke and Buddy need their own costumes too. Here are some starter questions, for inspiration: Does your pup love watching Disney movies from the couch? Or is your four-legged friend always ready to unleash her inner wild animal? Do you have a dignified dog who would, if he could, dress to the nines for any occasion?

No matter the personality your canine pal, we found something to suit. And, best of all, these Halloween costumes ahead are dog-approved . Humans won’t be disappointed either. Whether you’re snapping pics for Instagram, taking your furry friend to a Halloween party, or trying to win the office dog costume contest, these looks are sure to turn heads.

Below, CBS Essentials has curated the most perfect dog Halloween costumes from , Chewy, ShopDisney and more. No tricks here, 2021 is the year to treat your very best boy or girl to an adorable and festive Halloween.

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The Costume Should Be Lightweight

The golden retriever is not like other breeds of dogs. They do not shed their puppy fur. Instead, it is pushed aside by new adult hair and eventually turns into the dogs undercoat. With this thick undercoat, your dog does not need a Halloween costume that is too heavy. It can make them uncomfortable, limit their movement, or cause them to overheat.

Whatever costume you are buying should be lightweight. It would help if you weighed your dog first before purchasing the piece of clothing. And if you notice that your dog is panting after wearing the costume for 20 minutes, take it off.

Midlee President Wig & Tie Dog

Funny Pet Video | Funny Golden Retriever | Try not to laugh

Price: $14.99Get It Here

You had to know that youd be seeing this costume this Halloween, and that it’ll be on most best dog Halloween costumes lists, and its perfect for those of you who are more political. A simple costume, this is a great costume for dogs living in warmer areas of the country and comes with just a wig and tie. Available in small and large sizes and with Prime shipping, we love the idea behind this set, but we do have to wonder how that wig is staying on?!

Get It Here

If you like to keep things traditional, cute, and simple, this pumpkin jumpsuit is a good choice for you smaller dog owners out there. A fluffy jumpsuit, this costume fits just like a jacket, has a soft velvet texture, and closes with four button snaps. Sadly, even the XL in this costume is only designed for dogs up to 18lbs. but there are a few similar costumes for larger breeds out there if you look hard enough.

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Practice Before The Big Night

Endeavor to buy your golden retriever Halloween costume before the holiday. It would be best if you tried to dress him/her up a few times before the big night. This strategy will help you determine whether he is comfortable in the costume.

You can go as far as taking a practice walk in your neighborhood with your furry friend dressed in his/her Halloween costume. It will help him/her know what to expect.

Everyones Favorite Female Superhero: Wonder Woman

This costume was huge on Addy, so you may want to size down!

  • Size: XXL
  • Our rating:

Addy was ready and willing to be the super-dog that the world needs, but unfortunately, this costume was another flop. We got the XXL based on the size chart in the product description, but the costume was huge on her!

The skirt piece of the bodysuit started at her tail, and when she walked, it ended up trailing behind her. Plus, the crown had a very large elastic band with minimal adjustability, and there was really no logical way to secure it around her head.

This costume is amazing, if only because it’s incredibly awkward.

  • Size: XL
  • Our rating:

Im not going to lie: My boyfriend and I laughed so hard that we cried when Addy put this costume on. She just lookedand actedso awkward! My derpy little dinosaur.

The costume consists of a large body piece and a matching hood, and youll definitely want to measure your pooch before you buy it, as its important that the body piece isnt too short. Otherwise, youll have a hard time getting your dogs legs through all four holesit was the tiniest bit tight on Addy, but still worked.

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Costumes For Large Dogs

Get your gentle giant in the Howl-oween spirit by dressing him in one of the large dog costumes from our Halloween pet shop. Imagine the delight on trick-or-treaters faces as your pooch passes out candy with you or walks around the neighborhood in his new getup!

Chewy has a variety of XL dog costumes to choose from to help you win best dressed at the costume party and share smiles when you post a pic. You cant go wrong with turning your big dog into the superhero the town needs. Hell look great in the XL dog Halloween costumes that transform him into your favorite characters. Youll even discover some costumes to match his goofy paw-sonality!

Remember to measure your pet for the paw-fect fit! Like other articles of clothing for your pooch, its important to order the right size. Every brand and big dog costume have a different fit, so youll want to gather your pups measurements. For full-body costumes for large dogs, youll likely need to take body, neck and chest measurements. Then, check out the size chart and get the right one. Your dog will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Costumes for Large Dogs

What dog breeds need large size costumes?
How do I know if my dog needs a large size costume?
What is the largest size for dog costumes?
What are some good Halloween costumes for large dogs?

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