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Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs

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Potty Training With Pee Pads

Are Golden Retrievers good apartment dogs?

Some people may decide to use pee pads to potty train their dog.

Ive never used pee pads, so I cant make any comment on how to use them, but I have heard many people dont recommend them or regret using them.

You might not have an option, but at least do lots of research and careful consideration before choosing this route.

Keeping Your Golden Retriever Comfortable While Living In An Apartment

Keeping your golden comfortable while living in an apartment requires all of the factors that we have already mentioned, but it also requires:

  • Assessing the accessibility of your apartment for your dog do you have a dog with arthritis? If so, dont move into a third-floor apartment with no elevator!
  • Does your dog have severe separation anxiety? Consider doggy daycare for days when you would otherwise have to leave your dog alone.
  • Does your Golden have compromised eyesight? Moving into a smaller space can increase the chances of bumping into things. Use scent dots, invest in a Halo, or work with your dog to teach them the layout of the smaller space.
  • If you plan to live in an apartment for the long haul, keep in mind that Golden Retrievers are prone to hip dysplasia and arthritis, so choose an apartment with elevator access or live on the ground floor!

Drawbacks Of A Golden Retriever Living In An Apartment

Living in an apartment is convenient when you can get many of the things you need exactly where you want them. However, there are drawbacks to this living style. First off, there is the question of keeping the dog in the clean and safe environment you desire. The responsibility for cleaning and maintaining the property greatly relies on you being home.;

Keeping a Golden Retriever as an apartment pet can be problematic. Golden Retriever puppies are incredibly sweet and adorable. They love to play and have lots of fun indoors. But just like humans, Golden Retrievers need some basic maintenance and care if theyre to live a long and healthy life.;

This means that if you have a puppy living with you it is important to know whats best for them. However, due to the large size and cost of a Golden Retriever apartment, there are also drawbacks.

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How Much Exercise Is Needed In An Apartment

Sometimes it seems like golden retrievers have an infinite amount of energy stored within them.;

This is probably the biggest reason why people hesitate to get a golden retriever when they live in an apartment.

They will tire you out before you tire them.

Chances are you find extremely lazy golden retriever, but lets be honest not really.

Their exercise needs are very high, and if not met, they can develop behavioral issues like excessive barking, destructive behavior, digging, or chewing.

Even with a backyard where your golden can freely run around and play by himself, in most cases, it still isnt enough.;

In an apartment where space is limited, your retriever will be dependable just on you and on how many times you will;take him out for a walk every single day.

Reason #: Golden Retrievers Are Mouthy

Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs?

Like we talked about earlier, golden retrievers were bred to retrieve gunned down birds with their mouths.

Because of this, they can be pretty mouthy puppies, and even mouthy into their later years.

To stop puppy biting, make sure to give them plenty of mental and physical exercise and always have toys around for them to put in their mouths .

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What Kind Of Arthritis Does A Golden Retriever Have

These are quite common in multiple dog breeds, including the Golden Retriever. It is a type of arthritis that involves abnormal development of the joints in a dogs hips and elbows. In a dog that does not suffer from these conditions, the bones fit well into their sockets and can move smoothly as your dog moves around.

Apartment Hunting: What To Look For

Finding just the right apartment can alleviate many of the difficulties with owning a golden retriever. It can be tough to find an apartment that suits both you and your pet, but knowing what youre looking for is half the battle.

Here are a few things to consider when apartment shopping to ensure that you can find a space that will make you and the dog a little happier.

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Things To Consider Before Bringing Golden Retriever To Your Apartment

1) Size of the Dog

You need to ensure your dog doesnt outgrow your home. Both you and your dog need enough space. Many people recommend sticking with small to medium-sized breeds for apartment living.

Unfortunately, golden retrievers are large dogs. Male golden retrievers weigh 65-75 pounds, and females golden retrievers weigh 55-65 pounds. All retrievers can be classified as a large-sized dog. Due to their size, golden retrievers have a lot of dogs that arent suitable for apartment living.

Some apartment buildings place weight restrictions on dogs. Before you adopt a dog, check with your apartment complex. When it comes to the size of golden retrievers, they are not always ideal sized for apartments.

2) Take Care of your Neighbors

Dogs that bark all day are not what anyone wants in an apartment block. This can be addressed with positive reinforcement training, exercise, as well as providing entertainment for your dog.

Also, golden retrievers get Zoomies, which their owners call them. A golden retriever who gets the zoomies will run all over your home or apartment. Apartments that are not soundproofed can become very noisy.

Golden retrievers have moderate barking ability. Your golden can be trained to bark less with positive reinforcement and regular exercise. Do Golden Retrievers Bark A Lot? is a recent article. You should check it out if golden retrievers bark a lot.

3) Noise and Energy Level

4) Dogs At Heart

5) Going Potty

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Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs Our Thoughts

Golden retriever are alway good for apartment house | apartment should big – 8767777789

Getting a golden retriever dog is often something most of us desire. They are very fun, loving, and easy-going creatures that have the ability to love us unconditionally. Nevertheless, many people that live in flats and apartments are worried that having a golden retriever confined inside can cause problems . Do not worry though, it is feasible to have a golden retriever in your flat.;

The following tips and advice can shed some light on this issue.

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How To Potty Train A Golden Retriever In An Apartment

The biggest problem most people have with owning a golden retriever while living in an apartment is potty training.

Golden retriever puppies need to pee often.

And by often, I mean as frequently as every hour.

Can you handle taking your pup outside every hour?

It might be tough, but heres the good news: it wont be for long and goldens can be potty trained relatively quickly.

If you follow these steps to potty train your golden retriever, they can be potty trained in as little as two weeks:

Step 1: Take your golden retriever outside often

If your puppy only goes potty outside in the grass, and never gets an opportunity to go in the house, then theyll be potty trained quicker than one who has an accident inside every now and then.

Step 2: Take them to the same spot

Dogs like to go potty where they smell their previous business, so taking them to the same spot every time will help them know where to go.

Warning: this need can backfire on you when they have an accident, so see step 5 for how to manage it.

Step 3: Praise them for going outside

When they go where theyre supposed to go, throw them a little praise party and give them treats to let them know theyre doing the right thing by going potty there.

Step 4: Keep them constrained

When theyre in a crate, they most likely wont have an accident, so you can use that to your advantage by putting them in there any time you cant keep an eye on them.

Step 5: Handle accidents correctly

Provide Them With A Healthy Diet

Being the cute they are, it is easy to get enticed by this breed, which results in giving them more snacks and treats.

However, the Golden Retriever is prone to becoming overweight, which can bring on other health issues. Make sure to maintain a feeding schedule and be aware of how many snacks or treats they get.

And that ends our article for today. If you found this article helpful, make sure to share it with your family and friends!

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Is There Any Time That A Labrador Retriever Wouldnt Be Good For Apartment Life

Yes, there are certain times when a Labrador retriever wouldnt be good for apartment life.; If the Labrador retriever isnt properly socialized or trained, this can make it more difficult for them to acclimate to a smaller area or one that doesnt have a yard outside.

Proper socialization and training will ensure that the Labrador retriever knows what is expected of them is this situation, which limits conflict and problems.

Another time that apartment life will not work for the Labrador retriever is when the apartment complex has rules about dogs, including size.

It is always essential to consult the landlord or leasing company before selecting a dog breed if it already lives in an apartment.; For those Lab owners who are moving into an apartment, it best wise to consult first before selecting to prevent confusion and problems at move-in time.

Some, but not all, landlords can have strict rules about a dogs size and breed type.; Certain dog breeds are not permitted in apartments due to the proximity to neighbors.; Thankfully Labrador retrievers are not usually on this list as long as they are well behaved, socialized, and not aggressive.

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Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs?

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Green space like a dog park near the apartment is ideal to give your pooch the chance to stretch their legs as much as possible.

“Dogs need opportunities to play, socialise with their own kind, sniff around in green areas, and ideally run off leash in a safe environment,” Dr Starling says.

Accessibility and toileting are also crucial considerations before having a dog in a unit.

“You will need to think carefully about toileting arrangements and how you will deal with a dog that has, say, an upset stomach, or is injured and can’t handle stairs very easily,” Dr Starting says.

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Keeping The Peace With Neighbours

Don’t forget to be a good neighbour so they love your pup too.

“It’s obvious you need to clean up after your dog, because having your dog pooing all over the common space won’t go down very well,” Mr Beatty says.


You also need to consider how much barking will be tolerated, and how you can minimise the noise your dog makes, Dr Starling says.

“Look for dog breeds that are quieter than others. But dogs bark for many reasons, including when they are lonely, under-stimulated, and when they can hear things going on nearby,” she says.

“If you live in a noisy apartment building where you can hear neighbours through the walls or windows, you will need to choose a dog that is not hyper alert and prone to telling you about everything they see, hear, or smell.”

Familiarising The Pooch With The Neighbourhood

Bear in mind that, if you take your dog for a walk around some particular streets regularly, it will get to know these neighbourhoods and feel safe in them. Hence, this will positively contribute to the formation of a feeling of home for your dog. Its life will take place outside just as much as inside, so it must be familiar and comfortable with your neighbourhood.;

During the first months of its walks, be extra careful. Unless you are in the park, its common courtesy to keep your dog on the lead. Keep in mind that the first months will be more stressful for your dog as there is a lot of interaction with other people and dogs so they might feel a little overwhelmed.;

In addition, try not to walk your dog on streets where there is a lot of traffic or many people while they are getting used to their new surroundings. They can get frightened and shocked very easily, which can result in it associating walks with stress, and this in combination with living in a flat is not good at all.

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Can Golden Retrievers Live In Apartments

Have you been wondering about getting yourself a golden retriever but havent had the courage to take the first step because you live in an apartment? Are you worried that their larger than usual size and high demands will be hard to meet?

All these limitations and yet you just cant get your mind off that cute little golden retriever pup you saw at the pet shop!

Being the charmers that they are, Golden retrievers make it hard for anyone to walk past them and not want to get one of their own. Their handsome double-coated fur layer, unavoidably beautiful eyes, and heart-warming smiles have won them an undisputable reputation as the ultimate house dog.

Are Golden Retrievers Too Loud For Apartments

Are golden retriever good apartment dogs?

Although a golden retriever has the record for the worlds loudest bark, golden retrievers are typically moderate barkers.

They also have frequent zoomies, which may be a little unpleasant for the neighbors downstairs.

So be sure to show your neighbors how sweet your golden is and remind them that theyre worth it.

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They Are Loyal Protectors

Golden Retrievers have always been popular house pets for many reasons, one of which is their personality. Its good to have a dog that is big and strong and will protect your home and business from guests and unwanted intruders. Your Golden Retriever dog is a loyal protector of your home and belongings.

A loyal protector is precisely what makes a Golden Retriever so great. If you are looking for a dog that will protect your family and property, this breed is hard to beat. They are not aggressive to other people, but when threatened they will become protective of you.

They will not bite unless they were trained to do so. It is not in their nature to be aggressive and violent. Retrievers are great pets for many reasons. They share your bedroom, kitchen, and living room; they sleep with you most nights; and if theyre not with you during the day, they are at your sideusually jumping on your bed or joining you for an afternoon of playtime. Whats great about these dogs is that they are gentle. However, when posed with a threat their protective instincts will turn on. They will only bite when prompted.

Golden Retrievers are some of the best dogs on the planet, and the reason is their loyalty. They do everything they can to protect their owner from harm and are ready to tackle any situation with vigor. Once you adopt a Golden Retriever puppy, youll discover just how much this dog means to you and the joy theyll bring into your life as you grow older together.;

They Love To Retrieve

Of course, expect this breed to enjoy retrieving games. After all, theyre named Golden Retrievers!

May it be tossing a ball, or playing fetch, your pup will surely enjoy such activities so make sure to engage them in such entertainment outside.

Thats not to say that retrieving cannot be done inside. We mentioned that this breed is smart, therefore will easily be trained for household chores.

You can train the Golden Retriever to bring you a newspaper, a tissue, a remote, or basically any item that could fit in his mouth.

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Appointments With The Vet

Make sure you dont miss out on setting up regular appointments with the vet. Living in an apartment facility, your dog will constantly be interacting with many people and animals. Any embrace or touch can accidentally result in transfer of diseases. Vaccinations will prevent any intense health issues and keep your pet healthy and fit.

They Require Regular Grooming

Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs?

This breed sheds all year round but will shed more during fall and spring. Daily brushing is highly recommended to remove loose hair, as well as keep their coats tidy and clean-looking. Aside from this, they will also need a good bath every month.

Like all dogs, daily brushing of your Golden Retrievers teeth is highly encouraged to prevent buildup of tartar and bacteria.

Nails should be trimmed at least once a month. If youre a first-time dog owner and not sure of how to groom them, it is best to seek professional groomers help.

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Can A Golden Retriever Be Happy In An Apartment

As mentioned, while the size of your home will be a good factor in meeting your Golden Retrievers daily physical needs, it will still depend on how much time are you willing to give for walking and letting him burn off his energy.

A Golden Retriever can only be happy, regardless of where he lives, if he is given time, affection, a healthy diet, and agood amount of exercise.

True, a backyard is good to have for your Golden Retriever to run around and play all day, but without your presence, he wont fully achieve happiness.

If a dog has too much energy, he tends to look for an outlet to release it. Which means that if he stays inside the apartment all day, he can burn off his energy by barking, chewing your furniture, or even digging at the carpets.

A good balance between time and exercise is the key to having a happy Golden Retriever.

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