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When Is National Golden Retriever Day

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TRENDING: National Golden Retriever Day

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When Is The Gestation Period For A Golden Retriever

The consensus is to have your Golden Retriever spayed before her first heat. What is the Golden Retriever gestation period? The Gestation Period for Golden Retrievers is approximately 59-65 days from the first breeding. Golden Retrievers will not always conceive after one breeding and will generally mate multiple times in one heat cycle.

Why Should We Celebrate National Golden Retriever Day

  • The golden retriever has a lot of benefits for humans. It is therapeutic apart from being a hunting dog. The day should be celebrated so that the benefits of the golden retriever reach many people.
  • The golden retrievers could be a lot of help to society apart from being a pet dog at home. The day should be celebrated so that it gets its respect for its retrieving and hunting capabilities.
  • The majestic golden retriever deserves the best, and it should be celebrated with respect and care. Let your pet be pampered a lot on the national day dedicated to it.

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    Join An Organized Event

    Wherever people live, they may find a Gold Retriever gathering in their local area. But the best place to celebrate Golden Retriever Day? Well, Golden, Colorado, of course! Organized by the City of Golden as well as Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, hundreds of these beautiful dogs and their owners love to gather outside the citys visitor center which is near a stream where dogs can romp and play.

    How Long Are Golden Retrievers In The Puppy Stage


    Puppy which begins at birth and continues until the end of rapid growth, generally lasts between 6-9 months depending on the breed of the dog. Puppies have a sensitive period for socialization which runs roughly between three weeks and three months.

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    They Are Hollywood Stars

    Youve probably noticed that Golden Retrievers frequently show up on the silver screen. Air Bud, Homeward Bound, and Full House are just a few of the popular movies and TV shows that feature a Golden as mans best friend. But theres a reason Golden Retrievers are regulars in Hollywood and its not just because of their good looks and pearly white smile.

    Golden Retrievers are often used on film sets because theyre so friendly and easy to train.

    Many films that cast dogs use multiple animals to get all of the shots. Sometimes, however, movies work with only one dog. And occasionally, one dog is so good at what he or she does that theyre used on screen for multiple projects. Buddy, the Golden who played Air Bud, also played Comet the Tanner familys dog on Full House9. Buddy was found as a stray and was taught to play sports. Like other Goldens, his easygoing, friendly nature and eagerness to please made him a hot commodity in Hollywood.

    Activities To Enjoy In Golden On Your Own Include:

    A Do it Your Selfie Station Bring your camera and take a photo of your pup in front of the mini Welcome to Golden arch at the Visitors Center, 1010 Washington Ave. Post and tag online for your chance to win prizes from KONG.

    Pup Cups & Pupaccinos& Dining Deals Several Golden restaurants and coffee shops are offering free pup cups or pupaccinos with a to-go or patio purchase.

    Pet Friendly Overnight Getaway Deals Make a night of it at the Golden Hotel which is offering a $139 dog-friendly rate that includes a Deluxe Guest Room, house-made dog treats, a Golden Hotel latte mug with drink and dining credits and lots of doggie TLC including patio dining deals. More info here

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    Golden Retrievers Love People

    Like most goldens, Angel befriended our other dogs. She never met a stranger in people, either. But she was good about barking when a neighbor dog wandered in, though Im sure they would have become a friend, too. She accepted rescue dogs when they were introduced. Everyones a friend to a golden.

    She was a young adult when we moved to a larger home on more property. To Angel, the larger farm was Angels Paradise. More room to roam and ponds in which to swim with Daisy, her new canine buddy. Daisy, a low-slung Basset, was the new buddy of another of my sons and she and Angel became very attached.

    They would travel about the yard, sometimes going past the house yard and finding the pond for a refreshing swim. Well, to be fair, Daisy didnt really swim as much as she waded. Bassets swim more like a rock than an Olympian swimmer. But the two enjoyed their short journeys together, always returning to their boys. Farm life was good for the kids and their dogs.

    History Of Golden Retrievers

    Worth the watch: National Golden Retriever Day!

    About two hundred years ago, hunters from Scotland needed a hunting dog with exceptional sniffing qualities, able to stay in water for a long time, and a soft grip so as not to maim game.

    They crossed the spaniel with the retriever to get this beautiful creature. It gave the dog a wonderful waterproof double-layered coat, which looks fascinating.

    Since then, the working qualities of this breed have been recognized in many different service areas, from airports to nursing homes.

    The holiday was created as an International Golden Retriever Day on February 3, 2012, thanks to Kristen Shroyer, who dedicated it to her faithful pet who passed away after seven years of a wonderful life.

    Since then, more and more people in different cities around the world are bringing out their beautiful pets. Some gatherings of golden retriever fans have reached thousands of dogs in one place.

    We encourage you to spread the tradition and join the celebration because these dogs deserve it.

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    Tips On How To Observe National Dog Day

    Listen to Dog Walking by The Knits from their album Pixel Parks.

    When considering adoption, adopt, dont shop. If you have your heart set on a purebred companion, consider visiting a website like or to find one at a shelter. Learn how organizations like these are changing the way we adopt. As you search for your new family member, get prepared. Keep in mind the needs of a small versus large dog. Until you find your forever companion, consider volunteering at your shelter or becoming a foster parent.

    Use #NationalDogDay and post photos of your dog on social media. Take your dog for a walk. If you do not have a dog, ask to take your neighbors dog for a stroll, or volunteer at a shelter. Be sure to stock up on plenty of Dog Treats as well.

    How Many Puppies Does A Golden Retriever Have

    If your Golden Retriever has not delivered by day 67, its critical to have a veterinarian see her. The average Golden Retriever Pregnancy results in 8 puppies. This article will help you understand the Golden Retriever heat cycle. Once your Golden Retriever has been bred, watch for the signs a Golden Retriever is pregnant.

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    Not All Goldens Are Alike

    Did you know there are several different types of Golden Retrievers? There are three main varieties of this dog breed: the Canadian Golden Retriever, the British Golden Retriever, and the American Golden Retriever8.

    Golden Retrievers also come in a wide range of different hues. Youll find Goldens that are so pale they look almost white Goldens that are a deep, burnished auburn color and every shade in between. There are even black-furred Golden Retrievers. Golden Retrievers also have a double coat a thicker undercoat and an additional top coat, which helps them stay warm in the water.

    Golden Retriever World Record

    Happy National Golden Retriever day.

    How many Golden Retrievers gathered in one place does it take to set a world record? Well, at least a few hundred! These records, although unofficial, were set in just the past few years by proud Golden Retriever owners worldwide:

    • Back in July of 2018, 361 of the precious pups gathered in Tomich, Scotland to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the breed. People traveled all over the world to attend the event that took place at the Guisachan Estate, which is the original place where Tweedmouth bred the first Golden.
    • However, in October of that same year, the record was almost doubled when 681 Goldens gathered with their owners at Goldie-Palooza in Huntington Beach, California. Activities included a kissing booth , a costume contest, and a collection of raffles and vendors supporting their favorite breed.
    • The record was completely busted when more than 1000 dogs and owners gathered in Golden, Colorado on February 3, 2019, in honor of Golden Retriever Day. As a special treat, pupaccinos were available, and the group took a walk through townwhich is extremely friendly to dogs, no matter what their breed!

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    Liberty The First Dog Of America

    Given to Gerald Ford by his daughter, Susan, Liberty spent her early years at the White House and Camp David. Liberty even gave birth to a litter of puppies while she was living in the White House in 1975, one of which the president kept. After Fords presidency ended in 1977, the famous dog moved with the Ford family back to Denver, Colorado where she lived out the rest of her days.

    Category: National Golden Retriever Day

    Its our favorite day of the year.. Golden Retriever Day! I love seeing how much this holiday has already gained so much attention, thank you for your help spreading the word!

    What did you do to celebrate? We want to know! Share your stories on our blog and/or on social media and encourage your friends to join in on the fun!


    From our home to yours Happy International #GoldenRetrieverDay!! What are you doing today to celebrate? Here are some of our tips!

    Wow, how lucky for all of our pups that it falls on the Super Bowl this year! Im sure theyll get a lot of extra snacks today.

    Enjoy the day everyone!!

    Happy National Golden Retriever Day everyone! We hope you have a fabulous day with your pup since it lands on a Friday, you might as well continue the celebration into the entire weekend

    What are you doing to celebrate? Not sure what to do? Here are some suggestions! Cant wait to share stories with each other!

    Well.. time to turn off the computer and spend some time with Quincey & Roxy!

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    National Puppy Day 2020 The Atlantic

    Oct 06, 2021 In the spirit of the day, I am obligated to share these adorable images of pups from around the world. it might be helpful to take a breather and enjoy a few photos of adorable pups on National Puppy Day. A mini goldendoodle runs through the snow. # Photos: Eid al-Fitr and the End of Ramadan 2021.

    They Have Webbed Toes

    Happy National Golden Retriever Day

    Remember, Golden Retrievers were bred as hunting dogs. Part of their job was retrieving birds from the water. This is why Goldens are commonly known to be strong swimmers.

    Golden Retrievers actually have webbed feet that help them swim, acting almost like flippers10 . The toes on their paws are connected by thin webs of skin. This helps Goldens move through the water easily and efficiently.

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    Are There Any Problems With Having A Golden Retriever

    If theyre not being mentally stimulated and given a job or a purpose, a lot of problems can occur, such as jumping up on people, tearing up the house, etc. But all that being said, if you have a golden retriever, youre in for the ride of a lifetime.

    In Memory Of A Golden Angel On National Golden Retriever Day

    Our family has been blessed with many dogs of various breeds and mixes through the years. Today, Id like to share some memories of a golden Angel. It seems appropriate, given that today is National Golden Retriever Day.

    Our family enjoys our canine buddies. Since we live on a large property in a rural area, we allow each family member to have a personal pet. In reality, most of the time that translates into multiple pets for each. But thats ok. We have the room and the ability to care for them. And I reap the personal benefit of enjoying several different animals within our home.

    So when one of my sons wanted a Golden Retriever for his personal buddy, I didnt hesitate. We went on a mission to find him a healthy, happy golden pal.

    Within a few weeks, we found her in a family of Goldens, the last pup available from her litter. We watched her parents and an older brother play happily within the large living room she had called home since birth. They happily chased a stuffed toy, sliding to a stop just before the doorway, then turning back for another turn. Even in their middle age, both parents were full of playful energy.

    My sons eyes glistened as he laughed and watched them play. The pup came back to him several times, enjoying the attention, but not wanting to miss the games. She came home with us that day.

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    History Of National Golden Retriever Day

    The golden retrievers are unique, and in the same way, international golden retriever day also should be celebrated by all dog breed owners. The family dogs arent much fierce, but they are smart and mans best friend they are the favorite of a dog lover. The person called Kristen Shroyer realized the uniqueness of golden retrievers and wanted to celebrate a day for it to spread awareness. Kristen Shroyer owned a golden retriever, and she created the day on its first birthday in the year 2012. The national golden retriever day is being celebrated on February 3rd since 2012. The hunting gods are also taken care of during national golden retriever day. It is the famous pet holiday on February 3rd and enjoyed by all the popular dog breeds owners who consider them best friends. Enjoy the retriever day national golden with American Kennel Club and have a full house celebration with retrievers.

    National Dog Day History

    Happy National Golden Retriever day from Cooper

    Colleen Paige, pet lifestyle expert, founded National Dog Day in 2004.

    Dog FAQ

    Q. What does a dog do when its happy?A. A happy dog will hold its tail high and wag it. Other signs that a dog is happy include:

    • Relaxed ears and body posture
    • Leaning on you
    • Initiates play

    Q. What does it mean when a dog licks you?A. There may be many reasons for a dog licking a human. Licking may be a sign of affection . It might also be because you just ate that piece of jerky or you taste a little salty. Licking can also be a way to get your attention. Is it mealtime? Do they need to go out? They might also be telling you, Hey, dont stop scratching that spot.

    Q. Are there other dog holidays on the calendar?A. Yes! We humans love our pets and love to celebrate them, too! In fact, the entire month of August is National Dog Month. We also celebrate National Dog Moms Day, National Rescue Dog Day, and National Make A Dogs Day among many others.

    There are over 1,500 national days. Dont miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day® with National Day Calendar®!


    The Missouri Board of Education establishes the first public kindergarten in the country. William Torrey Harris and Susan Blow directed the new program that would grow across the country.


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    How Were Golden Retrievers First Bred

    The origins of golden retrievers as a breed date all the way back to 19th century Scotland. With the improvement of guns, hunters were able to shoot their game and wildfowl from much greater distances, in areas that were swampy. They quickly found out that their common hunting dogs could not retrieve the felled game over land and water without losing or maiming them.

    They needed a dog that was great at fetching and that had a soft mouth, so as to not maim their prey. They tried and failed to train other breeds to act as retrievers, but it was clear they needed a special retriever. So, they crossed water spaniels with retrievers, and the Golden Retriever was born!

    In the United States, golden retrievers were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1925. They are the second most registered breed at the AKC, after the Labrador Retriever.

    Goldens Are Extremely Popular

    If youve ever interacted with a Golden Retriever, you dont need us to explain why this affable breed regularly ranks at the top of the Most Popular Dog Breeds in America list11. Theyre beautiful, friendly, and easy to train. In short, theyre likely to be a great breed to welcome into your home.

    Golden Retrievers are regularly recommended for families with small children or first-time dog owners. These intelligent, empathetic dogs are also commonly used as working dogs searching for and locating missing people, working as guide dogs to assist those who are visually impaired, providing a listening ear for children struggling to read, and so much more.

    Theres no doubt about it: Golden Retrievers are a special breed of dog. If youre looking to adopt a new pet, a Golden might be a great fit for you.

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    We wish you and your pup a happy National Golden Retriever Day!

    2Like most insurance policies, insurance policies offered by PetFirst Healthcare, LLC contain certain exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force.

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