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What Do You Need For A Golden Retriever Puppy

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Create A Sleeping Area

13 Things You Need For Your New Golden Retriever Puppy

Youll need to make sure you make a sleeping area for your dog. Even if your dog starts to prefer sleeping on the bed with you and you are okay with that, youll still want to give your dog its safe sleeping area thats all its own. Thats usually where a crate comes in handy.

If you purchase a crate, youll want to make sure its big enough for your golden retriever so it can stand up and turn around inside of the box.

Crates not only provide an excellent place to sleep but come in handy when crate training and potty training. Many owners also purchase dog beds to put inside the crates or to put on the floor for the dogs when they dont get to sleep in the bed with their owners.

To create a sleeping area for your dog, here are some products youll need:

  • #8 BeddingYoull want to make sure your puppy has a soft bed to sleep on at night. Its up to you if you wish to a puppy-sized one or a larger one that your dog will grow into later.
  • #9 Dog crateMany owners choose to crate train their puppies. If you want to do that, youll need to buy the right size crate. Its a good idea to purchase one that is big enough for your golden retriever when it is fully grown, and use dividers for now to alternate the size.

Plan Out Your Yard

Besides an invisible gate or some kind of physical gate, heres what youll want to have for your new golden retriever puppy while it plays in your yard:

Be Ready for Walks

Here is what youll need to take your dog on walks:

What To Look For

To ensure that the nutrition you are giving your Golden meets their needs, it is best to choose a dog food formulated for their life stage.

The following are the things to look for in commercial dog food for Golden retrievers:

  • It should include wholesome natural ingredients with zero fillers, byproducts, and artificial flavorings.
  • The first ingredient should be a high-quality animal protein source coming from meat or fish.
  • There should be low levels of fat and calorie content to control the growth of puppies. There should be optimal amounts to maintain the lean muscle mass of adults.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin are good supplements for joint health.
  • There should be controlled levels of calcium and phosphorus.
  • It should be approved as nutritionally complete and balanced by the AAFCO.

Aside from checking the nutrition requirements, you should also examine the kibble if it is big.

Goldens are large and have deep chests. Thus, they are at higher risk of developing bloat, which is aggravated by eating speedily or eating too much at once. Larger kibble means that your dog gets the same level of nutrition in smaller portions.

The Ultimate Checklist For New Puppy Owners Printable Pdf

If you count the essential and non-essential items on our new puppy checklist then you have a whopping 42 items to buy on your next trip to your local pet store!


Not to worry, I put together a nice Printable New Puppy Checklist in PDF format so you can print or save it to your smartphone.

We added our New Puppy Checklist PDF to our FREE Resource Library so you can download the list and have it handy before you bring home a new puppy.

If you havent already, and receive access to our FREE Resource Library.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Growth

As a medium to large breed, Golden Retriever puppies carry on growing up to and beyond their first birthday. In fact growth isnt complete until the middle of the second year.

However, those last few months are mainly about filling out and your Golden puppy will have reached close to their maximum height at between 9 and 12 months of age.

You can read all about puppy development stages and puppy growth in our guide:

Its full of fascinating puppy growth facts!

Golden Retriever Puppies Are Smart Puppies

Should You Get a Golden Retriever Puppy? 12 Things to Know ...

Golden retriever puppy is called a smart puppy because you can train them quickly.

If you have a dog that is not taught very well, it might be your fault, or your dog might have a lower grain quality.

You can enhance the brain capacity of your puppy through having a constant connection in the environment or other people.

Also, be sure that your new puppy has a different type of interactive toys that will also boost his interest in that thing.

Also, take your extra time training your new dog correctly and adequately.

Some puppy kindergartens might be helpful on turning your golden retriever puppy into a well-trained, knowledgeable, and well-behaved one.

However, you should also need toknow that to see better results.

Your puppy is also in need to interact with some training exercises inside or outside of the class.

It will also inspire your puppy to train very well if he feels your presence.

We all know that golden retrieverpuppies will probably enjoy their learning time when they are with their owner.

They are also a type of dog that loves to spend their whole time with their parent because it makes their bond stronger and happier.

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New Puppy Essentials Checklist

Our New Puppy Checklist should apply to all puppies, but keep in mind that I raise mostly Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and of course Linus was an Australian Shepherd mix puppy, other breeds can have different specialized needs that arent reflected on this list.

Our New Puppy Essentials Checklist are the items we recommend you have the day you bring home your new puppy.

QUICK UPDATE: We are only recommending one product per category. It was difficult to always pick the best/favorite so please do your own due diligence and find what works best for your puppy

Your Golden Retriever Puppys Health

When it comes to your puppys health, heres the most important thing you can do: have a good relationship with your vet.

Theyll be the ones get you started on vaccines, help you choose an appropriate food, and prevent or treat any illnesses or injuries that may occur.

In addition to having a good relationship with your vet, here are some other tips to keep your pup healthy:

  • Dont let your puppy eat poop which could potentially be infected with a virus, bacteria or parasites
  • Dont let your puppy drink from standing water, which can often hold bacteria and parasites
  • Choose a good food to help strengthen your puppys immune system
  • Avoid places with other dogs, like the dog park, before your puppy is fully vaccinated
  • Talk to your vet about supplementing with vitamins
  • Talk to your vet about vaccinations

You can read more about common golden retriever health problems here.

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Golden Retriever Feeding Guide For Seniors

As your Goldie gets older he will become less active and will need fewer calories to stay on his ideal weight. Your pooch will be considered a senior when he is eight years old, so make sure to tweak his diet around this age.

An older Golden Retriever will need around 900 calories per day served in two equally spaced meals. However, if your senior dog needs to lose some weight, you will have to put him on a diet and lower his calorie intake.

You should talk with your vet and see if there is a need to transition your pooch to senior dog food at this point or not. Food for older dogs has fewer calories and is supplemented with glucosamine and vitamins that are beneficial for older dogs. However, many seniors continue to eat regular food without any side effects, but you should check just in case you need to change his diet.

Golden Retrievers And Children

How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (5 Easy Steps)

If you have a young family then Golden Retrievers can be fantastic with children. If socialised properly from a young age, Retrievers can be quite calm and tolerant. While they usually have a great temperament, its best to always supervise your dog with children.

As puppies, its normal for Retrievers to be mouthy, which means they have a tendency to nip and play bite. This is especially true when theyre teething. Although they dont mean this in an aggressive way, its best to use positive training techniques to let them know that biting you can be sore and isnt a fun game. That way, when theyre adults theyll know this isnt a good way to play with humans or other dogs.

Always supervise children and vulnerable adults with your Golden Retriever and make sure you can recognise the signs of unhappiness or anxiety in your dog to help avoid any conflicts. As with every breed, you should always teach children how to approach and play with dogs with care and kindness, to prevent any issues.

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Top Tips For Choosing A Healthy Golden Retriever Puppy:

Meet the parents Check for obvious health issues, like skin problems or fleas
Make sure the parents have all their health checks Make sure theyre a health weight no ribs showing!
Ask the breeder lots of questions and expect to be asked questions! Look at the environment the puppies are kept in
Interact with the puppy are they friendly and bright? Check theyve had their first set of vaccinations

Should You Own A Golden

Golden Retrievers are wonderful, right? Well then, of course everyone should have one. Actually no they arent suitable for every family. Its important to consider some key qualities of a golden before deciding to own one. For some people, these qualities are features. For others, they are bugs. Either way, it is vital that you examine your own lifestyle, needs and wants to see if a golden is right for you. And, conversely, you need to evaluate if you can meet the needs of a golden retriever. If you can, we can attest to the fact that owning a golden is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have! They are addicting and people seldom have just one in their lifetimes. Once you have a golden, youre usually hooked for life.

Here are a few things to consider:


Goldens are medium to large sized animals. The standard size for males range from 23 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh proportionally from 65-75 pounds. Females stand around 21.5 22.5 inches and weigh 55-65 pounds. They normally possess extremely active tails making clean sweeps of coffee and end tables. Quite simply they need room. Uncluttered houses are a must!


Velcro Dog


You may have visions of letting your dog play fetch in an open field or running free on the beach. As a sporting dog they are easily distracted by birds, animals or moving objects they must be kept leashed when being exercised outside of a fenced yard to keep them from running off.




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Golden Retriever Breed History

The Golden Retriever was first bred in the land of Scotland. It is believed that the first breeder was sir Dudley Marjoribankssir. The Scottish breeder bought a wavy-coated retriever from a shoemaker. This dog was the only one from the whole litter born with a yellow coat. Lord Marjoribankssir began the Golden Retriever Breed. His goal was to create a dog with great retrieving abilities which would help with bird hunting. He crossbred the wavy-coated retriever with the Tweed Water Spaniel and the Irish Setters.

An Orthopedic Dog Bed Because The Memory Foam Will Help Relieve Some Of The Joint Pain Older Goldens Often Experience

How Much To Feed A Golden Retriever Puppy?

Promising review: “Our golden retriever loved it from the time it was delivered and set up. The memory foam gives him incredible support in any position. Although he is a young dog, I would think this bed is perfect for older dogs whose joints are beginning to stiffen. I have placed the bed in my office and he lies there happily for hours watching me work. We will consider getting another for the living room.” Docta K


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Ask The Groomer Questions

There are certain facts youll need to know before making your final decision.

I recommend asking the following questions in addition to any follow-ups you have.

Ask for a price list and whether there are any extra charges for additional services such as ear cleaning, nail clipping, or teeth brushing.

And, before you leave your dog with a groomer, ask exactly what youll be charged. Of course, the groomer will probably have to evaluate your dog first.

Of course, ask to see any insurance policies, certifications, and licenses.

Write A Puppy Socialisation Checklist For Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Yes, there is a checklist and its a long one. But you can download it here, or read our full article about it here. Its an enlightening read, honestly. Theyll give you the best ideas of things to do with your puppy to help them learn that the outside world is a positive place theyll be happy to live in.

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How Much Should A Golden Retriever Eat Daily

On average, an adult Golden Retriever will eat between 2 and 3 ½ cups of food per day. However, the exact amount of food varies from one dog to the next and depends on age, activity level, weight, health problems, and quality of food.

Furthermore, neutered golden Retrievers need fewer calories compared to their unaltered counterparts, and nursing females will have to eat more to maintain their weight and produce milk for the puppies.

Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Dog Food

What You Need To Know Before Getting a Puppy, Especially A Golden Retriever

Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Dog Food is another top choice of our staff veterinarians. This brand of dog food provides a balanced nutritious meal that fuels an active lifestyle. The ingredients support healthy brain function and lean muscles.

Below is a feeding chart for Eukanuba adult dog food.

Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Feeding Chart

3 7/8 5 1/8 Cups Per Day
88 lbs. 4 ¼ 5 5/8 Cups Per Day

Eukanuba Adult Dog Food is like Royal Canin in that it provides precise amounts of food based on the level of exercise for that day. On the back of the bag, it explains how much food you should give for low, moderate, and high activity.

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Your Golden Retriever Puppy Is A Healthy Puppy

When the topic is all about the health of your puppy, good quality of foods is essential. Your golden retriever puppy is also in need to regularly visit a veterinarian.

Your puppy is in need to see a doctor to undergo an examination. You can do this if your puppy is ten weeks old.

The veterinarian usually checks the heart, belly, eyes, ears, and most especially the lungs of your golden retriever puppy.

The veterinarian will also say toyou if your puppy is required to undergo vaccination.

To know the health level of your golden retriever puppy, you need to know first if your puppy already undergoes some vaccinations.

If you adopt the puppy, he or she might be vaccinated already, but if you purchase it from its breeder, the puppy might not undergo any vaccinations.

However, if they do, you should need to know the vaccines that were injected to him or her.

Probably, you will bring your puppyto a doctor from its first month to be vaccinated.

Moreover, after that, you will have to bring your puppy again to the doctor when the puppy is six months old and when he was one year old.

Bringing A Golden Retriever Puppy Home

Preparing for golden retriever puppy arrivals and a new addition to the family is always a busy time. This is true regardless of whether the addition is furry and lopes on four legs or is decidedly hairless and will soon be learning to walk on two. Bringing golden retriever puppy home is surely a special time in each and every pet owners life.

In order to help you make the most of your first moments together, we have compiled some of the necessary information and items that you will need in order to make sure that your puppy feels right at home.

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Youll Also Need To Puppy Proof Your House And Yard

A new puppy can be a very destructive force around the home for the first few months. With that in mind, youll want to make sure you puppy proof your home and yard to prevent your puppy from destroying your prized possessions.

Puppy proofing will not only keep your essential items safe, but it will also keep your puppy safe from harm when it cannot be supervised at all times.

Should I Feed My Golden Retriever Table Food

Derby Girl #goldenpup #goldenretriever #puppy

Feeding your Golden Retriever table food is not the best practice but can be done in moderation. Some table foods are healthy for them such as blueberries and plain yogurt.

Just be aware that feeding them too much table food can throw their entire diet out of whack. They may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals like they do from their dog food.

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Golden Retriever Feeding Guide Puppy Adult & Senior

You have probably noticed that no matter how much food you put in his bowl, your Goldie wants to eat more and acts like he is on brink of starvation! Being a large and energetic dog, your Golden Retriever has a ravenous appetite and can eat a lot. However, overfeeding is never good and could be avoided with the help of a Golden Retriever feeding chart.

Knowing how much to feed your Golden Retriever is always tricky but essential for his well-being and health. Goldens are prone to obesity and joint problems, which can only be exacerbated with an inadequate feeding plan.

Naturally, a Golden Retriever puppy and an older dog dont have the same nutritional needs, and you will have to base your feeding plan according to your dogs age, activity level, weight, and overall health.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about feeding your Golden Retriever, whether he is a puppy, adult, or senior. So, stay with me to find the right feeding plan and meal schedule for your Goldie.

Once you bring your Goldie puppy home, its crucial that you feed him the right amount of high-quality puppy food. Skipping meals can slow your puppys growth and development, but overfeeding can cause your pup to grow too quickly, which can lead to bone and joint problems.

Most first-time owners think that their puppies should be chubby. In truth, Golden Retriever puppies are supposed to look lanky and act like they are always hungry when fed the correct amount of food.

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