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What Size Dog Kennel For Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever Size Guide How Tall And Heavy Will Your Dog Be

Golden Retriever Male Female Puppies Available For Sale at ARM Dog Kennel

June 25, 2019 By Lisa Hertz

Golden Retriever size matters. In this article we are going to help you to work out whether your dog is a healthy weight and height for their age. It takes about 18 months for a Golden to reach their full adult weight. An eight week old puppy starts off around 10 pounds. But once they are full grown the average Golden Retriever size is 5565lb for an adult female and 6575lb for an adult male. Thats quite a range!

What To Look For In A Crate

As mentioned previously, finding a crate with great reviews is not the only thing you want to base your decision on. A few other things you will want to consider when selecting a crate are the material, quality, cost, and primary use of the crate.

Use the information below to help you know which of these characteristics is essential for you and your dog.


When considering the material of a crate, wire is the best choice for a Golden Retriever. Here are a few reasons why you might consider a wire crate:

  • Wire crates are durable
  • Easier to clean than other crates
  • Creates a comfortable environment for the dog
  • Allows the dog to see out of the crate easily
  • Breathable
  • For comfort, just place a blanket or pad in the bottom of a wire crate, and your dog will feel right at home.

Wire crates arent the only crate options for Golden Retrievers. Plastic and wooden crates are also very popular.

  • Plastic crates are a good option for traveling and provide a cozy environment for the dog however, they are not as breathable as a wire crate and can trap in more heat.
  • Wooden crates are breathable like wire crates however, their durability can vary depending on how big of a chewer your dog is.

Soft, travel crates are another common type of crate. This material is not ideal for a Golden Retriever as a primary crate. However, they are a great option for a travel crate, or an extra around the house. They also provide a cozier environment for the dog, but can be a challenge to clean.


Recommended Crates By Us

With so many crates available to choose from, making the right choice is no easy task. So to help with this weve done the research for you:

Check out our selection of the very best quality and highest value crates.

Or if you prefer, you can see our Top-Pick of the recommended crates below.

These are the most popular crates with the highest feedback and most satisfied customers you can find. Quality and value proven by the feedback from many, many previous buyers:

My Top Recommendation For US Readers: Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate

This is in my opinion the best value for money crate available and with extremely good customer feedback to be found all over the web, many would agree.

Its a strong, durable, easy to clean crate available in all sizes from 22 up to 48 to suit all breeds, with the 42 being perfect for Labrador Retrievers.

With a divider included free of charge, this single crate bought for a new puppy can be resized to provide increasing room and still fit them as an adult. So its one crate for life.

This is one crate you should definitely shortlist and compare to any others you may be considering.

My Top Recommendation For UK Readers: Ellie-Bo Folding Crate

The series of crates by Ellie Bo are in my opinion, one of the best quality and greatest value to be found in the UK.

They have a huge amount of extremely good customer feedback and receive high ratings from previous buyers everywhere they are for sale on the web.

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Where To Put The Dog Crate

Where you put the crate has a lot to do with the success of crate training.

Golden retrievers love being around people, so make sure to put the crate in a room that youre often in.

Usually thats the kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Some people also have multiple crates, such as one in the bedroom for bedtime, and one in the kitchen or living room for during the day.

Different Types Of Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers

What Size Crate For Golden Retriever Puppies and Adults

There are plenty of different kinds of cages out thereand the type you need may depend on your circumstances and individual needs.

Wire dog crates often look a lot like cages, but they may be one of the most humane choices available. Unlike some other types, which use tiny slots of holes, wire crates use bars made from metal sheets or thick wire that provide plenty of ventilation and air-flow. Owners who live in hotter climates tend to use wire crates more frequently.

Wire cages also frequently come with dividers as well so that you can section off certain areas until your Golden Retriever gets bigger. The one disadvantage that many owners find with metal cages is the smarter dogs may be able to escape if they try hard enough.

For a kennel that wont let your pup pull a disappearing act, a plastic crate is a good option. Some owners refer to plastic crates as pet carriers since they allow for easy transportation of your Golden Retriever. If you plan to travel by airplane or car, plastic crates often work to your advantage since they provide your Retriever with more security.

If youre looking for a more stylish choice, a wooden dog crate may be exactly what you need. While wire and plastic cages may work both indoors and outdoors, wooden crates are almost always made for inside the home. They also tend to be heavier so many owners choose not to use them as travel kennels.

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Best Dog Crate For Extra

MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate


For extra-large dog breeds, like a Great Dane, youre going to need a sizable crate, such as the MidWest Homes XXL Giant Dog Crate. This oversized dog crate is a whopping 54 inches in length and 45 inches tall, and its made from durable metal with drop-pin construction for increased security. There are both single- and double-door models available, and each door has three latches to keep your dog from escaping.

Most kennels for Danes aren’t tall enough, writes one reviewer. This is not only tall enough, but also provides enough space to turn around plus extra room. If you want to get a better idea of the sheer size of this extra-large dog crate, be sure to check out the pictures that reviewers have uploaded. There are several images showing people comfortably sitting inside the crate with their pups and theres still room to spare.

If Youre A Couch Potato Then This Dog Is Not For You

Golden Retrievers have high energy levels and they need to burn this energy off. Give your dog one or two hours of exercise every day otherwise shell mess up your home. Theres plenty of activities you can do, as Goldens are great companions for walking, running, playing in the park, swimming, and even hiking.

Besides running, Golden Retrievers need mental stimulation to thrive. You can teach her obedience training by yourself, as these dogs are known to be among the most obedient breeds. Other stimulating activities where Golden Retrievers register great results are canine freestyle and agility training.

Golden Retrievers were bred to work, so they need to be active to stay happy. Furthermore, the lack of exercise will generate a series of medical problems, including obesity and other related issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or problems with ligaments and tendons.

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Crate Training Is The Best Puppy Potty Training Method

Potty training a puppy is one of the biggest concerns for new puppy owners. Golden Retrievers are bright, easily trained dogs and learn to use the outdoors for bathroom needs very quickly. Crate training is the fastest, most efficient way to housebreak a Golden Retriever puppy.

Puppies, by nature, will not defecate or urinate in their sleeping area. While there is a very rare pup that will defy this rule, nearly every dog will refrain from soiling their bedding area. Crate training is a tool to achieve a potty trained puppy and is based on the dog’s instinctive need to keep their bed area clean.

An appropriately sized crate serves as the puppy’s bed, and the dog is placed in the crate when the rest of the family cannot supervise it. The puppy will not soil the crate as long as certain rules are followed . When the puppy is taken outside after each period in the crate, he will go to the bathroom in the appropriate location. After a short period of time, the dog learns that the house is not a bathroom and that the backyard is the appropriate location to do his business!

Puppies should be placed in their crates at night for the first year: after that period of time, accidents are extremely unlikely. Most dogs will potty train in a very short period of time and become reliably housebroken after a month of crate training.

How To Measure Your Dog For A Crate The Right Way

Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd – Which one should you get?

For their length, measure from your dog’s nose to tail. When measuring the tail, add approximately 2-4 inches to the overall length, depending on their size. For their height, measure from the top of your dog’s head to the ground. If your dog has naturally erect ears, measure from the tip of their ears.

Once you have these measurements, add 4 inches to the length and height to determine the correct crate size.

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How To Choose The Right Dog Crate

Crates come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Choosing the right crate depends on various factors, including:

  • The size of your dog
  • The age of your dog
  • If your dog likes a den-like atmosphere or an open crate with visibility
  • If she is destructive or an escape artist
  • The climate
  • The style you desire for your home
  • Whether you need it for travel

If your head is spinning after reading all that, dont worry!

Later on, we will give you a breakdown of all the different types of crates along with which dogs it suits best.

Best Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers In 2021


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How To Redeem This Offer

While many of them were hunting dogs, dog enthusiasts around the world fell in love with their affectionate nature. Today, Golden Retrievers may join their owners on hunting trips, but theyre also family companions.

Anyone who has ever owned a Retriever can tell you that, while this breed requires plenty of training, theyre also sensible and loyal to a fault. Besides plenty of patience, another thing youll need for your Retriever is a crate.

Without a crate, your Retriever may end up hiding beneath furniture, under the covers, or in small spaces they shouldnt be. Unfortunately, finding the right crate for your Golden Retriever isnt always the easiest tasknot all of them may be as durable or comfortable as they say. Fortunately, you dont have to guessweve already gathered a list of the best Golden Retriever crates of 2021.

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What Size Kennel Should I Get For My Dog

Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes, and theres a dog kennel to suit each one. Whatever design or material you select ensuring you get the correct size for your dog is the first step. The basic rule of thumb is that your dog should have enough space to be able to walk into the kennel, turn around, and have up to four inches of extra head space when standing up. While you may be tempted to get your dog a kennel that is big and spacious this is not a good idea. If the kennel is too big, your dog wont be able to insulate and stay warm during the colder months. Also your dog may decide to use the extra space as a toilet area. If your dog is still a puppy estimate his adult weight, and purchase the kennel that will fit when hes fully grown.

Advantages Of Wire Crates:

Pin on Dog Products
  • Very easy to keep clean.
  • Allows the greatest airflow of all crate styles which is particularly nice in hotter climates.
  • Allows the dog inside the greatest visibility which is good for those that need to still feel a part of things and know whats going on around themSome Labradors are like this!
  • Many models fold flat for portability.
  • Can come with divider panels for adjusting the crate size to suit a growing puppy.
  • Most models have a slide out tray for ease of cleaning.

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Have Any Questions About Health In Your Breed

If you have any concerns about a particular health condition in your breed then you may wish to speak to your vet or you could contact your breed health co-ordinator.Breed health co-ordinators are individuals working on behalf of breed clubs and councils who are advocates for the health and welfare of their chosen breed. They acts as a spokesperson on matters of health and will collaborate with The Kennel Club on any health concerns the breed may have.To contact your breed health co-ordinator please email:

So What Size Crate Does A Golden Retriever Need

The majority of adult Golden Retrievers should have a 42 dog crate, but there are differences in opinion, with some experienced owners saying a 36 is more suitable.

Goldens can vary quite considerably in size and generally speaking most are on the large side these days, so I would recommend buying a 42.

However, the best way to know what size crate your Golden Retriever needs is to measure their size and buy the crate that best fits.

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Tip: Save Money By Buying A Resizable Crate

Its highly likely that your dogs size as a puppy will be very different to her full-grown adult size, meaning she will need a far smaller crate during puppyhood. And what about all the stages in between?

Clearly, it would take a lot of hassle and cash to keep upgrading crates as your puppy grows. Instead, a good idea is to get one to accommodate your dogs adult size and buy a divider to reduce the size to suit your pup.

A divider is a removable wire or wooden panel you insert into the crate to adjust the available size.

So, as your little one grows, you can keep altering the position of the divider to give her the space she needs. That way, your dog will get all the benefits of a well-fitted crate from puppyhood to adulthood.

Haige Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Things NOBODY tells you about owning a Golden Retriever

If we were ranking dog crates based on company name, this wouldnt make the cut. But fortunately, Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny heavy duty dog crate is a quality crate, perfect for Golden Retrievers.

Theyre definitely more pricey than the first two options, but they do a few things better than those competitors. Theyre ranked third mainly because of price. Though, you get what you paid for.

The Haige Heavy Duty Crate Overview

  • What to Get: The 42 inch.
  • Reviews: 100 +
  • Highlights: Heavy frame, non-toxic finish, locking/caster design, 360 wheels, plastic trays, roof .

Best Features

What makes the Haige heavy duty crate so much better than any other dog crate is the frame. Its made with rust and corrosion-resistant steel and will withstand any large dogs attempt at escaping.

The frame isnt just durable, but comes with a nice non-toxic finish. Young Golden Retriever puppies, in the midst of teething, will certainly try to chew up the crate. So, this feature provides a great dog-safe enclosure for your pup.

However, the only negative is the one-door option. It makes it slightly more difficult to access whatever you put into the crate . Still, the one door is built with durability in mind with its dual locks and safety buckles.

If you get the roof version, youll have two doors. Because the second door is on top, it provides a clever way of getting things in dog crate without the chance of your dog escaping.

What Golden Retriever Owners are Saying

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Best Dog Crate For Golden Retriever Dogs & Puppies

Our top picks for the best dog crates for Golden Retrievers are:

Best Value Metal Wire Dog Crate

Read more about some of the best dog exercise pens here.

*Note a dog crate should be able to safely and comfortably fit your dog when it is standing, sitting and laying down.

Make sure you measure your dog, and read the product sizing details, and product description prior to purchasing to make sure a dog crate is suitable for your dog.

What Is The Best Dog Crate

The best dog crate is the one which best suits your needs. This includes the size of your dog, the space you need it to fit in, where you want the doors to be, and where you want to use it. Whether you are at home, or on the go, have a good look at the crates and playpens above and choose the one which is the best for your Labrador.

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A Comparison Of Wire Plastic Soft

The style and type of crate you choose for your Golden Retriever will depend on how you intend to use it, whether or not you are looking for a more stylish option to suit your home decor, how destructive your Golden is and their particular preference for being closed in or having some visibility.

With all this in mind I am going to discuss the pros and cons of the 4 following types of dog crate:

  • Wire crates
  • Wooden / custom-made stylish dog crates
  • Plastic crates
  • Soft walled / cloth sided crates
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