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Do Golden Retrievers Like To Swim

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Are Golden Retrievers Good


The golden retriever is even-tempered, intelligent and affectionate.

Golden retrievers are playful, yet gentle with children, and they tend to get along well with other pets and strangers.

Golden retrievers are not often barkers, and they lack guard instincts, so do not count on them to make good watchdogs.

Do Golden Retrievers Need A Life Vest

Chances are your golden will not need a life jacket that being said, we still recommend having one on hand. Let your golden experience the water without the life jacket and gain confidence on their own. We find our golden needing the life jacket after a long day of swimming. He loves the water so much he continues to swim even when he is tired.

At this point, he wants to be held in the pool, so he doesnt have to work as hard but refuses to get out! So putting on the life jacket helps him relax and not have to work as hard. So after a good amount of swimming, jumping, and playing, we put the life jacket on him, and we know he can continue to swim safely.

Theis the one we use with our Golden Retriever.

It provides the right amount of buoyancy in the water but not too restrictive so they can still run and play on land. We find the front neck float really helps keep their head above water and helps keeps their ears from getting too much water in them. They can also still potty while wearing the life jacket.

For Golden Retrievers, we recommend the large or extra-large. Our golden is one-year-old and roughly 55-60lbs, and comfortable fits in a large. Check the sizing chart to ensure proper sizing.

Some Slow Initial Introductions For A Goldendoodle Puppy Can Include

  • Play with a hose in the backyard
  • Fill up a kids pool with water and let your Goldendoodle hop in and out or splash around
  • This need to be a hard shell kids pool, soft plastic tends to fall victim to Goldendoodle puppy claws
  • Take your Goldendoodle for an initial relaxed visit to a dog beach and let them play in the waves, or at least near the waves
  • Dogs are very clever, and Goldendoodles are particularly smart. Goldendoodle are intelligent and highly trainable. This makes it easier to successfully introduce them to water. Build their confidence slowly over time for the best results.

    Swimming is in the family remember, both parent breeds Poodles and Golden Retrievers were originally used as hunting dogs. They were bred specifically to help hunt water birds like ducks! Genetically both breeds have a strong affinity for the water, you just need to introduce it in the correct way.

    The sensation of swimming and exposure to water scenarios throws an awfully large amount of brain and physical stimulus at your dog though. It can be overwhelming at first. Take time for the sounds, smells, sensation, and weightlessness of swimming to be accepted.

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    Is It Safe For Golden Retrievers To Swim In Cold Water

    Their special coats make Golden Retrievers better equipped than many breeds to swim in cold water for longer periods. The double coat makes them effectively water-resistant dogs. Offering a wool-like feel, the undercoat keeps these dogs warm.

    The topcoat, also known as guard hairs, provides maximum protection against debris and dirt. Being water-repellent, the topcoat maintains the dryness of the skin efficiently. So, the special double coat feature makes Goldens swim in cold water without getting exhausted or uncomfortable easily.

    All these qualities of the coat provide outstanding benefits for Golden Retrievers in water.

    Overexposure to cold temperatures for an extended period makes most dog breeds highly vulnerable to energy loss, disorientation, and joint stiffness.

    With excellent protection from their thick coats, Goldens are less likely to experience these symptoms while swimming in cold water.

    Whats The Best Shampoo For Golden Retrievers

    Do Golden Retrievers like to swim?  Pet Queries

    When choosing a shampoo for your golden, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dont use human shampoo
  • Take into account whether or not your golden has current skin issues or allergies
  • Ask your vet what they recommend
  • We use this for Oliver and we like it, and you can learn more about the best shampoos for golden retrievers here.

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    Does Every Lab Love The Water

    You might be reading this and thinking to yourself, Wait,my dog does not like to swim.

    There are some things that can steal natural love for water from any Labrador. A bad experience can make any Labrador a little hesitant.

    And, every once and a while you get a genetic anomaly like my buddys Lab. His Yellow Lab could not care less about getting in the waterweird!

    Other people will say that their dog hates taking baths and falselyassume that they hate water.

    That is not necessarily the case. Instead, it is more likelythat your dog does not like something about how you bathe him. For example:

    • Are you tying him down without teaching him howto be calm on a lead?
    • Maybe you are bathing him in the bathtub wherehe has no grip and feels insecure.
    • Are you using a hose where he perceives thewater as a threat rather than a place to relax?

    If you are worried about your dog not loving water, see ifthere are other circumstances that evoke his feelings. It is possible that achange here or there will allow your dog to start enjoying the water like therest of his canine brothers and sisters.

    If you are pretty sure that it is the water that your dog hates, then here are some things to consider.

    The Perfect Place To Swim

    Last Sunday we took the day off from boat shopping to have some fun. We took Honey to Fenwick Island State Park in Delaware where dogs are allowed on beaches without life guards.

    Conditions were perfect.

    Our beach was on the Assawoman Bay, which was very shallow. On a hot summer day, the water was warm. Bath water warm.

    And the bottom was a sandy mud.

    When Mike and I waded out into the warm water, Honey had no problem following us. And when it got too deep for her to walk, shed swim a few strokes.

    No big deal. It was exactly what Ive always wanted to see.

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    Are There Golden Retrievers That Dont Like The Water

    Take, for example, those Golden Retrievers that prefer to steer away from swimming in the pool. Although the majority of them love the water, there are some Goldens who choose not to get their coat wet. There are plenty of puppies out there who dont like swimming but will go crazy for the water once they become adults.

    The Root Of The Behavior

    5 week old golden retriever puppies really mad when someone doesn’t fill their pool!

    As the name suggests, Golden Retrievers were once bred for the physically demanding job of retrieving ducks and other fowl for hunters. Originally from Scotland, Goldens were used to find and retrieve prey, while waiting for gunshots. In many cases, they needed to get wet in order to fetch and bring back the prey to their hunting companions. Luckily, Golden Retrievers have a dense, water-repellent outer coat with a thick undercoat, which insulates them against the cold, while the upper layer is longer and lies flat, repelling water. All of these physical characteristics give them an advantage when it comes to swimming and hiking alongside their owners. Its been said that their innate love for water has been given by the initial breeding process of crossing a yellow flat coated retriever with a water spaniel, and then subsequently crossing the offspring once more with water spaniels and other breeds. However, genetics dont always come into play when referring to this situation. Take, for example, those Golden Retrievers that prefer to steer away from swimming in the pool.

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    Do Goldens Need Life Vests

    First things first get your Golden Retriever a life jacket. Unlike other breeds, theres a decent chance they wont need it. Or at the least, wont need it for very long. However, its fairly cheap and could provide a timid dog with extra confidence.

    The AKC recommends using dog life jackets despite the breed. Plus, not all Golden Retrievers will be fantastic swimmers off the bat. If anything, it can provide peace of mind for you.

    The Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket is the only life vest that weve used and can actually recommend. Its very buoyant and made with high quality, but the best feature is the rescue handles just in case.

    For Golden Retrievers of full adult size, we recommend Large or Extra-Large. But if you need one for a puppy, make sure to check the sizing charts. Just remember that these dogs grow very fast and can outgrow the vest in a few months!

    Will Labs Always Love Water

    It is easy to assume that the Labrador that we areaccustomed to today will always be the same loveable companion with the sametraits that have made this the number one dog breed for the last 30 years.

    In all reality, there is only one way to ensure that Labsalways love the water and that it to specifically control for that trait in thebreeding process.

    This is a little scary because of the number of what I call backyard breeders in the Labrador market these days.

    These breeders are not controlling for any trait except sell-abilityin their puppies.

    This trend can be devastating for the breed as a whole.

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    Common Mistakes To Avoid When Introducing Your Dog To The Water

    Here are some mistakes that many dog owners fall into when teaching their dogs to swim:

    • Rushing it: Dont rush things, give your dog plenty of time and let them decide on the pace of the process. As long as youre making progress, youll get there.
    • Dragging the dog: Never drag the dog into the water, shove them, pull them, or force them in anyway. They should go into the water willingly.
    • Going in too deep: Never go in too deep. Always start in the shallow part and slowly progress deeper but never too deep.
    • Punishing the dog: Screaming or yelling at the dog for refusing to get in the water is a horrible idea.

    How Do I Know That My Golden Can Swim

    Swim Buddies

    Most Goldens love to swim, and it’s excellent exercise for them, even when young. Introduce them to water and let them explore on their own. If they are unsure about the water, you might get in and swim out a bit to encourage them, but let them take their own time. Younger puppies might be more standoffish to water than they would be in another month or two that’s normal. Never toss a dog into water that doesn’t want to go in! Sometimes a water-crazy older dog is perfect to have along to help teach your dog to appreciate swimming. You might also try tossing in a toy for him to get, but be prepared to go out and retrieve it yourself if he doesn’t!

    If you have a swimming pool, just remember that the dog hair in the pool will mean you need to clean the pool more frequently. Be sure that your dog knows how to get out of the swimming pool, and do not leave them unattended with access to the pool.

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    Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic

    Although Golden Retrievers are great family pets, they unfortunately, aren’t hypoallergenic. They are a breed that frequently sheds and are not a suitable match for people with bad allergies. While no dog can actually be 100% hypoallergenic, there are some breeds that are better suited for those with pet allergies.

    How Do I Ensure My Golden Can Swim

    Most Goldens love swimming, and even though they are young, its a great way to get them moving. Introduce them and let them explore the water. You can encourage them by getting in the water and letting them explore. You might find that puppies younger than 12 months old are more resistant to the water than those who were born in the same month. Dont allow a dog to get in the water if it doesnt want! It is possible to bring an older dog that is obsessed with swimming to teach your dog the importance of swimming. You might try to give him a toy. But be prepared to take it with you if he doesnt.

    A swimming pool is a good option. However, youll need to clean the pool every so often because of dog hair. If you have access to the swimming pool and your dog does not know how to exit, make sure they are supervised.

    Why your Golden should Learn to Swim

    Golden Retrievers have a natural ability to learn and are very easy to train. This will help you teach them to swim. Golden Retrievers make the perfect companion for water enthusiasts. They will enjoy taking you on a game of fetch to the pond and burning off energy with a water-workout, but they will also love to be accompanied to the beach or favorite lakeside spot. Swimming is a great activity for Goldens, even if theyre still young.

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    Some Dogs Like Swimming

    A number of dog breeds were bred to be swimmers. Retrievers and other hunting dogs were bred to retrieve waterfowl such as ducks and geese for their hunting owners. Some breeds have implied swimming prowess built right into their names: Spanish water dog, American water spaniel, Portuguese water dog. But don’t assume that all dogs of water breeds are good swimmersor that they even enjoy getting wet.

    Hobson Fulmer, DVM, owner of Apalachicola Bay Animal Hospital in Eastpoint, Fla., says that “any dog should be able to swim if they are in good health.” But not every dog will want to swimor is suited to the sport. A dog’s ability and desire to swim aren’t breed specific, Fulmer says. “I’ve seen Labs that hate the water and won’t swim, and I’ve seen chihuahuas that love to swim.”

    Where Their Attributes Come From


    Golden Retrievers were originally bred to retrieve ducks and other prey animals for hunters. They belong to Scotland their owners would hunt animals while these dogs would bring back the animals to their owners. They were the ideal hunting companion one could need for outdoor activities.

    In most cases, they had to go through lakes and ponds to retrieve the preyed animal. Due to their dense coat that has been layered by another coat that is water repellent. Making it easier for them to swim in the water. Not just that, it also helps them to stay insulated in cold weather and after a swim in the water.

    All these physical attributes have given them an upper hand when it comes to swimming and outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. It is said that their innate love for water is due to their forefathers who were flat-coated retrievers and water spaniels.

    However, genetics do not always play a role in this. There are some Golden Retrievers who prefer to stay away from water and that is mostly due to their conditioning. Although the majority of them have an inclination with water. There are some who prefer to not get soaked in water.

    It cannot be predicted beforehand whether the puppy is going to enjoy swimming once it has grown older or not. Since it all comes down to their upbringing and the environment, they have been raised in.

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    Teaching Your Golden Retriever To Swim

    Starting your dog off at a young age is the best way to give them a life-long love of water. Never throw or push your dog into the water. If your dogs natural instincts dont kick in, they could drown. This can also be scary and traumatic for your dog, which can cause them to have a fear of water.

    The first thing you need to teach your dog before swimming is how to get out of the water safely. If your dog does not know how to get out using steps,or going to shore, they will try to climb out or swim away from land. Which can lead to injuries or drowning. This is crucial if you are near a body of water.

    Teaching a Young Golden Retriever to Swim

    Some dogs will jump right in and begin doggy paddling at their first encounter with water. If your dog doesnt do this, its okay you can teach them. Using a calm pool for the first lessons is the safest way to teach them how to swim since it is an enclosed environment with few distractions.

    I recommend using a doggy life vest with a handle when your dog is learning to swim. This will allow them to focus on using their legs to paddle and not have to worry about staying up. In addition, the handle can help you guide them around as they get comfortable. If your dog doesnt begin to paddle in the water, try moving their legs in the paddling motion, this will show them the correct movements to do. Eventually, they should start paddling all by themselves!

    Dealing with Past Trauma

    Dont Force Your Dog To Swim

    Some dogs dont like swimming. If youre trying to get your dog used to water, and he trembles, whines, cries, urinates on himself, or tries to run away, pay attention to what hes trying to communicate. Its okay to try and reassure him and work slowly, but be willing to draw the line if and when its clear he doesnt want to continue. Its okay for your dog to have preferences in recreational activities he doesnt have to swim to have a good time!

    Never force a dog to swim when he doesnt want to, even if he normally loves to swim. He may be hot, tired, cranky, hungry, or dehydrated, or just plain not in the mood. He wont like it, you wont like his behavior, and both of you will have a terrible time in general.

    Dogs arent all the same even if they are bred to love the water. Like humans, some dogs just seem to be naturally fearful or anxious around water. If this sounds familiar, know that you shouldnt ever force your dog to get in. Most importantly, never assume Fido will be okay, even if hes enjoyed swimming in the past.

    Many dog owners think about the fun their dog will have swimming without considering how he or she will get out of the water. This can actually be quite dangerous for pups, especially when it comes to deep ponds or pools where there isnt always a natural incline or shore.

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