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Best Dog Toys For Golden Retrievers

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Outward Hounds Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

5 Best Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, and that means you need to keep your pup engaged. When youre looking for something just a little different to do together, especially on a rainy day, this may be the toy for you!

A plush tree trunk couple with six plush squirrels involves different shapes, sounds, and textures to keep your furry pal engaged. Play hide-and-seek as many times as you like!

There are plenty of glowing reviews about pups loving to pull the plush squirrels out of the trunk over and over again. As with any toy, there are issues with durability, and this is one that shouldnt be left alone for your pup to chew.

Tips For Playing With/entertaining Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are typically playful dogs with a cheerful disposition. These canines do require a lot of attention, though. Even if you dont have a lot of time, we recommend that you try one of these play activities for at least 10 to 25 minutes each day.

  • Playing fetch in a backyard, in a dog park, or on a beach
  • Stuffing a chew toy with a treat and then hiding it under some pillows or blankets you dont mind your pup digging through
  • Engaging in a little tug-of-war, not so much to stir up aggression, but enough to keep your dog from boredom
  • Rolling a few different toys across the floor at the same time to make your dog think fast and pick an item
  • Overall Best Dog Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies:

    Puppies can be a lot like kids. They have high energy but can get bored with an item and jump to the next within minutes. Thats part of why we love this eight-pack of durable chewers from Youngever. In this set, you get five cotton rope toys and three 100 percent, natural rubber chewers.

    The cotton rope toys are excellent for playing tug-of-war with your puppy, as well as helping clean your dogs teeth with the fibers as they chew. The rubber toys are ideal for those moments when your puppy needs to gnaw on something harder or wants to play with a bouncy ball.

    In addition to being non-toxic and durable, we love the price of this set. You get eight high-quality toys for under $20, which is a steal if you compare different dog toy prices. Some of these items, such as the blue and white knotted rope, are hefty enough for adult Golden Retrievers, also.

    KONG makes fantastic chewers for grown dogs, but we might love their puppy toys even more. They are made from durable rubber that is challenging for even the most aggressive gnawers to destroy, but the puppy toy is for smaller mouths with rubber that is slightly more pliable for tinier teeth and more delicate puppy jaws.

    You can select from pink or blue, which is also cute for your baby Golden Retriever. As always, you can stuff these chew toys with a tasty treat to occupy your puppy when they are acting rowdy.

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    What Size Dog Toys To Get For Golden Retrievers

    Good dog toy brands should specific in their product descriptions about what size of dog an individual toy is designed for.

    For example, they might provide a toy in several different sizes, and specify the weight range for each size of toy e.g. small might be for dogs up to 35lbs, and large might be for dogs up to 50lbs.

    But, in addition to size you should also consider whether your dog is a heavy chewer or not, as well as whether they are an adult or puppy.

    Using Interactive Toys For Training

    Best Toys For Golden Retrievers

    We already mentioned that interactive toys are great for building a bond with your puppy, but theyre also great for teaching things like drop it and take it, or even sit and down.

    To teach drop it with a tug rope you simply stop tugging, hold the rope very still, and wait for your puppy to eventually get bored and let go.

    Praise them for dropping it and then after a minute or two of tugging, do it again.

    Once your puppy is good at letting go when you stop, you can start saying, drop it, when you stop moving.

    After enough repetitions of this, theyll learn to drop it on command.

    I also like to reinforce commands like sit and down while playing tug.

    Ill ask Oliver to drop it, then ask for a sit or down, then when he obeys, his reward is to resume playing.

    This works well because he loves tug, so when I ask him to do something and Im holding the tug rope, hes highly motivated to do it.

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    Interactive Toys Also Work Great As Dog Training Tools

    The clicker method is used widely in dog training and you will want to familiarize your dog with this method before you start using any form of training toy. The clicker works by letting the dog know when it utters the click which then creates a certain tone. This tone is very similar to the sound made when you tell the child to sit or come. You want to use the clicker method when you are teaching your puppy because you must create the tone at the same time the training is taking place.

    It is also important that you find toys that are a good size for your puppy. Puppies have small appetites and you do not want to feed them large amounts of food. If you accidentally feed your dog a large amount of food it could cause dental problems. Your Golden Retriever puppy should only eat one serving of any toy every five minutes.

    Trixie Activity Box Strategy Game

    • Interactive dog toy.

    The Trixie Activity Poker Box is designed to hold treats and challenge your pup in multiple ways to retrieve them. They will have to work out how to pull lids off, lift string handles, slide out drawers, and press buttons to release the treats within. It will get their creative juices flowing and engage the grey matter. The four different boxes can be used individually or all together. Meaning you can start easy and work up to Fido, opening all of them in a race against the clock.

    Your pup will have to use patience and concentration to succeed, and he will love the immediate reward of finding the treat. Its a great way to relieve boredom and exert some extra energy while indoors. Plus, you get to be the games master and set it up and give him some pointers on how to succeed. It will be some good quality bonding time with your canine companion too. It is dishwasher safe, too, making it super easy to clean.

    We love that it has non-slip rubber feet to keep the toy in place, so once you set it up with treats, it will keep him entertained for hours.

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    Kong Puppy Goodie Bone Dog Toy

    Best for Teething

    KONG does it again, and this time in a puppy-friendly package. This bone-shaped toy uses a durable rubber like other KONG products, but its a little softer to soothe sore puppy gums.

    You can also add treats to make the bone into an interactive toy that promotes brain development in your Golden Retriever puppy. The KONG Puppy Goodie Bone fosters your pups curiosity, keeps them engaged, and soothes them throughout the teething process.

    Andis Famous Plush Dumplings

    Golden Retriever’s Favorite Toys…

    Does your Golden get bored easily? Is a boring old plush toy not enough for their active brain? Well with Andis Famous Plush Dumplings, each smiling soft fuzzy dumpling is stuffed with a sturdy squeaker. Delivered in a tough, crazy-crinkly plush carry-out carton, this toy will never make it to the fridge.

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    Usa Bones & Chews Cotton Rope With Bones Dog Toy

    Made In The USA

    USA Bones & Chews created a real winner when they combined bones and knotted rope into one toy. For active Goldens who love to chew and tug, this toy is a true gem.

    The rope is a cotton blend, and they treat the bones to minimize the risk of splintering. Both the rope and bone support a healthy mouth for your Golden, and you dont have to worry about chemicals or artificial additives.

    Like other dog toys, these arent indestructible, but several reviewers commend the durability. The company also notes that they arent made for aggressive chewers and that you should supervisor your pet during playtime.

    Realistic Toys Are Great

    Toys that look realistic are usually the ones that your Golden will love to play with the most. Realistic toys help bring out your dogs natural prey drive.

    Realistic-looking plush toys are a favourite for my Golden Retriever Ellie. Animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and foxes, are among her favourites. If they have a squeaker in them, thats even better!

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    Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Toy

    • Great for Golden Retrievers that chew.
    • Smells like real natural wood.
    • Made with non-toxic materials.

    Many doggos love a stick, but many owners do not. They can be messy and problematic for your pooches teeth and gums. And this is where this chew toy comes in. Its a stick-shaped chew that combines real wood and durable synthetic material to create a stronger and safer stick.

    Chewing is doggy behavior. Rubbery chew toys are an absolute requirement when your puppy is teething. Chewing reduces stress and stimulates their brain. Theres also the added benefit of preventing digging and as well as boredom. It is designed in various sizes for different life stages and dog sizes.

    With its durable material, natural scent, and texture, it will allow your dog to chew for hours. Without creating a mountain of splinters on your rug. The shape of it also means it can be used for fetch. Plus, it floats for the Golden Retriever that likes water and games combined. Made in the USA, it is a great safe alternative to real wood.

    We love that it floats like a real stick for an added play dimension. And most dogs will love it because it is simple and effective.

    Tumbo Tugger Outdoor Hanging Doggie Bungee Rope Toy

    12 Best Toys for Golden Retriever Dogs in 2020

    Tumbo Tugger Outdoor Hanging Doggie Bungee Rope Toy*. This is perfect if you have lots of outside space for your dog to play in. The Tumbo Tugger is also one of the best golden retriever toys for chewing.

    Golden retrievers are traditionally working dogs and typically have lots of energy to burn off. This tug-of-war toy is ideal for giving your pet a good cardio workout and for between walk exercise sessions. The bungee rope has a quick connector that allows you to change the toys your golden retriever can play with, preventing boredom.

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    Ifetch Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs

    Golden Retrievers are considered to be the fourth smartest dog breed in the world! Due to their high intelligence, these dogs need to be mentally stimulated on a daily basis in order to keep them from getting bored.

    If you own a golden, then you know that you could spend hours on end playing fetch. While its fun and gives you an opportunity to bond with your dog, it can get tiring after a while.

    The iFetch Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher will keep your dog happy and busy for hours. This machine launches balls up to a distance of 30 feet.

    You can adjust the distance to 10 or 20 feet as well. This toy comes in two sizes. So, you can purchase the smaller one for the puppy years and graduate to the larger one as your puppy grows.

    Best Chew Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies :

    1- West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Durable Dog Bone :

    This tough chew toy is built to last long. It is a great choice for a teething golden retriever puppy. Hurley provides a 100% guarantee for dog damage. In fact, in the dog toys industry, you wont find this very often. It is kind of very rare.

    If this proves something, it proves how resilient this toy truly is. This toy contains the fun of a ball, the attractiveness of a bone, the sturdiness of a chew dog toy.

    They offer three sizes. This way you can find the right size for your puppy. Concerning safety, this bone is SAFE. Hurley used safe materials. They meet the FDA standards. The toy is free from dangerous chemicals like phthalates and BPA.

    In addition, this West Paw Zogoflex dog bone is eco-friendly. it is recyclable. The toy support dishwasher cleaning. This toy doesnt sink. So, you can take it near a pool or a lake.


    • It is 100% recyclable, BPA-and-phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA-compliant.
    • It supports dishwasher cleaning.

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    They Allow Them To Get Some Exercise

    Toys allow your dog to get some exercise. Exercise is really important for your dog so that his body remains fit and strong. Of course, its not every day that you can bring your dog out for a walk in the park. Therefore, the next best thing you can do is to buy a doggie ball or any other toy and give it to your dog to play with.

    Best Chew Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies: Eetoys Puppy Teething Toys Dog Chew Toys

    What is the best toy for a golden retriever?

    While you might find some chew toys for dogs that are part of a pack of other toys, these chew toys are focused solely on giving your dog relief when hes teething.

    If your pup is currently teething and in a lot of discomfort, these chew toys are worth purchasing because they have many health benefits.

    Featured specs

    • Easy to clean


    • These toys contain soft spikes as well as soft grooves in their design. This helps to massage your dogs gums.
    • These toys have a vanilla and mint flavor to keep your dogs breath fresh. You can even apply some toothpaste on them if you want to get your pup used to having his or her teeth brushed.
    • Theyre really easy to clean. You can just rinse them with water or even put them in the dishwasher.


    • If your dog chews a lot and is a bit of an aggressive chewer, this toy isnt recommended for him or her.
    • People who purchased this chew toy said that it was smaller than they expected.

    Extra Features

    • Some people who have purchased this chew toy have reported that its really durable.
    • It contains both soft and hard materials that provide relief to your dog.
    • You can get this toy in three different sizes: small , medium , and large .

    Buying Advice

    This chew toy will keep your teething pooch much happier and less stressed, while also ensuring better oral health so its one of the best teething toys for puppies.

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    Best Made In The Usa Puppy Toy

    KONG Small Puppy Teething Toy

    For a fun, durable toy that is designed for a puppys baby teeth, try KONGs small chew toy. The KONGs odd shape enables erratic bounces, creating a fun game of fetch. Manufactured in the USA, this puppy toy can be filled with kibble, peanut butter, or other treats for added enjoyment. Scores of reviewers rave that puppies love this classic KONG toy. Price: $19

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    Best Toys For Golden Retrievers Cuddly Nature

    With their loving nature, snuggling is just as important for Golden Retrievers as any other form of quality time. A study conducted with 60 Golden Retrievers in 2017 concluded that they display contact seeking behavior. In effect, they literally love to be petted.

    In between snuggles with their favorite humans, having a soft toy to pal around with and cuddle up with for a nap is important for Goldens.

    Here is our favorite double-duty tug and cuddle toy:

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    Determine Your Dogs Chewing Style

    Every Golden Retriever will differ in what toys they like best, so you need to determine how your dog likes to play, and their chewing style.

    If your dog is a gentle chewer then a soft plush toy is suitable. However, if your dog is an aggressive chewer you will want to look for tough chew toys that are durable enough to withstand power chewing.

    Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

    Golden retriever puppy and toy

    Our top pick has to be the godfather of all chew toys the KONG Extreme Dog toy!

    This toy might not have the most creative name but it does hold up against aggressive chewers.

    You can fill the toy with treats, use it for fetch and even machine wash it too.

    For anyone looking for an all-around toy that will provide hours of stimulation and good dental care, this toy is for you!

    What’s In This Guide?

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    Best Cute Chew Toy: Mr Bill Dog Toy

    Mr. Bill:Oh No!


    Enjoy playtime fun as much as your furry pal with the Multipet Mr. Bill Plush Dog Toy. Inspired by the hit vintage skit from Saturday Night Live, it has a built-in voice box that yells Mr. Bills hilarious catchphrase when squeezed. Made for dogs of all ages, its great for playing fetch as its easily tossed, and it makes a soft cuddle buddy thats always ready for nap time. Reinforced stitching and no plastic parts make this a toy to be loved.


    The Mr. Bill Dog Toy was a hit at our Christmas party a couple years ago and why not? Who can resist the adorable Oh No when you squeeze Mr. Bill?

    Just like the leather fox this toy is not too durable. We kept a close eye on our pups when they played with Mr. Bill.

    We were able to preserve him and his little sound box for a few months, but eventually Apache cracked the plastic sound maker and soon after removed his stuffing.


    • The plastic noise maker can be a choking hazard


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