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How Long Does The Average Golden Retriever Live

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Months 16 Month Sexual Maturity

Golden Retriever Rescue on CNTV

As your dog reaches sexual maturity, a Golden Retriever will grow to its full size during this period of development. If the dog has not been yet neutered or spayed, he will reach sexual maturity and entering heat cycles as well as mating behavior.

This can lead to territorial behavior. During this period, your dog will also start to grow quite quickly in his legs, ears, and nose.

This rapid growth in particular areas leaves the Golden Retriever quite vulnerable with their bones, which can lead to injury if not taken care ofwhich means that you should help your dog avoid excessive pressure on the joints.

As you can see in our Golden Retriever weight chart, your Golden Retriever can reach up to 90 lbs during this stage.

Sunscreen On Sunny Days

While the Golden may be the sunshine of your life, they still need protection from the actual sun. Light colored dogs are more prone to sun burn.

Just like humans, dogs can get skin cancer. Its important to apply a dog-safe sunscreen to the tips of the nose, around the eyes, ears and tummy. Ask your veterinarian for a good sunscreen recommendation.

Top Golden Retriever Claims

The ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program receives many claims from customers with Golden Retrievers, but these are the most common.* Its not surprising that there is a lot of overlap with the list of common health issues for this breed.

  • Ear Issues
  • Vomiting
  • Hypothyroidism
  • *Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit www.aspcapetinsurance.com/terms. Preventive and Wellness Care reimbursements are based on a schedule. Complete Coverage reimbursements are based on the invoice. Levels 1-4 reimbursements are based on usual and customary eligible costs. Products, schedules, and rates may vary and are subject to change. Discounts may vary and are subject to change. More information available at checkout.

    The ASPCA® is not an insurer and is not engaged in the business of insurance. Products are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company , produced and administered by C& F Insurance Agency, Inc. , a Crum & Forster company. Through a licensing agreement, the ASPCA receives a royalty fee that is in exchange for use of the ASPCAs marks and is not a charitable contribution. C& F and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United States Fire Insurance Company. Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group is a trademark of United States Fire Insurance Company. The Crum & Forster group of companies is rated A by AM Best Company 2020.

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    English Or British Golden Retrievers

    The English golden retrievers can live up to 12 years on the average. These English golden retrievers are usually found in Australia and in Europe and are characterized by a balanced muzzle and a more muscle built compared to American golden retrievers . They also tend to be heavier and their coats are usually thicker, so they can be harder to manage, but they are less susceptible to the cold weather.

    Tip #: Keep Your Golden Retrievers Weight Under Control

    How Long do Golden Retriever Live? (2020) Average Life ...

    Golden retrievers love to eat, so they do have a tendency to become overweight if theyre overfed.

    Since theyre already susceptible to joint and heart issues, you definitely dont want them to gain too much weight.

    To keep their weight under control make sure that they get enough exercise and are fed the proper amount.

    For males, golden retrievers should weigh between 65-75 pounds, and for females, they should weigh between 55-65 pounds.

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    Golden Retriever Life Cycle

    Golden Retrievers go through the same 4 life cycle stages as all other dogs. Which are:

    Puppy Stage

    The puppy stage starts with birth and lasts until your dog is six-to-18 months old.

  • Birth 3 Weeks
  • Dogs are born deaf, blind, and unable to regulate their body temperature on their own.
  • At 2-3 Weeks
  • They start to see, hear, and get strong enough to stand and move around a little.
  • They start to learn about their surroundings. Best time to introduce them to humans and other pets.
  • First 8 weeks
  • In the first 8 weeks, the puppy should spend with their mother and sibling and should not be separated from his canine family before this age.
  • Training and socialization should start at this age.
  • Adolescent Stage

    This stage will start somewhere between the age of 6 to 18 months and will continue until theyre 24 to 36 months for golden retrievers .

    Basically, your golden is a teenager during this stage. their hormones will kick in, and they will need to be spayed or neutered. They will be moody, horny, and hyperactive just like human teenagers.

    Training and socialization must go on during this period to help them grow into stable and well-trained pups.


    The adult stage can start somewhere between the age of 18 months to 3 years. Their earlier training starts to pay off here and they become easier to manage.

    This is also when golden retrievers starts to calm down and chill a bit, staying excited and loving but less hyper-active than they used to be when they were younger.

    What Affects The Life Span Of A Golden Retriever

    The golden retriever lifespan can vary based on a number of factors. Two of the biggest factors come down to the genetics of the canine and your care. Some dogs have genetic markers which put them at risk of diseases and serious health issues. Some are carefully bred to be free of most genetic defects. To ensure the longest possible life span for your pet, always work with a reputable breeder who can vouch for the dogs health.

    One factor you can control is how well you care for your golden. You can ensure a high quality of life for your dog and make sure you spend as much time together as possible by:

    • Reducing your dogs stress
    • Taking your dog to obedience school and training
    • Getting regular vet visits in and following vet advice carefully
    • Maintaining your dogs ideal weight
    • Feeding your dog healthy, high quality food
    • Ensuring your golden stays properly groomed
    • Dog-proofing your house and yard to reduce the risk of injury
    • Supervising your dog closely to minimize injury risk
    • Neutering or spaying your dog
    • Exercising your dog
    • Establishing a good, loving relationship with your dog

    In addition to these tips, remember to never shave your goldens fur. Golden retrievers have thick fur which acts to protect them. When you shave it, you expose your friend to the dangers of UV exposure and skin cancer.

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    Golden Retriever Life Expectancy: How To Increase It

    There is one thing that all Golden Retriever owners fear the most, cancer. Goldens are incredibly susceptible to cancer, as a matter of fact, it is the number one cause of death for this breed.

    A study by the Morris Animal Foundation has discovered that a whopping 60% of Golden Retrievers will be affected by some type of cancer during their lifetime. Cancer deaths in Golden Retrievers are higher than any other dog breed in the world.

    The most common types of cancers that impact Golden Retrievers are:

    • Bone cancer
    • Lymphoma
    • Skin cancer

    These are devastating data, and it makes you wonder why Goldens are so susceptible to cancer? The main reason is genetics. Years of irresponsible breeding have left the breed genetically weak and predisposed to this deadly disease. However, genetics is not the only culprit, environmental pollution and quality of food also play a big role in this.

    Cancer Prevention

    Since cancer is a top cause of death in Golden Retrievers, it is only natural to try to prevent it. The prevention of cancer starts with buying a puppy. Buy a Golden Retriever puppy only from a reputable breeder and ask for the health checks of its parents. By doing this, you will not only get a healthy puppy, but you will also promote good and responsible breeding practices and improve the overall health of the breed.

    Spay or neuter
    Balanced, High-Quality Diet

    Other Options For Increasing The Lifespan Of My Golden Retriever

    Avoid Stressful Situations

    Is 13 Old For A Golden Retriever What Is The Average Golden Retriever Lifespan

    Daily Life With a Golden Retriever | Compilation 2

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    Our golden retrievers are such beloved members of the family, we wish that they could live forever.

    They came to the conclusion that large dogs age at an accelerated pace.

    Unfortunately, goldens also often have health issues that shorten their lives.

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    What Should I Feed My Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers should be fed a high-quality dog food thats appropriate for their age. Your veterinarian can offer recommendations and advise you on a healthy feeding schedule. Be careful not to overfeed your Golden Retriever. Use a measuring cup to make sure youre providing the right amount of kibble, and dont go overboard on treats, which can be high in calories.

    Its important to help your Golden Retriever maintain a healthy weight to avoid problems like joint pain, heart disease, and liver and kidney issues. Like other large breeds, theyre also prone to conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis, which can become more painful if theyre carrying extra pounds.

    Factors Affective Golden Retriever Life Expectancy

    There are several reasons why your Golden retriever wont live long, those reasons range from the environment, nutrition to health problems. Golden retrievers are prone to several health problems that contribute to the cause of their death.

    The major factors affecting the golden retriever lifespan can be classified into four factors,

    • Environmental
    • Neutering

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    How Old Is An Old Golden Retriever Supposed To Be

    A Golden Retriever is considered officially old at about 8 to 9 years old, which is the equivalent to 61 to 68 years in humans. Signs your dog is aging include: Increased fatigue

    Abby is a beautiful year old AKC registered golden retriever that just retired from my breeding program. She is looking for a new pet for Located in Georgia Female Good with dogs.

    Golden retrievers are friendly, trusting, and kind dogs that make wonderful family pets and companions. If you are looking to welcome one of these loving dogs into your family, youre probably wondering whether you should get a male or a female golden.

    How To Properly Weigh And Measure A Golden Retriever

    How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live? (5 Tips for a Longer ...

    Weighing your Golden Retriever enables you to know how much food they should be eating daily and identify any signs of health conditions early. It is recommended that you weigh your puppy every six months to be able to monitor their weight to ensure it is ideal for their age.

    To weigh your puppy at home, use your bathroom scale.

    Step 1 step on the scale and write down your weight.

    Step 2 step on the scale while holding your puppy and record the number.

    Step 3 subtract your weight from the weight of you holding your puppy. This is your puppys weight.

    To measure the height, let your puppy stand next to a wall and find the withers, which is the highest point of your puppys shoulder blades. Use a measuring tape to measure from the ground to the withers. This is your puppys height.

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    More Tips To Increase Your Goldens Lifespan

    While a variety of factors can influence the overall health of your dog, including their genes, sex, and environment, we know that there are few things we can do to increase the lifespan of our family pet.

    Regular grooming will help limit skin conditions while cleaning their teeth helps prevent gum disease. Maintaining a healthy weight through the right food and regular exercise will ensure your dog doesnt get obese.

    Taking your Golden Retriever to obedience school and training and dog-proofing your house, as well as supervision and attention, will reduce stress levels, minimize , and also reduce your dogs risk of injury.

    What Is A Golden Retrievers Neck Size

    Are you wondering what neck size your Golden Retriever is? Or maybe you want to buy a new collar for your puppy and are not sure what their neck size is?

    Measuring your puppys neck is important to ensure that you find them a comfortable and secure collar that is not tight or loose for their neck. To measure your Golden Retrievers neck, use a flexible and soft measuring tape.

    Circle the measuring tape around the thickest part of your puppys neck and slide two fingers between the tape and your puppys neck. The measurement will be your puppys neck size.

    On average, the neck size of a Golden Retriever is between 16 and 24 inches.

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    How Long Will My Lab Live

    Ive been around Labs all my life and both purebred and mixed breed.

    Maffy He came from the shelter and was listed as a Lab mix. They said he was about 2 years old and we had him for 17 years making him about 19 years old when he passed.

    Linus We got Linus from the shelter at about 2 months old. He was also a Lab mix and lived until he was about 13 1/2 years old.

    Stetson He was a career change guide dog and just recently passed at 12 1/2 years old.

    Weve been raising Guide Dog puppies for over 13 years now and the majority of our Labs have passed in the 10-14 year range. Unfortunately, weve seen more pass at a younger age vs older.

    Jeanie was only 6 when she passed and Trooper had cancer and passed before his first birthday 🙁

    Will A Golden Retriever Chew Up My Shoes

    Living With Goldendoodles

    Like many dogs, Golden Retrievers like to chew. They also like to hold things in their mouthsremember they were bred to retrieve waterfowl. Chewing is a healthy activity for dogs since it helps clean the teeth and strengthen the jawbone. The trick is to make sure you offer plenty of safe chew toys, so they wont be as tempted to nosh on your shoes. Its also useful to keep your favorite pair secure in your closet.

    Keep in mind that a dogs natural urge to chew can lead to swallowed objects, like rocks, pieces of clothing, or bits of toys. This can cause choking or obstructions that require surgery.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Own A Golden Retriever

    With the upfront cost of a Golden Retriever being around $500-$2,000 from a breeder, you can expect to pay that price for the original purchase of your new dog.

    However, this price may vary depending on where you get your dog fromwhich can vary if from a pet store or home breeder without AKC documentation.

    Ingredients Label On Dog Food

    This will tell you what product has been used inside of the dog food but does not guarantee to tell you where it came from. Quality is another topic that may not be discussed on the label of any dog food product.

    This is not something that is a huge factor to the majority the main focus is to know what product as used in the product. A great product will ensure a good balance of nutritional value in every bite.

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    How Can You Help Your Dog Live Longer

    We all want to know how to help our pets stay with us longer. While genetic diseases certainly play a factor, and Goldens are prone to health problems, its difficult to fight against natures genetic make up.

    All we can do is take action to bring their health and vitality to the highest level to fight against any DNA weaknesses.

    Lets focus on a few actions you can take to better your odds that your Golden will be with you into their teen years.

    How Can I Make My Golden Retriever Live Longer

    How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live â Your Golden Retriever ...

    Though its heartbreaking to know that this breed is particularly susceptible to cancer and other diseases, illness is not a certainty. As long as the owners are dedicated to providing them with the best care and love they can, theres no reason why most golden retrievers cant live for many years.

    Consider the following factors carefully to give your golden retriever your best chance of a long and fulfilling life

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    Things You Can To Help Your Golden Retriever Live Longer

    No one likes to part ways with their beloved pet. Genetic diseases play a major factor in a Golden Retrievers lifespan and these dogs are prone to health issues. Fighting against the genetic make-up of nature is difficult. All you can do is try to keep your Golden Retriever healthy to the highest level so that they can fight against DNA weaknesses and live as long as possible.

    Here are a few things that you can do to increase your Golden Retrievers lifespan and make them stick around a little longer.

    Golden Retriever Lifespan For Different Sub

    If youve ever noticed that some golden retrievers seem darker or lighter gold than others, its because there are 3 different types of golden retriever, falling under the 3 sub-breeds of English or British. American and Canadian. Their life expectancy actually differs between each sub-breed .

    Up to 10 years old
    Canadian Up to 11 years old

    Subtle differences in the lifespan of each sub-breed are thought to be down to their varied lifestyles and genetics. Each sub-breed has a slightly different build from one another which will affect things like dietary needs, exercise and grooming needs.

    English/British golden retrievers, for example, tend to be heavier and with thicker coats that can make them harder to manage, whereas Canadian and American retrievers tend to have shorter, thinner coats and can be taller.

    Whichever sub-breed you have , the lifespan of your golden retriever will rely on your proper care of them as much as their genetics. Next, well look into the common health problems of golden retrievers and what owners can do to keep them at bay.

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