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English Cream Golden Retriever Illinois

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Two Daughters Wanting Careers With Dogs

English type Golden Retriever puppies – Basil and Sherry’s puppies – Illinois

My oldest daughter Jenna wanted to be a vet for most of her young life. My younger daughter, Elise, was also wanting a career with dogs. At 12, Elise was unsure what career with dogs she wanted, but both girls had a big passion for animals. Together, they talked Darrell and I into a small breeding/show program that we thought would last only a few years. We began breeding initially purely for the love of our daughters.

Personality: Are English Cream Golden Retrievers More Mellow

Yes. Typically, English Cream Retrievers are calmer than their American counterparts, but that doesnt mean they have lower activity levels, especially as a young pup. But overall, theyre easier to train.

In general, Golden Retrievers are known for having that puppy-like trait throughout their life, but English Cream Goldens are said to mature faster, especially when a lot of time and attention is placed into training and socialization.

That doesnt mean they need less attention and love. No matter what type of Goldie it is, theyll always look for affection, like when it comes to scary things, like escalators:

All Golden Retrievers are kind, loving, and great with children. Theyre extremely affectionate and gentle. For these reasons, theyre known to be great therapy and service dogs.

These social pupper-flies are great with other dogs and cats even if introduced later in life. They are a very patient breed and tend to get along with all people and pets.

Unfortunately, their social nature makes them susceptible to social anxiety. Theyd rather always have someone with which to engage.

Like what we mentioned earlier, English Cream Golden Retrievers are highly trainable. Theyre intelligent, loyal, and are eager to please their owners.

Youll be able to quickly teach your pup commands like Sit, Stay, and Come. With positive reinforcement and a few treats, almost nothing is impossible with this breed.

Typical Temperament Of The Breed

The Golden Retriever is one of the most friendly and even-tempered dogs youll ever find. In addition to being loving and loyal companions, they are also highly intelligent and easy to train.

Their playful attitudes and affectionate personalities make them wonderful dogs for children. Golden Retrievers are always excellent choices for service dogs as well.

In short, the Golden Retriever is the epitome of the saying, A dog is mans best friend.

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Takoda Dogs Breeder Of Golden Retrievers And Bichon Frise We Are Kennel Free And Our Dogs Are Part Of Our Family

Dear friends,new contact informationSincerely,Jeanette’s children: Nevin, Eric and ErinFala had a litter of three Bichon puppies Christmas Day. All puppies are lovingly in their new homes. We will be having a litter of Golden Retrievers at the end of 2021. Please email for more information:All our dogs live as family petsNevin Neagu, his son and his late-mother Jeanette Neagu, founded Takoda Dogs with their Champion English type Golden Retrievers and Bichon Frises at home. Nevin gladly continues the family tradition.Jeanette, Nevin and their family have been breeding beautiful champion and companion dogs for thirtyeight years. Located in Michigan City, Indiana. Takoda Dogs breeds exceptional Bichon Frise and English Cream Golden Retriever puppies.

Summary Of The English Cream Golden Retriever

English cream Golden Retriever puppies. 9 weeks old in ...

As stated many times, there is no such thing as an English Cream Golden Retriever. There is a lighter-colored coat found on many Golden Retrievers, and while this means theyll never make a top show dog, it doesnt prevent them from being possibly the most fantastic family dog youll ever own.

If youre attracted specifically to the lighter-colored coat, then shop around with care, and ensure that the breeder you use is responsible, honest, and not trying to sell you something that does not exist.

With minimal training and lots of play and exercise, you will have a deliriously happy dog who will do all he can to keep his family happy. Keep treats to a minimum and pay attention to the quantity of food you provide he will never let you know that he is full. Be prepared for shedding and a dog who wants to be with you at all times. And expect to have a dog who will love you with every fiber of his being!

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English Cream Golden Retrievers Have Blocky Heads

Yes, most English Creams do have blocky heads.

They also typically have wavy coats, wider muzzles, and stockier bodies.

Other golden retrievers can have these physical characteristics, too, but they may also have slimmer, more athletic bodies, a range of coat lengths and color, and narrow or wide muzzles.

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Popular In Illinois

Golden Retrievers are so popular in Illinois because Golden Retrievers are gentle, they love children, and are very intelligent and stable. Also after doing my research I came to know that they are highly trainable and eager to please which makes them extremely popular as service dogs in Illinois.

Golden Retrievers are also natural athletes and do well in dog sports such as agility and competitive obedience. When they are young, they are considered to be the cutest puppies and when they are old, they are considered as the most comforting companions. Like most other dogs, they are, the gods of frolic.

Its a treat to the eyes to watch them play. Another reason for their popularity everywhere as well as in Illinois is when their fur is properly maintained they are one of the most gorgeous breeds of dogs. These are the reasons why Retrievers are so popular everywhere as well as in Illinois.

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Top Picks For Our Puppies

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  • BEST DOG CHEWWe Like:Best Bully Sticks All of our puppies love to bite, nip, and chew. We love using Bully Sticks to help divert these unwanted behaviors.
  • BEST DOG TREATSWe Like:Wellness Soft Puppy Bites One of our favorite treats for training our service dog puppies.
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  • Check out more of our favorites on our New Puppy Checklist.

    Which Type Of Golden Retriever Is Better

    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

    Choosing between the English, American or Canadian Golden Retriever comes down to your preferences. While there are only slight differences between them, which are mostly aesthetics, you really cant go wrong with either one.

    Some people simply prefer the cream coloured ones, and others prefer the darker ones.

    Each type is affected by the same health issues, but we have learned that English Retrievers have a lower cancer rate than American Golden Retrievers. That being said, there is absolutely no guarantee that the Golden Retriever that you choose will or will not be affected by cancer.

    There are many American Golden Retrievers that end up living healthy lives and outlive the statistics of 10 years.

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    Do English Golden Retrievers Cost More

    Golden Retrievers in general are a very expensive breed. It is rare to be able to purchase a Golden Retriever for under $1500 from a reputable breeder.

    They can range in price depending on the breeder, their location, and if the dog comes from champion bloodlines. You could pay $1500 to $2500 or even more.

    Another determining factor of cost is if the Golden Retriever has papers . Often, home breeders will charge less because their dogs are not registered with their Kennel Club.

    Unfortunately, there are some breeders that will charge more for a Golden because of their coat colour. Cream coloured and dark red Golden Retrievers are sometimes priced higher because breeders will advertise them as rare.

    Price should not be based on coat colour, if a breeder advertises their puppies as rare, cream coloured, or white, you should see this as a red flag! A reputable breeder will advertise the health and temperament of their puppies, not the colour of their coat!

    Adopting a Golden Retriever is a great choice as well. Adoption fees are much less than breeder costs and your Golden will have all of the required veterinary care tests done before bringing him/her home, including vaccinations, microchipping and spay/neuter.

    English Cream Golden Retriever Full Grown

    The English Cream Golden Retriever is a medium to the large-sized dog when fully grown. A male dog ranges between 22 and 24 in height.

    A female ranges between 20 and 22 in height. This breed has a blockier and broader head than the American Golden Retriever.

    English Cream Golden Retrievers can weigh between 55 and 75 pounds.

    The main defining characteristic of this breed is its light-colored coat. It also has a thick, feathery tail and slightly arched broadhead without prominent occipital or frontal bones.

    English Cream Golden Retrievers have a powerful, symmetrical, strong, and balanced build as well as a gentle, soft mouth that can carry eggs and game without damaging the item.

    They are also alert and confident. This breed has soft expressions and kind eyes.

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    Titled English Golden Retrievers With Stellar Health Clearances

    The first distinction that most notice about Summer Brook is our stellar health clearances. Before a young English Golden Retriever is added to our very selective breeding program, he or she must meet several criteria. It is very important to us that we maintain our reputation for being quality English Cream Golden Retriever breeders. Therefore, we dont hesitate to retire dogs that dont meet these criteria as hard as that process might be.

    Top 5 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Illinois State

    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale ...

    If you are Looking for a reputable best Golden Retriever Breeder in Illinois state, then youre in the right spot!

    I have researched a lot and therefore made this list of thetop 5 reputable Golden Retriever Breeders in Illinois area for you. I have tried my best to rule out all the puppy mills and backyard breeders.

    I cordially believe this list will be helpful for you if you are thinking of adding a furry little friend to your family which will bring extra happiness.

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    The Early Days Of Summer Brook Acres

    Before getting our first dogs, we spent hundreds of hours researching. We started off deciding on the breed. From there, we moved to researching breeders and individual dogs and pedigrees.

    It took us YEARS to refine our program to what it is today. We retired more than half of what we originally imported without ever breeding them. Ive been to Europe solely for the purpose of visiting extensively with breeders 3 times. Breeders send their best dogs to those they have a relationship with. The best breeders wont send them to the U.S. at all unless they know you. Most of these best breeders are leery of sending dogs to the U.S. because of the American reputation for puppy mills.

    For those of you considering a new breeder or breeders with adults without verified clearances, proceed with care. There are a lot of European breeders that are exporting entire litters of what Americans are calling English Cream Golden Retrievers. In Europe, many of the parents of these puppies are considered by Europeans less than mediocre and just plain old Golden Retrievers. Many Americans are buying dogs from eastern Europe and Russia with FCI clearances that are not official. These clearances can be obtained from vets on dogs less than a year old. This type clearance is useless. See our page on How to Find a Good Breeder for more information.

    All Golden Retrievers Originated In Scotland

    Regardless of whether a Golden Retriever is termed as English, American or Canadian, they are all descendants of the same bloodline which originated in Scotland.

    Golden Retrievers were first developed in Scotland during the mid 19th century when Lord Tweedmouth bred a Tweed Water Spaniel named Belle with a yellow retriever named Nous.

    The Golden Retriever was originally bred to retrieve shot waterfowl during hunting and shooting parties. Lord Tweedmouths goal was to develop a dog that could retrieve game from both land and water unharmed, and be powerful and active, yet gentle and trainable.

    Golden Retrievers are still used for hunting today but are very popular as loving family dogs due to their friendly, gentle and easy to train nature. They are highly intelligent and are often used as working dogs, such as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and search and rescue dogs.

    Think you know everything about this breed? Test your knowledge with these cool facts!

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    Answer: Yes English Cream Golden Are Golden Retrievers With A Cream Or White Coat

    Though the English Creams is a golden Retriever it has a different coat. The coat appears cream or white thats why most people call them the white goldens.

    It is also known as the rare white European retriever or a white golden retriever and some breeders call them exquisite platinum imported goldens.

    Even with all these fancy names, an English Cream Golden retriever is the same breed as a Golden retriever with a different shade of either white or cream. Most breeders use these fancy names to mislead buyers so that they can charge more for European Goldens compared to what they charge for American golden retrievers.

    Question 2: What is the life expectancy of an English cream golden retriever?

    Over 1/2 Of Our Puppies Have Flown To New Homes With Their New Families In Airplane Cabins

    English Cream Golden Retriever 10 week old male puppy

    Weve had two or three dozen fly to us for puppies from California alone. Several have come to us from other west coast states including Oregon and Washington. Dozens have come to Summer Brook from Texas as well. Some Flying. Others driving. In the Northeast, youll also find about a dozen Summer Brook puppies in New York. There are quite a few in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. We have several puppies in Illinois and Wisconsin, a few in Ohio and Indiana, and some in Missouri and Minnesota.

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    Why Are Pure Golden Retriever Puppies Expensive In Illinois

    In most places, the cost of Golden Retrievers is high just like in Illinois. If you want to buy a purebred Golden with an impressive pedigree from a reputable breeder in Illinois it will cost you more.

    If you decide to choose the lowest-cost option, those golden retrievers almost never have the necessary 3rd-party assurances and veterinarian procedures like deworming, vaccinations, or even a thorough health checkup.

    So, if you are looking for a purebred puppy it definitely will cost you more. Moreover, In Illinois, there are not that many reputable breeders which also is a reason for the high price range.

    As of the reputable Golden Retriever Breeders In Illinois Area, they are AKC breeders of merit. This is another reason behind Goldens being so expensive in Illinois.

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    European Golden Retrievers Are Less Likely To Die From Cancer Than American Golden Retrievers

    According to this study in Cambridge, 40% of golden retrievers from Europe will die from cancer, while, according to the Morris Animal Foundation, 60% of golden retrievers in America will get cancer.

    Heres a quote in Vet Street about why this is the case:

    When studied in a laboratory, the genes of American and U.K. Goldens are significantly different, suggesting that the risk of hemangiosarcoma is related to a relatively recent genetic alteration.

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    Our Number One Priority Is Seeing A Happy Family Leave Us With A Happy Puppy

    We dont just offer English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale! Summer Brook could sell puppies all day, but that is not our goal. We get tremendous satisfaction from matching puppies to families. We will only send our puppies home with families who have time to raise a puppy. Our puppies go to families who want more than just a dog. They want a companion. We are looking for just the right families for our puppies. At the same time, we are busy raising puppies to be suitable companions for families. It is the ultimate reward when we see happy families meet happy puppies!

    Is English Cream Golden Retriever Easy To Train

    Akc Max: English Golden Retriever puppy for sale near ...

    Dogs have to know the basic commands of no, come, stay and sit. Puppies need to be housebroken as well.

    Remember that no dog is perfect. You can enroll your dog in community dog obedience classes or get a professional trainer to train your pet.

    Another option is to train the dog yourself.

    This will also help you learn more about your dog. Training helps your new dog bond with you and ensures their safety as well.

    Train your pet with care. Cruelty and harshness make pets fearful. It is also inhumane. If you train your dog lovingly, you will develop a closer bond with it.

    • Consider your Finances

    Keep in mind that dogs require food and vaccinations. They can also develop medical conditions due to accidents or genetics.

    Medication costs can pile up and cause a strain to your finances.

    You may get pet insurance to cover their medical bills, but getting one costs money as well. So, consider your finances before getting a pet.

    • Dont Give Pets as a Gift

    Pets are sometimes given as gifts, but you should think twice before giving one. This is because your lifestyle may be different from the person you are thinking of gifting a pet.

    That person may be too busy to take care of a dog or dont want a pet. Please dont give a pet to a child and expect him to take care of the pet.

    You will be the one to take care of it in the end.

    However, if you are okay with it, you should consider adopting an English Cream Golden Retriever as a family pet.

    Do you have children or other pets at home?

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