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Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix For Sale

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How Energetic Are You

Adorable Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies (Week 3)

These dogs need lots of exercise. As well as at least an hour a day, they thrive when taken on regular weekend adventures like hiking, camping, or swimming. In addition, their daily exercise needs to be more than just a casual walk.

Australian shepherd golden retriever mixes have lots of energy that they will need to burn off daily to stay happy and healthy. Will this suit your lifestyle? Are you going to be able to keep up with this dog? If not, this particular breed might not be the right choice for you.

Final Thoughts On The Australian Retriever

The Australian Retriever makes for a great family dog. They are a fun-loving and loyal breed, with an energy that will keep you entertained and busy for years to come. They make ideal working dogs and are perfect for active owners who love to walk or run.

The high-energy levels of an Australian Retriever will keep you busy and will require a large amount of activity and exercise. This breed of dog is not recommended for owners who are away frequently or who have small backyards. They are great with kids, but their boisterous nature can often hurt small children, albeit innocently. They are protective of their owners, almost to a fault.

Australian Retrievers love to play, and games involving balls, sticks, and frisbees will keep them entertained for hours on end. If you have the time and are an active person with a large yard, the Australian Retriever is loyal, protective, and fun choice of dog.

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Golden Retrievers Also Has A Very Playful Nature So Youll Need To Have A Very Patient And Understanding Owner

These dogs will quickly learn to like your company and become great companions. They also like to be in good physical shape, so expect to take your dog for regular checkups, vaccinations, and perhaps some occasional exercise. As long as you keep up with your veterinary bills, he should remain a healthy, happy animal.

The cost of purchasing the two dogs depends on how you plan to maintain them. A German Shepherd mix is likely to cost more than a Golden Retriever with a single-parent breed. This is because the dogs temperament is different and will need more work when it comes to training. On the other hand, the American Shepherd is a more calm dog and the training cost for them should be less.

There are also differences between the American and the German Shepherd mixes. American dogs can and do tolerate children. They tend to be protective of children but can be a bit jealous due to this trait. They also are very alert and work well with their humans but dont do well in households with older children. The German Shepherd puppies that come from German Shepherd breeding programs and are also purebred rarely have problems with jealousy and are very loving and devoted to their owners.

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Children And Other Pets

The Australian Retriever is a great fit with kids. You’ll find both children and canine bonding strongly–although due to the breed’s possessive tendencies you’ll need to make sure that both parties are socialized correctly during the early days.

In general, Australian Retrievers are also fine around other household pets, although they can show herding instincts. So be sure the boundaries between the dog and existing household pets are laid down properly.

Ultimately, early socialization really pays off with this mixed breed. Make sure to reward your Australian Retriever for good behavior and adhere to a proper training regimen when you bring them home to your family.

Vetpro Complete Glucosamine Vitamins

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix â Cute of Animals

Both German shepherds and golden retrievers are prone to suffering from hip and joint issues including hip and elbow dysplasia. The above vitamins can help strengthen your dogs joints and prevent future joint problems as they age including arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, and overall joint pain.

The formula is made by veterinarians and is rich in turmeric, Omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin C to help promote healthy and strong bones for large breed dogs like the German shepherd golden retriever mix.

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Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

An Australian Shepherd Mix can have multiple purebred or mixed breed lineages. Most Australian Shepherd Mixes are however medium sized Aussie dominant, energetic, family-friendly companions. Although there is an ongoing debate of where exactly the Australian Shepherd breed began, one thing that can be agreed upon are the breeds excellent work ethic and intelligence. Although there are upwards of 20 different Australian Shepherd Mixes today, you can learn more about your Australian Shepherds Mixs exact lineage with a DNA ancestry test.

  • Country of Origin:America
  • Color:The Australian Shepherd breed colors are liver/red, liver/red merle, blue merle and black.

Breed Rating

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Health Problems

Australian retrievers are generally considered to be healthy dogs. However, this mix is prone to certain health problems that are often seen in Australian shepherds and golden retrievers.

The most common health problems seen in this mix are:

The best way to avoid these issues from arising is to get your Australian shepherd golden retriever mix from a reputable dog breeder. You should also meet both parents and ask the breeder to show you their hip, elbow, and eye scores, as well as any other tests that he has had done.

Compared to other dogs of their size, Aussie retrievers have a fairly long life span and on average live from 12 to 15 years. Be prepared for a long-term commitment and at least a few vet bills down the road before you ultimately decide to bring this mix into your home.

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Husky Golden Retriever Mix Temperament

Goberian dogs, according to common opinion, are remarkably loving and compassionate with their masters. While the hybrid type can be obstinate and aggressive at times, they are worth the effort and live together well with the household and children. The Goberian species possesses all of the characteristics of an excellent watchdog. If you desire quick and straightforward instruction periods, the animals are eager to please and highly obedient.

Golden retriever puppies prefer to connect more with a single member of the family. However, they can be friendly and caring to other individuals as well. On average, assessing the traits or temperament of the family pet, you will take up is challenging. Therefore dog homeowners are encouraged to know more about the pets parents to anticipate his disposition. If adequately trained, the black german shepherd golden retriever mix will offer you no difficulty at the house and follow your norms and guidelines.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Puppies Playing – Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd Mix (Week 6)

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever. Both of these dogs can be friendly but personalities differ, so you never know. The Aussie is known for being friendly, affectionate, and intelligent. All dogs need proper socialization and that will be a big factor in how they interact with others. What does this mixed breed look and act like? Is it more like the Australian Shepherd or the Golden Retriever? Those are the questions we will try and answer below. Continue reading below to see pictures, videos, and learn more about the beautiful Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix.While we really recommend that you acquire all animals through a rescue, we understand that some people might go through a breeder to get their Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix puppy. That is, if they have any Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix puppies for sale. If you are interested in helping animal rescues raise money, please play our quiz. Each correct answer donates to help feed shelter animals.

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Golden Retriever And Australian Shepherd Mix Grooming & Care

Golden retriever Aussie mixes have a medium-long, water-repellant double coat and are considered to be moderate-to-heavy shedders. To stay on top of all of that loose hair, you should brush your mix two to three times a week. The coat will shed to some extent all year round, and your mix will go through a heavy shed every spring, at which time you might need to brush your dog every day, using a dog brush that fits its coat best.

Regular bathing can help you remove loose hair during the shedding season, but dont overdo it! Bathing once every other month will suffice unless your mix likes to roll in the mud and has to be bathed more often.

Aside from this, the rest of your golden retriever Aussie mixs grooming is fairly basic and involves regular teeth brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. You should check your dogs ears once a week and clean them as needed, using a proper dog ear cleaner, to prevent waxy build-up and painful ear infections.

Australian Shepherd And Golden Retriever Mix Appearance

Its very hard to predict the exact appearance of any mixed-breed dog, and your Golden Aussie mix can take after either one of its parents or be a perfect mix of both. In general, you can expect your Golden Aussie to have an athletic build, a straight back, and a broad head. In terms of features, expect to see floppy ears, a longer snout, and round eyes that can be brown, blue, or hazel.

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How Old Are Your Children

If you have young children at home, you might want to wait until they are a bit older to bring home one of these dogs. Not only do Australian shepherd golden retriever mixes have a tendency to herd younger children, but their size and energy can also be overwhelming for smaller kids. They will want to play quite energetically and confidently with your kids, who might be too small to control the situation.

Also, these dogs are quite a lot of work, and you might not want to be running around after one of them while also running around after a toddler. Older kids, however, will find it rewarding to help you care for this personable pup.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Exercise Requirements

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies For Sale Uk

Many dog owners are disappointed with having dogs contribute to mischief around the house. Little do they know that this mischievousness is just a result of high energy levels. Such is the case with the Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd race.

The dog is quite energetic. In line with that, if they do not get sufficient amount of exercise, it will try to release their energy through other means.

This is why some owners find their Mix of Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd chewing and biting their shirt, slippers, or socks. Here are some friendly exercise suggestions for your dog:

  • Walk in the park
  • A friendly game of Frisbee or catch the ball.

Aside from that, we also recommend joining networks of other dog owners of Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd breeds. You can schedule a session where the dogs can socialize with each other.

Despite being a crossbreed, this dog also needs to socialize with its kind because it has a natural desire to be part of a herd. This is due to the dogs DNA from the Australian Shepherd parent. Socializing with other dogs of its kind will teach your puppy how to play nice with other animals.

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Reasons To Get A Golden Retriever Crossed With Australian Shepherd

If you think youre ready to get a Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd breed, here are three more reasons to intensify your desire for one.

  • They Are Easy To Train
  • The Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd are both intelligent breed. So, its no wonder the dog wounds up to be an intelligent race as well.

    Owing to the dogs intelligent nature, it can quickly learn and understand hand signs that are essential to dog training. They have more focus compared to other dogs, and thus you will find dog training more of an enjoyment than a chore.

  • They Make An Excellent Watchdog
  • The Golden Retriever mix with Australian Shepherd is a naturally loyal creature. This comes with a tendency to become protective over his family.

    If placed in the wrong hands, this dog can be a culprit to undesirable incidents. On the positive side, with intense training, this breed could be the perfect watchdog around the house.

    The Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix is usually warm with visitors, but they have a keen nose for fishy or suspicious people too. It is known to be the kind of dog who barks a lot. So, when you hear it woofing outside your house, the dog is probably signaling you that a burglar or other unknown danger might be nearby.

  • They Are Great With Kids
  • The Australian Shepherd with Golden Retriever Mix has high levels of energy. With that, you can expect to have loads of fun with your pet playing catch the ball or Frisbee.

    Australian Shepherd Mix Grooming And Training

    Both of the parent breeds have a double coat, which means the Australian Shepherd mix grooming won´t be easy. These dogs shed like crazy!

    The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix has a medium-length, water-repellent double coat. You will read on some pages that these dogs shed moderately to heavily, but let´s be real here, they always shed heavily. It´s simply how their coat is. The best way to keep your dog´s coat in a good condition is to brush it two to three times a week. That way you´ll keep all of the loose hair under control. You should also know that their coat sheds to some degree all year, but like all dogs with a double coat, this mix will go through a heavy shed in the spring. When that happens you may need to brush your dog every day.

    Don´t neglect brushing your dog´s coat every day during that period. You have to groom your dogs coat in order to keep his skin healthy and his body comfy, that´s the only way you´ll keep their coat in a decent shape. If you do not do that, then leaving dead hair to accumulate will result in matting.

    Shedding season

    Apart from that, frequent tooth brushing, nail cutting, and ear cleaning are also part of your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix grooming routine. To avoid waxy build-up and unpleasant ear infections, check your dogs ears once a week and clean them as needed.


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    Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppies For Sale

    Both the Beagle and the Australian Shepherd often shed a great deal, so youre likely going to wish to brush your dogs coat daily to avoid a huge mess in your house and to prevent tangles and matting. The German Shepherd is a great family dog too. If youre considering bringing a Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix to your home, here are some things to consider so youre prepared for every one of the kisses, tail wags and playing, along with a couple of health problems that you should be aware of about as the dog gets older.

    It is possible to expect your puppy to be clever and loyal, but youll need additionally to be quite careful about his socialization to avert a number of the prospective issues with inappropriate guarding that GSDs display. As the puppy gets older, the sum of exercise can be raised. So whether youre trying to find puppies in Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, or beyond, you can locate a breeder and puppy that are just suitable for you.

    A helpful guide on crate training a puppy is available here. Or perhaps a puppy is going to have a coat or dashing eyes that you prefer over the rest. After a couple of days, the 2 puppies got infected with Parvovirus. Therefore a three-month-old Golden Retriever puppy should go outside every 3 hours, a four-month-old should go every four hours, and so forth.

    The First German Shepherd Breed Club

    MEET MY DOG CHIP! : Australian Shepherd & Golden Retriever Mix

    A man named Max Emil Frederick von Stephanitz is largely credited for the success of the breed.

    He created a club to maintain and regulate breed standards, and also bought a stud that he viewed as the ideal German Shepherd, which he then proceeded to breed.

    With his efforts, German Shepherds became increasingly popular.

    During WWI, this popularity declined in America and the UK due to anti-German sentiments.

    However, German Shepherds regained popularity with the public in the 1960s and have been a favorite with the police and military for decades.

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    Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Crossbreed And Families

    Dogs can be a problem if you have a family and kids at home, but not with your Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd.

    This dog is a great companion to have around the house, not just for you, but for the children around the house.

    If you have trained your dog well, it will be easy to tell him off if he tries to play with you during your busy hours. With that, you can have your little dog pal guarding you in your home office without the risk of him being a disturbance.

    Aside from that, the Australian Shepherd with Golden Retriever Mix can also become a friendly little playmate for your kids. The puppy wouldnt be hurting any of your kids, primarily if the dog was already familiar with them from the time you took it in as a pet.

    Your kids will surely love the unlimited ball of energy. They can play ball, run around, and talk with the dog as if they were hanging out with some of their real friends.

    You can also rest assured that your family is safe while you are on road business trips because the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever tends to become overprotective of its herd. In this case, the herd equates to its human family.

    In line with that, whenever the dog senses danger, it would either bark loudly for other members of the family or physically protect the people at home from a threat.

    • They can guard the house.
    • They can be your familys playmate.
    • They will do what you tell them to do provided that you give it proper and sufficient training.

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