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Golden Retriever Show Dog Breeders

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My Golden Retriever Puppies Millersburg Oh

Golden Retriever Show Dog

Between the cities of Cleveland and Columbus, a group of experienced golden retriever breeders has come together to form My Golden Retriever Puppies. And, the resultant golden retriever pups exceed all expectations. All puppies come with a one-year, genetic health guarantee.

The fact that My Golden Retriever Puppies will deliver your new family member anywhere in the United States, except Hawaii, distinguishes this breeder from many of the boutique outfits that operate across the country.

Our Goldens/ Golden Retriever Standards

The raising, training, and showing of golden retrievers who are beautiful in mind and body is a passion for us. Health, temperament, structure, and breed type come together to make a lovely, friendly golden who embodies the timeless icon of a trustworthy family dog of exceptional quality.

Through high ideals coupled with painstaking planning and work, we produce golden retrievers who can achieve highly in the show ring and then curl up at the foot of a childs bed as a best friend with whom to share dreams, who can compete in the obedience ring in the morning and also be a be a bombproof hiking companion in the afternoon, and who are stylish athletes, kind therapy dogs, dedicated search and rescue partners, agility team members, and the very best pets.

In a given month, our AKC Grand Champion golden retriever who cleans up to attend Westminster might hike every day in the woods and beaches except on two actual show days, serve as a demo dog for CGC classes, play at Ferry Beach, work as a therapy dog, and then go Best Of Breed. Our dogs are pets first, and all are sleep-on-the-bed house dogs with no kennels at all here.

The breed standard functions as a detailed blue print of the ideal dog, and is located at the bottom of this page for those with interest in reading it.

Jill Simmons-

Disqualifications 1. Deviation in height of more than one inch from standard either way. 2. Undershot or overshot bite.

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Summing Up: The Top 5 Prize

We believe that getting your dog from a good breeder will help ensure that you have a happy, healthy, and even-tempered Golden Retriever.

We highly believe that you should get your dog from a breeder that puts quality above quantity to ensure that your dog is well taken care of, healthy, and bred to be even-tempered and resilient.

In this blog post, we went through some of the best prize-winning Golden Retriever breeders in the world.

Did we cover everything you needed to know? Let us know in the comments section.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments, and well get back to you as soon as we can.

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How Do You Know If A Breeder Is Reputable

For a new and inexperienced puppy buyer, it can be hard to distinguish a good breeder from an irresponsible one.

The easiest way is to find a good one is to go to your local golden retriever clubs website , give them a call, and ask for a referral to a breeder.

Theyll be able to refer you to a reputable breeder, but you should also do some investigating of your own.

For one, the mom and dad will have received OFA clearances for their hips, elbows, and heart, as well as clearances for their eyes, which is a yearly exam.

You can look up the dogs registered names at and see proof of their clearances for yourself.

Theyll also have pedigrees for a few generations prior to the two dogs theyre breeding now.

High Country Golden Retrievers

Midstate residents to have strong showing at Westminster ...

The High Country Golden Retrievers is a family-owned business located in Wellington, Colorado. The Tarbett family is behind the field-bred Goldies that came from championship bloodlines. Whether youre looking for a companion, a hunting retriever, or a service dog, this is the breeder to contact.

High Country Golden Retrievers aim to produce not just beautiful puppies but also dogs that will live long. This is why all the pups from them are health-tested to ensure that each one is in good shape.

So far, the Tarbett family has planned puppies, which can be reserved early. This will secure your slot since their puppies are popular in the area.

Each pup comes with a 26-month health guarantee and a microchip. They are also socialized and desensitized to various stimuli. Rest assured that the Goldies that come from this breeder will thrive as family members.

Puppy cost: $2,300 to $2,500Waiting time: around 3 months or moreBreeder contact info: +1 970-214-2778

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Best Golden Retriever Breeders In The Usa

Add a little love to your household by welcoming home a brand new golden retriever puppy! No one can resist the quintessential puppy dog eyes, unrelenting loyalty, and unconditional love of a golden retriever. And, for that reason, the popularity of the breed has exploded in recent decades.

Unfortunately, that means that you might find a bunch of new, unscrupulous golden retriever breeders offering puppies to the public. Consequently, many golden retriever puppies offered for adoption suffer from genetic defects or show signs of mixed breeding.

So, how does one know if a breeder is truly reputable or just another puppy mill? Thats a difficult question that can take hours of research to answer. Luckily, you can start by taking a look at our list of the 10 best golden retriever breeders in the USA and get yourself pointed in the right direction at the outset of your search. But first, lets go over the traits and qualities that each purebred golden retriever must possess.

Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Colorado

Tom Thorpe Blog

Finding a reputable dog breeder can be challenging. With dozens of puppy mills lurking everywhere, it can be difficult to find a legitimate breeder you can trust. But if youre in the Rocky Mountain region, you should consider the best Golden Retriever breeders in Colorado I listed here.

We researched and vetted these breeders to ensure that they produce healthy Golden Retriever puppies. All of the 8 breeders we listed here are GoodDog-certified and/or offers Goldies that meet AKC standards.

See which of these breeders can be found near you:

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Liberty Run Golden Retrievers Sykesville Md

With an emphasis on that easy-going, lovable, golden retriever temperament, Liberty Run Golden Retrievers produces calm, healthy puppies. While other breeders fixate on the appearance or hunting instinct of their golden retrievers, the breeders at Liberty Run simply want to create the best family pet possible.

However, it should be said that a number of the golden retriever puppies reared by this Maryland breeder have won their fair share of dog shows, too. They just prefer to focus on breeding the ideal golden retriever to sit on the porch with you all day long.

Reasons To Choose A Reputable Breeder

Golden Retriever | Breed Judging 2020

I touched on this in the intro, but here are five reasons to choose a reputable breeder:

  • Health is inherited. If you have two healthy parents , the puppies are likely to be healthy as well.
  • Temperament is inherited. Everything that was said about health also goes for temperament.
  • Inbreeding is a major problem with golden retrievers where dogs that are too closely related can produce unhealthy puppies. Responsible breeders will know and take steps to prevent this.
  • Socialization is important to raising healthy puppies and its the breeders job to socialize them at first.
  • If anything were to go wrong, you would want a breeder with integrity to help navigate the problems, whether that ends up in a refund, a replacement puppy, etc.
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    Questions To Ask About The Breeder Themselves

    Why did you choose to breed golden retrievers?

    You want a breeder that truly has a passion for the golden retriever breed.

    How long have you been breeding golden retrievers?

    At what age do you start to breed your dogs?

    Goldens must be two years old to receive final clearances on their hips and elbows, so if a breeder tells you they start to breed their dogs before two years old, watch out.

    Do you provide registration papers?

    They should provide AKC registration papers for you.

    Do you participate in any dog sport or activities?

    Most good breeders are involved in something other than just breeding.

    Their dogs participate in sports, shows, or are even therapy dogs.

    Is there a contract when I buy the puppy?

    There should be a contract that covers costs, refunds, responsibilities, etc.

    Do you require the puppies to get spayed/neutered?

    If they do, this will be in the contract.

    What happens in case something goes wrong?

    See if theres some sort of health guarantee as part of the contract.

    This is also a good time to feel them out and see if this has ever happened before.

    Do you have any references I can talk to?

    Good breeders will have previous happy customers.

    Are you a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America or any local golden retriever clubs?

    Goldridge Golden Retrievers Details

    • Email:

    There you have it, your go-to guide for great Golden Retriever breeders in Illinois. There are many reasons to consider getting a Golden Retriever puppy. Their beautiful personalities shine through and can melt even the hardest of hearts. Additionally, their physical advantages and easygoing temperaments make them suited for numerous jobs and activities. Of course, the best way to magnify these beautiful traits in this canine is by contacting the right breeders. Make sure youre well-informed before making a decision. Its not a crime to ask as many questions until youre satisfied. Good luck finding your next puppy!

    If youre debating between the Golden Retriever between other dog breeds, you might want to check out other breeders in Illinois:

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    Mattiaci Golden Retrievers Reflect The Best In The Breed

    Shown Below: Champion Mattiaci Aerials In The Sky, shown here winning his 2nd Specialty show major under Breeder-Judge Ainsle Millsfrom the Bred By Exhibitor class at the Northern Flyway Golden Retriever Club in WI!

    Shown Above: Happy 13th birthday to our Champion golden Laura! For her birthday, Dan & Linda Owen took her to the ranch so she could do our daily walk/run/swim with all of our other goldens.

    ©2015 Florence Josephs, Mattiaci Golden RetrieversImages appearing in these pages may not be used without written permission.

    Priority Health Schemes And Tests

    Dogs take the stage at the 138th Westminster Kennel Club ...

    The Kennel Club’s Assured Breeders must use the following schemes, tests and advice. All other breeders are strongly advised to also use these.

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    Shadalane Golden Retrievers Socal

    Looking for a Golden Retriever puppy in Southern California? Shadalane Goldens is a great place to consider. They work to ensure healthy puppies with great temperaments. All of the parents have the OFA certificates guaranteeing they have good hips and elbows.

    All puppies are dewormed and needed vaccines given before the time of going home. They make sure every potential owner fills out a questionnaire to make sure they are a good home for their dogs and puppies.

    They also offer trained young adult dogs if you dont want to deal with the puppy years. The price of the adult dogs vaies depending on the level of training the puppy receives. In addition to puppies, Shadalane offers boarding, training, and grooming. They really are a one-stop-shop for all of your Golden Retriever needs if you live near Vista, California.


    Sette’s Chihuahuas Of Long Island

    One of the most popular dog breeds, chihuahuas are also commonly found in shelters. Owners choose them because they’re trendy but find they can’tor don’t want totake care of them. Owner Grace Sette prides herself on well-socialized Chihuahuas with excellent dispositions she boasts several past champions and is a board member of the Chihuahua Club of Greater New York, as well as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

    Cost: starting at $1,200, show puppies from $1,500

    New Hyde Park, New York, 516-873-1881,

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    Field Golden Retriever Vs Show Golden Retriever

    Want to know the difference between field golden retrievers and show golden retrievers?

    Yes, theyre both golden retrievers that make great family pets, but there are some differences that you should consider if youre looking to get a golden retriever.

    In this post, Im going to break down seven differences between these two styles of golden retrievers.

    Lets dive in!

    We Have Loved Our Goldens For Over 25 Years

    ‘Daniel’ the golden retriever wins Sporting Group at 2020 Westminster Dog Show | FOX SPORTS

    They have the best temperament for families, kids, active people or senior companions. They are easy to train and want to please their owners. Socializing them as young puppies is so important as well as introducing them to different situations and locations. Please dont create just a backyard dog. They will go with you anywhere and with proper training, they will never embarrass you. They may chew the plastic toys or the leg to the coffee table if theyre bored but theyd rather be by your side. They will be your best friend for life with unconditional love!

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    What You Should Expect To Pay For A Golden Retriever

    The price of a golden retriever varies depending on where you live, what the dogs are bred for, and other factors.

    Most golden retriever puppies go for $500-3,000.

    If a puppy is close to either of those end ranges, youll definitely want to ask why.

    For instance, why are the puppies $500?

    Is it because the breeder is inexperienced and just trying to get started?

    Are they skimping out on vet bills or feeding their dogs cheap food?

    Or why are the puppies $3,000?

    Is it because they come from champion bloodlines?

    Is the breeder is experienced and takes their time to properly care for the mother, socialize and stimulate the puppies, feed them the best food, and take them to the best veterinarian?

    Or is it because the breeder is a good salesman and can charge a premium for their puppies?

    No matter what the price is, its a good idea to understand why the puppies are priced the way they are.

    Check out this article to learn more about how much golden retrievers cost.

    Creekwood Acres North Carolina

    Creekwood Acres is a small Golden Retriever breeder, 1 hour outside Charlotte located in New London, North Carolina. Shawna, the breeder, has a small acreage where the Goldens love to play, romp about, and swim in their nearby cool pond. Shawna is keen on breeding Golden Retriever puppies for health, temperament, and intelligence. She only places potential parent dogs with these three characteristics in her breeding program. Past Creekwood parents have attributed this to their furry babies turning out well-mannered, smart, and social.

    Shawna retires her Goldens at 6 years of age. The Goldens usually stay on the farm or Shawna finds them a wonderful home to retire to. If youre looking for a mature Golden Retriever, you can contact Shawna and ask about her upcoming retirees. If youre keen on getting a Golden Retriever puppy, you can expect to spend at least $2,000 at Creekwood Acres. The price covers AKC Registration when your Golden comes home at 8 weeks. Creekwoods waiting lists fill up fast. If you decide to go with Creekwood acres, call Shawna up and book a slot on the waiting list.

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    Our Pups Go To Their New Homes At 8 Weeks Of Age

    All puppies are examined by the Falmouth Veterinarians for a complete check up with health records on each puppy including vaccines and several de-worming given by us. Two to three times a year, we hold heart & eye clinics at our home in Cumberland thru the Lewiston Auburn Kennel Club. This clinic is open to all breeds for health clearances.We also volunteer for the Maine Golden Retriever Club annual health clinics.

    Our Puppy Contract requires you to enroll in puppy obedience classes. We keep our growing pups in obedience training the first year, then fine tune with handling classes. We use the clicker training method for positive reinforcement. If you are interested in a Pet Therapy dog yourself, the puppy will need a Canine Good Citizen CGC certificate. The next level is the Advanced Canine Good Citizen CGCA. Its a longer sit, a longer stay from 20, come when called not scared of people, friendly towards people, non-aggressive to other dogs doesnt pee when afraid ride in elevators, different surfaces basically a well-socialized pup. A puppy needs to be a year old before he/she can be tested for Pet Therapy. Its a wonderful way to share the love of a Golden with someone that is lonely or doesnt feel well, or read to children in the library. Lauren and I work and show our Goldens in Conformation, Field/Hunting, Rally O Obedience and Pet Therapy.

    Golden Puppies Amite City La

    55+ National Dog Show Golden Retriever in 2020

    As one of the 10 best golden retriever breeders in the USA, Golden Puppies produces a wider range of puppies than most other breeders. You can take home a purebred golden retriever, goldendoodle, or even a labrador retriever. So, if you find yourself looking for a golden retriever that might display a few off-standard traits, Golden Puppies represents a great option. Plus, this Louisiana breeder offers a full slate of services. Take advantage of their stress-free daycare, boarding, and grooming options to meet the basic needs of your new golden retriever puppy.

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