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How Often Should I Bathe A Golden Retriever

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Do You Have To Groom A Golden Retriever At Home

Golden Retriever Puppy’s First Bath (Cooper – 11 Weeks Old)

The groomer should leave at least one inch of hair, and should not go past the undercoat. You can easily groom your Golden at home yourself with the right pair of dog clippers, plus it will save you time and money! Puppy cuts can be a bit severe for some people because basically, their Golden Retriever will look like a Lab, except for the tail.

Where Is The Best Place To Bath Your Golden Retriever

Where to should you bath your Golden? It is an important question because if you do it in the house or apartment, you could end up with wet paw prints racing through the house and on the furniture.

Maybe you already have your Golden accustomed to baths and you are not worried about her bolting for another location.

If that is the case, then great job. Keep it up.

On the other hand, I know that if my dog gets out and runs through the house leaving behind her a trail of soap suds and dirty paw prints, I know how much trouble I will be in.

I would rather not risk it. So, I simply set up somewhere that, if my dog does break loose, I dont have to worry about what my wife is thinking.

There are two places that I like to go.

The first one is an actual doggy wash near my home. This one might be the best because there are leashes that keep her where I need her in order to vacuum out her hair.

If you cant get to an official doggy wash, then try your backyard with a hose, or, better yet, a swimming pool

This will keep your dog cool in the summer months. Additionally, when she gets used to the pool, she will be easier to bath.

How Do You Brush A Golden Retriever

Every few days, at least, you should be brushing your Golden Retriever from head to toe, spending extra time on the thicker parts of your pups body. Regular brushing will reduce the amount of matting and make each brush a bit easier and softer. Watch out behind the ears, tail and the back legs of your Retriever, this is where theyre most prone to matting, so make sure to take extra care.

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Golden Retrievers are very active pets that enjoy playing in the dirt or a puddle, swimming in the river or the lake. Of course, after such activities, your pooch will come home dirty and smelling bad. This means you will have to bathe your Golden Retriever to keep it clean and healthy.

Most new Golden Retriever owners have dilemmas such as How often should I bathe my Golden Retriever? or How to bathe my Golden Retriever?;

In this article, we will address and answer these and similar questions.

How Often Should You Bath Your Golden Retriever

How Often to Bathe Your Golden Retriever? 5 Tips No One ...

The answer to the question is: Well, It is important not to wash your Golden Retriever too much. The reason is the frequent bathing can strip away all the natural oils from your dog body hair and that oil is essential as it keeps the dirt away from getting the matt form. The matt look that can make your dog look disappointingly unattractive. Moreover, it can make the dogs skin prone to dandruff and other infections. The key here is to use a very mild shampoo that will not have any negative impact on the Golden Retriever skin if slightly overused.

The reversal is not bathing often can lead to apparent problems. The Golden retrievers tend not to get those strong odours like many other dogs breeds to do because the Golden retrievers are superior, , the Goldens can develop funk if they left unwashed for way too long.

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How Often Should I Bathe A Golden Retriever

With soap based shampoos you shouldnt really be bathing your pooch more often than once a month. Even the gentlest soap shampoos can cause irritation and issues if used more frequently than this.

If you know youve got a mucky pup that needs regular bathing, then you should look at some natural shampoos that use soap alternatives. These products can often be used as regularly as you like without causing irritation, and they provide surprisingly good cleaning power despite their lack of soapy goodness.


How Often Should Retrievers Be Bathed

As per CBS News, Golden Retriever dogs are most famous in the USA. Everyone seems to be loving their golden fur coat which looks amazing to the eyes. The glaze when light falls on that fur is too good. The only issue that retriever owners face is how to maintain the fur of their dog.

A lot of patience and time is required for proper grooming of the retriever dogs fur. This grooming process includes some activities like shampoo, bathing, comb and removing extra fur, etc. This is an ongoing process but the question that gets asked should these activities daily, alternate days or what should be the frequency of grooming a retriever.

How often should Golden Retrievers be bathed? The maximum you can go without giving both should be no more than 45 days and that is to the extreme end. On the minimum waiting time, I always recommend it to be once every 15 days. In fact, if you bath your golden retriever in a gap of 2 weeks then you are doing great. Giving them a bath too often can be bad for their coat as there are some essential oils that give that glaze to their fur. Too frequent baths with shampoos followed with dry hot air blowers will cause a bad affect on these oils.

On my , I had asked this question in a story about How often should Golden Retrievers be bathed? The owners with golden retrievers responded with various numbers and the average was 10 days.

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How Often Should A Golden Retriever Be Groomed

The Golden Retriever should be groomed at least every six weeks to keep your Goldens coat shiny, healthy, and tidy. The nails should be clipped every 2 to 4 weeks, and the teeth should be brushed once or twice a week.

The Golden Retriever has a double coat, so if your Golden gets wet or dirty, which he or she most likely will be since its a Golden, a high-velocity dryer can be very convenient! With this device, you can easily and quickly blow dry your Goldens coat and meanwhile blow most of the sand and dirt out of the coat as well. This can save you and your dog the hassle of a bath unless your pooch stinks after the outdoor adventure!

If youre interested, . For Stippy, my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, also double-coated, I use the Upgraded Dog Dryer when hes wet and sandy . It blows the sand and dirt right out of his double coat. He hates taking a bath, so this is very helpful and prevents a lot of stress for him and hassle for me.

What Shampoo To Use


If possible, always try to use a shampoo that is specifically made for a dog. Using things like DIY recipes may cause skin irritations, and human shampoo is too harsh for a dogs sensitive skin.

Human shampoos have chemicals in them designed specifically for human hair and skin, for cleaning off the oils that are created by the human body. Canine bodies and the oil they produce are different, so the soaps used must also be different, as well.

If need be, there are some substitutes that can be used if you are in a pinch. Baby shampoo can be used as it is not as harsh as adult shampoo.

Pro Tip: If you are trying to remove oil or grease from a dog that played in the wrong area, Dawn dish soap can be used to cut it.

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How Do I Brush My Golden Retriever

Start by putting your puppy or dog on a table and have him or her stand up. Its easier to brush and groom your Golden when he or she is standing, and it will make the experience for your dog much better. Having a young pup standing for a more extended period can be difficult, I know, but dont give up.

In the beginning, have someone help you by holding your Golden puppy and reward him or her with some yummy treats for standing still and being such a good girl or boy. Your pup will learn and will get more relaxed in time.

There are several types of brushes you can use; each has its purpose. Begin brushing by using a slicker brush. Brush the entire body of your dog. The head, back, belly, chest, paws, tail, behind the ears, the armpits, and the back legs. These last three mentioned spots are spots where matting can occur, so they are essential to brush and prevent matting.

Brush gently down to the skin, a small section at the time, and be careful not to brush too firm, which can hurt your dog. Brush with the direction the hair grows. A dog groomer, who is a friend of mine, told me it is best to start brushing at the bottom and work your way up, start at the end of the dog and work towards the front.

Adult Golden Retrievers shed during the shedding season, which is twice a year around Spring and Autumn. Youll know its that time of the year again when you find more golden hairs than usual on your floor, clothes, and couch, and your vacuum cleaner will is used a lot more!

Here Are Some Tips On How To Wash Your Dog

Make sure that you rinse all of the soap off the dogs skin. If the soap does dry on the skin, it could irritate and result in inflammation, rashes, hair loss, and other skin lesions, according to Dr. Freeman. Soap-free shampoos, , help avoid this particular problem.;Make sure that you rinse the pup with luke-warm water to reduce the amount of itching caused by the bath itself. Using a hose or a shower-head type sprinkler is ideal. Plus, dont forget to wash in their ears. Read our guide on how to clean dog ears. Pet owners always joke that cats hate water, but dogs might not be so fond of water and bath time, either. To make bathing more pleasant, utilize positive rewards like treats, scratching favorite spots, and playing with a favorite toy during bath time, Dr. Freeman suggests. Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links,;we;may earn an affiliate commission.

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When To Spay And Neuter A Golden Retriever

This will vary, depending on if they are a small, medium, or large breed dog. For Golden Retrievers, this typically occurs before they are one year of age. Most veterinarians recommended spaying before your pup is 6 months of age. However, for Golden Retrievers, this recommendation has now changed to 18 months.

How Often Should I Get My Dog Groomed

How Often Should I Wash My Golden Retriever? (Explained ...

Keeping up with your dogs not only keeps them looking good, but it also helps them feel good! A dirty coat, matting, long nails, or dry skin can be uncomfortable or downright painful for your pup. How often you get your dog groomed depends on their breed, coat type, and lifestyle, but it all comes down to keeping your pup happy and healthy.

For most dogs, we recommend booking a grooming appointment every four to six weeks. Still, even dogs who are groomed this often need ongoing grooming at home.

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How Often To Bathe Your Golden Retriever 5 Tips No One Tells You

Animals in the wild know how to clean themselves very well, and while this is somehow still true with dogs, they do need to take baths every now and then and Goldens are not an exception.

However, due to their unique coats, bathing a golden retriever is more than just hosing them down. But we need to first answer an important question;

How often do you need to bathe your Golden Retriever? Golden Retrievers should be bathed only every 6-8 weeks or when needed. Bathing them too often could cause serious harm to their double coat. Daily brushing and regular grooming are crucial to keeping their coats clean and healthy.

Some golden retrievers give their pups baths every couple of weeks, but this is just too often for me, especially in winter, when its cold and giving your dog a bath can do them more harm than good.

Dogs are often good at keeping themselves clean, so the baths main job is to clean their coats.

Now that we have this out of the way, lets really dig deep into the topic, because I think theres more to the discussion than just telling you to not over-bathe your golden retriever to not ruin their beautiful coats because you probably already know that.

Instead, lets do something different like answer those questions you have right now and dont want to ask.

How Often Do Dogs With Silky Hair Need To Be Groomed

In Bookers professional opinion, dogs with silky hair are best served by daily brushing and combing. Curtis recommends using a greyhound comb. The frequency of haircuts depends on how long you want to keep their coat, but Booker suggests every 4 to 8 weeks for these breeds.

Curtis notes that silky-haired dogs tend to have little to no undercoat and oilier skin, so they need to bathe more frequently. For top-notch care, she suggests adding some baking soda to the bath water to help balance pH.

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Brush Your Golden Retriever

Before a bath, brush your Golden Retriever. Matted hair can hold water, leaving your pooch with irritated skin. If you dont know how to brush your Golden Retriever, ask a professional groomer. Also,;put a cotton ball in the ears of your pooch to keep water out and prevent irritation and ear infections.

How Often Should A Golden Retriever Be Professionally Groomed

How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (5 Easy Steps)

For around $50 a professional groomer will take care of all of the above-listed challenges. The Golden Retrievers coat has an average growth rate of 0.5 to 1.0 inches per month.

This implies that they need trimming off 0.5-1.0 inches every month.;

To save some money, you can have your Golden Retriever professionally groomed every few months and groom it at home in the meanwhile.

The professional grooming sessions are important because they give proper shape and structure, making home grooming easier to manage.;

However, if you have more money than time, you can have your Golden Retriever groomed by a professional every month.;

Tip:; Make sure your groomer, and you speak the same language. Groomers often use professional terms, and owners use the term they read online but do not fully understand.;

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How To Keep Golden Retriever Fur Soft

One of the best ways to help maintain the soft fur on a Golden Retriever is just brushing them. This is something that needs to go slow and start at a young age.

Be careful not to pull at tangles or scrape their skin with the brush as this is not comfortable. Starting with a puppy is easier as you can teach them how to behave while you are brushing them.

1- Start with a sitting position. By having your dog sitting down, preferably on the floor even at a young age , you want to get them used to feel the brush. Use the same brush every time and let them sniff it. This may help them to feel more comfortable with being brushed since their smell will be on it.

2- Start on the back. Due to this being one of the lesser sensitive areas of a dog, starting on the back is usually more comfortable for them. As your dog becomes more comfortable with the brushing, you can move to the tail and the head. You want to be careful around the ears as they are hypersensitive. You should also brush the chest and belly area to get out dirt and tangles.

3- Be gentle, but get down to the skin. You want the brush to just barely touch their skin. Imagine that the brush is an extension of your hand, and you are using the brush to pet your golden. You want to go slow, apply gentle pressure, and stop if you get to a tangle. Goldens fur can get mats or tangles, and this needs to be dealt with individually.

How Often Should I Brush My Dog

Keeping your pet clean isn’t just about bathing.

Brushing him or her is beneficial for the removal of shedding fur, prevention of painful tangles, removal of that “doggy” smell by scraping away old oils, and removal of ticks and grass seeds which can wiggle down into the skin and hurt your dog.

“It also allows the dog to keep clean areas that it might otherwise struggle to, the tail and the chest,” says Paul McGreevy, a professor of animal behaviour and animal welfare science at the University of Sydney’s School of Veterinary Science.

Being aware of any lumps or bumps under the skin are other benefits, adds David Cunliffe, head of an animal hospital in Melbourne.


Remaining vigilant about brushing is ideal in the months approaching summer, when many dogs shed more hair than normal, explains Dr Cunliffe.

“It happens as the days start to get longer, basically from the footy grand final onwards,” he says .

“It’s a seasonal response to summertime.”

The exact amount of brushing your dog needs depends on the length and type of the dog’s coat.

If your dog has a well-developed undercoat as do samoyeds, huskies and other arctic breeds you’ll need to brush as often as once a day during shedding season to avoid knotting and dreadlocks, which can cause serious skin conditions if old hairs are left in the coat, says Dr Cunliffe.

Dogs with regular or less dense undercoats, such as poodles, don’t need quite as much brushing and once a week will do.

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