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How Big Do Golden Retrievers Get

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There Are Three Types Of Golden Retrievers

How Big will the Mini Golden Retriever Get?

While you might think all Golden Retrievers look very similar, the breed actually has three different colors — golden, light golden, and dark golden — as well as three different types — English, Canadian, and American. There are subtle differences between the types of Goldens, but they all fall under the same breed.

How do you know what type of Golden Retriever you’ve got? Check their build and coloring. Canadian and American Golden Retrievers tend to have the same build however, Canadians have a thinner coat than the Americans. English Golden Retrievers have a stockier build than the other types, and also tend to have a light golden to white color. To get an idea of what color coat your Golden Retriever puppy will have when it matures, take a look at its ears. The tip of the ears usually show what color the pup will be after they lose their puppy coat. No matter which type of Golden you have, they’ll have an even, enjoyable temperament. Goldens are renowned for their calm, playful, and friendly disposition.

Our Top 4 Picks For Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers

OUR TOP PICK: Petmate Dog Crate

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All in all, you will definitely love this dog crate. The brand has earned well-received remarks from its customers because the product is very high quality. Also, its very affordable to every dog owner put there. So, if you are looking for a dog crate consider this as your investment not just for a short time but a long time investment.


American Journey Large Breed Chicken And Sweet Potato


Large Breed Chicken and Sweet Potato is one of 14 dry recipes evaluated in our review of the American Journey product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal , turkey meal, peas, chickpeas
  • Type: Grain-free
  • Profile: All life stages
  • Best for:Golden retriever adults and puppies

American Journey Large Breed Chicken acquires the majority of its meat protein from poultry. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 33% protein, 13% fat and 45% estimated carbs which yields a fat-to-protein ratio of about 40%.

This large breed formula also contains a prebiotic. Prebiotics can help support the growth of healthy bacteria in the large intestine for better digestion. An exceptional, budget-friendly option. Easily recommended.

Sample buyer reviewI have four furry children from small to extra large, all picky in their own way : Treats, bones, & obviously food. All four of em absolutely loved this brand! Theyve been on it for only a week, & I can already tell how healthier their coats look, & a bit of needed weight loss.

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Do Golden Retrievers Shed

Yes, they sure do! That thick, double-layer coat tends to shed quite a bit, particularly in the spring and fall. That means youll need to do plenty of regular brushing to help keep shedding under control. If you have a Golden Retriever, you should also invest in a lint brush to keep your clothes free of fur and a sturdy vacuum to clean up that hair.

Stage Four: Sexual Maturity

49 Golden Retriever Facts

Starting at around six months old and continuing until as late as sixteen months, Golden Retrievers will grow to their full size, and if they have not been neutered, they will reach sexual maturity and start entering heat cycles and displaying mating behavior.

At this age, your dog may also be trying to understand and define their role within the pack, and as a result, may start challenging both human and animal members of the family. They can also start displaying territorial behavior.

During the early months of this period, you may feel like your dog has unusually long legs for their body, but this will even out over time. Their ears and nose also tends to grow faster than the rest of them, so they will go through a period of floppy ears as well.

Goldens grow very fast during this period, which leaves their bones vulnerable to injury. This is a good time to be wary of anything that puts excessive pressure on the joints, such as big jumps.

Key Development Milestones:

  • If not neutered, begin displaying mating behavior
  • Start of territorial and challenging behavior
  • Legs, ears, and nose grow disproportionately faster than the rest of the body
  • Fragile bones due to rapid growth

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Are Golden Labradors Smart

In general, he says, poodles, retrievers, Labradors and shepherds are the most intelligent dogs, able to learn as many as 250 words, signs and signals. The smartest dogs, he says, will understand a new command in five repetitions or less, and will immediately obey commands 95% of the time. Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers Also Make Great Working Dogs

It’s not all fame and fortune for these pets. Many Golden Retrievers work as search and rescue dogs. Their tracking abilities and strong sense of smell help them find missing people. Perhaps the most well-known use of Golden Retrievers as rescue dogs was during 9/11, when a two-year-old trained rescue dog named Bretagne helped search for survivors. Bretagne went on to aid in the search and rescue efforts during Hurricanes Rita and Katrina as well.

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Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic

Although Golden Retrievers are great family pets, they unfortunately, aren’t hypoallergenic. They are a breed that frequently sheds and are not a suitable match for people with bad allergies. While no dog can actually be 100% hypoallergenic, there are some breeds that are better suited for those with pet allergies.

Size and colour. Both breeds are large dogs, but Labs are slightly larger Both Labrador and Golden Retrievers are similar in size and weight, though Labrador Retrievers tend to be slightly larger overall: Labradors weigh 25 to 36 kg on average, with females in the 25 to 32 kg range.

Keeping Your Golden Retriever Fit: The Exercise Needs

Do German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers Really Get Along That Well?

Goldies are large dog breeds which means that they need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and not develop any destructive behaviors.

In fact, the breed was historically assisted humans during hunting to retrieve the game which explains why they enjoy the outdoors so much. This means that Golden Retrievers wont be satisfied with just a walk around the block—they need more attention.

These dogs need a lot of vigorous physical exercise which includes interacting with other dogs, playing fetch, going on long walks, jogs, or run, etc. They need close attention in this area or they simply revert back to their puppy tendencies.

What are these puppy tendencies?

Well, they include barking frequently, digging up holes in the backyard, chewing up the furniture, etc.

If you dont pay enough attention to your Golden Retrievers physical exercise, your dog can quickly gain weight which may cause more serious health issues such as obesity, heart problems, etc.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Growth Charts

While every puppy is different, you can expect your Golden Retriever to hit different weight goals at different ages. Target weights vary depending on whether the dog is male or female, with female dogs growing faster, but male dogs reaching a higher overall weight. For this reason, we have put together separate guide weight charts for male and female Golden Retrievers.

The weight of your dog will also depend on whether they were bred for show or for work, with show dogs tending to be heavier. If you have a working Golden Retriever, their weight should be near the lower end of the weight ranges given here, and a show dog, at the higher end.

What Is The Best Age To Spay/neuter A Golden Retriever

You can spay puppies as early as 8 weeks old, but any time before they reach sexual maturity is preferred, which is around one year old.

This will prevent undesirable behaviors such as marking, territorial behavior, or a fixation with toys. All of which are hard to correct when they manifest.

For breeds that are predisposed to hip dysplasia, vets recommend spaying around the 6-month mark.

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How Big Do Golden Retrievers Get Growth Size Care

Golden retrievers can be a pleasure to train and they are happy to obey commands. They are also playful, affectionate and even-tempered. The Golden Retriever, one of Americas most beloved dog breeds, is very popular. The Golden Retriever is a friendly and patient breed that makes great family pets. They also make excellent working dogs due to their intelligence. Males stand 23-24 inches high and weigh in at 65 to 75lbs . Females average 21 to 22 inches in height and weigh as much as 55 to 65lbs .

The golden retriever has a water-repellent, wavy to flat, gold-to cream-colored coat. One of the best features about this breed is the feathering at the neck, legs thighs, underside and tip. The dogs skull is broad and strong. The ears, although not very large in size, sit high above the skull and hang just below your jawline. The chest is big and the body is balanced. Golden retrievers typically live for between 10-13 years.

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed

Golden Retriever Size Guide: How Big Does a Golden ...

These beautiful dogs shed hair moderately throughout the year. And by moderately, we mean that youll find a few of their short, coarse hairs straying across your furniture, clothes and probably your carpets. For many golden retrievers, this shedding ramps up twice a year during the spring and fall seasons.

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Golden Retrievers Are So Popular In Movies Due To Their Obedient Nature

Golden Retrievers are often featured in movies and television shows, including Air Bud and Homeward Bound. While the breed is certainly cute, it’s not their beauty that gets Goldens so many television spots. It’s their mellow nature, combined with their trainability.

Golden Retrievers are easy to train, and they perform reliably and consistently. That’s what makes them such popular guide dogs, and it’s also what led the breed to take first in AKC obedience trials when they were introduced in 1977.

How Long Do Red Golden Retrievers Live

Did you know that the bigger a dog is, the faster it dies?

This is because bigger dogs live their lives doing big and fast activities like running for long periods of time, defending territories, which gives them a faster rate of growth, which ultimately leads to a faster rate of death.

Red Golden Retrievers, unfortunately, fit this category, as well as it big dog counter parts. But not to fear, because this scenario wont happen for years to come, because the lifespan of a Red Golden retriever is approximately 10 to 12 years long.

This is the common age for Red Golden Retriever, and mostly comes down to their genetics.

There have been rare cases in which a Red Golden Retriever has lived up to 19 years, but many other factors such as diet, activity, and how the dog is used and cared for play heavy roles in the ultimate lifespan.

In any case, when you are connecting with Red Golden Retriever, just know that the time you share will unfortunately fade after about a decade but it could be one of the best decades of your life, with one of your best furry friends!

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How Much Bigger Will My Golden Retriever Get

There are a few ways you can estimate how much bigger your Golden Retriever will get.

First, start with your Golden Retriever puppys age. If they are less than a year old, they still need more time to reach their full adult size. Many Golden Retrievers can take up to two years to completely fill out, though their weight at one year old is usually close to their full adult weight.

Next, reach out to your Golden Retriever puppys breeder if applicable. Their breeder should be able to provide you with a precise estimate of your puppys adult size based on their parents and previous litters their parents had. A puppy is rarely larger than their bigger parent, so this will also give you a general idea of their maximum weight.

Lastly, take a look at your puppys paws. If their paws still look large or oversized next to their body and legs, they are probably still filling out and have some growing left to do, as this is a classic sign of adolescence in canines.

What If I Have Kids Should I Consider This When Choosing The Size Of My Dog

Golden Retriever Preps Little Boy For His New Role As Big Brother | The Dodo Soulmates

This really is personal preference. Larger dogs, like a golden retriever can cause some issues with newborns, but really the temperament of the dog is the most important issue to look at. Many times, large breed dogs can be more gentle and in my experience, less anxious by nature.

The golden retriever is a gentle, loyal, loving dog, and he or she will love the family so choosing a golden retriever can be a great option.

My opinion is that both small and large breed dogs can be great for kids. The training and structure that is provided is what makes the dog who they are. I have two dogs, one is 14 pounds and the other is 110 pounds. Toby is a shih tzu and Bear is a labrador retriever. They are both great with my kids, gentle, loving, and calm-natured.

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If My Golden Retriever Is Over Seventy

Not necessarily. Not all golden retrievers that are over seventy-five pounds are thought of as obese.

Each dog is unique and individual, from the type of food they eat, their favorite toy and treat, to how much exercise they need. While guides can and always should be given to see the broader picture, they are just that, a guide.

A golden retriever that is over seventy-five pounds might have more muscle. As muscle weighs more, that will mean that they are healthier and stronger. Therefore they would not be considered obese despite the higher number.

Health and wellness are determined by many factors that a weight guide can never fully express by numbers. The best way to decide on your golden retrievers health and wellness is to consult with her veterinarian.

If she is in good health and not overeating daily while getting enough exercise, the veterinarian will tell you so. Another way to determine health and wellness is to look at the coat of hair on your dog. Her coat of hair will be shiny versus dull. Her hair and other body parts, like her eyes, will tell the true story of health.

Weight charts and guidelines are only a chart or guide to follow. Nothing about them is etched in stone. Therefore a few pounds over the maximum weight for your golden retriever could never mean that she is too big or overweight.

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English Cream Golden Retrievers Need Lots Of Grooming

English Cream goldens have beautiful coats, but they do require lots of care and .

Youll need to them several times per week and bathe them 1-2 times per month, depending on if they swim or play outside a lot.

In addition to their coats, youll need to regularly brush their teeth, trim their nails, take care of their paws, and clean their ears.

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Should I Ask To See The Parents Of My Puppy

This is an easy answer, yes. You absolutely should ask to see the parents. Remember, however, that the mother may look thin and not at full size, mainly because she is feeding her puppies and not eating as much as usual. A mother dog will be more concerned about her puppies than the well-being of herself.

Some breeders may not want you to see the mother. Mothers dogs can become very protective and territorial of their puppies, but most breeders should at least allow you to view the mother in the kennel, and if not, this could be a red flag about the breeder.

How Long Does It Take For A Golden Retriever To Reach Its Full Size

How Big Do Golden Retrievers Get?

Everyone knows that Golden Retrievers maintain the personality as well as energy levels of a puppy throughout their lives so, in terms of temperament, this dog is a forever puppy.

However, when we take a look at things from the physical perspective, it takes a Golden Retriever around a year or two to physically mature fully.

So, what do we mean when we say fully physically mature?

This simply means that when your dog reaches this stage, his bones will be fully developed and hell have the physical exercise needs of an adult dog. For a Godly to be mentally mature, it takes about three years from them to be fully developed.

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