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How Long Can You Leave A Golden Retriever Puppy Alone

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How Long Can You Leave A Golden Retriever Alone Dog Facts

Can Golden Retrievers Stay Alone at Home

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Golden Retrievers can live in places as small as apartments or in bigger homes with backyards. However, how long can you leave a golden retriever alone before they start to feel lonely? Golden Retriever puppies are adorable and every parent loves to welcome their new bundle of joy into the world. However, leaving your golden retriever unattended for extended periods of time can have some unforeseen consequences.

In this article, Ill be answering the question, How long can you leave a Golden Retriever alone? and include some pretty useful tips and tricks on how to keep your pet entertained while youre gone!

Why Are Golden Retrievers Prone To Cancer

So, why are Golden Retrievers prone to all these differenttypes of cancer? There are several reasons for this question. Studies are beingdone on the actual question as this article is being written. However, we dohave to wait for years before the data can truly tell us all the answers.


One way that Golden Retrievers get cancer is genetic. Golden Retrievers have genetic issues that stem from breeding and their genes being passed down from generation to generation.

Due to those already pre-existing conditions being bred into the Golden Retriever, they are prone to cancer at a much high rate. Their other complications makes them more vulnerable as well.


Another way that Golden Retrievers are more prone to cancer is because of the environment in which we live. Some things can not only give Golden Retrievers cancer, but can also cause us cancer as well. Some of these environmental causes are the sun, environmental toxins, or radiation.

Some believe that animals risk of cancer goes up tremendously once their reproductive years are complete. Some call this natural selection.

Drop Treats On The Floor And Reward Your Puppy For Leaving Them

Once your puppy can ignore treats just sitting on the floor, its time to up the ante and have them ignore moving treats.

First, drop treats from just a few inches off of the floor and mark and reward your puppy for leaving them.

Your puppy may try to go for them, so be ready to cover them if need be.

Once your puppy can successfully ignore dropped treats from a few inches, slowly increase the height you drop them from until you can drop them from at least waist height.

This will simulate you dropping a pill or a grape and having them leave it, which may very well happen in real life.

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Usage Of Crates Is Good But Not For Extended Times

Talking of ways of dealing with the problem, golden owners would prefer crate. This can work when you would be away for a short time. If you plan to go away for a long time, then you should know that the use of a crate is not the solution to that problem.

It could worsen that situation. If the dog was crate trained, this would not have been an issue. Even if it is crate trained, there is a limit to which it can stay there.

You must not consider putting it in the cage if you want tobe aware for a long time. It is could be counterproductive, but it would workwhen you would be aware for a few hours.

One of the problems of putting the pet in the cage is because the dog likes going to the bathroom often, and if you leave in that cage for a long time, it would mess up that cage.

Apart from the fact that the cage is messed up which could take you time to clean, another problem is that it can affect the pet behavior in the future. The animal could begin to mess the cage in the future.

How Spacious Is Your Dogs Playing And Boundary Area

How long can you leave 9 week puppy in crate?

If the dog has enough spacious ground to play around then there is no worry about getting into danger especially if there is a boundary area.

When your dog can get up on its own and wander around the compound without worries, then the problem is somehow solved. It is a question of keeping the pet busy until you come back.

The dog can stay there without requiring your help for thenext two to three hours. If you plan to stay longer than that period, then theplaying space would not solve the problems.

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Give It Lots Of Love And Cuddles When You Get Home

Golden retrievers can be often seen pacing around the residence anxiously awaiting their owners return. If you are ever facing this dog-version of separation anxiety, you may want to consider offering some Golden Retriever cuddles, attention, and lots of love when you get home.

While not all golden retrievers are at risk of separation anxiety, there are some things you can do to lower your risk of this fearful behavior. Make certain that you give your golden retriever lots of positive emotional and physical contact when you get home after a walk or when hes been out for a long time. Also, give him a treat after he lays down with you for a few minutes to calm him down.

Consider Your Dogs Characteristics

It may not be the first thing you think of when trying to figure out if your dog is cold at night, but certain characteristics of your dog;play a huge role in determining how much cold they can withstand and for how long.

When considering if your dog will get cold at night, think of their size, coat type, coat color, age, health, weight, and even height. These all play a factor on the temperatures your dog will be comfortable in and be able to withstand.


First, smaller dogs get cold more easily than larger dogs. So, in the case of golden retrievers, we already know that they can withstand colder than, say, a chihuahua.

Coat Type

What about your dogs coat? It probably goes without saying that dogs with thicker or double-layer coats have more tolerance for the cold. For example, huskies and Newfoundlands actually love the cold! Those thick coats really aid in cold tolerance.

As we mentioned previously, golden retrievers are a breed of dog with very thick coats. That makes them a good contender for withstanding the cold more easily.

Coat Color

Have you ever worn a black shirt when its warm out and immediately regretted it because of how much warmer it made you? Keep that thought in mind as you consider your dogs coat color.

Coat color is another factor in how much cold a dog can withstand. Just like with clothes, dogs that have dark coats absorb and hold more heat. That means dogs that are black, dark brown, brown, or other dark colors absorb and hold more heat.


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How To Keep Your Dog Happy When Home Alone

There are a few things you can do if you need to be leaving your dog home alone while youre at work:

  • Train Your Dog About Leaving
  • You cant just explain to your furry family member youre leaving for a while, but you can train him or her to understand. Start by exiting your door, going through all the usual motions of leaving. Grab your keys, put on your shoes and head out. Spend a few minutes outside and once your dog is quiet, come back in. Gradually, increase the length of time you spend outside before coming in. Your furbaby will start to feel less anxiety and will get used to the routine until it becomes second nature. If you have a new pup and will be leaving for work or errands regularly, try to ease into the idea of leaving gradually, so you can train him or her.

  • Give Him or Her Something to Do
  • Limit Stressors
  • If your dog tends to bark at outside sounds or tends to bark when it gets too quiet, you can get rid of some of these factors which may be getting your furry buddy upset. For example, closing the curtains and windows can reduce the tantalizing sights and sounds of outside, which may be anxiety-inducing for some dogs. Keeping a white noise machine or radio on can help some dogs feel less alone, too. You may need to experiment a bit to find the right solution for your friend.

  • Limit the Number of Problem Areas He or She Can Access
  • Protect Your Most Vulnerable Family Member
  • Tire Your Dog Out First
  • Have a Coming-Home Ritual
  • Give Your Dog Some Comfort
  • Leave Your Dog Home With A Dog Sitter

    Can My GOLDEN RETRIEVER Be Left Alone

    If there is someone that you trust to stay in your home, this is a great choice for your dogs .

    Your dogs routine will change very little, and they will likely receive top notch care. Having someone in your home while youre away will also minimize security risks.

    Friends and family members make great house and pet sitters, but you can also hire a professional.

    In the USA, you can hire a certified pet sitter from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, whose members have a reputation for ethical behavior and professionalism.

    The downside to professional pet sitters? Theyre relatively expensive.

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    How Long Can I Leave My Puppy Alone

    In this section of the blog, we will answer the question, How long can I leave my puppy alone? in detail.

    Take a peek.

    • You shouldnt leave between the age of 8 to 10 weeks alone for more than an hour–they have tiny bladders and cant hold it for long!
    • If you have a puppy between aged between 2-3 months, you can leave him alone for longer; however, you should check in on him every two hours or so
    • Puppies aged four months can hold their bladder for about 4 hours, so, thats how long you can leave them alone

    Thats all you need to know about leaving puppies alone at home. Now, lets find out more about adult dogs, shall we?

    Can Your Dog Take Care Of His Thirst On His Own

    Water is incredibly important for your dogs overall health and basic body functions. Unlike food where you can limit how often your dog eats to once or twice a day for older Golden Retrievers, your dog should have access throughout the day. Especially in the summer.

    This should be pretty easy. If you need to, just buy an extra water bowl and make sure that they are both filled when you leave.

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    How Long Can You Leave A Puppy Home Alone

  • How Long Can You Leave a Puppy Home Alone?
  • Prepare for unexpected vet bills

    ;9/14/2021Welcoming a new fur-baby into your life is an exciting occasion. Pets relieve the stress that comes with a full-time job or a busy class schedule. Problem is, most workplaces and schools don’t allow your new bundle of joy to accompany you! What should you do if you’re planning to adopt a puppy but have other obligations? Keep reading to find out.

    We have some good news and bad news. We’ll break convention and lead with the good news: puppies sleep a lot. We’re talking up to 20 hours per day!

    The bad news is, puppies under the age of 16 weeks tend to sleep in short bursts of 30 minutes to 2 hours. To make matters slightly more inconvenient, young puppies between 8 and 12 weeks old can only hold their bladders for 1 to 2 hours. So unless your boss is super accommodating, you probably won’t be able to come home to check on your puppy that often.

    Knowing all that, how long can you leave your puppy alone? Short answer: it depends on their age, breed, health, temperament, and other factors. To keep your puppy healthy and happy while you’re away, follow this general rule:

    • Puppies younger than 6 months: 2 hours max

    • Puppies older than 6 months: 4 hours max

    No matter which service you book, you can chat with your Pet Caregiver anytime right in the app and even receive photo and video updates!

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    Coming Home On Your Lunch Break

    How Long Can You Leave a Golden Retriever Home Alone? (The ...

    One popular choice for dog owners is to come home on their lunch break to walk and/or play with their dog. This can work well, but it really depends on you and your dog.

    Unless you can take exceptionally long lunches, this isnt a great option unless you live with a five-minute walk or drive of your workplace.

    If you get an hours lunch, that gives you 50 minutes to hang out with your pup, but this still might not be enough for a younger dog who needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

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    Hiring A Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

    If you cant get home on your lunch break or you think your golden needs more than 50 minutes worth of love during the day, then hiring a dog walker or pet sitter might;be a more suitable;option.

    The feasibility of this plan may depend on finances. In theory, you could hire someone to spend the whole day with your dog, but unless youre made of money, this would probably be too expensive. On the other end of the spectrum, an hours walk might be affordable, but is that enough to break up your dogs day and keep them happy?

    One option might be to hire a dog walker in the morning or afternoon and also come home on your lunch break, so your pup has two things to look forward to during the day.

    What To Do With A Mean Dog

    Here are some things you can do to control your mean dog and calm them down:

    • Exercise
    • Do not make them feel threatened


    If your dog is being mean because they are not being active enough then the answer is exercise. It really is this simple.

    Keep in mind that golden retrievers need anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour of moderate to intense exercise every day. Anything less than that can make them frustrated and lead to the development of behavioral problems.

    Most problems with energetic breeds are because they have too much pent-up energy and dont know what to do with it, so you will have to free some time to play with them, take them on a daily walk, and running.

    Control the situation

    If you notice that something, in particular, is making your dog mean such as you playing with another dog, you smelling like another dog, or seeing or coming in contact with a certain dog or person, then you should control the situation by liming their interactions.

    You can control the situation temporarily by avoiding playing with other dogs in front of them and if they are mean around other dogs you can take them to socialization training or avoid keeping them around other dogs.

    If they are mean towards a specific person it could be that this person is playing too rough with them, beating them, or hurting them in any way and you will need to keep that person away from them.;

    A trainer or behaviorist

    Obedience classes and puppy training classes can also have a positive impact on them. ;;

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    Whats Wrong With Leaving A Dog Alone All Day

    Dogs are social animals, which means theyre happiest when with their pack or family group. So, in this case, thats you and any other members of your household.

    Just like humans, dogs get lonely, but the thing with dogs is they have no way of comprehending where youve gone, when youll be back or why youve left them alone.

    This means dogs often get stressed out and anxious when theyre left alone for too long. Dogs also need plenty of mental and physical stimulation especially golden retrievers, who are active and intelligent dogs and can easily get bored when theyre by themselves for too long.

    Not only is this distressing for your precious pup, but this kind of boredom and anxiety can manifest itself in all kinds of undesirable ways.

    Dogs who are left alone for long periods of time may go to the bathroom in the house, chew and/or shred anything from shoes to sofas, or bark or howl excessively, making your neighbors just about as unhappy as your dog is.

    Crates Are No Place To Spend All Day Long

    Can Golden Retriever Be Left Alone? – Steps To Train

    One of the solutions that some Golden owners turn to is the crate.

    If you are going to be gone for a long, extended day, then a crate is not the solution. Your dog loves sitting in his crate . For him, his crate is like your favorite chair or spot on the sectional.

    Gunner Kennels are the best kennel on the market, but you should not leave your dog in one of these all day long.

    That does not mean that you want to be pasted into that one spot for eternity.

    There are some really serious issues that can stem from leaving a dog in a crate for too long.

    Dogs have to go to the bathroom regularly. If you leave a Golden Retriever in a crate for too long, he will eventually go to the bathroom. Not only does this leave you with a mess to clean up, but you are now messing with the dogs subconscious that has taught the dog to keep his space clean.

    In addition to the tidiness issues, you can also introduce serious health concerns by leaving your dog in a crate all day.

    Retrievers are already susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia. Although this disease is genetic, there are some studies that show the disorder can be developed in other ways.

    What causes hip dysplasia in dogs? The first likely culprit is bad genes . There are, however, environmental factors that can increase the probability that a dog gets hip or elbow dysplasia including insufficient exercise, obesity, and poor nutrition.

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