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How Much Are Purebred Golden Retriever Puppies

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The Price Of A Golden Retriever

Purebred Golden Retriever puppies

A golden retriever puppy can cost up to $3,500, depending on multiple factors, like the place you get it from, its age, and the dogs parents.

One of the most important aspects when getting a dog, aside from making sure it will be a purebred, is to make sure that the pet is healthy and doesnt have any birth flaws. This means that if youre planning to go to an animal rescue center to get a dog, make sure you visit one that works with a veterinarians office or at least keeps background health records of the dogs.

Usually, animal shelters have professional staff to take care of the animals, feed them and give them medication, but that doesnt mean that the pet cant have a birth flaw or an illness that cant be cured. Some pet rescue centers will offer free adoptions, while some will charge anywhere from $200 to $600.

How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Golden Retriever

Goldens are the cheapest large dog to keep, surprisingly. A good quality dry kibble can be bought for under 5 dollars a bag. Expect to pay an additional 10-20 dollars per month for canned food, if you want it. Other than that, just occasional vet visits and spaying or neutering will run 12 bucks each time.The Golden Retriever is one of the most cost-effective large breeds because they have minimal hereditary diseases and live about 10 years on average. The only major costs are for their food, veterinary care since they are prone to zoonotic diseases including hip dysplasia which can range anywhere from $4-$10 million depending on severity levels, spaying/neutering which ranges.

Coat Color And Grooming

Golden Retrievers have a dense, water-repellent outer coat with a thick undercoat. Some coats are wavy, some are straight. The fur feathers on the back of the front legs and underbody, with heavier feathering on the chest, back of the thighs, and tail.

Golden Retrievers come in all shades of gold, from light to dark gold. Some breeders have begun selling “rare white Goldens,” but the American Kennel Club does not recognize white as a coat color for the breed.

Golden Retrievers shed moderately in the winter and summer, and heavily in the spring and fall. If you live with a Golden, you’ll need to adapt to a certain amount of dog hair in your house and on your clothes.

The Golden’s thick coat means lots of grooming. Daily brushing is recommended to prevent tangling, and once a week is the bare minimum. Your Golden will also need a bath at least once a month, often more frequently, to keep him looking and smelling clean.

Brush your Golden’s teeth at least two or three times a week to remove tartar buildup and the bacteria that lurk inside it. Daily brushing is even better if you want to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

Begin accustoming your Golden to being brushed and examined when he’s a puppy. Handle his paws frequently dogs are touchy about their feet and look inside his mouth. Make grooming a positive experience filled with praise and rewards, and you’ll lay the groundwork for easy veterinary exams and other handling when he’s an adult.

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Does Going For A Golden Retriever Puppy At A Cheaper Price Mean That Is More Likely To Have Health Issues

This article will discuss the differences between expensive puppies VS low price puppies.Puppies make up a huge part of the billion-dollar pet industry. Still, not everyone who owns a puppy knows about or even cares for responsible breeding practices. The puppy owners and their puppies pay the price in the long run.

Puppies brought up by irresponsible breeders will more likely deal with health and temperamental issues in the end. You might be directly paying less for a puppy but in the long term, you end up paying much more.

Golden Retriever Puppies: Everything You Need To Know

purebred golden retriever puppies for sale near me

Apple pie, football, and golden retrievers? This golden dog is a popular addition to many American households. In fact, golden retrievers rank number 3 in the American Kennel Clubs popularity rankings. Not surprisingly, golden retriever puppies are often seen on many calendars, greeting cards, and posters as the ultimate symbol of canine cuteness.

As much as they are celebrated in the US, golden retrievers werent discovered there. In the mid-1800s, they were bred and raised by gamekeepers at an estate owned by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland. Its said that he crossed his yellow retriever Tweed Water Spaniel , an Irish setter, and a bloodhound. This new golden retriever was trained to hunt in the great outdoors.

Golden retrievers are so renowned, two United States presidents owned them while in office. President Fords golden retriever was named Liberty, and President Reagans dog was Victory.

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Other Breeds You Might Like

Or learn more about the cost of owning a dog. This article is THE reference when it comes to budgeting for your pet.

To help you out, this guide contains all the primary expenses that are necessary to ensure your future dogs well-being. Make sure to take these considerations seriously before adopting or purchasing a Golden Retriever, as they are imperative to your dog leading a healthy, happy, and comfortable life in your home. Moreover, the dog should not be a financial burden on you or your family, so make sure to carefully read through each section to better understand the expenses that come with raising a Golden Retriever. Figures provided in this article are for informational purposes only. A dog owner should always find the actual costs applicable to his own situation before making any decision.

References and Resources

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost Complete Buyers Guide

Golden Retrievers have quickly become one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world.

These affectionate dogs are considered the ideal family dog and have been eagerly welcomed into thousands of homes.

Because of their popularity these perfect pups can often be expensive.

Not only do they cost a lot to purchase, these dogs requires plenty of money spent on food, grooming and medical care.

In this article we will discuss how much you can expect to pay for your Golden Retriever upfront, in addition to all the other expenses that your dog may accumulate over their life

Contents and Quick Navigation

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Golden Retriever Price Everything You Need To Know

Affable and affectionate, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world. For many, the Golden Retriever price is well worth it considering what great pets they make.

But exactly how much does a Golden Retriever cost?

That answer can vary, of course, but if we examine the initial Golden Retriever price plus the cost of vet care, food, supplies and more. Lets dig in!

Should You Buy A Goldendoodle Instead

Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Puppy Tiktok Video | Golden Retriever X Husky Puppy | Cute Puppy.

After learning about the true cost of owning a Golden Retriever, you might be wondering if a Golden Retriever-Poodle mix is a better investment for you.

Goldendoodles offer the same intelligence and cheerful demeanor as purebred Goldens. The key difference is that their Poodle genes give them a low-shedding coat.

The adorable Goldendoodles

You can find Goldendoodles for sale for $500-2400. F1 Goldendoodles usually cost less since they still shed somewhat.

F1b Goldendoodles cost more, as they shed far less. They also have curlier hair, giving them the distinctive Goldendoodle look.

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How Much Does A Purebred Golden Retriever Cost

If you love dogs, you likely already know that the Golden retriever is one of the most lovable breeds among dog owners. Always energetic, friendly, and ready for an adventure, Goldies are great companions, and some even participate in competitive dog shows.

Due to their potential participation in shows and high energy level activities, many prospective dog owners are only interested in owning a Golden retriever that is a verified purebred. Since purebred dogs often have many financial implications, this brief guide will examine the typical registered Golden retriever cost and some of the reasons why some owners prefer purebred Goldies only.

Golden Retriever Dog Price

Adopting an older Golden Retriever is a perfect option if you want to skip the chaos of learning to raise a puppy.

At a shelter you can expect to pay $50-$300 for a beautiful adult Golden Retriever.

This breed is in high demand though so you may run into trouble trying to find one of these pups at a local shelter or humane society.

If you are willing to sacrifice your desire for a purebred Golden Retriever, you can often find many breeds that have been mixed with Goldens in shelters or humane societies. You are much more likely to find a mixed breed in a shelter than a purebred Golden Retriever. If you are looking for a relaxed and loving dog to snuggle with and enjoy a couch potato lifestyle then a senior Golden would be a great option for you.

These dogs are just as loveable as any other Golden Retriever and will be thankful for the opportunity to get out of a shelter and into a home.

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The Initial Golden Retriever Price

The Golden Retriever price varies greatly, perhaps more than any other breed. On average, you can expect to pay between $500-$4,000.

At the lower end of the price spectrum may be dogs from a home breeder without AKC documentation.

According to Next Day Pets, the median price for Golden Retrievers is $1,135. This price will likely increase in the near future given the popularity of the breed.

Dogs with champion bloodlines and/or special characteristics like a smaller size can run from $2,500-$9,000.

While this cost is more upfront, keep in mind that the pedigree of these pups may mean less health issues and fewer vet bills down the road.

And if a dog has champion bloodlines, that will cost even more.

Of course, you can always adopt a Golden Retriever for much less. Pet adoption usually ranges from $350-$550 and includes registrations and vaccinations.

Youre providing a home for a dog in need and saving money in the process, so its certainly a win-win.

Do Golden Retriever Types Have Different Growth Rates


The British, American, and Canadian Golden Retrievers do not have a significant difference in growth. Show dogs are often heavier than working dogs.

Dont be alarmed if your working dog is slightly smaller than the projected growth. As long as shes gaining weight steadily, theres no cause for concern.

Also, look at your pups parents, if they are smaller than average, your Golden will most likely be on the small side, and the opposite is true, as well.

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How Can You Keep Off Unworthy Online Sellers Puppy Mills Or Backyard Breeders

How to check a golden retriever purity and quality?

Avoid uncertain sources

Professionals highly recommend doing sufficient research. Ask the seller to give out paperwork clearly indicating that their puppies have been screened and tested for critical health issues. It is prudent to always go through trustworthy breeders or rescue shelters.

It is good news knowing that not every breeder costs dearly. Rescuing a dog is another wonderful option if you want to save money, but you still want a healthy puppy. Breeders are normally more expensive than shelters but still, you may be able to get a puppy at a friendlier price.

What makes the difference between a higher cost golden retriever puppy and a lower coast golden retriever puppy is show quality. Almost all puppies bred for show will go for a higher price than puppies bred purely for companionship. However, do not worry if you choose a companion puppy over the show quality puppy it does not mean sacrificing your puppys health.

The difference between a $3,000 show quality puppy and another that goes for $500 can be as insignificant as the color of the coat.The overall cost of a golden retriever puppy depends on the breeder, the quality of the puppy as well as the breeds of the puppys parents. As mentioned previously, a golden retriever puppy from a shelter will be less expensive since their price ranges from $500 to $3000.

A Run Down Of Purchase Price

Have you ever walked down the beach and fallen in love with a puppy? Did you ask the owner where they got it, and how much it cost them? The most often asked question I get by e-mail is how much does a golden retriever puppy cost to purhase. Even more specifically, how much does a golden retriever puppy cost in California. In this article I will discuss how much a golden retriever can cost and why the variation in prices.

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Are Large Dogs More Expensive Than Small Ones

While you choose between a fledgling Golden pup or a sophisticated adult Golden, you should also think about the size of your ideal canineand the size of your budget.

The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the dog, the higher the price tag.

For starters, larger dogs eat more than smaller ones. In turn, youll pay more for dog food and treats.

Additionally, certain medical costs take your dogs size into account. Heartworm and flea/tick prevention are priced based on your dogs weight. The bill for your poochs spay or neuter surgery will also factor in Fidos heft or lack thereof.

For reference, Golden Retrievers usually weigh 55-75 pounds . A 60-pound Golden likely wont cost much more than a 55-pound Golden.

A Golden Retriever closer to the 75-pound end could, however, cost several hundred dollars more over their lifespan.

Either way, the average lifetime cost of Golden Retriever tends to be in the ballpark of $14,500-15,800.

If youre particularly cost-conscious, find a breeder with smaller dams and sires for the best chance at a lighter-weight, less expensive Golden.

Dangers Of Stunted Or Accelerated Growth

Cost of Owning a Golden Retriever Puppy for 1 Month | How Much We Actually Spent on Josie

Some people prefer bigger Goldens, some like them small, like Mini Golden Retrievers. This might lead to under or over-feeding, and neither of which is ideal.

Accelerated growth can cause hip or elbow dysplasia. It can also be responsible for bone disease and arthritis.

Stunted puppies, whether by illness or under-feeding, are generally weaker, and make them susceptible to falling sick.

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Is Breeding The Only Way To Find Purebred Golden Retrievers

Considering the controversy surrounding dog breeding, some potential dog owners continue to seek alternatives outside of the dog breeding circles. In actuality, finding a purebred Golden retriever outside of the dog breeder community is possible if you set your mind to do thorough research. Contrary to popular misconception, animal shelters are excellent places to search for unique pets. Over 20% of the rescued animals in shelters are purebred. This reality, therefore, increases your chances of adopting your preferred pet of choice.

However, its essential to keep in mind that if you are searching for a purebred Golden retriever with verifiable pedigree and related information, it may be more difficult for you to get access to these documents during the adoption process. This is not to say that this crucial information doesnt exist somewhere. Instead, it means that your potential pups information and historical background may disappear when transitioning in and out of the shelter.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand some of the typical challenges entailed in obtaining a purebred Golden retriever and why some dog owners are adamant about them, you can further examine your perspective regarding whether you want to pursue finding your own pup through a renowned breeder or adoption.

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How Much Does A Golden Retriever Cost Without Papers

Golden retriever puppies without health papers and certification can cost up to $900 each.

Keep in mind, though, that buying a puppy without papers is always a gamble because you cant know for sure whether its parents are healthy or have been screened for common genetic issues within the breed.

Also, most puppies without papers havent been checked out or cleared by a vet, so you may end up paying a lot more than you expected for a sick puppy.

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Golden Retriever Price Other Additions

We should also note that the overall cost of a dog will vary depending on each individual owner and that owners lifestyle.

For example, if that owner travels often or has an unpredictable or busy schedule, he may need to pay for pet sitters or dog walkers.

Or if an owner does not keep on top of his pets health, he may wind up spending quite a bit of money on vet bills and medical fees.

So, how can you save money and still have a healthy, happy puppy?

What To Expect In A Purebred Golden Retriever

Golden retriever price

While there are a few cosmetic distinctions between one golden retriever to the next, they usually share many of the same characteristics. Here are some of the most common features that define the golden retriever breed:

  • Personality: Golden retrievers are playful yet gentle and tend to be quite affable, even with other pets and strangers. They are eager to please and usually respond well to obedience training. Theyre also even-tempered, affectionate and intelligent.
  • Color: The golden retrievers signature golden coat can display a range of shades dark golden, light golden, cream golden, red golden and white golden.
  • Tail: Golden retrievers have long tails that extend to the hock but not below. The length varies and can be anywhere from 4 to 12 inches long. Some dogs have shorter, fluffier tails, while others have less feathering.
  • Ears: Golden retrievers have short ears that fold over.
  • Coat and hair: The outer coat of a golden retriever is dense and water-repellent, while the undercoat is thick. The hair can be wavy or straight. Golden retrievers have feathering on the back of the front legs, along the tail and on the chest.

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