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How Much Is A Golden Retriever Lab Mix

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Can You Adopt A Golden Retriever From Sunshine

Goldador – Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever Mix – Designer Dogs 101 – Top 10 Facts

Sunshine, like many other rescue groups in the country, is currently in the enviable position of having many more terrific families and individuals approved and waiting to adopt a rescue dog than we have dogs. We wish that each of you could bring a rescue dog into your life as soon as you are approved to adopt.

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How To Identify A Golden Lab

Since the Goldador is a mixed breed, there is no established breed standard for their appearance.

However, its safe to set some expectations on how this dog looks, based on its parents features.

With the Golden Retriever-Labrador mix, the fruit doesnt fall far from the tree. These crossbreeds will grow to be a large, athletic dog with a sturdy and well-proportioned body.

Their long, floppy ears frame a broad, square-shaped;head. On top of their flat muzzle are brown, oval-shaped eyes matching their black nose.

Similar to their parents, Goldadors have a double coat a thick and straight topcoat with a soft and dense undercoat.

Some of these dogs inherit the short hair of the Labrador. Others have fur thats long and silky like the Golden Retrievers coat.

Their possible coat colors are white, yellow, gold, red, chocolate, and black.

The Goldador And Its Grooming Requirements

Bathe your Golden Labrador when needed or when they start to smell. Since they are prone to skin problems, frequent baths can make their skin dry.

The floppy ears on these hybrids are also prone to infections, so you will need to clean their ears often.

For their pearly whites, brush their teeth;once or twice a week to avoid dental issues. If you and your floor are getting scratches from your dog, its time to trim their nails.

Will you need a vacuum or allergy medicine?

Do Goldadors shed?;Yes, youll be needing a vacuum.

These crossbreeds are moderate shedders, and their coats lose even more fur during the spring.

All this shedding means that the Goldador is NOT hypoallergenic. You might need to take allergy medicine if your heart is set on this adorable hybrid.

If your Golden Retriever Lab mix inherits the Labrador Retrievers coat, brush their hair once a week. If their hair is similar to the Golden Retrievers, comb their silky hair thrice a week to prevent tangling and matting.

Whatever their coats texture is, youll have to brush them daily during their shedding season, unless you want to spend all day vacuuming your house.

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Origins Of The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is currently the American Kennel Clubs most popular pet dog in the nation and has been for the last 26 years and counting.

They are as close to a canine American institution as any dog is likely to get.

Labs hail from Newfoundland in what is now Canada.

This dog comes from a long line of water dogs, which explains the Labs water-resistant, thick, double layer insulating coat, thick otter tail and wide paws.

Labs are excellent swimmers and have a reputation for loving the water.

It isnt quite known exactly who first came up with the Golden Retriever Labrador mix.

But one thing is sure: with Retrievers for both parents, the Goldador is likely to follow closely in their active, friendly footsteps.

Training And Exercising Your Golden Retriever Lab Mix

Golden Retriever Lab Mix Puppies For Adoption

Both the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever come from strong working dog backgrounds.

As Retriever group dogs, the Lab and the Golden are both accustomed to a high level of daily activity and exercise and a high level of interaction with people.

This means that regardless of which parent dog your Goldador puppy may take after, you can count on bringing home a smart, eager, active and social pup who will need plenty of ongoing socialization and training from day one.

Your Goldador training regimen should include lots of exposure to new people, new places and new situations so your dog grows up to be a poised and calm member of the greater community.

Also, a word of caution: Goldadors will likely possess a strong prey drive because of their hunting and retrieving background, so you should be sure to keep other vulnerable family pets far out of harms way.

For help with other aspects of training, take a look at our potty training and crate training guides.

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Is The Goldador Hypoallergenic

Unfortunately, no.

This Golden Retriever / Lab Mix always inherits the double-coat of the Labrador, which means they have extra fur that kicks up plenty of allergens for those who are allergic to dogs.

The truth is, there arent any breeds of dogs that are entirely hypoallergenic since many people are allergic to their skin, but there are some that are better than others.

< See All Labrador Retriever Mix Puppies Polla Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy For Sale In Fredericksburg Pa 7/4/2020 7/4/2020 7/4/2020 Polla Share This Listing: Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix Sex: Female Size: Standard Birth Date: May 29 2020 Date Available: July 24 2020 Pollas A Quite Active Little Lady With Plenty Of Energy

Labrador retriever mix size. The Lab Pointer Mix is the result of breeding together the Labrador Retriever and the Pointer. She is also known as a Pointerdor, a Labrador-Pointer and a Labrador Retriever Pointer Mix. She is a medium sized dog with a life span of 10 to 15 years and talents in watchdog, hunting, retrieving, search and rescue, tracking, jogging and agility. How big do Labrador Retriever,Terrier Mix get whe they are full grown Answered by a verified Pet Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. The Labrador retriever appeals to just about everyone. Classified as a sporting dog by the American Kennel Club, Labs grow to 24.5 inches for males and 23.5 inches for females. Built for roughhousing, swimming, and, of course, retrieving, Labs range in weight from 55 to 80 pounds. They come in three beautiful colors: black, chocolate, and yellow.

The Great Pyrenees and the Labrador Retrievers designer pup is also known as the Pyrador. This gorgeous designer dog is the mixed breed topic of this article. The Great Pyrenees Lab mix is a unique mix thats become very popular over the last several years.

Name Dexter Breed Dachshund / Labrador Retriever / Mixed

Name Chico. Breed American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever

A lab golden retriever mix, so sweet!! Future Ideas

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Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix Size

Both of Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix parents are medium-sized dogs, so no doubts, Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix is also going to be a medium-sized dog.They Can very very good working dogs as well as a watchdog for big families. Apart from that, it is never recommended to adopt a medium-sized dog if you live in a small Apartment as medium size dog like this word can be very energetic and can be destructive at home in your absence.It was always recommended that you keep them in an apartment with their low-energy. So every time you leave your house, make sure that their energy is completely drained.

What Do Goldadors Look Like

Golden Retriever Lab Mix – Buttercup Board-and-Train Graduation Video

Considering the Goldadors lineage, its appearance can lean more towards Lab or Golden Retriever depending on which parent has the more dominant genes. Despite their name, Goldadors are not exclusively amber, honey, yellow, or golden. Some are chocolate brown, which is still an appealing hue. Other Labradors are darker still with a pure black coat.

Goldadors tend to be single-colored rather than have patterns throughout their fur. Their coat is often not as long as a Labs, and its wavier. Goldadors will shed moderately to heavily due to their double coat. If youre looking for a hypoallergenic dog, the Goldador is not it.

A double coat has an insulating main layer known as the undercoat. Atop the undercoat is a coat of guard hairs. These guard hairs are the visible fur across your Goldadors body that keeps your dog dry and clean.

Goldadors are about the same height as a Lab or Golden Retriever, between 22 and 24 inches at their shoulders. They can weigh upwards of 80 pounds, which makes the Goldador a large breed.

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Golden Retriever Lab Mix Care

Since all Golden Retriever Labrador mixes have the double layer of Lab, they need to be brushed weekly, probably more during shedding season.

In addition to weekly brushing, you will need to brush your dogs teeth regularly to prevent dental problems and gum disease. Their nails should also be trimmed regularly.

Do golden retriever lab mixes make good family pets?

Both parent breeds are popular pets because of the friendly, loyal, and gentle but playful nature of these dogs. They are known to get along well with children and other animals.

Labrador Golden Retriever Mixes respond well to training and can be handled well enough to work as service and therapy dogs.

This mixed breed is a great pet for families with space and time to meet this dogs training needs. As a large and exciting dog, this may be a better pet for families with older children, as a wild Goldador may unintentionally knock over smaller children.

Similar breeds

Here are some other mixed dog breeds to consider if you are interested in a Golden Retriever Labrador mix.

  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix
  • Goldendoodle

The most popular Golden Crossbreed DogsLab mix: Labrador Cross BreedsLabrador retriever mix: which one is right for you?

Training And Exercise Needs

When it comes to training and exercise, this dog is fun. Retrievers, in general, are some of the easiest dogs to train. That being said, the Golden and the Labrador do learn very differently so your puppy might be a tough puzzle.

Goldens learn best through repetition and they are hard workers. They will keep repeating a task until they get it right. They border on obsessive though and it is easy to overwork them so you need to be careful when training your dog.

Labs, on the other hand, hate repetitive tasks. They get bored easily by them and will simply wander away if forced to work on something for too long. Instead, they do best with a few short training sessions every day rather than one longer one.

Labs are also food motivated dogs. If you can tie their training sessions to their meals, you will likely have lots of success. Ask them to sit and wait before eating breakfast or dinner and use treats as a reward.

Your Goldador will fall somewhere in between these two dogs. You might have to wait and see which training method works best for your animal. Regardless, though, your dog will respond best to positive reinforcement. You should be ready to give out lots of kind words and cuddles for a job well done.

Plan to spend about an hour every day outside with your dog. If you do, youll be blessed with a calmer and happier pet in the house.

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Finding A Goldador Puppy

Since the Goldador is a popular designer breed, you probably wont have to work very hard to find a breeder near you with Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers ready to cross for puppies.

Goldador prices vary from breeder to breeder based on how much value they place on their dogs. Especially if their dogs are competitive and not exclusively bred as family pets.

Make sure you pick an experienced and ethical breeder that has carried out all the health tests relevant to both breeds and has looked for Golden Retriever lines that lived longer with lower than average rates of cancer.

An older Golden Retriever stud dog may be ideal as he is more likely to have avoided the cancer gene.

Do Goldadors Make Good Family Pets

Golden Retriever Lab Mix

Goldadors are popular family pets due to the friendly, loyal, and gentle yet playful nature of these dogs. They are known for getting along well with children and other animals.

Labrador Golden Retriever Mixes respond well to training and can be well mannered enough to work as service dogs and therapy dogs.

This mix makes a great family pet for those families with space and time to meet this dogs exercise requirements.

But, as a large and excitable dog, this may be a better pet for families with older children, as a rambunctious Goldador may unintentionally knock over smaller children.

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Activity Level And Temperament

Bred as hunting companions, labs and goldens are members of the sporting dogs group. They were designed to be active with their human partners all dayswimming, running, and of course, retrieving game. This means that theyre best suited to an active lifestyle. Theyre both ideal breeds if you enjoy jogging, walking, and exploring.

Both goldens and labs are highly intelligent dogs and excel in different roles, working as service dogs, guide dogs, and search and rescue dogs.

One thing to keep in mind if youre considering adding a retriever to your family: these breeds are not particularly good guard dogs. While their friendly demeanor makes them exceptional family pets, it also makes them less of a threat to intruders.

Labs and goldens are family dogs to their core, and they want to spend time with their favorite people. They dont do well when left to their own devices;and will need;a trusted pet sitter or dog walker;to help out if youre not available during the day.

So with all these similarities, how do you choose? Hopefully, this guide solves your debate between a Golden retriever vs. Labrador retriever.

No matter which breed you choose, youll be gaining a lovable family member. And nothing beats that.

Labrador Golden Retriever Mix And Families

Despite its large size, the Labrador mixed with Golden Retriever is a great family dog because of its easy-going personality. It is extremely friendly and affectionate. Youll see him greeting even strangers by wagging its tails or kissing anyone he meets. The Goldador is the type of dog that goes well in a loving and active family one that considers him as a family member.

The Golden Labradors cherish the company with children. They are naturally gentle, but they can play tirelessly as long as your kids can keep up. However, due to their sheer size, supervision is still needed around toddlers and infants.

The Goldadors makes an excellent therapy and companion dog. Because of their affectionate nature, they generally do well when given lots of attention and affection. These hybrid dogs love to be with people, and hence it is tough for them to cope with solitude. So give love lots of love and affection to your Goldador Lab Retriever Mix and expect that it will shower you back with love.


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    Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix Coat

    Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix tends to have a single coat that comes with either short hair or medium size hair. It is likely to experience some shedding from Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix occasionally as it totally depends upon how much they inherit from its parent Golden Retriever.Apart from that, their coat also needs some frequent grooming done to maintain the cleanliness and healthiness of hairs. You will have to brush their coat every two or three days so that their hair wont get Tangled if they come with medium-sized hair fall. Well, we will discuss the grooming part later, lets know about their coat color.

    Border Collie And Golden Retriever Mix

    Lab Golden Retriever Cross VS Great Dane Lab Husky Mix

    Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular family dogs. Like Borders, theyre smart but also playful. The Golden Border Retriever or Gollie can grow as tall as 17 inches and weigh as heavy as 88 pounds .

    This hybrid has a rough, dense, and water-resistant outer coat and a softer hair inside.

    Youll find Gollies in different colors such as black, gold or yellow, white, brown, and chocolate. Some even have white markings on their faces and chests, just like Borders.

    Coltrievers have that work-hard, play-hard personality. Theyre skilled at different types of jobs such as police work, but they can also be easy going. They love pleasing their owners and very loving.

    If you want the Golden Border Retriever as an addition to your family and know that you can provide its needs for physical and mental stimulation, you wont regret going for this pooch.

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    Golden Retriever Lab Color And Coat

    Like any mixed breed dog, Golden Retriever Lab puppies may look more like a Labrador than a Golden Retriever, or vice versa.

    These puppies could look like a black, yellow or chocolate Lab or be born with a light or dark gold coat of a Golden Retriever.

    Some puppies will come out looking like an equal mix of each parent.

    If the Golden Retriever Lab puppies are very similar to their Labrador parents, they may be born as one of the following:

    • Black Goldador
    • Chocolate Goldador
    • Yellow Goldador

    If the puppies closely resemble their Golden Retriever parents, they may be born as one of the following:

    • Dark Goldador
    • Golden Goldador
    • Light golden goldador

    Although the Golden Retriever has a longer coat with some feathers, the Labrador Golden Retriever mix always inherits the Labs thick double coat.

    The double coat has a soft base coat under a rough top coat that is water resistant.Golden Retriever Labrador mixes may have the short coat length of their Lab parents. Or they may exhibit a slightly longer and wilder version of the coat of their golden parents, but without as much feathering as a purebred golden. Either way, their coats are fairly low maintenance.

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