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How Often Should My Golden Retriever Be Groomed

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Best Brush For Golden Retriever Shedding

Golden Retriever Grooming Guide

Should you use a shedding tool like an undercoat rake, stripping knife, or shedding blade when your Golden Retriever is dropping a lot of fur during peak shedding season?

While some home groomers do like to use these tools to cope with seasonal shedding, many professional dog groomers who work with Goldens advise owners to use heavy-duty shedding devices only with extreme caution.

Regular use of your thinning shears, and especially your slicker brush, can do the job of a more powerful bladed tool. And you wont run the risk of damaging your Golden Retrievers beautiful coat.

Here are some good brushes for shedding.

Towels And Blow Dryers

As we know that, incomplete drying may result in various parasitic growth in the skin coat of your Golden Retriever. So, after a messy and wet bathing experience, you need to wipe off the excess water from your pet using a soft and dry towel. Besides this, a dog-specific blow dryer also increases the volume of the hair of your pet like:

They Have The Right Tools

Professional groomers have all the right tools to get your dog looking his best, from different kinds of clippers and rounded scissors to an adjustable grooming table. Theyre equipped with nontoxic, gentle shampoos for dogs with skin allergies or irritations, or those with fleas.

Many groomers also know how to groom for breed show cuts, which requires precise attention to detail and knowledge of the specific breed requirements. Different coats require different brushes and groomers have them. The more dead hair they remove from your dog, the less youll find on your living room rug.

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Grooming Dogs With Curly & Wavy Coats

These breeds are the most likely to mat. Any hair longer than half an inch should be brushed at least twice a week, and hair longer than an inch should be brushed daily. Most groomers recommend keeping curly and wavy hair at a maximum length of two inches.

These dogs require professional grooming every four to six weeks to prevent severe matting. Very curly dogs like Poodles should be brushed at least three times a week, if not daily. As with other long-haired breeds, do not attempt to remove mats yourself.

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Curly Or Wavy Causes And Solution

Top Pet Grooming Tips for Golden Retrievers in 2020 (With ...

You cannot deny that one of the reasons for;the outrageous popularity of a Golden Retriever;is its irresistible skin coat and silky hair. The soft, shiny, and long hair of a Golden Retriever makes this dog breed one of the beautiful creatures alive. Dont you find the fur of your pet appealing? What kind of hair does your pal have?;Is the hair of your Golden Retriever curly or wavy?

According to the type of breed, some Golden Retriever naturally has curly hair. Yet, some reasons can make your Golden Retrievers hair wavy, like environmental stress, food habits, lack of care, shedding, the side-effect of medications, and diseases. Besides this, the unhealthy lifestyle of your pet has a vital influence on the hair coat.

Although most owners prefer straight hair in Golden Retriever, curly hair also suits the pet equally. However, since it is easier to manage, I like a straight-haired Golden Retriever.

What do you prefer, wavy-haired or straight hair Golden Retriever?

Undoubtedly, I will disclose more facts about the hair coat of Golden Retriever further in this article. And firstly, let us dig into the regular skin coat type of these dog breeds.

  • Is It Ok If Your Golden Retriever Has A Short Hair?
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    Grooming Your Golden Retriever Puppy

    Many people are unsure of how to go about grooming their golden retriever puppy.

    You might be thinking, Why brush my puppys teeth? Theyre just going to fall out

    Or, Why brush my puppy? His coat isnt even fully grown.

    Very true, but getting your puppy used to being groomed will be so helpful when theyre bigger.

    An unhappy 75 lb golden retriever in the shower is not easy to manage, but if you groom them often as puppies and pair it with positive rewards such as treats and praise, your puppy will enjoy grooming and it will be easy for you.

    How Often Should A Golden Retriever Be Professionally Groomed

    For around $50 a professional groomer will take care of all of the above-listed challenges. The Golden Retrievers coat has an average growth rate of 0.5 to 1.0 inches per month.

    This implies that they need trimming off 0.5-1.0 inches every month.;

    To save some money, you can have your Golden Retriever professionally groomed every few months and groom it at home in the meanwhile.

    The professional grooming sessions are important because they give proper shape and structure, making home grooming easier to manage.;

    However, if you have more money than time, you can have your Golden Retriever groomed by a professional every month.;

    Tip:; Make sure your groomer, and you speak the same language. Groomers often use professional terms, and owners use the term they read online but do not fully understand.;

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    Bad Diets = Bad Shedding

    Diet is a big contributing factor to how your dog sheds. A dog with poor nutrition and little exercise will have dry and itchy skin, damaged hair roots, and increased stress.

    Keep your golden well fed and care for and they will display that love with a beautiful healthy coat.

    The Best dog food for Large breeds comes down to doing some research, and finding what works best your furry friend based on age, size, and other contributing factors like allergies and sensitivities.

    Read the label, avoid big box retail stores that sell generic brands, and shop at pet stores that have special knowledge about the food they sell. A food rich with fatty acids, and healthy proteins will promote a strong healthy coat.

    When Does Your Golden Retriever Get Its Full Coat

    Show Grooming for Golden Retriever with #Hydra

    Although most people assume Golden Retriever has long hair since birth, it is only a myth. Generally, these breeds hair grows three months after birth.

    In the initial days of their life, Golden Retrievers look like a yellow-fluffy ball with short-dense hair. And as these dogs get older, their hair grows longer and covers their entire body.

    However, it does not mean that all these breeds grow long hair. Generally, the hair growth of these breeds depends on their diet, exercise, care, and genes. Moreover, Retrievers also shed a lot of hair in the spring season that affects their hair growth.

    And after the age of two, Golden Retrievers hair starts graying and thinning.

    However, if you want to know about the skin coat of these dogs, you can read the article-;How To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever?

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    How Do You Groom A Golden Retrievers Tail

    Before you trim your Golden Retrievers tail make sure you have brushed it thoroughly, removing all tangles and matting. Your Retrievers tail should just reach your dogs hocks, hold the tail downwards and use your thumb to mark where this would be on the tail. Use thinning scissors and begin to trim past where your thumb is, taking small bit by bit. Taking your time this way you should eventually reach your desired length.

    Bathing Tips For Your Golden Retriever

    Its a good idea to introduce baths to your Golden as soon as possible. If you have a new puppy, you should start baths at six weeks of age. Early on, these baths can even be fake baths so to speak. Just run some water on them, so they grow accustomed to the process and learn to enjoy their bath time routine.

    Its also important to note that you should praise and reward your dog during and after a bath. So, I say after a successful and well-behaved bath time routine, that your pup be rewarded with a treat or two!

    I also highly recommend giving them lots of snuggles and play time after their bath as this will help them relieve the stress they had before or during this event.;In time, your Golden Retriever may even come to look forward to bath time!

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    Understanding Your Golden Retrievers Coat

    Your golden retrievers beautiful coat goes through different growth stages.;

    The first stage is when your golden retriever puppy is approximately three months old. Their fur is short and fluffy at this point. Around this time, youll also start to see some long hair starting to grow on the golden retrievers tail.;

    Golden retrievers are a breed of dog that has whats known as a double coat. They have an undercoat thats dense and lightly colored, and a darker, coarser outer coat.

    Interestingly, golden retriever puppies dont completely shed their fur. The new, long fur the outer coat is what grows and takes over the other coat. The process for this to happen usually takes about 18 months.;

    Many golden retrievers will also have long feather-like hairs. These are fine hairs that youll see on their legs, belly, and behind their legs.;

    Golden Retrievers Are Social Dogs

    Golden Retriever Grooming

    If youre looking for a dog that you can stick in the backyard to entertain themselves or leave at home while you go have a fun day out on the town, a golden might not be the dog for you.

    Golden retrievers are social animals and they love to be with their families.

    If youre considering a golden retriever, you should be the type of person who likes to take your dog when you do things.

    Whether thats boating and hiking, going to breweries and coffee shops, or just walking around the neighborhood, if you get a golden retriever you should plan on taking them with you.

    Theyre social dogs and all they want to do is be with their families.

    If that doesnt sound fun to you, then maybe a golden isnt the right fit.

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    How Often To Bathe Golden Retriever Dogs

    Your dog needs to bath twice a month avoiding getting their ears wet as part of;their Golden Retriever grooming routine. It is highly recommended to brush their coat before you bathe to reduce the amount of hair and tangles. Bathing and grooming a Golden Retriever will assist in the removal of loose hair, making the job of cleaning up after a coat drop a little easier.;;A quality dog shampoo should be used for washing and if skin reactions occur, try a different product as there are many to choose on the market. Rinse off the shampoo carefully. Your dog will also require rinsing after swimming in chlorinated or salt water to avoid skin irritations.

    It is important that Golden Retrievers are thoroughly dried after bathing, especially the ears and; tail. Goldens can get limber tail from cold water at the base of the tail which can be very sore and his tail will just hang, too painful to wag.

    How Often Should I Brush My Golden Retrievers Teeth

    An essential part of your Goldens care that is often overlooked is the care of the teeth. If the dogs teeth are not clean, he will have bad breath, but more importantly, poor oral hygiene can result in all kinds of diseases, discomfort, and pain.

    Dogs with dirty teeth can suffer from mouth infections. Periodontitis, if not controlled, can result in infections that can occur in essential organs such as kidneys, liver, brain, and heart. Other problems, such as mouth ulcers and loose teeth, can also be caused by inadequate oral hygiene.

    You can prevent all these unpleasant problems by brushing your dogs teeth regularly. I was advised by my vet and dog groomer to brush my dogs teeth at least once a week, but twice a week is better. I brush his teeth on Sundays and Wednesdays.

    Do not use toothpaste for people, but . It is best to start learning this method of dental care at a young age. Our dog Stippy loves the taste of the dog toothpaste, so he doesnt mind when I brush his teeth twice every week. Offering chewing tufts and chew toys also promotes dental cleaning.

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    Golden Retriever Nail Clipping

    If you are planning on trimming your pets claws, doing it in the tub is a great idea. Many dogs stand still better for this job when they are in the bathtub.

    Choose a nail trimmer for larger claws, such as Millers Forge Nail Clipper. If you can see the quick, or the live area inside the nail that features a blood vessel, clip just above that, removing the tip of the nail.

    If you cant see the quicksay, your dog has very dark or black nailsanother method is to look at the underside of the claw. Near where the claw begins to curve, towards the tip, the dead section on the underside will be hollow, like a canoe. This hollow area can be safely trimmed. If you trim too close, and a drop of blood appears, simply apply a styptic powder, such as Remedy+Recovery Styptic Powder, to the area to stop the bleeding.

    How Do I Brush My Golden Retriever


    Start by putting your puppy or dog on a table and have him or her stand up. Its easier to brush and groom your Golden when he or she is standing, and it will make the experience for your dog much better. Having a young pup standing for a more extended period can be difficult, I know, but dont give up.

    In the beginning, have someone help you by holding your Golden puppy and reward him or her with some yummy treats for standing still and being such a good girl or boy. Your pup will learn and will get more relaxed in time.

    There are several types of brushes you can use; each has its purpose. Begin brushing by using a slicker brush. Brush the entire body of your dog. The head, back, belly, chest, paws, tail, behind the ears, the armpits, and the back legs. These last three mentioned spots are spots where matting can occur, so they are essential to brush and prevent matting.

    Brush gently down to the skin, a small section at the time, and be careful not to brush too firm, which can hurt your dog. Brush with the direction the hair grows. A dog groomer, who is a friend of mine, told me it is best to start brushing at the bottom and work your way up, start at the end of the dog and work towards the front.

    Adult Golden Retrievers shed during the shedding season, which is twice a year around Spring and Autumn. Youll know its that time of the year again when you find more golden hairs than usual on your floor, clothes, and couch, and your vacuum cleaner will is used a lot more!

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    What Happens With Too Many Baths

    One of the most common concerns when you start bathing your Golden two or three times a week is the loss of natural oils in the dogs coat. These oils are necessary for healthy hair growth.

    In addition to stripping your dogs coat of the necessary oils, you can also create dry skin or other skin conditions that will irritate your dog.

    During the colder months, you can actually make your dog sick if you bath her too often. Getting your dog completely dry is very difficult. It is not a big deal in the summer for obvious reasons.

    In the winter, however, dogs that stay even a little bit wet are at a higher risk for getting sick.

    How Often Do Golden Retrievers Need To Go To The Vet

    One of the friendliest dogs there is, golden retrievers are the 3rd most popular dog breed in the United States. The key to giving your best fur friend a long and happy life is by taking care of it! Here is how you know when your golden needs to head to the vet!

    How Often Do Golden Retrievers Need to Go to the Vet?

    • Heartworm prevention at eight weeks
    • Lyme disease vaccination at nine weeks and again at 12 weeks
    • Rabies vaccine at twelve weeks
    • Spay or neuter at six months
    • Annual exams after the age of one
    • Two visits per year after the age of eight

    Golden retrievers are an amazing breed. By knowing what to look for, you can keep your dog in perfect health. Not only is this going to show you some of the common issues, but youll also know the warning signs your pet may be giving off as well.

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    Benefits Of Bathing Your Golden

    Bathing your Golden will help her smell betterat least once she dries off completely.

    Another important perk of doggy bath time, is the stronger bond between you and your dog. Something happens whenever you spend time with your dog. When bathing is accompanied with proper grooming and brushing, your dog will connect with you in a stronger way than before.

    One of the biggest pet-peeve people have when it comes to Goldens is their shedding. Even people that love these dogs usually are not crazy about the shedding all over the house.

    Properly bathing your dog, which includes blow drying afterwards, will significantly reduce the amount of shedding during those molting months when it gets so bad. Make sure that you dont skip the baths during those two times each year.

    The Right Amount Of Food

    Golden Retriever Grooming

    Watch its food. Whilst still a puppy, following the animal being weaned, it is important to start creating habits by establishing mealtimes. Feed your golden retriever puppy three to four times a day . If after 30 minutes of placing the feeding bowl on the ground the dog has not eaten, remove the bowl and wait for its next feeding time. This will help your pet understand that there are moments to eat and moments for playing, something that may be difficult for the dog to understand as it is a very active breed.

    Regarding the actual food, a question that often arises is what amount of food to offer the dog. In our article how much should my dog be fed we will explain feeding in detail and in regard to the age of the pet. It is important you feed your dog quality food so it can grown into a healthy adult.

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