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Is Purina Pro Plan Good For Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retriever Allergies & Food

Large Dog Agility – 2013 Purina® Incredible Dog Challenge® Las Vegas

If your dog is displaying symptoms of a food allergy, it could be caused by any food they consume, from wheat to meat. The best treatment is to visit your vet and discuss an allergy test or an elimination diet. There are also a number of dog foods for allergies that eliminate common dietary culprits.

Not sure if your dog has allergies? Remember that allergies can develop at any age. Here are signs you should get in touch with your vet:

  • Itchy skin
  • Swollen ears, lips, eyelids earflaps

What Are The Advantages Of Early Spay And Neutering

  • Puppies have less bleeding, pain and recover more quickly
  • Lower risks of mammary and reproductive disorders and cancers
  • Eliminates the risk of accidentally producing puppies
  • No behavioral conditions develop as a result of early spay/neuter, and undesirable behaviors such as urine marking, aggression, and roaming are less likely to develop
  • Reproductive organs stay smaller and are less noticeable.
  • We have done early spay neuters for over 20 years and have never had a medical problem because of the procedure
  • Research indicates the longest living dogs have all been early spay neuter puppies

Price And Package Size

Owning a dog can be expensive, partially due to the cost of dog food. Though standard dog food brands tend to be somewhat cheaper than premium and organic options, most dog foods fall within a certain price range. If you have multiple dogs at home or are looking to save money, consider buying dog food in bulk. Larger packages generally offer more value per pound or ounce.

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Pethonesty Allergy Relief Immunity Supplement For Dogs

If you are a dog owner who prefers feeding his Golden Retriever with skin allergies a diet that is recommended by a veterinarian, this Allergy Relief Immunity Supplement is a fantastic choice. These chews feature wild-caught Alaskan salmon as the first ingredient for a high-quality sources.

Crafted using all-natural ingredients, the supplement contains salmon oil which helps relieve itchy skin allergies and is rich in omega fatty acids that support skin and coat health. It combines powerful ingredients to improve immune and digestion health by addressing the cause of allergies in Golden Retrievers.

To provide wholesome nutrition to your pooch, the supplements contain no wheat, corn, GMO products, wheat, or synthetic additives.


Check on Chewy or

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain

Golden Retriever Rae competes in the 30 weave up

Blue Buffalo is a high-quality brand that rarely disappoints me, and this recipe from Blue Buffalo Freedom is no exception.

I think its a great choice for Golden Retrievers who are older or less active; it may be slightly low in protein and fat for a typical Golden Retriever.

The protein content comes mainly from high-qualitydebonedlamb. There are many sources of fat, including chicken fat, and canola, flaxseed and fish oils, making it high in omega-3s, which will keep her coat looking healthy. Its also a good choice if she suffers from skin irritation, as the omegas will act as anti-inflammatories.

There is a good range of fruit and veg in this recipe, and during the cooking process, Blue Buffalo preserves their potency by minimizing their exposure to heat. As a result, this food provides her with plenty of powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants. The use of blueberries and sweet potatoes in this formula also promote her eye health.

Lastly, this is a good choice for Golden Retrievers with joint problems, as it includes high amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin.


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Considerations Unique To Golden Retrievers

While dog nutrition is generally pretty universal, there are a few specific considerations to make for golden retrievers and other larger dog breeds.

These considerations vary depending on the age of the dog. Puppies have very different nutritional needs from adult dogs. Youll notice that Purina Pro Plan have separate formulas for puppies and adult dogs.

Golden retrievers specifically are a larger dog breed and require a diet with the proper balance of protein, fat, and carbs. Large dog breeds are more prone to obesity, orthopedic disease, and gastrointestinal bloat, so its important to get the right food in the right quantities.

Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Dry Dog Food

This salmon & potato recipe dry dog food from Diamond Naturals is crafted with premium ingredients making it ideal for Golden Retrievers with skin allergies. With wild-caught salmon as the first ingredient, the food offers an optimal amino acid profile for lean, robust muscles.

The recipe features high-quality ingredients with added superfoods like minerals & vitamins that help promote immune and digestion. Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that give your Golden Retriever a healthy skin and glossy coat. It also contains highly digestible probiotics that endure and thrive in the GI tract for smooth digestion.

This nutrient-rich dog food contains no wheat, fillers, synthetic additives, corn, or preservatives.


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Prebreeding Health Screenings & Nutrition During Pregnancy

Q: Many researchers of the condition dilated cardiomyopathy advise us not to feed boutique diets or grain-free foods to possibly help prevent this condition. If a Golden Retriever bitch has not been fed these foods, is an echocardiogram screening suggested prior to breeding?

Dr. Hesser: Some veterinary cardiologists and nutritionists advise not to feed grain-free, exotic or boutique diets because of their possible link to DCM. In addition, there are other cardiac conditions such as subvalvular aortic stenosis that are important to be aware of prior to breeding a bitch. In fact, the Golden Retriever Club of America includes a congenital, advanced or basic cardiac examination by a cardiologist as part of the OFA CHIC health tests for the breed. Congenital heart defects, those that are present at birth, may not create a murmur or apparent heart disease in a young dog. However, these conditions may be screened for prior to breeding with an echocardiogram, or an ultrasound of the heart. Being aware of any heart disease in a bitch is important going into pregnancy due to the extra work placed on the heart to support the bitch and her litter. Even a minor heart problem may advance into a serious or life-threatening situation.;

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy

PURINA® PRO PLAN® | Ingrid om sin Golden Retriever og Jack Russel
  • PACKED WITH REAL CHICKEN: A recipe made to satisfy your puppys…
  • HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: BLUE Wilderness grain free puppy food is…
  • A NATURAL DOG FOOD: BLUE dry dog food is made with the finest…

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This recipe contains healthy carbohydrates such as peas, potatoes and carrots, so he will be full of puppy energy, as well as Chicken, Chicken meal and fish meal for his muscles and growing bones.; Eventually, wed love to see a Bison recipe to round out the flavor selection.

In addition to the tasty kibble pieces, it also contains Blue Buffalos LifeSource Bits which are a precise blend of puppy life-stage nutrients and they are cold-formed to retain their potency and taste. Many owners can attest that their Golden Retriever puppy loved the taste and couldnt get enough at mealtimes.

We love that this recipe has the joint highest fiber content, so if your Golden has a sensitive stomach or particularly bad flatulence this recipe would be great for him.

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Natural Balance Lid Dry Dog Food

If your Golden Retriever is allergic to chicken and prefer giving him an alternative source of protein, this limited ingredients dog food from Natural Balance is a fantastic choice. This lamb meal & brown rice formula helps reduce the number of ingredients pooches are subjected to.

The formula has a lamb meal as the first ingredient, a macronutrient that supports muscle build and maintenance and adds palate to the food. While being ideal for Golden Retrievers with skin allergies, it also contains the right amount of fat that supports skin and coat health. Brown rice is also very digestible which is excellent for pooches with allergies.


Best Dog Foods For Golden Retrievers

By GreatDogZone

If youre the proud owner of a golden retriever, youve probably already asked yourself, What is the best dog food for a golden retriever? Dog owners who are concerned about their pets health can easily spend hours researching canine nutrition. With so many products on the market, it can be challenging to discover the best dog food brand for meeting your retrievers nutritional needs.

The truth is that there are many high-quality dog food options available today. Some cater to specific health requirements, whereas others are ideal for more general canine nutrition.

Weve done extensive research and testing to discover the top wet and dry food options for golden retrievers. If your beloved hound is in need of a new pet food, try one of the following top-rated products.

Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Golden Retrievers


  • In Conclusion:
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    Orijen Six Fish Formula

    • ORIJEN Six Fish dog food delivers a diet rich and varied in…
    • With 85% quality animal ingredients, ORIJEN nourishes dogs…
    • Using fresh and raw animal ingredients, including meat, organs,…
    • Our Fresh Regional Ingredients are supplied by people we know and…

    If you click the link above and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

    This premium recipe is packed full of high-quality protein sources and ingredients, so much so that only 2 added supplements, zinc and copper, are added to the mix, because everything he needs is already in there. The first 9 ingredients are fish and fish meals, so this recipe is unparalleled when it comes to high-quality protein that is also full of omega fatty acids which are fantastic for the Goldens coat.

    This recipe is grain free, and it is processed at a low temperature which means that it is nutrient-rich. This biologically appropriate diet is super tasty, and most Golden Retrievers can thrive on this recipe.

    We love that this premium recipe is made with 6 fishes, so not only does this provide him with the highest protein content and plenty of omega fatty acids for his coat, but it also provides his body with enough energy to keep him sustained throughout the day.

    Antiangiogenic Foods For Dogs

    Everyday Little Victories with Purina® Pro Plan

    These are beneficial foods that help destroy blood vessels necessary for tumor growth and metastasis. These include:

    • Curcumin
    • Kale
    • Apples

    After reviewing over 500 cases of DCM, the FDA alerted the public as to the 16 dog food brands which resulted in the most cases of DCM. ACANA, Zignature, and Taste of the Wilde are among the brands that are mentioned. That said, we have intentionally omitted the listed dog food brands from our reviews for the time being.

    Here is the list of the dog-food brands on the FDAs DCM POTENTIAL CONNECTION list. 91 per cent of the products were labelled grain-free ,;while 93 per cent contained peas, lentils , or potatoes , via CBC news.

    The brands identified include:

    For more information, visit:

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    Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Golden Retriever Puppy

    Unlike adults, Golden Retriever puppies and all puppies in general have significantly different nutritional needs. Thus, this variant of the Breed Health Nutrition range, is specially formulated to provide puppies with the nourishment that they need to grow up healthy and strong.

    To ensure good cardiovascular development, taurine, EPA and DHA are blended in to give your pup a good start on life. Also present are Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to ensure that your pups skin and coat develop healthily.

    Along with this, the Breed Health Nutrition for puppies contains a mix of vitamins and minerals for healthy joint and muscle growth.

    Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Wet Dog Food

    Manufactured by Purina, the Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Adult Wet Dog Food foregoes any pretensions and gets straight down to business. Formulated from a blend of meat, vegetables and rice, this range of wet dog food is intended to provide your Golden Retriever with delicious, energy-rich food to sustain his active lifestyle.

    This food is offered in a variety of combinations like chicken and rice or lamb and vegetables. Your golden retriever will love the real meat and vegetables. Along with this, your Golden Retriever can enjoy healthy development thanks to the addition of 23 essential vitamins and minerals.

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    Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult


    This Large Breed Adult formula is one of 13 dry recipes covered in our review of the Diamond Naturals product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, whole grain brown rice, cracked pearled barley, ground white rice
    • Type: Grain-inclusive
    • Profile: Maintenance
    • Best for:Adult goldens

    Diamond Naturals Large Breed gets the better part of its meat protein from fresh chicken and chicken meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 26% protein, 14% fat and 52% estimated carbs creating a fat-to-protein ratio of about 57%.

    We like the fact that this particular formula contains zinc proteinate and 3 other chelated minerals, costly items not typically found in such a budget-friendly, high quality option. A top pick for adult goldens. Easy to recommend.

    Sample buyer reviewWe have seen great changes in our dogs on this food. My beagle is getting older and slowing down. With the Diamond food, he is running all over and back to jumping on the couch and bed again. My male Great Pyrenees had digestive issues that cleared right up. My female Great Pyrenees was always getting skin issues with a rough coat. She isnt scratching and her coat is gorgeous. Thank you Diamond for giving my dogs their lives back.

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Large

    30 Weave Dog Event – 2013 Purina® Incredible Dog Challenge® Las Vegas

    The top five ingredients are deboned salmon, chicken meal, pea protein, peas, and tapioca starch, with a minimum of 32 percent protein.

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Chicken is a great option for those looking for higher protein and an optimal blend of calcium, phosphorus, and essential vitamins to help keep bones strong.

    Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids found in fish meal and flaxseed ensure a healthy coat.;

    An ideal blend of protein, fat and carbohydrates are also included to assist your large breed dog in keeping a healthy weight.;

    The formula doesnt contain any grains or gluten and has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

    It also has antioxidants to boost immune health and no poultry by-products.

    Glucosamine and chondroitin are added for healthy joints.

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    The 5 Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

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    Affectionate, playful, and super intelligent, the beautiful Golden Retriever is popular all over the world. Their gentle nature and eagerness to please makes them an outstanding family dog.

    Weighing in at around 55-75 pounds, these big dogs do require lots of daily activity.

    They are perfect for any home where they can have some room to run or an owner that is dedicated to providing them with plenty of exercise.

    Golden Retrievers are also great with children. Their golden color can be various shades but it is always golden.

    Skin Conditions In Golden Retrievers

    Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common skin conditions in dogs and Golden Retrievers are among the breeds susceptible to it. While the signs of food allergies and atopic dermatitis are clinically vague, research is ongoing to find the correlation between antibody levels in pooches with the disorder.

    Scientists, however, deduce a correlation between environmental allergens and atopic dermatitis which means the skin irritation in your Golden Retriever can be relieved via dietary adjustments.

    8 Best Dog Foods for Golden Retrievers with Skin Allergies

    While it helps alleviate allergy symptoms, finding the best dog food for Golden Retrievers with skin allergies is not an easy task. The search becomes even more demanding if you still need the dog food to be palatable.

    However, we did the hard part for you, and here are our picks:

  • Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach
  • Taste of the Wild Dog Food Pacific Stream with Smoked Salmon
  • Blue Buffalo Basics Dry Dog Food
  • Hills Science Diet Wet Dog Food
  • Natural Balance L.I.D Dry Dog Food
  • Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Dry Dog Food
  • Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Puppy Food
  • PetHonesty Allergy Relief Immunity Supplement for Dogs
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    Things To Consider Before Buying A Dog Food For Your Golden Retriever

    Selecting a new dog food to buy isnt an easy task. Many factors, ranging from your golden retrievers age to brand reliability should be taken into consideration before switching dog foods. We recommend weighing the following product features, needs, and preferences before making a final purchasing decision.

    What To Look For

    Golden Retriever

    The reason I always recommend commercial dog food over homemade is that the former is carefully prepared to fulfill the dietary needs per meal. And it is all right there on the label. From the amount of proteins and fat to the total caloric content per cup.

    Here is what you should look for on the label.

    • Lean Meat The best food for Golden Retriever is one that has meat as its first ingredient, and that meat should be lean. Poultry is preferable over red meat because it has the right amount of fat as well.
    • Low Fat Keep in mind that large breeds have a slower metabolism, which means they are more susceptible to weight gain. I would say go for anything that has around 10 to 15% fat. However, you should focus on fiber as well because it can help with fat metabolism.
    • Good Carbs No active breed can thrive without carbs. Look for quality vegetable sources such as potatoes or other tubers. These sources are also rich in minerals and vitamins essential for healthy bones and teeth.
    • Fatty Acids Goldies are quite furry, which means you should look for fur-friendly ingredients as well. Fatty acids from fish can do wonders for the skin and coat of your baby.
    • Fillers and Additives: Go for a filler-free food that doesnt contain artificial flavors or additives. This should also be your criteria for snacks and treats.

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