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Do Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot Of Hair

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S To Handle The Shedding

Do Golden Retrievers shed a lot of hair?
  • Feed them plenty of protein and Omega-3s
  • Consider Fish Oil Supplements
  • 1. Feed them plenty of protein and Omega-3s

    A healthy and balanced diet is your first line of defense against excessive shedding.

    The most important thing is that, of course, you want to feed your dog high-quality dog food, but you should also focus on foods with high protein content and foods that are rich in fatty oils such as Omega 3 and Omega 6.

    Low quality dog food may be cheaper and easier on the wallet, but it will definitely cause more harm than good to your dog. Food is one area where you dont want to save money.

    2. Consider Fish Oil Supplements

    Dogs can usually get their required fatty acids from their foods if theyre on a natural diet, but if they cant, they will need fish oil supplements. These are the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids supplements that are important for your dogs health.

    Fish oils supplements that are high in Omega 3 Fatty acids are quite common to boost coat quality, and they can also support their joint, heart, and immune health.

    You want to look for high-quality pharmaceutical supplements, my recommendation would be Vetoquinol Triglyceride Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement Capsules with Fish Oil for Pets. Check it on

    3. Regular Brushing

    Regular brushing will help greatly by removing dead and loose hairs.

    You can check out my recommended brushes here.

    4. Regular Baths

    5. Rub them down after brushing and baths

    6. Use high-quality dog shampoos

    7. Take them swimming

    Tips To Get Control Of The Shedding

    1. Feed a Proper Diet

    Make sure to give your dog a healthy nutritious diet. Feeding your dog a proper diet will result in a healthier dog and a healthier coat. A healthy diet that includes essential vitamins and nutrients, fatty acids, and digestible protein, will help reduce shedding.

    Avoid feeding anything that your dog may be allergic too, and avoid low quality food that is filled with filler and ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

    A diet high in protein, and Omega-3s will help to improve your dogs overall health and will strengthen your dogs hair and keep the coat beautiful.

    2. Provide Plenty of Fresh Clean Water

    Always have fresh clean water available for your dog to drink. Keeping your dog hydrated will help to prevent excessive shedding. Dehydration can cause dry skin in your dog, which can cause itching and irritation, resulting in loosening of the hair, causing your dog to shed more.

    3. Brush Regularly

    Brush your dog regularly, I highly recommend daily brushing of your Golden Retriever. All you need is 10-15 minutes a day to give your golden a good brushing. This will help stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and promote a healthy coat.

    Brushing outside is also recommended, to avoid excess hair in the house. A good quality Pin Brush is all I use every day on my Golden Retriever, if you want to read about the brushes that I recommend for a Golden Retriever, you can read my article by clicking here.

    4. Bathe Your Dog

    5. Get Your Dog Groomed

    How Active Are Labradors

    If youre looking to own a dog with little commitment, a Labrador may not be for you as they require vigorous exercise every day. A Labrador has an athletic nature, which means it loves to run and swim.

    Because this breed has lots of energy, Labradors require around 2 hours a day to keep them physically and mentally fit. You can exercise Labradors by playing fetch games, taking them swimming, or taking them on a brisk walk.

    If you fail to give a Labrador an ample amount of exercise, they may put on lots of weight and develop behavioral issues such as excessive chewing and digging.

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    Why Do They Shed So Much

    Well, Golden Retrievers have a double coat that protects them from the weather. The double coat is composed of an oily, waterproof outer coat and a thick undercoat. This protective layer is the reason Golden Retrievers can spend lots of time in water and cold weather. On the other hand, this double coat is the cause of agony for many Golden Retrievers owners.

    Shedding Caused By Stress

    Do Golden Retrievers Shed a Lot?

    Stress can have adverse effects on dogs, similar to the way it affects humans. So, high-stress levels can contribute to excessive shedding of fur. When considering your Golden Retrievers stress levels, ask yourself:

    • Have there been any significant changes in your home?
    • Are they regularly fed and given water?
    • Are they able to regularly get enough rest?
    • Are they getting enough exercise?
    • Are they being bonded with and given attention?

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    How To Keep Shedding Under Control

    Although shedding for golden retrievers is usually normal. You are probably asking yourself if there are ways to reduce your Goldens shedding. So you dont have to constantly clean your car, clothes, and home of all the annoying hair.

    Fortunately, you only need some basic coat maintenance, and grooming. It can help control shedding and reduce the amount of Golden Retriever fur that ends up on your favorite coat or your work jacket.

    There are many things you can do to keep shedding under control. However, bear in mind, you never want to do anything that will compromise the health and skin of your golden retriever.

    Here are some tips on how to keep shedding under control, and reduce the hair loose on your beloved puppy without risking any skin problems

    If you notice any signs of serious skin problems, or your golden retriever degree of shedding appears abnormal, you need to consult your veterinarian. Medical conditions such as skin allergies or thyroid disease can cause excessive shedding. elseways, to keep shedding under control, just practice good grooming and feed your Golden Retriever a nutrient-rich diet.

    How To Stop Golden Retriever Hair Fall

    one thing you find in a home with a Golden Retriever is hair, hair, and hair everywhere. You find it in your bed, your sofa, on your dresses and even maybe in your teacup. Shedding is pretty common and hair fall can be a menace to you if your Golden is shedding excessively.

    So firstly you have to find out whether the hair fall is excessive or normal. So the final question is how to stop Golden Retriever hair fall. Actually, there is no stopping but the correct word is regulating. Regulating to an extent you are comfortable with.

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    Tip #1: Never Shave Your Golden Retriever

    Shaving or cutting your goldens hair very short is a huge no-no.

    In the first section, we talked about the importance of their double coat, and shaving or cutting this off robs them of their natural protection.

    Some people think that theyre doing their dog a favor in the hot summer months by shaving their golden, but in fact, theyre doing them a huge disservice.

    Their undercoat protects them from both hot and cold temperatures so its best to never shave or cut your goldens coat too short.

    So Do Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot

    Do Golden Retrievers Shed

    The answer to this question is quite simple and straightforward. YES, they shed a lot! Shedding is usually moderate throughout the entire year. However, during the spring and fall shedding goes into overdrive and you will soon start finding their hair everywhere. The undercoat adapts to the temperatures in the environment, during winter months the undercoat will be extra thick. As the temperature rises in the spring, there is no more need for a thick coat and your Golden is getting rid of it. In the fall the Golden will again get rid of its lighter summer coat to make way for a winter coat. No one can tell with certainty how much your Golden Retriever will shed as every dog is different. Nonetheless, you will need to regularly brush your dog and vacuum your house.

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    Possible Causes For Shedding


    Hair follicles can become loose in goldens who are allergic to food, pollen, and shampoo. Itchy skin can encourage scratching. Asthma can lead to itchy eyes, ears. Paws, armpits, and other private areas. It is possible that they are also susceptible to ear or eye infections. Hypersensitivity is when your pet licks too much of her body.


    Due to the increased scratching of your pup, mites, and fleas can cause excessive shedding. Please avoid taking your dog to the groomers when you find an infestation. The parasites could spread to other pets. Use anti-tick, anti-mite shampoos and insecticides.

    Clean your home regularly to eliminate any parasites and eggs. Also clean their bedding and the areas where they lie often.

    Stress, particularly for dogs who are sensitive or anxious, can cause hair loss.

    Lifestyle and family changes can cause your Golden to shed. Even noises from nearby construction, as well as a change in routine or scenery can cause shedding.


    Its possible to avoid stressing your Golden Retriever by providing a quiet and low-traffic area for her safety when she feels overwhelmed. This could be a crate for your Golden Retriever or an unoccupied room that doubles to be her sleeping area.

    Harmonic Changes

    Your dogs hormone fluctuations can lead to increased shedding if it is sterilized. The males are more likely to notice a change in their Golden Retrievers shedding in the following months.

    Why Golden Retrievers Shed More Than Labradors

    Golden retrievers have longer hairs than Labradors in general.

    You have probably noticed the fine long golden hair and your Golden Retriever while the Labrador has shorter hairs on their coat. This also means that the amount of hair will take up more space when you pile it up.

    So because the Golden Retrievers have longer hairs it seems like they will shed more than Labradors. But in reality, they shed around the same amount of hair.

    So you will need to do more grooming with a Golden Retriever compared to a Labrador. This is just because the hairs are longer and the coat appears to be thicker.

    Its an important thing to consider before you choose whether you want a Labrador or a Golden Retriever as a pet. They are both exceptionally good family dogs but the amount of work needed differs a bit. You should expect to spend more time grooming your Golden Retrievers compared to your Labradors.

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    How Long Does It Take For Golden Retriever Puppies To Shed Their Puppy Coat

    How long it takes for Golden Retriever puppies to shed their puppy coat depends on the individual dog.

    While the process will begin at six months, it can take up to a full year from that point for them to get their complete adult fur coat. This is just a guide, some puppies will have their complete adult fur coat sooner, some later.

    When Do Golden Retrievers Shed

    Golden Retriever Shedding: 14 Tips To Control It (And Keep ...

    It is impossible to tell when do Golden retrievers shed, but we can safely say that because Golden Retrievers are covered by a fur coat with two layers: a thick-short inner coat, and a longer outer coat that lies flat against the body, that they will shed excessively during spring and fall and moderately in the winter and summer.

    In other words, Though Golden Retrievers shed year-round, they will shed even more during the fall and spring in order to grow a new coat that is more appropriate for the upcoming warmer and colder months ahead.

    Shedding is normal for Golden Retrievers, but when accompanied by: Itchiness, Patchy hair loss, skin lesions, and Signs of generalized illness, your beloved dog may have a skin problem, so you need to visit the vet as soon as possible to reduce the shedding as well as taking care of his skin.

    Finally, for all Golden Retriever owners, youll just have to live with a certain amount of hair in your house and on your clothes. It is just a small price you have to pay for having such a gorgeous dog.

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    Use A Hydrating Dog Shampoo

    Proper grooming is also crucial if you want to keep your Golden Retrievers coat thick and shiny. You should get a hydrating dog shampoo that will ease irritations and remove dirt that could trigger allergies.

    Take note that dog shampoo products can be medicated, which means its mixed with an active ingredient. This is used on dogs with skin infections that regular shampoo products cant cure.

    If youre looking for a maintenance shampoo product, a colloidal oatmeal formula is a good choice for most dogs. It helps soothe irritated skin while neutralizing bad odor and moisturizing the dogs coat.

    Do Golden Retrievers Shed

    All mammals shed their hair periodically. Individual hairs only last for so long, so theyre typically jettisoned once they wear out.

    But while some animals tend to shed at a relatively consistent rate, others shed particularly heavily in specific seasons or portions of the year. Golden Retrievers are a good example of the latter.

    Golden Retrievers typically shed a little bit all year long, so youll have to contend with this issue more-or-less constantly.

    However, they tend to exhibit a punctuated shedding pattern, in which they shed especially heavily during the spring and fall. These are the times in which it is most important to take steps to manage the shed-hair problems they present.

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    Do Curly Coat Retrievers Shed A Lot

    When possible, we will use affiliate links when referring to recommended products. It does not cost you anything to use these links but it does help us earn a commission on qualifying purchases. Thank you in advance for your support!

    I am interested in adopting a retriever, but I want one with a curly coat because they look adorable. I am curious to know what their fur coat does regarding shedding and other questions about grooming and caring for their fur coat.

    Interested in learning more, I decided to investigate. I hope what I have uncovered will benefit others who are interested in this topic.

    How Much Do Golden Retrievers Actually Shed

    Golden retriever coat stages | Do golden retriever shed ?

    This is probably one of the most-asked questions when people are considering getting a Goldy.

    Honestly, you need to prepare your vacuum cleaners and lint rollers because Golden retrievers happen to shed a lot. If you want to get yourself a Golden Retriever, you should be ready to brush your dogs coat out on a daily basis and also use an undercoat rake at least once per week.

    Thats not all, though.

    Large clumps of hair usually roll down your house like tumbleweeds when shedding season comes around. Youll need to sweep on a daily basis and vacuum once every 2-3 days.

    Lint rolling your clothes every time you step out of the house will become a harsh reality as well.

    Also, wearing black clothes will become a nightmare!

    Not just that, having a Golden Retriever at home also comes with the additional cost of hiring a groomer as they need regular grooming once every 8 to 10 weeks.

    Just like human hair, a Golden Retrievers coat can get long, tangled, and dirty if not groomed on a regular basis. So, Goldies do need a little extra attention when compared to short haired dogs.

    Keep that vacuum cleaner handy!

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    Other Factors To Consider

    Reducing normal levels of shedding is pretty simple when you break it down, and weve discussed the main methods in which you can do this.

    But what if the shedding isnt normal? Well, like all dogs, Goldens can sometimes shed beyond what is considered normal. And in some cases there can be an underlying cause for this.

    For example, if your Golden has dry, irritated skin, this can sometimes be due to an allergy arising from the food theyre eating, fleas, or their environment. And in some cases, it could be related to stress, because dogs that are stressed can shed excessively.

    So if you are concerned that the amount he is shedding isnt within the realms ofnormal then the best thing to do is contact your local veterinarian. They are going to be the best source of information here, and should be able to identify the cause and help you get it sorted.

    Just keep in mind that normal shedding in a Golden Retriever is going to be higher than it is for a low shedding breed like the Norfolk Terrier for example. And, as mentioned, they do shed heavily a couple times per year. So an uptick in shedding is not always a cause for concern.

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    Keep Chemicals Away From Your Pet

    Another good tip to ensure that you reduce your pets shedding is to stick to using natural cleaning products in the home. Chemical detergents contain harmful and toxic ingredients that can result in irritation and allergies in your dog, such as excessive itching that could exacerbate its shedding.

    Although you might not think your golden retriever is coming into contact with such chemicals, consider what laundry detergent you use for your dogs bedding as well as your floor cleaner.

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    How To Stop Golden Retrievers Shedding

    Humans and all mammals shed their hair. There are some things that you can do to help your pooch manage his shedding.

    Brushing will probably do the job

    Make sure to brush your dog with a slicker toothbrush every day. You can use this tool to get rid of any possible trapped hairs. The less your Golden Retriever sheds, the better. Brushing your Golden Retrievers coat will not only remove any dead hair but it will also eliminate all loose fur from the floor and furniture. You dont need to brush your hair every day if you find it tedious.

    You can use a pin brush or a slicker brush to start, and then move in the same direction as the coat. This will remove all loose hair. Also, this is the time you should work out any mats or knots they have. Finish with an undercoat-rake to get rid of dead undercoat fur. This step is especially important in spring or autumn.

    Goldens require only a few minutes of brushing every other week. However, they shed more in the spring and fall so brushing daily is a good idea to reduce the amount of shed hair.

    Bathing is Recommended

    Every six to eight weeks, bathe your Golden Retriever. Unless your dog gets very dirty, you should only bathe your pet once every six to eight weeks. Shampoos are often laden with chemicals that can dry out the coat of your dog. You can loosen hair by massaging it in the bath. You will also be washing away any dead hair that is still attached to the coat.

    Take your Goldie swimming

    Make sure he has a good diet.

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