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How To Train A Golden Retriever

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Mistakes When Teaching Your Puppy To Come

How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (5 Easy Steps)

Here are some of the common mistakes people make when teaching the recall command to their puppy.

Challenging them too much, too early

You want your puppy to always come to you when you ask, and every time they disobey you, they start to learn that they dont always have to come when you call.

To stop that from happening, make sure theyre on a leash until they come to you 100% of the time you ask, and dont ask them to come in situations that are too distracting for them, like at a park, or if a distracting dog or human is around.

Another thing to consider here is that young puppies will love coming to you because theyre like little kids that just want to be close to their mom and dad.

However, when they become teenage puppies many show signs of becoming independent rebels and may find it more fun to run away from you than to run to you.

During these times, dont expect too much and continue to practice the basics and set them up for success.

Punishing them for not coming

If your puppy doesnt come, you dont yell at them, or yank on the leash to get them to come.

Instead, you need to figure out a way to make them want to come to you.

Maybe thats going to a less-distracting environment and practicing more there, or getting a more delicious treat to lure them to you, or squeaking a toy they really love.

Punishing them after they come to you

The name of the game here is getting your dog to love coming to you.

Loud And Incessant Barking

We do not recommend using bark collars. A dog barks for specific reasons that come naturally for a canine. It is unfair to punish them for an instinct to protect, defend, or inform.

A better way to combat loud, incessant barking, is to be a bit like a detective and track what/when/why your dog barks. Does your dog only bark when the neighbor dog approaches your property line? If so, your dog is likely frightened or feeling defensive. Before you can tackle a change in behavior, you must first understand why the behavior is occurring.

Some Tips And Rules To Follow When Training The Down Command

For the first few sessions when the down command is new to your dog, hold the training at home in a familiar room with no distractions to make it easy as possible for them to succeed.

Because a dogs hearing is so more sensitive than our own, speak your commands in a quiet, warm but firm tone of voice. Sound friendly yet authoritative, not frightening.

For the best results, train the down command after your Golden has enjoyed some exercise and before their dinner. If theyre full of energy it will be harder to relax and lie down, and if theyre hungry they will be more willing to work for the tasty treat rewards.

You should train a release command.Down should mean lie down and stay until I say you can get up, not just lie down and get up when you want to. So train a release command, otherwise theres no way for your Golden to know theyre done and can get up again. You can use OK, or Up now! as a release.

Down and go to bed or go to your crate are different commands. Please use different commands for each behavior, otherwise it can cause confusion, make them harder to learn and be less effective.

Always be upbeat and happy when training, keeping it fun. And finish before your puppy gets bored so they enjoy the experience and look forward to your training sessions together. Just 5 or so minutes, 2 or 3 times per day is plenty for a puppy and you can increase the number of sessions and duration as they grow.

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Golden Retriever Personality Traits

While Golden Retrievers dont have a high prey-drive because theyre hypersensitive to sensory input and stimulation as a whole, they can often be extremely excitable. Owners rave that their Goldens remain a puppy well into adulthood because that enthusiasm never wanes, and sometimes its one of their most coveted characteristics.

Other times not so much, as this excitably can become problematic when it seemingly has no end. The first time this is usually encountered is when training a puppy to comfortably walk on a leash. It usually takes a bit longer than usual to leash-train a Golden Retriever.

Lastly, when it comes to dogs as popular as the Golden Retriever, its incredibly important to thoroughly research the breeder youre purchasing your puppy from. The more demand for a breed, the larger the chance irresponsible breeders and puppy mills stress more importance on quantity than quality. If your dog is a product of irresponsible breeding, no amount of training is going to change their propensity to demonstrate poor characteristics.

With that being said, these are simply things to be aware of in the training process, and not points to dissuade you from purchasing a Golden Retriever. Theres a reason theyre Americas #3 dog, and thats because by in large theyre fantastic companions, lovable home bodies, and have astounding temperaments.

Why Do Puppies Have Such Sharp Teeth

How To Potty Train A Golden Retriever Puppy

In order for puppies to learn ABI, they need to get a reaction from their littermates and other dogs that theyre biting too hard.

Young puppies have weak jaws, so if they had dull teeth, a bite from them would be no big deal.

But they dont have dull teeth.

Their mouths seem to be full of tiny little needles that are so sharp that if they bite another puppy or human theyre guaranteed to get a reaction.

So yes, their teeth are sharp for an important reason, but the good news is that these little daggers fall out at around four months, so you wont have to deal with them for too long.

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Why Teaching Your Golden Retriever To Come Is Important

Imagine youre coming home from the grocery store

You hate making two trips, so you grab all the bags in the trunk.

You waddle to the front door, somehow open it up, then rush to drop off all the bags in the kitchen because your arms are about to fall off.

While you were so concerned about your arms falling off, you forgot to close the door, and as you look back, you just barely get a glimpse of your goldens fluffy tail as they go out to freely explore the world.

If you live on a busy street and your golden is now off leash in the front yard, having them come to you when you call them could save them from getting hit by a car.

See how important this command is?

Now, lets talk about how to teach it.

Why Do You Need To Train Your Dog

There are a few common reasons why you would need to train your dog. I have listed out a few for you to take a look at below:

  • Life skills: Training your dog gives the two of you a common language and teaches your dog how to navigate our world.
  • Freedom: Training is your dogs passport to the world. The well-trained dog can go to more places, meet more people and have more adventures because he follows the rules.
  • Behavior: Some dogs come from badly behaved backgrounds or badly kept homes. In such situations, training would be essential to make sure that your dog can be kept under control at all times.
  • Peace of mind: When your dog has mastered training, you dont have to worry that hes going to run out the door and not come home or drag you down the street until your shoulder is sore.
  • Bonding: Working through basic training exercises as a team helps to cement your relationship with your new best friend.
  • Mental exercise: Dogs need to work their bodies and their brains. Even though many basic training lessons dont require much physical exertion, the mental aspect of figuring out the exercise can tire even the most active puppies.

If your needs fall into any of the above brackets then you need to start training your dog. Keep reading to find out what steps you can take next to get started with training your golden retriever.

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Tips For Training Your Golden Retriever

What makes Golden Retrievers such popular dogs? Besides their beauty, Goldens typically are very people-oriented dogs.

It is wise, however, to do your research by talking to Golden Retriever breeders, rescues and parents to best prepare when considering adding a Golden to your pack. These are large, energetic canines who often dont realize their size. The good news is, Golden Retrievers generally are trainable and willing to work, especially for high-value dog treats.

If youre a new Golden Retriever parent, your next step after your pup settles in is to start dog training. Whether teaching your Golden to lie down, sit or drop it, follow these dog training tips to ensure successful training sessions.

Practice Recall At Random Times Throughout The Day

How to Potty train a Golden Retriever puppy? Effective yet Easy Techniques…

The above tips are for using structured training time to practice come, but you can also use random times throughout the day to practice it.

For instance, if your golden is in another room, ask them to come and then shower them with praise and love when they obey.

You can also ask them to come before youre about to feed them, or before youre about to take them on a walk.

If they come up to you randomly, also use that as a time to positively reinforce that good behavior.

And whatever you do, when they come to you, make sure its a great time for them and let them know theyre doing a good job.

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How To Stop Puppy Biting And Train Bite Inhibition American

Not Teaching Your Puppy Bite Inhibition Dont fall victim to their trap, when your puppy bites you, get up and walk away. Not Teaching

Mothers teach their pups bite inhibition when theyre young, and you can always train them at any age not to bite. To understand more why does your own golden

Train Them to Refrain From Biting You may be home-training them or sending them they learn their lessons of not biting any human.

The Not In The House Method

Youll need to have plenty of treats in your arsenal.

STEP 2 Ive got your eyes on me Keep your puppy in the same place as you and keep an eye on him like a watchman. When your pup is thinking about pooping , tell him in a firm voice NO! While you should be loud enough for your pup to be startled, dont use an angry voice.

STEP 3 Take your pup out on the road. Jack Hitch him to his leash, and then take him to his spot on the grass. You can use a cue word, such as Go potty, to signal your pup that you are leaving the house. This will help him associate the command and the desired behavior.

STEP 4 When your child goes

STEP 5. If he isnt going within 15 minutes, go back inside. Keep an eye on him. If he takes the going potty-stance, take him outside.

STEP 6 Stay with him

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The Training Crate Method Is Effective

Get your puppy started with a training cage. You will need to set a timer for thirty minutes. Once the timer goes off, take your dog outside to use a verbal cue such as potty-time! You can take your pup outside to go potty.

STEP 2: Five-minute intervals. If your puppy has not pooped in five minutes, go back inside and place him in his crate. Give him another 30 minutes, then let him out again using his cue.

STEP 3 Successful poop. Praise your dog for pousing. Give him a treat.

STEP 4 When he understands it Once your puppy has decided what you want from him, he will try his best to please you. He will hold himself accountable until its time to go outside.

STEP 5 Do a daily exercise with your dog. Keep going to the dogs house every day and gradually increase the time between toilet breaks. He will eventually be able to stand for several hours on his own when he is older. You are now done with your job!

Spend time with your puppy and learn his love language. Dogs can also be like people in that they prefer to spend time with their puppy, whether it is through touch, gifts or just being together. Some dogs prefer praise and pets while others prefer treats. When you get to know your puppy better, think about what reward you puppy enjoys the most.

A Daily Schedule is essential. A daily routine is the best thing for your puppy. A routine helps your puppy to understand when it is time to eat, sleep, and go to the toilet. What time should your puppy go outside?

What Not to Do

Tire Out Your Dog Before Walks

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Chewing?

Every time you put on the leash, your dog gets super excited. Golden retrievers tend to get more excited than most other breeds. Try tiring your dog out before taking him for a walk. You might find that it makes a difference. Easy ways to do this is to play fetch with them, or make them chase their favorite toys. Sometimes, your dog might even be too tired to go for a walk.

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Why Training Is Important

This training will teach your Golden to stop pooping all over the floor and instead go outside in the yard. Your pup should be able to stop pooping on the carpet by 6 months. This is if youre willing and able to spend the time with him. Some dogs may take longer, especially older dogs who arent used to potty training. You will likely have more mess to clean up.

It is best to begin potty training your puppy as soon you bring him home. Put him in his car, get him on a lead, and then take him to the designated place in the yard. Make sure you praise him for doing so and give him a treat. This will help you set the stage for your future success.

How To Train A Golden Retriever To Lie Down On Command

Continuing with my series on Golden Retriever obedience training, we now take a look at how to train a Golden Retriever to lie down and stay.

In the last article we concentrated on training your Golden Retriever to sit, describing how its a very good way to start your training.

The down command is the next natural step being very easy for both you as the trainer to teach, and for your dog to understand and do well with.

Remember, we want to set our dogs up to win when training, we want to start gently with the very basics to build their confidence. Teaching the down command is one such way to do this.

The down command is an incredibly useful tool providing a way to manage and control your Golden when necessary and will serve you both well throughout your life together.

In this article I teach two highly effective yet simple to follow techniques you can use to train your Golden to get into a down position: Luring and capturing. I also briefly discuss why you shouldnt use physical coercion to train the down command.

Follow along and I can promise you will find success in no timeand have fun along the way.

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How To Housebreak A Golden Retriever

Housebreaking should start straight away when your puppy arrives home.

When you arrive home with your Golden puppy go straight to the yard. After a long car journey they are very likely to want to go-potty.

The key to successful housebreaking is to minimize accidents indoors as much as possible.

Taking your Golden Retriever puppy out to the yard every hour is important during the first few weeks.

Getting into a positive routine from the start will help your puppy learn faster. For the first month use the schedule below:

Golden Retriever Training Schedule

Toilet, play, chewing, toilet, bed!

Every time you train go-potty remember your Golden Retriever will present clownish and playful behaviors.

When you take him outside he will likely want to play. Ignore him and watch from a distance when he first goes outside. Wait for him to go-potty. As soon as hes finished toileting immediately play with him or give him a treat. Make sure he knows he did a great thing!

If there is an accident, and there will be because puppies have small bladders, dont shout at him. He wont understand what he did wrong.

Instead ignore your puppy and clean the area with biological washing powder mixed with water.

As he gets older your Golden will realize that toileting in the house is boring, whereas toileting in the yard is super fun and worth him learning to hold on for!

Are Golden Retrievers Easy To Train

Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Jumping (3 Easy Steps)

January 25, 2021

Golden Retrievers are one of the worlds most beloved breeds of dog, and it is easy to see why. They have warm, loving temperaments, are loyal to the whole family, and are especially good with children.

Golden Retrievers are smart. Golden Retrievers high intelligence means that they learn quickly. Compared with other breeds, Golden Retrievers are considered one of the most intelligent breeds and trainable dogs. Golden Retrievers are eager to please and enthusiastically respond to training.

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