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How To Train Golden Retriever Puppy At Home

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Train A Dog At Home Possible

Golden Retriever Puppy First Week Home – Professional Dog Training Tips

I was casually doing my school work and Angel started barking. She was doing that mostly because she had a lot of energy in her and she wanted to play. I could not concentrate on my school work so I thought it would be better if I played with her.

I do dog training by playing fetch with her every day in our home, and we take her to walks twice a day. But I wanted to do something different. In the agility centers, the dog trainers use a pole and the dog must jump above it. We dont have all that equipment. Even if I bought it, I dont have a backyard to keep it as I live in an apartment.

As we dont have any agility equipment for dog training, you can make your own simple DIY equipment to train a dog at home!

Then my creative side of the brain started working. If you have seen my very first videos, you might have seen a long wooden stick that was making Angel scared out of her wits. Even if you have not seen it now you know that she is very scared of it.

I just cleared out some space in my house. Then I kept 2 chairs opposite to each other. In between them, I kept that pole which she is scared of. So it kind of became like a limbo game. But in this, we have to jump above it. So I just grabbed some dog treats, put Angel on the dog leash, and then motivated her to eat some treats near the pole.

Best Age To Begin Training

A puppy can begin potty training as soon as he or she is born.

However, puppies have relatively little bladder control up until 8 to 10 weeks of age, so your training method and schedule may be more rigorous during this time. Puppy training pads could be a great option to look at during these early stages too.

Cons Of Paper Training

  • If your goal is to get your puppy to eliminate outside, paper training can lengthen house training because your dog is taught to go inside the house first and you then have to basically re-train them.
  • You also have a lot of stinky messes to clean up.
  • Your puppy will always associate paper with potty, so you cant leave your newspaper on the floor next to the couch or you may find some unwanted new headlines.

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Running With A Puppy On Leash Should Be Avoided

Many people have plans to run with their dog, but running on a leash can be harmful to a puppys growing joints, growth plates, and soft tissue. Wait until your puppys growth plates have closed, which can be anywhere from 18-24 months. Similarly running on a treadmill or any other types of forced running are not appropriate forms of exercise for a golden retriever puppy.

Give Your Golden Retriever The Life He Deserves

How To Leash Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy

As puppies, Golden Retrievers learn social skills and acceptable behavior from their mom and littermates. Thats why you should NEVER bring home a puppy thats younger than eight weeks old. This is a vital stage in their life.

You shouldnt also believe that you cant teach old dogs new tricks. They may have some behavioral problems, or some are slower when it comes to learning, but anythings possible with perseverance.

Training is a dog owners responsibility. You can expect a well-trained Golden Retriever to behave and perform in canine jobs, or help you out with your chores.

What can you say about the Golden Retrievers training needs? Do you have a well-behaved Goldie? Show us how proud you are of your fur buddy by sharing your stories and tips below.

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How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Chasing Cats

Dogs are known to be chasing cats and it seems like that is just the rule just like in Tom and Jerry untrained dogs still love to chase after cats even when they usually remain in good behavior.

But how to bring them to stop doing that? Is there any way? We are bringing you some tips to train your dog to stop chasing after cats.

Use a muzzle

Initially, youll may have to use a muzzle. Your dog still needs some time to get used to cats and meeting them daily. He may be unable to control its excitement and curiosity after seeing a cat.

Teach your dog to get used to the muzzle

Remember never to give your dog the idea that wearing a muzzle is a form of punishment. If that ever happens it will be harder to put it on. Always approach your dog in a calm way.

If you dont want to use a muzzle, try a leash

If you two are inside with a cat, try to keep him on a leash. Make your dog feel that being on a leash is not a bad thing. Dont make it a big thing and dont speak angry to him. Speak to it in low tones as you put the leash on.

Use the Leash to Train Your Dog to Relax Around the Cat

Correct wrong behaviors like tugging on the leash or trying to go and chase the cat. And try to calm your pet each time it gets excited. After some time, they may even start sitting side by side and may even start playing together.

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Adolescent Golden Retriever Training

– My Golden Retriever wont respond to my commands anymore!

You have been training your GR puppy for months, he has become the most well behaved puppy in historythen one day, he just wont do what you say! This is classic adolescence behavior and may start happening when your golden is between 8-10 months. Just like humans, dogs also have an adolescence period, and just like humans, they like to test boundaries. During this time it is very important that you continue training basic obedience commands:

Take your golden retriever dog to an obedience class that uses positive methods only!

If your dog wont answer to your command, gently but firmly keep asking until he does. NEVER give up, otherwise they learn that if they ignore you long enough you will stop bothering them. Adolescence is also a period of physiological changes in the dog, you may notice that they will start interacting with other dogs differently. It is important to continue with socialization exercises to keep all interactions positive. Bring treats with you everywhere and treat your dog for having friendly encounters with other dogs. It may seem like free treats to you, but it is not. You are building a strong and positive association with other dogs, so your pooch will keep treating them nicely.

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My Top 10 Tips For Raising A Puppy

I regularly receive emails from readers with new puppies asking for advice on everything from food to training to exercising to gear and more. Since Im such a dog person and I share so much about our dogs with you, I thought that Id sprinkle a few pet posts in here and there.

Im going to start general today with some of my top 10 tips for raising a puppy. While they are so cute and fluffy, they are a ton of work!

Teaching Your Dog To Obey In Every Situation

Tips and Tricks to raising a well mannered puppy

I remember teaching Oliver to sit pretty quickly.

Im not going to lie, I was a little proud of how fast he learned, but when we took him to my parents house and I tried to show him off, he would not sit no matter how hard I tried to get him to.

Then when we returned home that night, he was sitting perfectly every time!

Dogs dont generalize well, meaning that even though Oliver knew sit means sit in my living room, he didnt know that sit means sit in my parents living room as well.

Eventually, he learned that sit means sit no matter where we are, but then we faced another problem: whenever other dogs were around he wouldnt pay attention to me and sit when I asked him to.

So heres how to get your puppy to obey you in every situation, even with distractions: practice.

Practice in different rooms in your house, in the backyard, in the driveway, on your walks, at the park.

Also, practice with different distractions around, like around other dogs or people.

And heres a note for when you practice: take baby steps.

You want your dog to obey you every time you ask them to, so slowly teach them new behaviors in new environments, and slowly add in new distractions.

For example, if you just taught your puppy how to sit in the living room, teach them to sit in the kitchen next, not at your local park.

And if your dog is great with obeying while there are no other dogs around, take him to a park, stay 100 feet away from other dogs, then try to get him to obey.

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Make Dog Training Sessions Fun

Golden Retrievers learn well through games. Keep things fun to retain your Goldens involvement and intrigue during each training session. Use a happy tone of voice rather than a stern one.

Avoid yelling and exercise patience. If your pet doesnt respond to a cue from you, you can gain his attention by being playful and making the task a little easier to get him re-engaged.

Training Your Golden Retriever Not To Bite

Golden Retrievers are mouthy, meaning they love putting things into their mouths. Keep your doggo from chewing furniture or your favorite pair of shoes, give her chew toys, then reward her when she chews on them with a pat and praise.

You can buy her one that dispenses treats, flavored, or a chew toy you can keep cool in the fridge, which soothes teething pups.

Teaching this to your Goldie will also avoid going after things that she shouldnt have her sniffer and mouth on, like the garbage, the toilet bowl, and anything that can be harmful to her.

Youll want to encourage her soft bite so you can allow her to hold your hand with her mouth.

If she bites and hurts you, make a high-pitched yelp, and ignore her for a minute. This will teach her not to repeat it because since Goldies dont like being ignored.

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What To Buy For A Golden Retriever Puppy

Once youve chosen your Golden Retriever puppy, you need to make sure youre prepared for their arrival at home with you.

Theyll be old enough to come home at 8 weeks. So, you should have plenty of time to prepare.

We mentioned the key products Golden Retriever puppies need at the start of this article. So, you can scroll up to remind yourself.

We also have a number of articles that review the best products for Goldens. And you can find more reviews on our main products page

Here are some you might enjoy:

Now, once youve got everything you need for your new puppy, youll need to start setting it up in your home.

Are Golden Retrievers Easy To Train

How to keep your home clean with pets!

January 25, 2021

Golden Retrievers are one of the worlds most beloved breeds of dog, and it is easy to see why. They have warm, loving temperaments, are loyal to the whole family, and are especially good with children.

Golden Retrievers are smart. Golden Retrievers high intelligence means that they learn quickly. Compared with other breeds, Golden Retrievers are considered one of the most intelligent breeds and trainable dogs. Golden Retrievers are eager to please and enthusiastically respond to training.

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Mistakes When Teaching Your Puppy To Come

Here are some of the common mistakes people make when teaching the recall command to their puppy.

Challenging them too much, too early

You want your puppy to always come to you when you ask, and every time they disobey you, they start to learn that they dont always have to come when you call.

To stop that from happening, make sure theyre on a leash until they come to you 100% of the time you ask, and dont ask them to come in situations that are too distracting for them, like at a park, or if a distracting dog or human is around.

Another thing to consider here is that young puppies will love coming to you because theyre like little kids that just want to be close to their mom and dad.

However, when they become teenage puppies many show signs of becoming independent rebels and may find it more fun to run away from you than to run to you.

During these times, dont expect too much and continue to practice the basics and set them up for success.

Punishing them for not coming

If your puppy doesnt come, you dont yell at them, or yank on the leash to get them to come.

Instead, you need to figure out a way to make them want to come to you.

Maybe thats going to a less-distracting environment and practicing more there, or getting a more delicious treat to lure them to you, or squeaking a toy they really love.

Punishing them after they come to you

The name of the game here is getting your dog to love coming to you.

Feeding Schedules And Guides

Small puppies need small and frequent meals. As a rough guide:

  • Four meals a day until three months
  • Three meals a day until six months
  • Two meals a day until one year

Many people worry a lot about getting food quantities and schedules exactly right and want to know how many ounces or grams of puppy food to give their Goldie pup at each stage of their lives.

You can find all this and more in our guide:

Try not to worry too much it isnt an exact science!

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Introducing Nose Work To Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Besides your puppys talents and impressive skills, for most breeds its actually their nose that deserves the most praise. Lets play a game of hide and seek with a toy to spotlight their gift of good sniffs!

How to prepare

  • Find an old towel to use.
  • Stuff a Kong or a toilet roll with some food

How to do it

  • When your puppy is out of the room, hide the toy under a towel.
  • Bring your puppy in and encourage them to find the toy by using the cue word find it.
  • Use your wonderfully cheerful voice to give your puppy some extra encouragement.
  • Good job! Theres no better reward than finding a toy with food inside.
  • TIPS

    · Dont make it too hard to begin with thoughlet some of the toy poke out from under the towel

    · Once your puppy has had a few practice runs you can start to make it more difficult. I could personally play this game all day.

    If only this could work so they help us find our keys.maybe well teach them that trick when theyre older.

    Golden Retriever Puppy Biting

    Golden Retriever Training | How To Train Puppy at Home

    Golden Retriever puppies like to play with their mouth and teeth Ouch!

    It is natural and completely normal. The bad news is that you CAN NOT stop it, they NEED to bite, you can redirect their bite to appropriate things, like toys. The good news is that you can teach them to control the pressure they make with their mouth until mouthing turns into soft kisses. Follow this link for a how-to-guide.

    Playing with a puppy’s mouth is a great way to teach him to how control his teeth. Yelp! like a puppy in pain to let him know it hurt!

    Finally, you can also start golden retriever training obedience commands, since puppies can learn very fast many things but you need to concentrate your attention on the three topics above, because they are key factors to help your puppy become a friendly and social dog, one you can trust and trusts you.

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    Some Basic Guidelines To Housebreaking A Puppy

    If the Golden Retriever puppy is less than 8 weeks old, it will not have any bladder control. It is impossible to crate train a puppy at this age, so do not begin crate training until a puppy is at least 8 weeks old.

    In addition, puppies that are 23 months old will have a very limited bladder capacity. They will need frequent outings to go to the bathroom in the great outdoors: If a very young puppy is left in a crate for an extended period of time, it may go to the bathroom inside the crate out of necessity. This will make the rest of crate training ineffective, so ensure the puppy is taken outside at regular intervals. Some puppies will need to go outside in the middle of the night!

    Dogs should not be placed in crates for extended periods of time. If the dog owner is gone from the house for long durations, the dog should be placed in a puppy pen with puppy training pads instead of a crate.

    A happy, well trained Golden Retriever puppy. Fully housebroken by 13 weeks of age.

    Leah Lefler, 2011

    Why Teaching Your Golden Retriever To Come Is Important

    Imagine youre coming home from the grocery store

    You hate making two trips, so you grab all the bags in the trunk.

    You waddle to the front door, somehow open it up, then rush to drop off all the bags in the kitchen because your arms are about to fall off.

    While you were so concerned about your arms falling off, you forgot to close the door, and as you look back, you just barely get a glimpse of your goldens fluffy tail as they go out to freely explore the world.

    If you live on a busy street and your golden is now off leash in the front yard, having them come to you when you call them could save them from getting hit by a car.

    See how important this command is?

    Now, lets talk about how to teach it.

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