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How To Train My Golden Retriever

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How To Train A Golden Retriever Puppy Not To Bite

How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (5 Easy Steps)

Biting is all part of being a dog, and its completely normal for puppies to want to explore their new world with their mouths or during teething. Older dogs will refrain from biting because they have learned their bite inhibition, often referred to as soft mouth. It just means that the dog has learned to control the strength of his bite.

To train a Golden Retriever puppy not to bite, let out a loud yelp such as ouch at the precise moment he bites. This sends a message that the bite hurts. Persist by leaving your hand in his mouth to prevent chase drive until he releases. Then, give lots of praise and redirect the biting with a chew toy.

When your puppy gets the hang of repeatedly letting go, and his bite becomes softer, this is a good sign that he is beginning to learn his bite inhibition.

Helping a dog learn to curb the force of his bite is necessary to living with humans. All puppies need to master this technique that they initially began learning from their mother and siblings.

Heres an excellent short video on acquired bite inhibition. It includes information on why puppies bite, and interestingly, why we shouldnt try to stop it, and how to train puppies their bite inhibition:

Remember to have realistic expectations as it can take your puppy weeks to learn his bite inhibition.

Tips For Leash Training Your Golden Retriever

As I stated above, training your dog on a leash from the very beginning is essential. As with any other form of training, make sure to gradually introduce your Goldy to his leash. Let him sniff it and even lick it. Put it on without walking him first and slowly build up to the point he becomes accustomed to wearing it on walks. Consider the following tips for leash training your dog.

  • Do not use any treats when leash training. His reward for good behavior is the walk.
  • Begin using marker words from the very beginning, such as come, stay, and stop.
  • Never pull on or yank the dog leash! Doing so can cause serious injuries to your puppy.
  • If your puppy misbehaves on a walk, pause until he has calmed down, and then proceed with the walk.
  • Start with short walks and gradually increase the time.

Crate Training Your Dog

Many people do not prefer crate training and consider it cruel. Yes, not all dogs learn to enjoy being in a crate and a makes this method ineffective especially if there are dog behavior issues like severe separation anxiety. Keep in mind to never force your dog into the crate, ever. However, when crate training is handled correctly, and your dog responds well, this method can be essential to your at-home dog training. A crate must be a safe place for your Golden Retriever puppy to feel comfortable and safe.

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Start Training Golden Retrievers As Young As Possible

As with any breed, youll have an easier time and more permanent results if you begin training your dog as a puppy. This hardwires the desired behaviors at a younger age rather than rewriting over the behaviors your dog is used to.

Experts recommend beginning training with your golden retriever puppy at around 8 weeks of age, if possible. Its helpful to establish a foundation of desired behaviors before your puppy reaches the terrible teens around 6 to 18 months .

Tug And Sharing Games

Golden Retriever: How to Train Your Golden Retriever in 30 ...

This is an interesting game that can help teach your dog how to share and teach kids to respect the dog and his space. You can help both the parties learn this by playing a game which has two identical items.

There are a lot of these games, and I wont go into them all in detail.

However, keep in mind that you should first play these games with the dog until he gets the hang of things after which he can play them with a kid.

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Give Your Golden Retriever A Reward They Like

You will need a reward on hand whenever you train your Golden Retriever to do a certain behavior. You should choose something that your Golden Retriever puppy loves. The better the reward, the easier it will be to teach your Retriever puppy. Positive reinforcement will work wonders with your Golden Retriever puppy. Treats are often the best way to teach any Golden Retriever dog. Your dog will love the treats you give him. You can give your Golden Retriever puppy a variety of treats to keep them interested. Toys can be treats too!

  • Chicken cooked.
  • For dogs on a restricted diet, baby carrots, and frozen green beans.

Common Golden Retriever Puppy Training Mistakes

The tips above will help you train your puppy, but if you make the mistakes below, youll make it much harder for your puppy to learn.

Being inconsistent

If you dont consistently train your puppy, it will be hard for them to progress because theyll have to relearn it all every time.

Also, you need to be consistent with your house rules.

Dont let your puppy chew on your shoes sometimes because its cute, then take it away from him other times.

Punishing your dog

Punishing your dog can hurt their confidence, making them not want to try to do something because they know theyll get punished if they get it wrong.

It can also make them not want to listen to you because theyre scared of you or dont like you.

Training too long

You want your puppy to enjoy training, and you want them to be successful when you try to teach them something.

Because puppies have such short attention spans, training for longer than five or ten minutes can lead to them getting bored and/or getting things wrong.

If they get bored, they may start to not like training with you, and if they continue to get things wrong, theyll be very slow to get them right.

Expecting too much

Would you expect your toddler to master every challenge you give them right away?

Of course not, so treat your puppy the same.

Make training fun and challenging for them, praise and reward them for making short progressions, and forgive them when they get it wrong.

Waiting to train your puppy until behavioral problems occur

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How Can I Stop Resource Guarding Barking

Resource guarding is a serious issue and can put your safety, as well as the safety of family members and other pets, at risk.

First, do what you can to prevent the guarding behavior from happening.

Perhaps that means not giving your dog a bully stick, or putting toys in a cabinet.

Then, get help from a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, which you can find here.

As mentioned previously, a dog who is barking or growling to protect a resource may bite if you dont handle it properly.

Its not an issue you want to attempt to fix on your own without professional help.

A very common solution that is recommended for dogs who guard their food bowl is to feed the food from your hand, or to stick your hand in the food bowl so they learn to tolerate your hand around their food.

Not only is this not an effective solution, but it can actually make resource guarding worse!

Always let your Golden Retriever eat in peace, without touching them or their food.

When you eat, you probably dont enjoy being touched, or having someone else touch your food or remove your plate and then give it back.

Your Golden is the same way.

You can actually create a dog who barks due to resource guarding by doing this sort of thing, so its best to let your dog enjoy their meal without disruption.

How Can I Stop Aggression Barking

GOLDEN RETRIEVER TRAINING! How To Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Walk To Heel!

The first thing to do in order to stop barking due to aggression is to prevent the behavior from happening.

If you know your dog acts aggressively in a certain scenario, do everything you can to avoid putting them in that situation.

Behavior that is practiced will continue to happen, so its extremely important to prevent your Golden Retriever from rehearsing aggressive behavior.

Then, get help from a certified professional, such as your vet or a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.

Aggression needs to be taken seriously, so that you, your dog and the public remain safe.

You can find a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant here many work virtually, so even if there is not a professional in your city, you can get the help you and your dog need.

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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Hard To Train

Golden retrievers love everything as well as having mischievous traits. To further complicate matters, the dogs sometimes dont like everything being around them. Golden retrievers, however, prefer people highly, so you want to have your golden run around in public without being distracted when your golden cries out.

Know The Breeds Behaviors And Channel Them Nondestructively

While many love the gentle, sweet side of the golden retriever, its easy to overlook the higher-energy, active side thats just as characteristic of the breed. Traditionally, golden retrievers were bred to carry waterfowl in their mouths. Although most goldens arent hunting nowadays, they still need a lot of activity and have a tendency to get quite mouthy, especially as puppies.

To discourage your golden retriever from biting, chewing, or being otherwise destructive, encourage her to channel her energy toward an item thats supposed to be chewed . Let her burn energy frisking with her four-legged friends or bring her on your run to keep her active.

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Training Your Golden Retriever For Diabetic Assistance For Hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia shows the symptoms of increased thirst and hunger, fatigue, and headache and leads to cardiovascular damage or nerve damage if left untreated. Thus the Golden Retriever must give signals as soon as it detects the scent.

Unlike the scent of lower sugar levels, the scent of hyperglycemic is sweet and ketone-like. Your intelligent Golden Retriever can easily detect this stronger smell.

Similar to hypoglycemia, the training pattern remains the same for hyperglycemia also. However, the difference lies only in the signal you determine to detect higher blood sugar levels.

Prevention Of Resource Guarding

How To Potty Train A Golden Retriever Puppy

On a similar note, its important that your puppy learns how to give up items willingly as this will help prevent resource guarding.

Resource guarding occurs when we force puppies to give up items or snatch things out of their mouths. It can end up looking like an awkward game of tug of war especially at the park when they steal someone elses frisbee.

For breeds like Golden Retriever who are designed to want to hold things in their mouths, this is pretty important! You dont want to end up with shredded mail while wrestling you pup to give it back

What is resource guarding?

Resource guarding is when a dog protects a resource from being taken by someone else dog or human.

For some reason, there is a solid list of things puppies find irresistible:

  • Socks
  • Toys
  • Food

These can end up being guarded quite easily if we dont handle the situation correctly! Wed be sad to hear your favourite pair of pink flamingo pants are no longer yours.

How do I help prevent it?

Swap swap swap! Practice swapping their toys for food treats, or other toys.

Many dogs love to retrieve, so theyre hard wired they want to hold or carry things around in their mouths. In essence, this is fine when its a toy they can have, but not so fine when its something valuable or that could harm them.

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Training Questions And Answers

I am trying to teach my dog to play fetch and she chases the ball but she doesn’t give it to me even when I try to take it. She sees keeping the ball from me as a game. what should I do?

Hello Ryder,Check out the article I have linked below, and I recommend teaching pup the Drop It command. Instructions in the article below. If pup tends to dart away from you also, I would work on Come and practice fetch at short distances with pup on a long training leash.How to Teach Drop It of luck training,Caitlin Crittenden

Golden Retriever Puppy Biting

Golden Retriever puppies like to play with their mouth and teeth Ouch!

It is natural and completely normal. The bad news is that you CAN NOT stop it, they NEED to bite, you can redirect their bite to appropriate things, like toys. The good news is that you can teach them to control the pressure they make with their mouth until mouthing turns into soft kisses. Follow this link for a how-to-guide.

Playing with a puppy’s mouth is a great way to teach him to how control his teeth. Yelp! like a puppy in pain to let him know it hurt!

Finally, you can also start golden retriever training obedience commands, since puppies can learn very fast many things but you need to concentrate your attention on the three topics above, because they are key factors to help your puppy become a friendly and social dog, one you can trust and trusts you.

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What Supplies Do I Need

You will need supplies if you want to succeed in golden retriever puppy training. These items are listed below.

To train your puppy, we recommend the following equipment

  • Treats: The more opulent, the better
  • A treat pouch
  • A soft collar
  • Training lead of 2 meters
  • A harness: A harness that does not pull or tighten on your dog and allows them to walk.
  • A non-slip mat or vet bed for your pet.
  • A soft grooming brush
  • Two identical toys: Perfect for swapping
  • Optional: A crate or playpen is possible, but we find them very useful.

Crate: You will need a crate if you are going to train your puppy in crate training. This training equipment should be available at your home from the beginning. You have the option of a medium or heavy-duty dog crate.

This might seem like a long list. Its really just the basics.

Additionally, you will need to practice some other things such as:

  • Time to practice: If you want a trained Golden puppy, you will need to be able to practice every day.
  • Persistence: Your puppy training journey will be less confusing if youre consistent in your training.
  • Patience: Remember that puppies are still toddlers after all these years. They might need some time to grasp the basics of what you are teaching them.

You will need to ensure that your Golden Retriever is crate-trained if you plan on taking it with you when you travel.

Be Consistent And Develop A Routine

How to Train a Golden Retriever : How to Teach Your Golden Retriever to Lie Down

Golden Retriever puppies need structure in their lives. They thrive when they’re on a routine. You should establish a schedule as soon as possible to help your puppy succeed. This applies not only to training but every other activity they do.

Provide them with their meals at the same times every single day. If you take walks around the block, try to do so at a predetermined time.

This structure gives them something to look forward to and helps to establish what is expected of them. Once they’re house trained, they’ll have a good idea of when they get to go out. This can ultimately reduce behavioral problems in the long run.

When it comes to consistency, you need to do things the same way each and every time. While slight discrepancies won’t have a drastic effect on their overall progress, big changes will.

For example, if you started out with voice commands and suddenly decided to adopt whistle training techniques, your puppy will have no idea of what you want from them. Be consistent in your training and everyday lives to ensure that your pup can be successful.

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Make It A Lifetime Commitment

Even when your dog has very good manners and is a treasured member of the family, there are always new things to learn. Dog training provides excellent brain stimulation, which helps use your Goldens high energy level. It also strengthens the human-animal bond, which enriches the entire household. Explore new sports and activities, like nosework, agility, rally and therapy visits.

Whether you begin with an 8-week-old puppy, an adolescent rescue or a senior dog, these tips can help your new Golden Retriever understand what to do in his new home. It also enables you to help him burn energy, provide stimulation and build a strong bond between you and your dog.

Work With Linear Progression

Most training routines fail because theyre not linear. If a training routine lacks a linear progression it fails because your golden wont understand why things are becoming more challenging. Thats why you need to instill a training routine that has a linear progression and reward system. This way your golden will know that certain routines will increase in difficulty.

When it comes to a linear progression you want to start while your golden is a puppy. Begin with simple training commands like sit,come,stay, and down. Once your golden gets acclimated to simple commands, you can start to ramp up the difficulty. Dont hesitate to start with more complex training techniques while theyre still young.

Additionally, goldens are great at helping humans with tasks, finding things, and tracking scents. If youre looking for more advanced techniques feel free to experiment with your golden to see what theyre capable of. There is a good chance they will surprise you.

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Why Should You Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Before I got my golden retriever, Oliver, and I thought about training him, one of the things that went through my mind was that I didnt want him to be a robot that just followed my commands and didnt live or enjoy his own life.

As it turns out, I was thinking about it completely the wrong way.

In fact, training Oliver has helped him enjoy life more, and here are three reasons why:

1. More freedom

The better trained your dog is, the more freedom they will have.

For instance, when Oliver was a wild, untrained puppy, we couldnt take him to public places like coffee shops.

When we finally started getting him under control, he was able to go more places with us and spend more time with us.

Another example is when we had guests over.

Oliver would jump all over them when they first came over, so there was a time when we had to put him in the backyard and then slowly let him greet people one by one.

He hated being out there when he knew people were over, but by us training him, and him being a good student, he now doesnt jump anymore and gets to experience the joy of greeting people when they come in the house .

2. Safety

Training can have huge safety implications for your dog.

For instance, lets say you drop a pill on the ground and your dog is right there under you.

If your dog isnt trained to leave it, or at least trained to drop it if she gets it in her mouth, that could be very dangerous for her.

3. More enjoyable

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