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Is It Easy To Train A Golden Retriever

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How Can I Prevent Accidents

Are Golden Retrievers Easy To Train? (The Truth About Training Goldens)

If your dog has an accident, it is because you didnt take them out often enough or you were not watching your dog closely enough when he or she was sniffing around and looking for a place to go.

  • The best thing to do at that point is to clean up the mess and move on. Your dog will not understand why you are upset.
  • If you find a wet spot, soak up excess urine with a towel or paper towel and scrub the carpet with an enzymatic cleaner.
  • If you catch your dog urinating on the carpet, clap your hands. This will startle the dog and cause them to stop going to the bathroom so that you can carry them outside to finish up.
  • You can prevent accidents by watching your dog closely for behaviors that indicate they are about to relieve themselves and rushing them outside when they are.
  • You also want to make sure you are taking them outside at the appropriate times to give them the best chance at being trained quickly .

Golden Retriever Leash Training

Play with your dog while shes wearing her collar or harness while letting her drag the leash around the house or yard. This will allow her to get used to it.

Once your Golden Retriever is used to wearing a harness and leash, you can start guiding her around gently, partnered with lots of praise and treats.

Dragging your pooch by pulling on the leash, hoping she gets the hang of it, is NOT the right way. It essentially sends the message that shes the pack leader.

Strive to have your Golden walking beside you on a slack or loose leash.

Reinforce the idea that walking beside you is good. If she walks ahead, stop, and dont give her any attention until she returns to your side.

Heres a quick video on how your dog should be on a loose leash training:

Work With Linear Progression

Most training routines fail because theyre not linear. If a training routine lacks a linear progression it fails because your golden wont understand why things are becoming more challenging. Thats why you need to instill a training routine that has a linear progression and reward system. This way your golden will know that certain routines will increase in difficulty.

When it comes to a linear progression you want to start while your golden is a puppy. Begin with simple training commands like sit,come,stay, and down. Once your golden gets acclimated to simple commands, you can start to ramp up the difficulty. Dont hesitate to start with more complex training techniques while theyre still young.

Additionally, goldens are great at helping humans with tasks, finding things, and tracking scents. If youre looking for more advanced techniques feel free to experiment with your golden to see what theyre capable of. There is a good chance they will surprise you.

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What To Do If You Find A Lost Golden Retriever

If you find a Golden Retriever Dog or any other pet and it does not have an identification tag with a phone number, you can:2. Register the missing pet on the .3. Phone the Local Authority to collect the lost animal.4. Take the animal to the local Animal Pound near to your area.5. Take the animal to the local Vet who can scan the animalâs microchip and locate the registered pet owner.

Before The Pup Arrives Home

Are Golden Retrievers Easy To Train? (The Answer Might ...

In a lot of ways, training your Golden Retriever begins before the puppy even arrives home. Dog training demands a tremendous amount of energy and time from both you and your puppy. Not only will you need time, but a few supplies as well.

For this reason, we recommend you have the following supplies ready before your new puppy arrives:

Recommended Supplies

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How Long Does It Take To Train A Golden Retriever

Heres the question every golden retriever owner has about training them

When will they be trained?

Thats a tough question to answer because whats the definition of having a trained golden retriever?

Does it mean that theyre potty trained?

Or that they can sit and stay?

You can train your puppy to sit in a day or two, and potty train them in about two weeks, but you probably wouldnt consider a 10-week-old golden retriever puppy to be trained.

Also, just because your puppy can sit in the living room with no distractions doesnt mean theyll sit when you ask them at the dog park.

Here are some very rough estimations of how long it takes to train certain skills and behaviors:

Potty training: two weeks to a few months

Crate training: one week to a few months

Sit: a few days

Down: a few days

Shake: a few days

Puppy biting: 2-4 months

How to walk on a leash : a few weeks to a few years

Who Is The Best Human For A Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a tried and true family dog. They love swimming , running, and playing in a big backyard. Theyre highly social, so a large and active family household works well for them. They also need plenty of affection and snuggles. Due to their hunting heritage, they love to play fetch! Looking to please you, theyre relatively easy to train.

Theyre great with children and seniors alike. Golden retrievers do best with plenty of companionship, and so despite their activity level, often do very well with retirees who can devote plenty of time to them.

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Why Should You Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Life is simpler with an obedient dog. Well-mannered dogs make for happy people. But obedience training your Golden or any dog isnt just good for you. Its also good for your dog.

Obedience training may help your dog:

  • Be more comfortable around other people
  • Be more comfortable around other dogs
  • Bond more closely with you2

Goldens are eager to please, which makes them well-suited to obedience training. In fact, that same eagerness means training is even more important. Goldens need something constructive to direct their energy into.3

You Must Make Room For Your Dog And Her Hair

How to Potty train a Golden Retriever puppy? Effective yet Easy Techniques…

Golden Retrievers are mediumlarge dogs. A male Golden is about 23-24 inches tall and weighs between 60 and 75 pounds . Females are smaller, but they still need space to move, being 20-22 inches tall and weigh between 55 and 70 pounds .

Youll have to give your dog enough room to move freely around the house. Having a yard can be helpful, but as Goldens are very social dogs theyll prefer staying inside with their families rather than running around by themselves outdoors. So be sure your house or apartment is large enough to host such an active and intelligent dog, even if youve got a yard.

The dog isnt the only thing youll see around the house all day. Free your schedule for cleaning up hair as Golden Retrievers shed all year, becoming heavier in spring and autumn. The easiest way to reduce the amount of lost hair is by brushing your dog 3-5 time a week, for about 15 minutes. However, youll still need a powerful pet hair vacuum cleaner to remove the mess from your carpets and sofa.

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Golden Retrievers Can Be Easy To Train

Are Golden Retrievers easy to train? Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being intelligent and eager to please. Theyre quick learners and are one of the easier breeds to train. Nonetheless, owners of this dog breed say it will take time and patience.

When you look at how long it takes for a Golden Retriever to reach maturity, then it will take as long as 18 months to fully train your young Golden.

  • You can enroll your dog in a dog obedience training school.
  • You can work with a qualified dog trainer.
  • You can try training your Golden yourself.

What about toilet training? Are golden retrievers easy to potty train? There are videos available to show you potty training techniques for your canine friend that will ensure your training is peaceful and even humorous.

Male puppies have to transition from squatting to lifting their legs. If they grow up with several female dogs, they may take longer to learn this technique. Dog potty training videos can be a helpful solution for quick and easy training.

Be patient with your Golden as accidents are bound to happen. Generally speaking, a puppy can control his bladder for an hour or two, so you dont want to go longer than this before taking him out into to garden to empty his bladder.

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Near Me

Their puppy-like energy is maintained throughout adulthood, and theyre fairly easy to train. Goldens make a wonderful family pet and are fiercely loyal to their humans. They love companionship and will not do well when left alone for long hours. Golden retrievers shed moderately on a somewhat frequent basis.

Are golden retriever puppies difficult?

new Golden Retriever puppy can be difficult

Are golden retrievers the nicest dogs?

one of the most gentle and kind dog breeds

Should I get a female or male Golden Retriever?

Male golden retrievers

Are Golden Retriever easy to potty train?

retrievers are very intelligent and should be relatively easy to potty train

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Watch The World Go By

Although you cant take your pup for walks just yet, you can still start teaching them that the outdoors is a rather nice place to be.

How to do it:

  • Pick a time when there are people around, but its not a busy time of day.
  • Carry your puppy simply outside of your house and let them look around at everything thats happening outside.
  • Stay there for around 10 minutes long enough for them to notice everything and learn more about their surroundings.
  • Giving your puppy the occasional treat is a good way to keep them feeling happy and comfortable.
  • TIPS

    This exercise is all about building positive associations with the outside world, so no need to rush.

    If your puppy seems worried by something, move further away rather than closer to it. In the world of puppies, taking facing your fears literally doesnt really work it will just be overwhelming and make them more fearful rather than less!

    Potty Training A Golden Retriever Vs Other Dog Breeds

    Are Golden Retrievers Easy to Train?

    Golden Retrievers are smart cookies.

    If there’s one thing that animal behaviorists like to do above all else, it’s to evaluate just how smart different breeds of dog are .

    Guess which breed regularly comes out as one of the cleverest dogs around? You guessed it everyone’s favorite family pet, the Golden Retriever.

    It’s not just their planet-sized brains that make them such star students. While most dogs like to please, Golden Retrievers take things even further.

    They practically live for a kind word and a pat on the head from their owner: if doing A instead of B gets them a good word, you can bet they’ll keep right on doing it.

    And then, of course, there’s their voracious appetites. If there’s one thing that Golden Retrievers love almost as much as making their owners happy, it’s filling their bellies.

    When you’re desperate for a way to motivate them during training, whip out a tasty little treat, and you’ll soon have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

    So, all good, right? They’re smart, they’re eager to please, and they’re willing to do anything for a snack all of which spells good things for potty training.

    But here’s the rub. While a Golden Retriever has all the qualities you’d expect from a star student, they’ve got plenty of others that will push your patience to breaking point.

    Until then, prepare for a wild ride. Mischievous, playful, and easily distracted, Golden Retriever pups are anything but easy.

    Lastly, you’ve not alone. ..

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    Why Golden Retrievers Are Hard To Train

    If you told me golden retrievers are easy to train when my golden, Oliver, was six months old, I mightve told you you were crazy.

    Sometimes I think Oliver is part hyena when hes running around being wild or mischievous.

    If you have a golden retriever puppy or teenager and youre feeling the same way, dont worry, youre not alone.

    And if youre about to get a golden retriever puppy, well, youll soon know what I mean!

    Puppies of all breeds can be difficult, and since golden retrievers mature slowly , expect to be in this stage for a while.

    But its not all bad news.

    The good news is that theyre totally worth it.

    Theyll bring more love and joy to your family than you could ever imagine, not to mention theyre super cute.

    Besides being mischievous puppies, another reason golden retrievers can be hard to train is that they love everything.

    For example, golden retrievers love people so much that if youre trying to train your golden to walk on a leash in public, they can easily be distracted trying to say hi to everyone.

    Of course, this can be trained out, but it is a hurdle that youll have to get over when training your golden retriever.

    Adult Golden Retriever Training

    At about 2.5 – 3 years old, Golden Retriever dogs become adults, or as adult as they get! Things should start to settle, and if you spent the first three years socializing and training your dog, you will now enjoy a social, playful yet obedient canine. If you adopted an older Golden Retriever dog that already has some pesky habits, the following links will help you solve most o them:

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    And What Should I Do If My Golden Retriever Has An Accident And Goes Potty Inside The House

    What should be done if your Golden Retriever has an accident and goes potty inside the house is nothing other than a clear reminder of where they are to go potty. A simple we go out to use the bathroom, or something else, without treats and extra physical attention, can send the puppy a signal that this is NOT the place to go potty.

    Without the positive reward of a treat and some words of praise, the puppy will associate the negative behavior with the negative response. With time they will understand and know that they dont want that response. They like the treats and kind, loving words of praise, so they will do what brings that reward.

    Implement Training Techniques In New Locations

    How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (5 Easy Steps)

    It’s not uncommon for dogs to completely forget their training once they leave the confines of home. Unfamiliar environments are exciting to a young pup.

    If you have only ever performed training techniques at your house, they may not realize that those commands apply to everywhere they go.

    To ensure that you don’t have to deal with a misbehaving puppy when you take your dog out for an adventure, try to implement techniques in new locations.

    Take them to the local dog park or try a few techniques when you’re out for a walk. They’ll learn how to cut through the distractions and listen.

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    Adopting Golden Retriever Puppies

    According to the AKC, most breed rescues report that a majority of their rescue dogs come from individual owner surrender, with the most common reasons being a change in lifestyle or the breed not being a good fit. This means that there may be many dogs and puppies out there that are looking for a new forever home.

    The main difference between a breeder and a rescue is that a rescue may not always have young puppies to choose from. The benefit, however, is that most are mandated to only adopt out dogs that have been microchipped and spayed/neutered. This means you may end up with a dog thats already been housebroken, and doesnt need these common medical procedures. You may also find a golden retriever mix that has all the traits you want from the breed, but with a little extra thrown in.

    Finding a golden retriever rescue can be as simple as searching the internet. The AKC also has an excellent list of golden retriever rescues on their site.

    Be Clear And Consistent

    One key to training, whichever breed youre working with, is to keep commands and rewards both clear and consistent. This will help your dog understand what is expected of her and why shes getting a treat!

    Remember to train your golden retriever regularly, or make it a part of your daily routine. Younger dogs like puppies can handle only five to 10 minutes a day, but as your dog grows, so can your lessons.

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    Golden Retrievers Like Treats

    The Goldens soft brown eyes light up when you pop them a treat. Treats for your Golden Retriever should be tasty and healthy. Dog food manufacturers have provided us with lots of dog treat varieties, some of which are

    • Dog biscuits in a variety of flavors and shapes. Always choose brands that are known for producing high-quality dog foods.
    • Pieces of real meat. This will no doubt be your Goldens favorite a piece of leftover chicken or beef from last nights supper.
    • Beef or other meat jerky treats. These are available to your pet as shin strips of dehydrated meat. It can be chicken or fish too cut into strips and then dried. Check the ingredients carefully and make sure they contain no added salt or spices.

    A Trained Dog Is A More Intelligent Dog

    The best Golden Retriever training guide you

    According to Psychology Today, training your dog makes them smarter. If you put in the effort to train your dog to follow certain commands, youll improve their cognitive abilities and make it easier for them to find solutions to problems.

    Here are a few of the intelligence-related benefits training your Golden can bring:

    • Theyll learn tricks easier: Smarter dogs will have an easier time learning new tricks. If you want your Golden to have a variety of tricks they can perform, training them will make the trick-teaching process a bit less complicated.
    • They can solve puzzles: It might sound easy, but not every dog can solve puzzles, even with training. So, if your dog persists on the task until it is completed, youve got one more feather in your cap for great dog training.
    • They can better tell your emotional state: Why own a Golden if he or she cant cuddle you when youre feeling down? But not every dog can do that. Only the smart ones know when to hug you tight.

    While most dogs can be trained in all these aspects, not every dog breed will make it so easy for the trainer. Golden Retrievers are one of the few exceptions.

    As weve discussed, some have the golden traits that make dog training that much easier while others dont. Without a doubt, the Golden counts among those that are easily trained.

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